oh my gosh can you imagine!

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ok but evak going to a gabrielle concert sfsfsjsjf

OMG I loooove the way you think my friend. Gosh can you imagine? 

hahaha aww they would be soo cute. Even would be screaming every single word and waving his hands in the air like a total adorable dork. And then he will grab Isak and move him side to side until Isak starts dancing himself. And then he will kiss him and make sure he can see and ahhhh it would be adorable. They would be so so happy. And when she sings Fem Fine Frøkner. oh em geee Even gets lit. He is just freaking out, singing along grabbing Isak, and Isak - omg Isak is actually singing along to this one. And dancing horribly. It is honestly the best image I have ever seen. 

ahhhh I wasn’t going to add this but I had another ‘If evak have kids’ thought and I can literally imagine the Valtersen Næsheim family going to a concert and because Even is so tall he will like lift their son/daughter onto his shoulders and they will just sit there for the entire concert and omg I’m sorry I need to stop.

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do you like and/or stan any other kpop group besides bts? or any other k-idol(s) in general? btw, i love ur blog sm!💜 keep up the great work^^ ly~

First of all- thank you!! I’m glad you like it 💛💛
And oh gosh where do I start??? I pretty much like every single kpop band that has ever walked this earth haha jk but it seems like it… honestly… I think I like every band out there. They’re all so talented and so different I can’t imagine only liking one of them!
And my ult. Bias isn’t even in BTS 😪 IM A TRAITOR I KNOW IM SORRY GUYS HAHAHHA but the heart wants what it wants 😭😂


Oh no…no, no, no, NO!!!! 😨😱😬😲😢😭 You can’t do this to my heart!!! I mean…gosh I’m a little anxious that all of this is just going to be rumors…
I mean can you imagine if EXO were to comeback based on all of the AUs their fans write about them in fanfics?? I would KILL for a royalty concept comeback now…I take back the part where I said that I won’t believe in a single rumor 😭😭


Yuuri with longer hair… and their reactions to one another.

After the GPF, Victor probably went home to Russia and Yuuri to Japan (probably to deal with documents and stuff to stay in Russia for a while).

This might’ve taken months… Victuuri might have not seen each other for a month or two… because next competition is not until spring, if I remember correctly? (As in March).

Oh gosh. Imagine the skype calls and international calls and… oh… oh my f— god.







credits: @fyyoi (x)

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I can ask for fluff? Oh my gosh! Thank you! The only thing I can think of is cuddling? Oh! How about, like morning after cuddles? And like how s/o would wake them up? Or if you've already done that can you do the guys reaction to waking up being the little spoon? ( I am a tiny person who loves to be the big spoon, no seriously I'm 5'2" ish.) but um yes, the boys deserve so much better, and I can't talk about or else I'll cry more. Thank you again!

I haven’t written a morning after thing yet, but I’m more so in a cuddly mood so I couldn’t do it justice. So here are some headcanons for the bros waking up as the little spoon!



  • Surprised (pleasantly surprised though)
  • How did his tiny ass s/o end up wrapped around him?
  • He definitely wants more of this
  • Probably snuggles his back closer to their chest with a sigh
  • Tempted to skip his training because this is perfect
  • Would probably end up waking them up by turning around and kissing their face
  • It’s cute he can’t help it
  • Smooches everywhere until they’re pushing at his face with squeals of ‘stop it’
  • Wouldn’t mind waking up like this erryday


  • A small smile would spread across the face when he realizes the position
  • Sighs in content
  • Has to hide the blush on his face when Gladio wakes up
  • Makes s/o’s favorite breakfast as a token of appreciation
  • Being the little spoon gave him butterflies, not that anyone would be able to see that
  • He would love to be the little spoon on occasion


  • Actually loves being the little spoon
  • Is super pleased to awaken in this position
  • 10/10 chance he’s blushing
  • Has to bury his face in the pillows to hide his face, and to conceal his giggling
  • Yes, giggling
  • Being the little spoon makes him really giggly
  • Will be 5x more affectionate all day after waking up as the little spoon. (Eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, hugs,etc)


  • Would probably squeal especially when they pull him in closer
  • 100% a blushing mess
  • Starts giggling when they mutter something sleepily in his ear
  • 10/10 would pull the blanket higher and melt into his s/o’s arms
  • Never wants to leave his new ‘spot’
  • Whines when his s/o wakes up and moves away until they come back
  • Wants to be the little spoon more often after that 
Anything for You (Newt X Reader)

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@the-angie-Scamander requests: Can you please do one where the reader lives with the sisters (Tina and Queenie) and she is just like Newt and He automatically falls in love with her. Can she also have a bowtruckle thank you! :)

OH MY GOSH I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GIF HELP ME IM DYING. Okay, where was I… Yes, WARNINGS: if this beautiful gif doesn’t kill you, my story might. Be warned.

Newt wrung his hands tightly together, biting his lip as he walked back and forth in front of the Goldstein’s sisters apartment. He was a little nervous, a lot actually, and he was positive it was all because Tina had mentioned their youngest sister visiting and needing him for something.

Why might Newt be frightened? Because from the pictures Tina and Queenie showed him, their youngest sister was quite attractive, inheriting the strikingly gorgeous Goldstein features.

Newt could go face to face with a huge scary beast and not be scared, but the moment he was face to face with a gorgeous woman, he was scared and awkward and clumsy. Newt never had any luck with pretty women, and for the most part he was alright with that, but it was still hard to talk to a woman who basically looked like a goddess.

Newt summoned all his courage and rushed to the door, knocking lightly. He then suddenly regretted knocking, as the waiting seemed forever.

