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Oh Kal! What a trip you've taken us on! I thought that final chapter was wonderful but the epilogue... Goodness you're so so good!! Your College AU has a special place in my heart as my favorite work of yours, but I honestly think this is your best collection ever. You kept me guessing and wondering the whole time. Very very well done.

Oh, love, you have made my day. I’m hugging you tight across seas and timezones. I had an amazing time taking you guys across this dark place, but hopefully I delivered some light in the end… Thank YOU!

P.S. - I would love some Exes AU @takemeawaytocamelot. Just saying…;)

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oH NO i was gonna send this on anon as some random love but you don't have anon enabled but I JUST WANTED TO SAY SU is honestly my favorite & i am !!!! just so thankful to have this blog in my life & even tho we've never interacted (bc how lmao) i adore seeing your posts & reading your threads & i love your writing & i love how much insight you put into your muses & just thanks for existing, i feel truly blessed to be able follow you read your stuff & i hope you're having a good day today <3

oH SHOOT I DIDN’T REALISE MY ANON WAS OFF, thanks for telling me omg. It’s on now, just in case peeps want to send anonymous messages ooPS, but ???? thank you so much?? I’m just, i’m a bit emotional, you’re so sweet omg. This literally made my entire night, i’m just grinning so hard right now

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Ponytail Jade in your Heelies comic was so cute oh my god. My depression is cured. My crops are growing. Thank you Sunny

Anon: Your comic just totally made my day. Headcanon accepted, Dave wears heelies.
Anon: i love ur art… and i loove jaade… very good work iki 

hahaa thanks a lot! <3

Liam Payne appears to reach out to former bandmate Zayn Malik with sweet tweet
The One Direction singer has wished his former bandmate all the best
By Alistair McGeorge

The One Direction singer has wished his former bandmate all the best

Liam Payne has wished Zayn Malik all the best on his birthday - and One Direction fans are overjoyed.

The remaining members of 1D haven’t appeared to stay good terms with Zayn - who turned 24 on Thursday - after he quit in 2015, but now their relationship looks to be on the mend after this lovely tweet from his former bandmate.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday evening, Liam sent Directioners into a frenzy as he wrote: “@zaynmalik Happy birthday bro! Hope all is well and you have a good day celebrating it (sic)”

Not surprisingly, fans immediately responded with a wave of love for the gesture, with many hinting they were crying tears of joy.

“OH MY GOD YALL (sic),” wrote one, as another added: “This just made my day.”

It comes after reports Zayn was still actively supporting fellow ex-1D star Louis Tomlinson through his mum’s death late last year .

No doubt reassuring One Direction fans, an inside source close to the star said: “Zayn has been in touch with Louis privately, and will continue to offer his support that way”.

Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam regrouped at Wembley Arena for 24 year-old Louis’ emotionally-charged solo performance, which was dedicated to his late mum.

Hours before the X Factor semi-final was broadcast, Zayn ended a long-standing feud with Louis via a public Twitter message which read: “@Louis_Tomlinson love you bro! All of your family is in my prayers. proud of your strength and know your mum is too x”.

It was the first public correspondence between the young men since they famously engaged in a spat when news of Malik’s emerging solo career first surface.

Hello everyone! This year is just about to end (finally), I met a lot of new people and I definitely made some good friends. I really appreciate it if you talk to me, or just follow me really. Y’all make my dash and day so much better. The year definitely had its ups (la undecima, cris’ 4th bdo, etc. etc. etc.) but it also had its downs, which are personal to me, but like I said, you guys literally make my days better. Thanks again to my lovely mutuals as well as followers!!! I hope you guys had a happy holiday regardless of what you believe in, and that the new year is the best year ever!! 

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I'm pretty new to the ME fandom. Absolutely love your Tumblr though! It's a great place to start! I'm a HUGE fan of f!Shenko. Do you have any suggestions(posts/other users)? (Please and thank you!!) :)

Howdy hello! ^_^ Oh my gosh THANK YOU! You made my day!

Well, no matter what I do, I’m going to forget some insanely good blogs because I have the brain of a fish, but off the top of my head these are the people I can think of that have awesome f!Shenko blogs and which focus on general content, fanfiction, or fanart!

