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Jealousy - Kurt Wagner x Reader

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Warnings: me not proofreading sorryyyy 

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The dark blue mutant fell from the rafters of the church, causing you to gasp.

“Storm, was that necessary?!”

She shrugged and you rolled your eyes, running over to help the poor man.

He looked a bit disoriented but when he came around he looked at you in fright.

“I’m not gonna hurt you.” You brushed back his hair. “What’s your name?”

“It’s Kurt Wagner.” He had a heavy German accent. Soon after that, he was breathing heavily and then he went unconscious.

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Didn’t See That Coming? (Part 4)

Background: You and Peter have known each other since middle school, but your mutant abilities soon take you both far away from the places you grew up in. (post-DOFP)

Rating: M (mild language)

Warnings: jealous peter, swearing

Words: 1,741 (sorta long i guess, but worth it!!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Since your last midnight rendezvous, you and Peter had been traveling after daylight fell every evening. Once the sun went down, he would take you by the arm (and neck) and speed you off to a place of his choosing. Peter had taken you to fields, lakes, monuments, valleys, skyscrapers, beaches, and that had just been this week. Often you’d find yourself bored out of your mind in your classes, and when this phenomenon occurred, your mind would wander and imagine all the places Peter might take you that night. Although, no amount of imagination prepared you for what was to come that day.

After your second period science class, Hank stopped you at the door. “Um, sorry, would you mind if I talked to you for a second?” Hank uttered hesitantly, before leading you to a desk to sit at, “I just need to ask a question really quickly, if you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, sure, Hank,” You replied, raising an eyebrow, “Fire away.” 

“Well, um, y-yeah, I just,” the scientist stuttered out, appearing slightly flustered, “Iwassortakindawonderingifyouwantedtogooutsometime?”

Your mind went into total overdrive. You understood him, of course, you had listened to Peter speak at a million miles an hour for half of your life, no that wasn’t where you were overwhelmed. Hank wanted to go out with you, that was the problem. You could’ve frozen him, but that wouldn’t freeze his mind, or time. He was waiting for an answer. He apparently really liked you. So you responded in the only way you could.

“Um, what?” You laughed, donning your best confused expression. You usually saved this face for when you pretended you didn’t understand Peter to get him frustrated, but it was a special occasion.

Hank sighed, before repeating himself, slower this time, “I was sorta wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?”

This gave you the time you needed to think this over. Hank is not someone I think of in that way at all, but he is adorable, soft-spoken. He’s kind. I deserve a nice date, you thought, intaking a large enough breath to give you the strength to answer, Here goes nothing.

“Yes,” you spoke, gazing up at Hank and offering him a large, closed-lipped smile, “I’d love to go out on a date with you.”

“Oh, uh, wow,” Hank managed, with seemingly pink-tinged cheeks and an overwhelmingly large smile, “Uh, would tonight work?”

Your heart sank a little, thinking of having to blow off Peter and his surprise adventure, but you didn’t want to have any time to overthink the date. “I’ll meet you at 7:00-ish in front of the gates. Don’t be late.”

Hank scratched his neck before accepting your offer. “Uh, yes, th-that’d be perfect.” he stammered while you exited. Before you left, Hank fumbled out  “See you soon!”

You chuckled to yourself, “See you soon, Hank.”


“You’re going out with Hank?!” Peter asked incredulously, for probably the one hundredth time.

“He’s a nice guy!” you try to reason with him. You weren’t expecting Peter to care much about who you dated, but you guessed he was just being overprotective because he wanted the best for you. You hadn’t actually gone out with anyone until then, due to your old school’s population being 100% asshole.

Peter sighed. He didn’t exactly have a good reason for you not to date him. Well, he had a good reason, just not one he could give to you. ‘Hey, (Y/N), I’m in love with you, so could you just not date him and forget what I said before?’. Yeah, that will go along well, he thought to himself.

“Peter, don’t worry. I’ll be fine. If anything goes wrong, I can just freeze his ass and kick the shit out of him.” you smiled sweetly, trying to comfort him.

“Just be careful.” Peter finally conceded, trying to be happy for you, but unfruitfully. You squealed in delight as you jumped on him with a hug. He tried not to think about if you would hug Hank the same way as he enveloped you in his arms.

“You better have a hell of a time planned tomorrow, Maximoff. We better have so much fun, I forget I ever missed a day.” you laughed, glancing back at him from your open door.

“I’ll hold you to that.” Peter chuckled, grinning widely at the sound of your laugh. Despite that, he couldn’t help but feel broken at the thought of you with another guy. Peter was willing to sit idly by, though, if you would be happy.


You left for the gates at around 6:50 in a black sundress with daisies on it, a necklace with a small silver tape, yellow flats, and your trusty leather jacket. As you walked up the cobblestone path, you could see a man pacing in the distance, which you assumed to be Hank. He had dressed semi-formal, wearing a suit jacket and black dress slacks, but still retaining a white t-shirt.

“W-whoa,” Hank sputtered, his mouth forming an ‘O’ as he took in your appearance, “(Y/N), you…you look beautiful.” 

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself.” you replied, giggling at Hank’s awestruck disposition.