The door slowly opened, to reveal a rather petite woman, who looked up shyly at Newt. “Umm,” You said awkwardly, gawking at this tall handsome man.

Newt tried to give a grin, but it came out looking like weird fake grin. “I-I’m N-Newt. Scamander. You must be Y/N…”

Alarmed you backed up a bit. Just because this man was handsome as hell didn’t mean you weren’t ready to pull your wand out on this guy who seemed to know your name. “Whoa, how do you know my name?” You asked skeptically, raising an eyebrow and slowly closing the door again.

Newt panicked. “No, w-wait!” He stuttered, holding his hands up. “Y-your invited sisters—I mean your sisters invited me here!”

You looked at him, and then your eyes darted away. “Oh right. I forgot… s-so you’re a majizoologist, right?” You asked quietly tripping over your own worlds and fumbling with your hair, something you did often when you were nervous.

You let Newt in. He replied, “I-I am one. N-nothing extraordinary…” He looked down at his hands.

You glanced at him, your head snapping up. “I-I’m actually a majizoologist in training, Mr. Scamander… kindly don’t call it nothing special.”

Newt was taken aback, but collected his wits. “I believe I said nothing extraordinary, not nothing special,” he said cheekily, giving you a small bashful look.

You raised an eyebrow. For someone so short, you could seem really intimidating. “Your hilarious, Mr. Scamander. But I need your help…” You said sheepish, looking down at your feet and tugging at your hair. “You see… umm… I have this creature called a bowtruckle, you might have heard of that kind of creature, I mean I’m sure you have, but Gus, my bowtruckle is sick!”

Newt’s heart seemed to fracture a bit as he saw just how worried sick you were for your little bowtruckle. “Is that why Queenie told me to come? I mean, yes, I can help! Show me!”

Newt’s face went beet red as you grabbed his hand and walked hastily down the hall. “The Scamander guy is here, Queenie. I’m taking him into my room, bye,” you hollered out. You realized what you said and hastily shouted, “I mean, he’s not coming to my room! Well, he is, but we’re not going to do anything!” You were blushing furiously. Why did nothing ever right come out of your mouth? Why were you so weird and awkward?!

Newt was now so red, he had to let go of your hand. “Uh… What?”

“Please, just… don’t say anything,” you muttered, hoping Queenie never heard anything.

You led Newt into your room and showed him a sickly pale yellow bowtruckle. The bowtruckle, or Gus, did not seem to really notice Newt or you. He just laid there, his tiny twig like legs and arms just going everywhere. You looked down at Gus and whimpered, “I… I don’t know what to do, Mr. Scamander, please… Queenie told me she knew a man who could help…” You looked at him expectantly, hoping and clasping your hands together, giving him a pleading look.

Newt’s heart seemed to hurt a bit as well as melt. Your face and love for your creature was beyond adorable. “O-of course I ca-can help! He’s just sick!” Newt bent over the little bowtruckle and patted him on the stomach. “Hey, there… mummy is here! Don’t worry! You just ate something bad, my Pickett had this same problem…”

You watched him tenderly pick him up. Did he just say mummy is here? Whoa. “Wait, you have a bowtruckle?” You said, trying to distract yourself from this man who was lovingly holding Gus.

“Several actually,” Newt said absentmindedly, as he put his wand in his mouth and then opened his suitcase.

For some reason you hadn’t notice him carrying a suitcase. You apparently were just too crazy over his features and personality to notice. Wow, how intelligent… Haha, yeah no. You watched him summon something and then pull out some other stuff.

“Here are the medicines for Gus. Crush them up and add to hot water, make sure to add some honey. Give it to Gus only in the night, I can’t give any to him right now,” Newt handed you the strange stuff, one of them looked like some kind of beast’s claw. He laid Gus gently back onto the makeshift bed you had made for him.

Overwhelmed with happiness, you gave Newt a huge hug and then hastily pulled away. “Ah. Yes. Thank you. So much!” You coughed, ignoring your flaming face and Newt’s red ears and cheeks.

As you took a step back, your heel (high heels were basically the Devil’s making you thought) caught a loose board in the floor. You went tumbling backwards, giving a little shriek.

Newt, trying to be gallant and gentleman like, tried to catch you but only succeeding in falling with you, naturally.

The good news, you two landed on your bed. The bad news, it was on your bed. The good news, you weren’t hurt. The bad news, Newt was now on top of you, clumsily freaking out. The good news, he smelled really nice. The bad news… “What are you two doing?” A voice asked from the door way. “Mr. Scamander, what are you…”

Newt realized what kind of position he was in and stiffened up at Queenie’s soft amused voice. “It’s not what you think!” He cried, untangling himself from you.

You sat up, your skirt messed up and riding high on your thigh. You were speechless. You gave your sister a weird look and held up the medicine Newt gave you. “He’s a keeper… Whoa, wait, I meant was he can be my doctor for me… I mean Gus. I mean, he’s not mine,” you rushed, trying to make your stupid point, all while looking like a freak show and saying I mean way too much.

Newt turned to you. “What?” Was all he could say, as he blinked hard and raised his eyebrow.

Queenie smiled. “Looks like you two are a match made in heaven!” She winked at you and Newt and waved her hand elegantly as if she were giving you her blessing or something stupid like that.

“Oh my gosh, Queenie!” You groaned, all the sudden pushing Newt off bed.

Newt looked at you and then at Queenie in confusion. “I’m n-not anyone special!”

“Oh, but honey!” Queenie gushed, giving Newt a slight smirk. “Y/N thinks you’re quite special and liked you the minute she saw you!”