If you’re a massive fan of fShenko then I’m going to highly recommend you follow @tlcinbflo who writes the most AMAZING fanfiction, as well as @hawkeykirsah, @citadelsushi, @keliandrada, @barbex, @soldiermom1973, @miss-aligned. There are so many more though. 

These people have amazing f!shenko focused blogs. Some of them do incredible fanart, some write, and some just share amazing content. All are insanely good. @nerdyskirt, @leanarutherford@comeheremybabypenguin​, @you-mass-effect-my-dragon-age​, @thekeekster​, @dahliadrawthings, @crappy-art-blog, @chmuhlbeier, @slothssassin, @mssticha … and so many more too.

I just know I’ve forgotten amazing f!shenko focused writers, artists and bloggers -  I’m so forgetful! Please feel free to reblog this if I’ve been forgetful and have left you off.

I hope this helps!

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Can I have scenario where Oikawa is jokingly teasing Iwaizumi for being single but it turn out that Iwaizumi's girlfriend is there to visit the practice and she's actually Oikawa older sister who attend university at Tokyo (and whom Oikawa adore and protective of)?

Wow. This piece of shit is finally back. How long has it been since I last wrote??

This one seems like fun, but I can already tell it’s going to take me a long time to write since I’m watching NCIS as I type. Oh well, I’ll still make it as good as I can.

I feel like my writing got weirdly formal near the end because I just got of my English course. Oh well.


~~Admin Keiji


It was just another day at Aoba Johsai—Tooru was being hit on by a bunch of girls, and Hajime was hitting on Tooru…literally. Tooru made a jab at how it was so sad that Iwa was still a single, lonely person, so Hajime hit him.

“You’re single, Shittykawa,” he pointed out, hoping to end the conversation, but it just spurred on a look of fake sympathy.

“Oh, poor Iwa-chan. I choose to be single, whereas you are stuck with your own lonely self. How sad.” Hajime could tell his best friend the truth, about how he wasn’t actually single, about how he’s actually been in a relationship for the past four months, but you two found it best to keep it on the down-low, considering you were dating Tooru’s sister and he was very, very protective over her. Like, super protective. Once he even shoved dirt down the shirt of some kid who was bullying her (then that kid punched him, so Hajime had to swoop in and be the hero).

Hajime and Tooru made their way to the locker room where Tooru kept baiting Hajime and Hajime kept yelling at Tooru. Eventually, they got changed and went out to the gymnasium where there was a ruckus going on.

The two boys saw their team circled around a mystery person chatting and laughing. Iwaizumi was having a hard time figuring out who could possibly be interrupting their practice until he heard Tooru yell, “Nee-chan!” as he ran over and pounced in the middle, crashing you in a hug.

Hajime shook off his surprise and walked on over, flashing you a smile but keeping a safe distance. It took everything in both of your willpowers to not greet the other with a kiss—that would be for later when Tooru wasn’t around. But for now, you just patted your darling little brother on the head and told everyone to get to practice.

About a half hour into the practice, you asked where you could find a restroom. Tooru began explain the directions but you just sighed in fake exasperation, “That’s too complicated, Tooru. Hajime, would you be a doll and escort me?”

Your boyfriend turned to where you were standing and let out a grunt of affirmation, trying not to look too pleased at the prospect.

Once you were sure you were clear of the gym, you allowed Hajime to pull you into a space where two walls meet to form a weird corner. You missed kissing him; he was kind of rough, but sweet at the same time as your lips moved in tandem. You knew you two didn’t have too much time before someone came looking for you, so you tried to get all the love you could.

Unfortunately, you weren’t able to get as much as you wanted. When you heard the gasp, your body froze and you slowly turned to the noise, eyes wide in fear. Standing there was Tooru, your purse dangling from his hand—he was probably there to bring it to you in case you needed any lady products.

Before you were able to get any sort of explanation out, Tooru dropped the bag and grabbed a fistful of Hajime’s shirt and shoved him against the wall, “What do you think you’re doing to my sister?”

From his choice of words (“doing to,” not “doing with”), you could tell Tooru thought Hajime forced himself on you, so you were quick to diffuse the situation before fist flew from either side of the tiff.