“W-we should probably be going,” he stuttered, shaking his head as if waking from a trance, “I, uh, planned for us to visit a park for the date.” 

“You remembered,” you smirked, thinking back to science class, “I didn’t think you would’ve recalled the first day of school. Didn’t you force us to ‘tell the class about ourselves’?”

Hank chuckled, “You told the class that you loved visiting parks like you used to when you were younger. It wasn’t that forced. Besides, I couldn’t have been that bad of a teacher, seeing as we’re on a date.”

“Okay, don’t get too ahead of yourself, lover boy,” you laughed, arriving at the park. Hank insisted you both begin with the slide, as he was adamant that it was the best part of the experience. You would switch out what piece of equipment you were using ever so often, and you had not realized it was dark until you had made your way to the swings. 

“Shit, if I stay out much later, I’m gonna be la-a-ate” you giggled out, while Hank let go of the chain above your swing seat.

“Fine, one more spin?” Hank pleaded with the saddest look he could manage.

“You got it.” you replied as you steadied yourself and he began to twist the chain once more. Hank sat on the swing next to yours as he released the chain and you spun so rapidly you bumped Hank’s head into yours.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, Hank, I-” you started, rushing to examine Hank’s head for any bruises. 

“No, no, no, it’s my fault, I made you spin.” he said, lifting his head and looking into your eyes. It was only then that you saw how close your face had become to his. Your eyes became slightly lidded as you leaned in for a kiss. The streetlights surrounding you had decided to flickered on just then, and in that moment, you saw the flash of silver reflecting off the necklace Peter had gotten you for your 14th birthday. You thought back to the 8th grade.

“Peter!” you shouted happily, wrapping your arms around his neck, “Thank you so much, I love it.”

“Wait, wait, wait, it comes with a price,” Peter smirked as you glanced up from admiring your necklace, confused, “You have to be my best friend, for like, all eternity. See, it says it right here in the fine print on the receipt…” he said, pointing to the paper as your eyes followed his finger. Suddenly, he lifted his finger, flicking you in the face. You scrunched up your nose, annoyed. After doubling over in laughter, Peter donned a more sober look, “But seriously, all eternity. You gotta.”

“Okay, Peter. Eternity it is.”

“I’m sorry.” you both loudly apologized while pulling away. 

“Wait, what?” you inquired, puzzled by his reluctance.

“I like you and all… but I think I’m trying to use you to get past someone else.” Hank confessed, seemingly ashamed.

“I would be slightly offended if I didn’t feel the same way.” you admitted, becoming interested in your now dirtied yellow shoes. Both of your swings swayed a little in the glow of the streetlamps.

“It’s Peter, right?” Hank suggested, breaking the silence. “I mean, it seems like that, just in the way you two talk to each other, the way you hug him, the way he blushes when you do. I blush like that when Raven hugs me…or when she used to.”

“Yeah, it’s Peter,” you sighed, thinking of how badly you fucked up, “He probably thinks I don’t like him now. I gotta get home, Hank, I’m sorry.”

He waved his hand, offering a small smile, “Don’t worry about it. If Raven was there, I’d be heading home too. Go get him, already.”

You hailed the first taxi you spotted, hopping in and tapping your foot impatiently. You had no idea what you were going to say to Peter. All you had to go on was a bright, warm feeling in your chest that you got when you thought about his smile, his laugh, him. Jumping out of the taxi as soon as the mansion was in sight, you all but sprinted to the entrance, swinging it open and running up the stairs. His room was only a little down the hall from yours. 

Pushing the door from your path, you noticed Peter had a nervous expression on his face. “Look, (Y/N), I wanted to tell you, I like y-” was all the boy could disclose before you grabbed the back of his head and slammed his lips onto yours, gripping his silver hair in between your fingers. He reacted somewhat slowly for a guy with his abilities, taking a while to register anything but the feeling of your lips against his. After the initial shock, Peter lifted one hand to your cheek and slid his other around your waist. It felt like nothing else existed but the connection between you and Peter’s lips and the insanely rapid beating of your hearts. The only thought you could accomplish while kissing the living daylights out of him, was that if the world were to end in a fiery blaze, right then and there, it would’ve had a damn good run.


Roosje: I’m home!

Hank: Hey, Rose. I have something to tell you.

Roosje: Just a sec. I really need to eat that cake slice. I’ve been thinking about it all day. 

Hank: Oh…

Roosje: Did you eat my cake?!

Hank: I just took a bite…

Roosje: Oh my gosh! 

Hank: It was there and staring at me and…

Roosje: Nevermind! I’ll just eat what’s left. 

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Ahhh Hank reblogged your art and really liked it!! (Sorry I love Hank so much I'm so excited!) Do you only draw R&L or would you draw him as well? :D Just found your blog through Hank, it looks awesome, Rhett and Link should be happy & proud to have you around!

Oh my gosh, yeah I was so surprised that Hank reblogged my art. I never expected that at all ;v;
At the moment I’ve been drawing R&L a whole lot, but I’m not against drawing Hank c: I haven’t drawn him before though–

And aw gosh, you’re much too sweet anon~ ;u;