You face went through a thousand reds as you threw a pillow at Queenie and shouted, “QUEENIE! Give us some privacy!”

“Oh so you wish to be alone with Mr. Scamander?” Queenie teased enthusiastically, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

You realized what you just said. “T-that’s not what I meant!”

You were about to shriek some more randomness, except Queenie left. Closing the door. You glanced over at Newt. He sighed and rested his chin on your bed. “Well… uh…” He wasn’t sure if he should go now or just die from embarrassment.

You crawled over to Newt and gently patted his soft curls. He looked a little started, but otherwise didn’t move. “Thanks so much for helping Gus…”

Newt smiled. “Anything for you…” His eyes snapped opened and he hastily added on, “I mean it was a pleasure to help you, Miss Goldstein!”


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This is Angsty Kitten anon, I just wanted to say that you're my soulmate and my kink daddy so please metaphorically marry me. And also how do you feel about an AU where Otabek has like 5 little sisters who are his biggest fans and argue with Yuri but secretly call Yuri hella pretty??

Hello cutiepie! omfg kink daddy is such a good title, thank you, i accept this proposal

……..that is so cute??? oh my gosh

  • Beka being able to easily handle Yura’s temper tantrums because he grew up with five little sisters, and they do not always get along.
  • Can you even imagine how good Beka’s hair braiding skills would be?? If he had more arms he could fishtail braid all of his sister’s hair at once.
  • Otabek LOVES his baby sisters more than anything in the world (until Yuri comes along but). He’s such a loving older brother who always helps them out with their homework, and Skype calls them when he’s away training or at competitions.
  • Yuri is a jealous baby who wants more of Otabek’s attention, but it’s hard for the poor guy to divide his time up between six people.
  • Staying in Almaty with the Altin family is always an ordeal, because Otabek is constantly surrounded by the siblings who have missed him so much as well as Yuri who wants to hog his best friend all for himself.
  • When Otabek goes to stay with Yuri in Russia, Yuri thinks he’s going to finally get some alone time - nope. Beka’s phone is blowing up most of the time with texts and calls from each sister individually. They do this partially because they miss their bro, but they also think it’s hilarious when Yuri snatches the phone and curses at them in Russian.
  • Yuri does stoop to their level of immaturity sometimes (a lot), taking their bait and arguing with them over who loves/supports Beka more. Poor Otabek usually has to take a painkiller, a huge headache arising from Yuri’s yelling and his sister’s laughing.
  • Though they torture Yuri (so he says), they actually really like him. They see the way Otabek smiles to his phone when he gets a message from the blonde, and they love to hear Otabek’s warm laughter whenever Yuri says or does something funny.
  • Plus they all think Yuri is really pretty. They’ve all wanted to play with his long blonde hair at least once.


Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader 
Words: 1087

anon: please please please can there be a sequel to burn? thx hunn
anon: sequel to burn pls?
anon: sequel to burn please? thanks!
@sincerely-your-eliza : aww, i freaking love this! i would love if you did a sequel where the whole cast is out at a club and the cheater is there and lin and the reader kiss and oh my gosh that would be totally amazing if you could do that

trigger warnings: slight emotional abuse

this was highly requested, so i thought i would get it onto the internet. enjoy my friends xx


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“I’m gonna miss you here. You brighten up my day a lot and you’ve been here for me through rain and shine,” You said quietly, sitting in Lin’s dressing room as he changed out of his Hamilton costume for the final time.

“I’m still going to be around. We live together, you silly goose,” He said, laughing quietly. “Besides, we’ve got an exciting night ahead. The whole cast is going out together. Surely you’re excited about that… and you’re taking over as Eliza!”

You shrugged. “It’s scary. And I still think you should’ve chosen someone better. I’m only a swing-“

“And a damn good one too. You’re one of the most talented actresses in the show… I swear I’m not being bias,” Lin interrupted, blushing at the end of his sentence.

“Lin my man! Are you ready?” Anthony asked, poking his head into the dressing room.

“He will be once he does up his fly,” You said, glancing at his unzipped jeans. Lin blushed more, quickly doing up his jeans.

“To answer your question, yes. I’m ready,” Lin stated, grabbing your hand and heading out the door.

“It’s crazy out there by the way. You might wanna be careful. Me and Jas are heading out the front, but we’ll see you at the club,” Anthony said, flashing you both a big smile before disappearing into one of the other dressing rooms.”

“Are you sure you wanna stage door babe? It could get a little… hectic,” You stated.

“It’s my last show babe. I think they deserve it…” Lin stated, grabbing your hand and smiling. “Shall we?”

“We shall,” You replied, following Lin out of the theatre.

You stood back as Lin took photos with fans, smiling when you saw his face light up. You stared lovingly at the crinkles that appeared in the corner of his eyes when he smiled. You knew you had been lucky with Lin.

When you looked back, you really hadn’t realised how badly treated you were. Your partner had never bought you flowers and had barely spoken to you. Still, the façade of a perfect partner had appeared whenever you two left the house to go on a date.

“(Y/N)? You okay?” Lin asked, giving a gentle squeeze to your hand. You sighed happily, nodding slowly.

“Yeah, sorry just… thinking,” You whispered.

You followed Lin down the street, keeping a firm grip on his hand. When you arrived at the club, you felt a wave of shock overcome you. Surely your eyes were deceiving you… it couldn’t be…

You moved closer to Lin, wrapping your arm around his waist and biting your lip. “How long is this going to be?” You asked quietly.

“We only just got here. Don’t you want to have a little bit of fun? C’mon. I wanna spend my post Hamilton celebration with my fake historical girlfriend and my real partner” Lin stated, pouting slightly. You let out a long sigh, taking a seat on one of the couches and opening your phone.