Tears threatening to form in your eyes, you explained your secret to your brother. You explained how, and why, you’ve kept it a secret, gesturing to the hand still in Hajime’s shirt—though, it was lax now. Lastly, you explained that you really liked Hajime and that you wish that Tooru can accept your relationship.

He was silent through the whole thing. After you finished speaking, Tooru opened his mouth in preparation to say something, but closed it again unable to find the words.

Eventually he spoke, “Okay.”

“Okay?” Hajime asks, first thing he’s said since Tooru saw them.

“Okay. I’m mad at you, though,” he continued, “Why didn’t you say anything. If I had to choose anyone to date you, I guess Iwa-chan isn’t a bad choice.”

“Shut up, Trashykawa,” Hajime said in response, but he couldn’t hide his fond, yet relieved, smile from you.

Victor trying to surprise Yuuri on Valentine's Day
  • Victor: I made this cake for you, Yuuri!
  • Yuuri: Oh my god you're so sweet to me!
  • Victor: I got you twenty bouquets of flower that were inexplicably expensive but nonetheless beautiful for you!
  • Yuuri: Uh, Victor I think that's enough for no—
  • Victor: I bought this $1200 lingerie for me to wear just for you so you could f*ck me in the a*s and touch my d*ck so good to make me c*m and **** ** ******.
  • Yuuri, who already has his clothes off: Victor, that's the best present you've ever given me!
so this drunk girl comes up to me at work and.....
  • drunk girl: can i ask you something?
  • me: sure go ahead
  • dg: if i were you i would totally take this as a compliment but i just wanna know how old are you? because you dont look a day over 18
  • me: i'm 19 actually
  • dg: oh ok! i was wondering because you look amazing! i've been looking at you all night you just look so great and wonderful!
  • me: aww thank you!
  • dg: ok now it's my turn. how old do i look?
  • me: 21 or 22 maybe
  • dg: oh my god you just made my night. you wanna know why? i turn 25 next week. you're amazing. i could just hug you can i hug you?
  • me: sure!
  • *we hug*
  • dg: ok well have a good night! happy..........happy you!
  • me: happy you too!

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i'm feeling extremely sad about miranda... just... the pained look on flint's face when silver and madi kissed reminded me of her. because in that moment it just felt like he had no one and that made me miss her so much. she was always there for him. she was such a symbol of hope and now we only have her broken cups and our broken hearts. god i miss miranda. (sorry for vomiting this into your ask, but i don't want to suffer alone)

(this only got slightly long but I’m just putting it under a read more to hide my tears :’’) fjksdlfjlkdsjfkldsf)

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Battle net account is i5eraZi#1644 if anyone wants to play together. I suk sometimes tho. I’m not that bad, just not great. 

On a unrelated note: So I follow a fair amount of Korean artists (2 Japanese) on twitter that my home is mostly fill with the language that I don’t understand a thing about (80% of stuff I see are in Korean 0.0) reason y because the art man, oh my it’s totally what I want to achieve, the art makes me fangirl. (장 곰 Guri_Gom’s art especially, checking her/his media post almost every single day just to get some reference and inspiration. Guri-senpai (ノ_.)ノis very much a big pharmercy fan and a good pharah player from what I can tell (I try to translate some of her texts but it made no sense so I just look at her media post now). There’s a bunch of overwatch fanart there if u look deep enough and some comics so check it out (can’t read it tho T.T). 

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Imagine yurio attempting to practice one of his programs with his hair down (young viktor nikiforov style) but then proceeding to get super angry at it and stopping part way through the program just to put his hair up into a messy bun

WAHHHHHHHHHHH, OH MY GOODNESS, CUTEST HEADCANON EVER????? Tbh, this isn’t even a headcanon this is just… straight up freaking canon right here… :3c


TYSM for sharing yeeeee, this so made my day!!!! ;///7///; <33333333333

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oh my goodness!! i just found your blog and I AM IN LOVE!!!! It just totally made my day soooo much better! <3

Reading your message made my day soooo much better!  Thanks for the kind words.  Glad you like my blog!

