oh my goody god!

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Hey 😜 you PEGan 🍆🍑💦 and DICCAN 👅 sluts, I HOEp 🙈 you're ready for the 😘 spring equiCOCKS 🍄🍆🍠 so to welcome 😍 that hot 🌶😎🌡☉ CUMmer season 💦💦💦 MAY DAY the flowers 🏵🌺🌻🌼🌷 are pollinating 🐝🌹them flussys 💋 🍑 ring that bel🕭tane 😋 it's time ⏰ to make like rabbits 🐇🐇 and honor your gods 👥🙏🙌 so your crops 😋 will be growers 🍆🌽🍠 👀

Oh my goody gumdrops! Thank you for making me laugh so early in the morning.

May your crops 😋 be growers 🍆🌽🍠 👀. Make like rabbits 🐇🐇 and have fun on the 😘 spring equiCOCKS 🍄🍆🍠 

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i just realized how much jk's existence screams TOP after reading your answers like. whoa. the km moment yesterday though, when jk deadass rubbed jm's ass first before spanking the goodie oh. my. god. he's younger by two years for god's sakes it's borderline rude(??) very much inappropriate in his place to do im sweating right now.

It was not only borderline rude but also bold and baffling and damn awesome. I think like half the Korean comments to those videos were “maknae on topㅋㅋㅋ” while the rest were very strange but quite understandable sounds of 흐훟흫희희힝흐흫. I’m not saying I was part of the latter but let’s be real.. I was.

The truth is, JK don’t care. He’ll mount his hyung if he wants to. Touch his butt if he wants to. Slap that butt if he wants to. Squeeze that butt - well, you get the point.

Chapter 27


Hearing the front door close I looked at the clock on the wall and shook my head when I saw that it read 1:57 A.M. He couldn’t be serious right now, I know he wasn’t. He’s been ducking and dodging my calls and text messages all damn night then comes walking in this bitch damn near two in the morning like it’s normal? What the fuck?

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Fallout 4 Summary

Scrambled thoughts ahead.

Narrative begins pre-war. Character customization is so on point. SCULPTING. Todd says NO SLIDERS

have wife/husband. have baby (generated from ur created character whaat). have robot butler. there’s various names pre-installed in the game so if you name ur guy Howard, THEY WILL CALL HIM HOWARD 

bombs happen immediately. run to vault. something goes down in the vault. 200 years later, you’re the sole survivor. pretty typical blank-slate backstory.

Environment looks beautiful and incredibly immersive. As with usual Fallout games, there’s a focus on open-world exploration. 




Pipboy is enhanced! More realistic. Idle animations while fiddling with stats. 

new MINIGAMES IN PIPBOY. play games, enhance skillz


VATS slows down combat, it doesn’t pause it. 

BUILDING AND CRAFTING. YES. This seems like such a HUGE element of the game. They’ve really taken player customization to heart. 

You can create your own settlement in various set locations. Scrap things in the environment and rebuild new buildings. Deck out EVERYTHING. You can build multi-storeyed buildings, set up generators and hook them to lamps, terminals. Put lights up. Make them different colours. Defend your settlement with turrets. 

Fallout: The Sims

Attract settlers to live with you! You can set up farms, merchant stalls (to draw traders), send brahmin caravans to trade between your settlements. You can also make a dog house. 

Raiders will attack your settlements so be prepared to defend it.

Junk becomes USEFUL… you can build things. Fallout: Minecraft. Intense weapon customization. Build-your-own laser rifle. 

You can also mod your power armour! Not sure if this applies to other armour.

Boys can wear dresses A+  

Gameplay on point!! Blow everything up. Call in Vertibird. Shoot things from Vertibird. RAIDER SCUM. GIANT MOSQUITOS.  



“We knew we had a responsibility to do this game right”



Will there be other companions? Probably. The game didn’t reveal anything narrative/plot wise once you’re out of the vault, so I assume that’s why they didn’t give us anything on the characters. 