Throughout the night, you kept your head down and your eyes fixed on your phone. Lin would come and sit with you for a few minutes every now and then, but most of the time he was with the rest of the cast. He deserved it. He had worked so hard on the show.

You saw them pass you a few times. You had hoped that the dark lighting would make you unrecognisable, but on the third time they stopped in front of you. You gulped, slowly looking up into their eyes. “C-Can I help y-you?” You whispered, starting to shake slightly.

“No one wants your help. You make me out to be the bad person but you’re the one dating other people before we’ve even officially broken up. You’re mine, remember?” They snapped, grabbing your wrist and pulling you to your feet.

“Y-You cheated o-on me… I didn’t d-d-do anything w-wrong,” You stuttered, letting your phone drop to the floor.

“Of course you did. Everything you ever did was wrong. How the hell could you leave me? I’m the only reason you’re worth anything in this god damned industry. We’re leaving. Now.”

“I think you’ll find that you’re not going anywhere. Hands off my partner.”

You looked over your shoulder, relief washing over you when you saw Lin, Daveed, Oak and Anthony standing in front of your ex. You winced when they let go of your wrist, pushing you to the side.

“They’re not even worth it. I hope you know that. Useless and ungrateful. Good luck with that,” They hissed, pushing past the four men and exiting the club. Lin moved forward quickly, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry. I should have stayed with you. Why didn’t you tell me they were here?” He asked, looking over you carefully to check for any injuries.

“Lin, it’s your special night. I didn’t want to ruin it with my ex troubles. I wanted you to have fun,” You whispered, burying your head in his chest.

“Maybe you guys should head home. It’d be quieter there. You could have some time to talk,” Anthony suggested, patting Lin’s back gently. “I’m gonna miss calling you my father.”

Lin laughed quietly, shaking his head. “I think we will head home. You guys take care,” Lin said, walking out of the club with you stuck to his side.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you. I should’ve been paying more attention to you and my surroundings and everything… I’m just so sorry (Y/N). I promise that if I see that asshole ever again I will fight them. I won’t let them get near you ever again, I-“

You leaned forward quickly, placing a kiss on his lips. “Alexander, it’s time to leave my boyfriend’s body. He’s done with you for now,” She teased, smiling at him. Lin rolled his eyes slightly, squeezing your hand.

“I love you so much (Y/N). I never want to see you get hurt,” He whispered, pulling you into another tight hug.

“I’m so lucky to have you Lin. I love you more than anything in this life…”

“Would you choose my happiness over yours every time?”

You laughed, rolling your eyes. “Stop that. It’s time to focus on Moana,” You said, smiling when he opened the door for you.

“Hey (Y/N), can I tell you something?” He asked, shutting the door and following you into the apartment complex.

“What is it Lin?”

“You’re welcome.”

One of my favorite historical anecdotes is still the time when John André had to share a bed with Henry “the Ox” Knox and they stayed up half the night telling stories and talking shit like honestly you two.

And then five years later Knox was on the panel that passed judgment on André’s due to his role in the Benedict Arnold fiasco. Talk about awwwwkward. Can you imagine how that conversation went?

Knox: “Oh hey, I shared a bed with that guy.”

Hamilton, Lafayette, Tallmadge, everybody and their mother within a twenty mile radius: “LUCKY!!”

Forgive me Father - Priest!Dean Winchester x Reader - Part 2

Title: Forgive me Father

Pairing: Priest!Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: About 3,150

Warnings: Breaking of Vows, Priest!Dean, implied smut, heated moments

Prompt: Reader is the daughter of a preacher herself but she finds herself unable to stop all those sinful thoughts when she meets the newest priest in town. And it all gets so much worse when it turns into love. Will it be the kind of love that will destroy her or not?

Read Part 1 here!

“Do you see that back?” the voice whispered “Gosh the way those muscles flex under that black shirt.”

“Oh I know I’d give everything to just rip it off of him and have him walking topless around.” another whispered.

“But he’d keep the collar one.” another one whispered with a giggle.

“Topless? Are you kidding me?” another scoffed and you started tapping your foot in annoyance “More like naked! Oh my gosh, can you imagine that perfect ass of his in full view?” she let a low moan and you pursed your lips.

“His ass?” the fourth one asked in a hushed voice tone “More like something else.” she said and all three of them giggled hysterically- until someone whisper hissed at them tobe quite. You couldn’t be more thankful to them but unfortunately your happy moment of what you could call silence was soon over.

“I don’t know about you-” the first voice spoke again “-but I could stare at those lips for hours.”

“Well-” the third giggled “I certainly wouldn’t just stare at them mhm.” she moaned and they all giggled again.

Go to the Church today your father said. It will be fun he said. Something to calm you down he said. A moment of peace he said. Yeah right.

Keep reading

With You It’s Different

Logan Howlett x Reader

Words: 1,346

Request: Can you write a Logan fic where he is his usual gruff, grumpy self with a hard exterior but around y/n he is super nice and always pays attention to her and is a huge teddy bear with her. I just love Logan wow. Thank you!!! :)

“I said no,” Logan growled, his voice reaching your ears. That’s odd, you thought, Logan wasn’t one to lose his temper often. You got up from your place on your bed, moving towards the voices. Scott seemed adamant about something that Logan was definitely not approving of. You stopped just short of them, watching Logan with a small smile. He really was gorgeous. His beautiful brown eyes met yours, the previous tension dissipating at the sight of you. He all but forgot his argument with Scott, sidling up to your side with a smile. “(Y/N),” he greeted happily. You returned his smile in kind.