The Long Way Around - Chapter 1 - ArchangelUnmei - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]

I blame you.

More specifically, I blame that post you made a few days ago joking about Viktor racing in Piffle. OTL

(FYI, no TRC spoilers in this fic, but DO NOT go read any of my other TRC fics, some of them are very spoileriffic.)



You are incredible for writing this and even more so for not using any spoilers in it. I’m so touched. 

Here is the Summary in case anyone was curious:

Yuuri Katsuki doesn’t remember anything except his name. His memories have been taken and scattered, and now he’s on a journey across worlds with two complete strangers and a talking dog to recover them. Of course, his companions - temperamental sorcerer Yuri Plisetsky and careless prince Viktor Nikiforov - each have their own reasons for joining his quest, but maybe along the way they’ll all find what they’re looking for.

I won’t go into detail just in case anyone wants to go and read this right away, but I adore the connections in characterisation you make between different characters, especially in the way you translate some of the Tsubasa details to better fit the Yuri On Ice cast. 

And that last line was amazing. 

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I'm the anon you took the screenshot to answer with most recently. Thank you Mod Oliver for blurring it out even though I'm on anon (I do appreciate it genuinely) and I'm sorry if I made anyone uncomfortable. Im sorry I keep sending these you guys just keep on making my day better oh my goodness

//You’re welcome man I thought it seemed a bit too personal to just post but we still wanted you to know we saw it Also no worries man you didn’t make any of us uncomfortable (Also just ollie is fine) -ollie 

@pedanticsoothsayer commissioned @saph-y for this ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC piece of my Revan, Alderys Lytan and Bastila being DISGUSTINGLY CUTE and oh my goodness I’ve been screaming all day this is my new lock screen and I can’t handle how cute and perfect this is thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

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💚🍦 🍰 👡 🎀 🍉

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Thinking I’m pretty oh man thanks that just made my day. <3  Also, I like to talk to people online!  I may not always have much to say but I won’t brush you off.  Also, fyi, coming to my art streams and chatting is a very good way of breaking the ice, for me at least. :)

Our Whole Life Is A Prank: Jack Barakat

Okay so this might sound weird, but could you do an imagine in which y/n is Alex’s sister, and he’s been really overprotective and annoying lately, so y/n and Jack decide to make him think they’re together when they’re really just friends? But things kind of spiral and they realize they actually like each other? Lol I hope this makes sense! Either way, you’re such good writers that it’ll be beautiful regardless ☺️


You and Jack sat on the side of your daughters bed. She said she wasn’t tired yet, so the three of you were just talking.

“We pulled a prank on my brother, your Uncle Alex time time. We made him think we were together.”

“Oh my God.” Jack whispered. “Our whole life’s been a prank!”


Day 1:

You and Jack sat in the lounge of the tour bus playing video games.

Alex, your older brother walked in and sat between the two of you. You and Jack had been sitting pretty close, so he really just sat in both if you.

“Alex, what the fuck?” You threw your hands up, as he had caused you to lose, and Jack to win.

“You were sitting too close. Go put some clothes on!”

You looked down at yourself. You were still in your pajamas: just your underwear and a long shirt.
You rolled your eyes, but left anyways. After changing into leggings and a baggy sweatshirt you had stolen from him years ago. You returned to find only Alex.

“What was that all about, Lex?” You asked. “We were just playing video games.”

“Yeah, but you know Jack, he’s a little…”


“Yeah. Plus, you’re my baby sister.”

“Lex. Two years. Only two years.”

“Hey. Seven hundred and thirty days.”

“You’re only trying to make it seem longer.”

“You are correct.”

Jack appeared in the doorway. “Hey, Y/N? Can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Sure.” You stick out your tongue at Alex, who rolled his eyes and walked out. “LOVE YOU!” You called after him.

“I KNOW!” He shouted back.

“Yes, Jack?” You asked, sitting down.

“I heard what Alex said to you.”


“Wanna piss him off?”

“More than anything I’ve ever wanted ever.” You spoke slowly.

“Fake date?”

“Fake date.” You grinned.