More goodies–

THEY MADE A REAL WORKING PIP BOY OH MY GOD BEST MONEY GIMMICK EVER. Guess who’s buying the collectors edition whaat uppp

Fallout Shelter!! SO. CUTE. AND IT’S GOING LIVE TONIGHT. A Sims-style, build your own vault app. And it’s FREE. No internet connection needed. You can build things instantly, no typical waiting around. Doesn’t RELY on micro transactions, though there is one (?). 

candy store

Lafeyette, LA, USA

My store has recently begun giving out gift bags which include a bookmark, sticker, and color-changing “mood” pencil with the store logo on them, as well as crayons and some puzzles. Normally, we give these to younger schoolchildren, or adults who mention having kids at home.

Three young teenage girls come into the store wearing school lanyards, and at least one of them has a school ID on their lanyard, so I assume they must be freshmen. They all browse the store, but only one of them winds up buying anything.

Me: *ringing up the purchase* “And… are y'all too old for goodie bags?”

Girl 1: “What?”

Me: *sarcastically over-enthusiastic* “Wanna be the coolest kids in your grade!?”

All three: “Yes!”

I laugh, and hand each of them a goodie bag.

Girl 2: “Oh, my God! We get CRAYONS!?”

Girl 1: “Look! There’s a word search!”

Girl 3: *gasping* “The pencils change color! This is so cool!”

They leave the store happily, and I continue laughing.

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Hello, my dears! So my birthday is June 27th and I would love a music-inspired story--any rating really. Thank you!

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Happiest of birthdays to you!! This gorgeous little ficlet was written especially for you by @thegirlfromoverthepond.  Enjoy!!

The Power of Love

Thank you to @xerxia31 for betaing this!

And Happy Birthday to the giftee :)

Rated M

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Imagine Sniper had a rebel/punk phase during his junior year. He hanged out with the wrong gang, got into trouble a lot of times, suspended a couple of times during the second and third semesters for vandalizing and drugs. If it was ever brought up, he would try to forget that ever happened. Also, kind of a Sniper/Spy thing where Spy finds out about that and teases Sniper, all like "What a delinquent you were. Such a rebel, heheh."

Meanwhile Spy never disobeyed his parents and dressed like a dork. Spy was a goody-two-shoes.



stranger things


  • holy 80s batman
  • #BarbDeservedBetter
  • Eleven <3
  • actually all the kids were good
  • I thought she was Hopper’s daughter oh my god why didn’t they
  • I’m glad the teens could put aside their love triangle long enough to beat up the demagorgon
So Long And Thanks For All The Pics

You guys. You. Guys. What an evening! Our first ever live Zombies, Run! event was an absolutely storming success this past Friday, and it’s all thanks to our amazing fans. How do we love you? Oh, let me count the ways. 

1) So many of you turned up to see us on Friday night, and in such fantastic costumes! Here’s a group shot of the volunteer Runners Five who came along to help out with the event. How badass do they look? So badass they’d make Sara Smith back down. 

2) Seriously so many of you turned up that people were being turned away by the dozen. A reliable source told me that over 500 people attended across all three performances. That’s an entire Abel Township’s worth! (Depending on how many times you’ve upgraded your housing…) 

This is a lot of people. 

Look how many people. In just one of the performances!

3) ZR Fans look out for one another! When lindleyjo ran into some transportation problems that resulted in her being unable to attend at the last minute, collected-sports-bra stepped up and made sure she got a personal greeting from our very own Phil Nightingale and Jennifer Tan. So lovely! 

4) Seriously you guys check out this zombie. This is a terrifying zombie. Zombie: you are zombie-ing correctly. 

5) Check out all these awesome photos of the goodies (and videos!) our Runners Five collected! 

6) Oh my god people brought us presents and they were absolutely amazing. Just look at this stuff. 

Yes that is a hand-crafted Zombies, Run! logo. Yes it is basically the best thing ever. 

No wait, look! It’s tiny adorable Phil and Zoe and Zombie Runner Five! 

Oh. My. God. Yes.

It’s official. Zombies, Run! has the best fans in the world ever, ever, ever. Thanks for making our evening extra special, and for being so dedicated, creative and passionate. Stay Safe Out There!