“Logan,” you replied. Scott seemed a little put out, leaving the two of you alone so he could go work out his own issue. “What was that about?” You questioned.

“Nothing,” he answered, shaking it off. “Anything interesting happen while I was away?” You chuckled softly, following Logan’s lead.

“You were only gone for two days.”

“I know.” He turned to you with a smile. “But a lot can happen in that time.” Still smiling, you wrapped your arms around him. You really did miss him while he was gone. Two days or not, you always missed him when he left. He eagerly returned your affections, pulling you closer into his chest. “I take it you missed me.” He teased.

“Oh ha-ha,” you grumbled into his chest, pulling back after a moment. “You wouldn’t last a week without me.”

“That’s what you think,” he winked.

“That’s what I know.” You smirked at him, loving being around him. You should really tell him how you felt. But what if everything changed because of it? What if he didn’t feel the same way and things became awkward between you two?

“Everything okay?” His eyes were shining with concern.

“Everything’s fine.” You pulled him into your spacious room, shutting the mahogany door behind the two of you. “How about a movie?”

“Sounds great,” he smiled. You plucked up your laptop, lying back on your fluffy pillows as Logan joined you. He wasted no time in getting comfortable, wrapping an arm around your shoulder so you could lean on him. You did so, turning on (Your favorite movie). It was a pleasant time, Logan adjusting himself occasionally so you could get even closer to him. By the end of the movie, you were practically in his lap, your warm bodies completely relaxed into one another. You were tired, your head sinking further into his chest. You felt the vibrations of his laugh on your back, causing you to laugh in turn.

“Tired?” You nodded. “You can sleep.” He whispered, placing a sweet kiss to your forehead. Your eyes slowly drooped, your last thoughts of Logan as you drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

The scent was different, you mused. It was fresh and smelt of leather and spices. You breathed it in, further burrowing your head into the wonderful aroma. But it was more than that, it was comfortable and warm. You were so content, lying there. At least until you felt a hand rest softly against your back, a sigh sounding next to you. Your eyes flew open, your mind halting all mental processes. Looking up slowly, you met the groggy eyes of Logan. Heat instantly crept up your neck, spreading a brilliant blush all over your cheeks. He smiled down at you, his muscles stretching beneath you.

“Good morning,” he greeted, pulling you ever closer to him.

“Whoa,” tumbled out of your mouth. Graceful, you chided yourself. But you couldn’t help it. Never had anyone looked so utterly delicious as he did in that moment. His lips were parted, his eyes were slightly dazed, and his hair was mussed. You wanted to taste him. Dear God, you wanted to taste every inch of him.

“Something the matter?” He asked, a slight frown tugging at his lips. And oh how you wanted to kiss his frown away.

“Nothing,” you reassured, pushing yourself up so you could get a better look at him. The golden rays of sunlight creeping through the blinds illuminated his figure to make him look like an angel. Your hand twitched, the sudden itch of wanting to run your hands down his body so, so hard to ignore. You really, really should tell him how you feel. But no, not yet. “I’m going to take a shower but I’ll see you downstairs.” He nodded, sending you one last smile as you entered the bathroom. Your body was on autopilot, going through the motions of turning everything on by itself. A million scenarios of what could happen if you told Logan the truth ran through your mind as you turned on the faucet. Each one was washed away with the cool water drenching your body. You had to force yourself out of the shower and down the stairs, your entire body just wishing to drop down into the Logan-scented sheets. He greeted you with a beam when you arrived in the kitchen, the anger present in his current conversation fading away. Strange, that same thing happened yesterday. You added a mental note to ask him about it later. He dropped a plate filled with breakfast in front of you, the smell of food brightening your mood. You looked over to the Professor, greeting him with a nod.

“Good morning, (Y/N),” he received, “I expect you slept well.” For the second time that day, a warm blush covered your face. The little shit knew. He had a perceptive smile on his face and a pointed look in Logan’s direction.

“I did, actually.” You said eloquently, looking down at your food instead of the two other occupants. Charles bid you both a good day before leaving the two of you alone. Once he was gone, you looked back up at Logan. He seemed peaceful, his eyes not leaving you for a second. You squirmed under his scrutiny, wishing he’d look away. “What is it?” You finally asked him, your eyes connecting.

“It’s nothing,” he shook his head, a smile playing on his lips.

“Logan…” you pressed, wanting to know why he was looking at you that way. If the feeling in your stomach had anything to say about it, you really shouldn’t mind. He took a step closer to you, his eyes never leaving you. As soon as he was within reach, he lifted you off your feet and held you close to his warm body. You giggled, holding onto his shoulders and pressing your head against his. After a moment of squeezing you, he placed you back on the ground.

“They want you to go to Rome to locate a mutant.” Logan stated, answering your unasked question. Wait, what? You’d gone on missions to retrieve mutants before.

“And…?” You inquired.

“You’re going alone.” He responded, his jaw clenching at the statement. Oh. You’d never gone on a mission alone before.

“It’s alright,” you shrugged nonchalantly. “Nothing I can’t handle.” He sighed, pulling you back into his heated embrace.

“You could get hurt.” His voice sounded pain, his body tensing beneath your arms.

“Everyone here is constantly going on missions; alone or together,” you argued.

“But with you it’s different.” Logan stated. You furrowed your brows, escaping his hold so you could get a better look at him. His eyes were shining with worry, his lips pressed together tightly.

“Why?” You breathed. He didn’t verbally respond, pressing his lips so softly against your own, you could almost fool yourself into thinking it was a dream. Just as quickly as he placed them there, he pulled away. Your body missed the warmth of his already.