You watched Alex out of the corner of your eye as Jack put his arm around your waist as you and the guys walked to a nearby coffee place. You leaned into him, hoping to get a reaction, but Alex did nothing. He looked pissed, yeah. But he didn’t say anything. Still watching your brother, you grabbed Jack’s hand and kissed his cheek. Alex groaned loudly and stepped between you two.

“Enough, no. No more of… what ever this is.” He gestured to you and Jack. “FUCK!”

You and Jack both cracked up, almost falling over from laughing so hard. Still laughing, the two of you fist bumped.

“What’s happening?” You heard Zach whisper to Rian.

“What?” Alex asked, his voice strained. “Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing. Nothing.” You waved your hand in dismissal, still laighing slightly. Then you turned to Jack and whispered, “What’s next?”

Day 2:

You pulled Jack into your bunk and straddled him. You felt your cheeks warm up as you realized how you were sititng on him, in a VERY SEXUAL WAY. ‘Its just Jack’ you told yourself. You messed up his hair, then your own. Then you smacked your hand on the wall.

“What the…” You heard Alex walk to the bunk area. Waiting until he was right outside your bunk, Jack let out a loud moan.

Alex flipped out. “NO. NO. GOD DAMN IT, FUCK!”

You suppressed a laugh and looked down at Jack who was grinning massively.

“Jack!” You moaned. That’s when Alex pulled the curtain open and pulled you out. You were laughing so hard you couldn’t breathe. When he set you down, you collapsed on the floor. You heard Jack cackling in your bunk.

“Why are you laughing?” Alex cried exasperated.

“You…..you…..” You tried to explain but ended in a another fit of laughter.

“This was a joke. Wasn’t it?” Alex asked. Zach and Rian looked up grinning. You guessed Jack had told them before hand, or just weren’t dumb enough to actually believe it.

Probably both.

“YEP!” Jack shouted triumphantly.

“You guys are the worst.” Alex muttered, turning and walking off.

“That was awesome.” Rian high fived the both if you.


It had been a few weeks since you and Jack messed with Alex.

You stood back stage, watching your best friends and brither perform their last song. You found yourself staring at Jack quite a few times. How he ran around the stage, how happy he was, his smile…

You shook your head. ‘Its just Jack, you’ve known him forever.’ You thought to yourself, turning to watch the others, not just Jack. You couldn’t start liking him now, he’s your brothers best friend! Alex would flip, you knew that much based on what happened when you and Jack had pretended to be together.

You shook your head. You didn’t like Jack. You sighed and sat down against one of the huge speakers.

You remembered the butterflies you felt when you and Jack were in your bunk, how he made you feel…

Just utterly happy.

You put your head in your hands. 'Just forget it. This is Jack. You don’t like him, you just think you do.’

You stood up and took a deep breath. 'Forget it.’

The guys finally finished their set and ran off stage. Alex hugged you tight.

“Aw, Lex!” You scrunched up your nose. “You need a shower!”

Before you could stop them, Jack, Rian and Zach all hugged you, despite the sweat.

“Ew!” You said, laughing. You felt Zach kiss you on the cheek, a friendly gesture he’d always done.

You heard the boys run off, but someone was still hugging you.

You opened your eyes to dind that Jack was still there with a silly grin plastered on his face.

“Uh, Jack?” You raised your eyebrows. “You can let go now.”


“Jack.” You said again, cheeks flaming from how close he was.


“You’re still hugging me.”

“You love it.“He said, standing back up.

"Sure.” You nodded sarcastically.

“You did.” He said slowly.

“Excuse me?”

“Can you even feel how fast your your is beating right now?” He laughed. “I’m pretty sure the others noticed it when they hugged you, too.”

“It’s not beating fast.” You rolled your eyes and turned away.

“Really? So if I were to kiss you, nothing would happen?”

“If you were to what-” Jack cut you off by pressing his lips to your. That little shit. You placed your hands on his shoulders and stood up in the tips of your toes and kissed him back.

“I told you.” Jack said as he pulled back, smirking.

That cheeky little shit.


“And that is how your father forced me to love him.” You concluded. Your daughter stared at you.

“What!? Wow.” Jack rolled his eyes.

“I’m kidding, I love you!” 


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