oh my goody god!

candy store

Lafeyette, LA, USA

My store has recently begun giving out gift bags which include a bookmark, sticker, and color-changing “mood” pencil with the store logo on them, as well as crayons and some puzzles. Normally, we give these to younger schoolchildren, or adults who mention having kids at home.

Three young teenage girls come into the store wearing school lanyards, and at least one of them has a school ID on their lanyard, so I assume they must be freshmen. They all browse the store, but only one of them winds up buying anything.

Me: *ringing up the purchase* “And… are y'all too old for goodie bags?”

Girl 1: “What?”

Me: *sarcastically over-enthusiastic* “Wanna be the coolest kids in your grade!?”

All three: “Yes!”

I laugh, and hand each of them a goodie bag.

Girl 2: “Oh, my God! We get CRAYONS!?”

Girl 1: “Look! There’s a word search!”

Girl 3: *gasping* “The pencils change color! This is so cool!”

They leave the store happily, and I continue laughing.