“I’m so-,” you cut him off, surging towards him. Your lips met his in a frenzy, your hands grasping at his hair to give you a better angle. He returned it just as eagerly, his mouth moving against yours so perfectly. You could practically see the fireworks, your body moving ever closer to his muscled form. Pulling away, you smiled at him. Maybe now you could tell him how you felt.

Vixx Reaction || Short Girlfriend Being Unable To Reach Something And She Climbed On The Counter To Get It And Jumped Off Casually
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“Baby, you know you can bother me all you want”


*Realizing you did not need his help he’d feel a bit flustered since you didn’t need him at all*


“Oh my Gosh! You’re so cute!”


“Huh. Well that’s interesting”


*Stares at you sweetly, appreciating your cute independence*


“You don’t need my help? What am I supposed to do now?”


Just in case you were wondering what my favorite gif of Calum is, it’s tHIS ONE. OH MY GOSH.



Danny: And that’s why, I want to continue what we have. I want the entire world to know, what we have, to know how amazing you are. I want them all to know how much I love you. I do love you, Silvia, so much, more than anyone can imagine. 

Silvia: Oh my gosh. 

Danny: I know I’m slow and sometimes lazy and I get wrapped up in my work and I’m not good enough for you but even so, will you do me the honour, of being my wife? Silvia, will you marry me? 

The Solution To The Problem (Smut)

A/N: Oh my gosh guys! Life feels so hectic at the moment, tomorrow I have my first day off in a while and I hope I can slow down and get back into a rhythm. I can not say thank you enough for being so patient! I hope you enjoy this and I hope to be posting a lot more!

Pairing: Harrison Wells x Reader

Prompt: I need some Harrison Wells love. Like maybe the reader was his assistant and he never noticed how smart she was so one day he’s working on an equation and can’t figure it out so he’s all snippy at her but she solved it and they fight and ends in smut please? – Anonymous

Word Count: 2,511

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT 

Side note I feel hella more comfortable writing smut and actually feel like it is something good. Like I seriously loved how easy and smutty this turned out!

The Solution to the Problem (Smut)

You glanced down at your watch as it ticked later and later. Quickening your step, you made your way to Star Labs. You worked your second job in the mornings and was an assistant for Star Labs in the afternoon. Though you originally were hired in to take care of odds and ends, keeping the place organized and occasionally helping out on a case. It slowly morphed into spending the majority of your time babysitting Harrison Wells. It was a short walk away and when you entered the building you made your way down to the Cortex. As you walked down the hallway Barry, Cisco and Caitlin were heading towards you.

“Hey!” Cisco said as he saw you, “Y/N, how’s it going?”

You smile slightly, “I’m late, that’s how it’s going.”

“Relax, he’s caught up in his numbers.” Caitlin reassured you, “I highly doubt he even knows what time it is.”

“Has he been there all day?” You exclaim.

Cisco shook his head, “All day.”

“Great,” You pulled out your daily planner and opened up to the current date, “organize those files, update metabase, the list just keeps going.”

“I left all that information you needed in a pile on your desk,” Cisco commented.

You smiled, “Thanks, Barry could you do me a favor?”

“What’s up?” Barry replied as Caitlin and Cisco waved goodbye and made their way to the elevator.

You put your planner away and pulled out your wallet as you spoke, “Can you please run out and pick up some food for me and Wells?” You pulled out a twenty handing it to him.

“No need.” Barry disappeared and you turned to start walking towards the Cortex. Moments later Barry was walking next to you with a bag of Big Belly Burger and two drinks. “Here ya go!”

“Thank you, you’re a lifesaver!” You grasped the bag as he turned to head towards the elevator himself.

He turned twisted around so he was walking backwards, “Guess I picked a good day job,” He smiled and turned back to head towards the elevator.

You shook your head and entered the Cortex, making your way towards your desk. You glanced over into Wells’s area to see him standing in front of his large white board, his face pulled into a scowl. You could see the gears working in his head. After sitting your purse down, you pulled your food from the bag leaving it sit on your desk. With the bag in one hand and drink in the other you make your way to Wells.

“I brought some food for you,” You say as you attempt to find a clean spot on his desk that wasn’t scattered with papers. You were careful not to disrupt the organized chaos.

He didn’t respond and continued working. “When was the last time you ate?”

“Stop, I’ll eat” Wells barked at her, “As you can see I’m in the middle of something.”

You glanced up at the writing on the long board. You studied it for a moment and took in all the symbols and numbers.

Wells noticed you staring, “Don’t you have work to be doing, papers to file?”

You scowled at him before going back to your desk. This was the part of the job you didn’t like, grumpy Harrison Wells. You tried not to take it personally as you know he doesn’t mean it, this is how he got when he completely immersed himself in his work. You’d even grown fond of Wells being himself as you learned to see passed the frustration, anger and anxiety he put off. You brought up the metabase and began thumbing through the stacks of meta profiles and comparing them to their profiles in the master database Cisco had started. However, you couldn’t keep the problem from the board out of your head. You pulled up a scrap piece of paper and started scribbling away. You were pulled out of your train of thought by an exasperated scream of frustration that came from Wells’s room.

You rolled your eyes slightly as you got back up to check in. As you entered the room you saw and heard Wells ranting in agitation. Clearly he was getting frustrated over this problem.

You Walk up, “Why don’t you take a break and eat,” You encourage. “It’s your favorite, its getting cold, but still your favorite.”

“I need to figure this out, don’t you understand” He quickly turned around to look at you with his sleep deprived eyes, he laughed to himself slightly like he had an epiphany. “Of course not, you wouldn’t understand would you, how could you?”

The whole time you were listening to him snap your eyes were on the board behind him, “Oh yeah?” You quickly walked passed him, grabbing the expo marker out of his hand as you did.

“Give that back,” Wells followed and reached up in an attempt to snatch back the marker but he slowly came to a stop. He watched as you proceeded to fill in the answer to the problem. Wells looked at you like this was the first time he had seen you, the sleep in his eyes were replaced with amazement as you turned back around capping the marker and handing it back to him.

“I’m sorry what don’t I understand?” You started to walk out of the room proud but completely and utterly irritated.

He looked up still in awe, “Y/N wait. How did you do that?”

“Why did you hire me?” You quickly turned around answering with a question.

He stood speechless for a moment, “Well technically Barry hired you, I needed someone to take care of pointless drabble that took away from the more important things.”

You crossed your arms as your mouth dropped slightly, “I have a background in Quantum Physics and Thermodynamics.”

“Really?” He seemed surprised as he continued to look at you.

“Did you even see my resume?” Your eyebrows raised slightly.

He paused, “All I saw was your picture.” He turned back to look at the equation before starting to shuffle through the papers on the table.

“What?” You followed him over to his desk.

He pulled out the paper he was looking for and turned to look at you, “Look I was given four folders each with a picture of the candidate for the job. I assumed at that stage of hiring each had the skills needed so I chose the best looking photo.”

You paused a moment letting this new information process, “So let me get this straight, I got this job not because of my smarts but because I was the cutest. Unbelievable?”

“I didn’t say you weren’t smart,” Wells fired back, “Obviously you are brilliant, everyone else knew that or you wouldn’t have been considered for the job.”

You shook your head, “Not the point.”

“Then what is the point Y/N? Huh?” Wells snapped slightly, “Do you want me to congratulate you or give you a cookie for a job well done?”

“The moment I found this job I knew I had to get it, it had to be mine.” You said with a drive in your voice. “Because I have exhausted all other outlets of study. This place is the best place for me, the best opportunity that I have ever come across. Yet all I am is a something pretty to the biggest opportunity that came with the job. I see now that I wasted my time.”

You had never fought with Wells like this. Sure he would snap at you sometimes but never in manner that you took personal. You didn’t like it.

“Y/N” As you turned to walk away he called your name, but you continued to turn. “Y/N, stop.” His hand grabbed your arm. His touch almost made you jump as it had never happened before. You could feel him stepping closer to you and your heart sped up. He let out a long breath as he closed his eyes before continuing. “You’re not pretty, you’re gorgeous.”

You did not expect those words to come out of his mouth. You slowly turned to face him, your eyebrows slightly drawn as he continued. “I could tell there was something about you and I didn’t know what it was. You keep everything going and nothing I have done has scared you or pushed you away. Not only are you gorgeous but,” He paused like the next part hurt him to say, “You may even be smarter than me.”

His piercing eyes bore down into yours. Unable to look away you continued to hold eye contact. His gaze felt like it slowly pulled you forward and you could see the sincerity in his words. You pulled yourself up onto your tip toes attempting to match his height. Before you could think your lips where on his. You felt him take a sharp breath in through is noise as he processed what was happening.

You let your lips linger before parting them slightly. An invitation that Wells took as he let his hands fall to your waist squaring them before pulling you into him. He leaned into you making you fall back onto your heels and you could feel him hunching over making up for the height difference without breaking the kiss.

Your hands found their way up to the back of his neck and up to his hairline. You pulled him in wanting him closer. He continued to push you back till you were pressed against the edge of his desk. You broke away for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes as you waited for who was going to stop the other. Your eyebrow flickered up slightly as if taunting him.

He took the bait. In an instant he reached down and picked you up, letting you come to rest on the top of his desk. As his lips came crashing back down onto yours he pushed you back. His one hand was around your waist and the other cleared the table in one swoop, causing the papers to rain down haphazardly to the side.  

Both sets of fingers fought over the buttons of your shirt as you brashly pulled it up over your shoulder and down your arms. Wells made his way across your jawline and down your neck, continuing down into your cleavage. Peppering your chest with kisses that tickled ever so slightly. You tugged at his shirt and he got the hint as he stood up to pull it over his head. His torso was lean, like that of a runner. you let your hands explore the newly revealed skin as he kissed you again. You let your hands fall lower and you swore you felt him jump slightly as your hand ran over his growling bulge.  

He pulled back abruptly with a pleasantly chocked face on, a slight smile pulling at his lips. Looking up through your lashes you gave him a devilish grin as you continued to undo his belt and work on his zipper. He looked down watching what you were doing before bringing his gaze back to yours.

Without looking away he grabbed your hand and slowly guided it towards his large member that was pressing against the soft cotton of his briefs. You applied pressure making squirm slightly. He shook his head before he pushed you back. His hands unclasped your pants and in one swift motion he hooked his fingers through both garments. Just like that you were laying there on Harrison Wells’s desk, mostly naked. You felt yourself shiver with excitement.

He smiled down at you, “You’re sure?”

You reached up and pulled him down kissing him deeply, “Why stop now?”

He quickly reached over into his side drawer, after a few seconds of rummaging around he came back with a condom. You smiled and shook your head as you sat up, “Your desk drawer, really?”

“Hey, this is where I live.” He pointed out with raised eyebrows to make a point as he pushed his underwear down and rolled the condom on.

You rolled your eyes slightly and he leaned in close to your face, supporting his weight on the edge of the desk on either side of you, “Now where were we?” With each word he pushed you back further till you were resting on your elbows.

He looked to you one more time for confirmation before you nodded in encouragement. He watched your face as he slowly rubbed the tip of his penis over your wet entrance, letting it slide up over your clit. Your hips bucked slightly as he continued. He teased you until he finally entered, with every thrust inching deeper until you had taken all of him in. You felt yourself tighten around him and a slight moan escape his lips.

He rolled his hips and a gasp left your lips. A type of lust you never had felt seemed to switch on. The energy in the room felt like it was building up between the two of you with every rhythmic pulse. As the energy built the pace between you became rough and frantic. You reached up grabbed behind his neck, pulling yourself up into a more seated angle. His grip on your hips tightened and you could feel his fingernails digging into you slightly. You felt his lips dancing on you neck as you let your head fall back, eyes closed, mouth slightly agape in ecstasy.

You held on as long as you could not wanting it to end, but within moments the energy building exploded out in a wave of satisfaction. You clung to Wells as your legs seized and shook uncontrollably and you felt yourself clench down. The pressure was enough to send him over the edge as he let out a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a heavy breath.

The two of you stood there a moment, still, enjoying the euphoria. You could feel his legs shaking slightly as he pulled out and lazily took care of the condom. Your breath was still heavy and your heart still racing as he pulled up his pants, leaving them unzipped.

He walked up to you, gently kissing you, “I’m sorry about before, I can get pretty wrapped up in my work.”

“I forgive you, on one condition.” You smile. “Buy me dinner and we will call it even.”

Wells laughed slightly, “No,” You looked at him with a puzzled look, “I’ll make you dinner.”

“You cook?” You almost sounded surprised.

Wells looked a little offended, “It’s a hobby, now get dressed so we can go to the store.”

You smiled and quickly did as he said before catching up with him in the hallway. As you stood on the elevator waiting for the doors to close you felt his fingers gently tangle with yours.

Can you imagine Mike blushing around El and her commenting on how pretty his face is when it gets all pink? Oh, poor Mike’s face would just go from pink to bright RED as a result. I mean, she has to have noticed how flustered he gets around her; she’s so observant and she would say it so sincerely and innocently and sweetly it would just make his blushing even WORSE because oh my gosh she just called him “pretty”.


Just discovered your page and i’ve basically read almost all your MGG/Spencer imagines. Could you possibly write an imagine where Spencer and his girlfriend/wife have a daughter named for his mother but Spencer doesn’t want the child to meet Diana and his partner doesn’t completely agree with his choice.

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!  I am so glad that you thought my writings were good enough to read through like that!  Really and truly, thank you so much.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Y/N, can we talk about this later?” Spencer whispers as he bounces your little girl in his arms.

“Spencer…we can’t keep putting this off,” you whisper back as you shake her bottle up.

Diana was seven months old, sleeping beautifully through the night, ate like a horse, and had met everyone on your side of the family.

But she had yet to meet her own namesake.

“Y/N-” Spencer says sternly.

Huffing as you hand him the bottle, you shake your head as you storm out of the room.  It didn’t make sense to you.  His mother was the reason you named your child Diana.  You thought she was a beautiful woman, lucid or not.  And Spencer didn’t even want to introduce his only child to her!

It was over an hour before Spencer came tip-toeing out of the room and shut the door behind him.

You had already opened a bottle of wine and was two glasses in when he gingerly sat down across from you.

“Didn’t know you were drinking wine anymore,” he says as he offers you a shy smile.

“I keep it hidden,” you lull flatly.

You knew of Spencer’s issues, so you kept the wine hidden and out of sight, only to be brought out in instances when you had trouble coping with things.

You knew you were being insensitive, but you just couldn’t understand, and you were done shedding tears while bathing your only child.

“Y/N,” Spencer begins.

“I just don’t understand it, Spencer,” you sigh as you shake your head, “she’s your mother.  And I get that we won’t see her often, and she probably won’t travel to us, but don’t you think she deserves to-”

“I have told her!” Spencer blurts out.

You slowly raised your eyes to him as the exasperated look wafted over his face.

“I have told her about our daughter,” he croaks as tears rim his eyes.

“So…what’s the problem?” you ask lightly.

There was something he wasn’t telling you, and it was beginning to unnerve you.

“Remember when I went to go see her.  Just before Diana was born?”

“How could I forget?” you smirk as you bring your glass of wine to your lips.

“I went because…because her care facility contacted me,” Spencer says lightly.

You set your glass down as you hooked your eyes on the man that was crumbling before you.

“She has Alzheimer’s,” he whispers.

It hit you like a ton of bricks.

Your Spencer, the one who had battled addiction.  The one who had his first love shot in front of him, who feared for his mind the way he watched his mother battle her schizophrenia.

And now she was losing her mind altogether in an all-consuming way.

“Spencer, I-”

“I told her about Diana.  About how we were naming our daughter after her and how I wanted to fly her out for the birth and how-”

A tear dripped into Spencer’s lap as you got up, left your wine glass behind, and crouched down in front of him.

“And then we had her, a-a-and I called my mother because I was so happy-”

Your soul knew what was coming, and it made you sick.

“And she congratulated me all over again.  Like it was the first time she was hearing it,” Spencer choked out.

You threw your arms around him and held him close as he cried into the crook of your neck.

“I’ve told her about Diana three times…and every time-”

“Ssssshhhh….sh sh sh sh ssssshhhhh…” you hush into his ear before kissing the side of his face.

“I can’t-”

“It’s alright. I understand,” you breathe as you slowly begin to rock him side to side.

“I completely understand.”

Because you did.

He didn’t want to take the daughter he has been bragging about to see a woman he loved and adored…and her not be remembered.

And the two of you sobbed at that little table until you couldn’t sob any longer.