oh my goodness moment

My joints as I stand up after having been sitting for awhile:

Oh, man, I…

…and then, he says courage.

He… looks so sad.

Here’s the thing - Aizen’s immortal, isn’t he?

Aizen’s life is, forever, a life free from fear of death.

And if it is, as Aizen says, only through this fear of death that we humble people attain hope, and march on with courage - then -

Well. That’s pretty good reason to be sad, I figure.

Aizen Sōsuke will never know this courage he speaks of, will he?

Aizen Sōsuke will never know this hope he speaks of, will he?



Holy Tacos

NYC 170425

Oh. My. Goodness. Why am I always so late when the most important things happen? CHAN AND BAEK WENT ON A “DATE” BUT IM ONLY FINDING OUT NOW? I AM A FAILURE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ish cute doe. Real cute

Yeah yeah I know, ya’ll gunna be like “Yo Admin, u is late, we’ve seen this already get with the program” Well, I like to put my insight


Ooooh shopping bags :3 can’t resist the USA fashion

I love when they shop together. Like I know friends shop together all the time, but I just think it’s so cute. Like how they went shopping in Barcelona, and Chanyeol was being a helpful boyfriend and holding up clothes. Just imagine them smiling and saying what outfit looks good on the other

Starbucks couple XD 

I’m actually dying. They look like such a couple with their almost exact looking outfits and how Baekhyun looks like such a puppy next to Chnayeol~ Oh height difference will never stop amusing me

Getting starbucks together, like america is all about that Mcdonald and Starbucks

Just imagine the barista looking at them like she saw a reincarnation of the sun or something. Wow, I would want to work there


I would die to just see them walking side by side like that just having fun and enjoying themselves (AND LOOKING SO PERFECT TOGETHER)


*Boop* boop* I’m just “accidentally” knocking into you five times, don’t mind me.


Dang I was feeling kinda upset today but these guys always show up at the right time ^^


aesthetic: plankton and karen at the end of the best day ever

I will never be over this gif!!! I mean can we just take a moment!!! Sirius looks so happy like oh my goodness it’s my boyfriend!! just look at him!! he’s right here!! seriously I just hugged him!! it’s been 12 years and now he’s right in front of me!! he’s real!! look I’m touching him and everything!! and Remus is just really relieved and like Sirius it’s Sirius it’s really Sirius and I’m pretty sure he’s not a murderer even though I have no supporting evidence but there’s absolutely no way my Sirius can be guilty I’m 100% sure about it I need to hug him now and just wow!!! this reunion!!! it’s the best!!! perfect couple right here!!! I love these two gays!!!

“Here, Lets share the blanket”

Adrienette one shot based off of these fluff starters

Rating: F(fluff)

Summary: the squad was chilling at Mari’s place but when Nino & Alya fell asleep they took two of the blankets… which meant Adrien and Marinette had to share;) (no nsfw/smut)

Author’s notes: hi! so this is technically my first fic so its not all that great but hopefully someone likes it. i plan on writing more in the future and hopefully i will improve. Enjoy


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The camera trailed behind Alex and Marco as they entered your apartment building. Alex turned to Marco excitedly. “Hey Marco, do you think she’ll be happy to see me?” Marco was about to reply when Alex cut him off. “Don’t worry, I already know she will. Oh! What do you think she’ll say about my movie with Spielberg?”

The pair walked into the awaiting elevator and pressed the button for the 12th floor, Marco being forced to listen to his friends animated one-sided conversation he was having. Once they reached the 12th floor Alex was eagerly heading down the corridor towards your penthouse apartment that you stayed in during filming. He knocked on the door and waited for you to answer only to wait for a few moments and knock again. The group outside your door heard you reply. “I’m coming! Just a moment.” 

You opened the door, only to see it was Alex and you immediately shut it again. Alex turned to the camera confused and let out a sigh. “Y/N! Open the door!”

A loud “No!” was heard from behind the door.

“Come on, just let us in.” Alex said, the camera capturing Marco scrolling through his phone bored out of his mind. 

“Why? Why are you even here?” You asked.

Exasperatedly Marco called out. “You agreed on Tuesday that we could come over for pre-drinks at your’s before we head out.” 

“Did you forget Y/N?” Alex asked laughing. He turned to the camera and mouthed ‘she forgot’ before turning back to the door still laughing.

“So what if I forgot?” A groan was heard from you and you finally opened the door. “Fine. Come in. No camera though.” 

Alex gave a baffled look between you and the camera. “The camera goes everywhere. Don’t worry though. I’ll make sure they capture all your best angles.” He beamed at you and looped his arm around your waist before directing you to the table where Marco had set up the beers. As he led you away he turned back to the camera and sent a wink it’s way.

The three of you were at the club and Alex was flirting with some girls while you went to get drinks. The camera approached you and you quickly turned away from the lens. “No, no stop. No camera’s please.” 

The scene then went to Alex who was staring at you from across the pub. “How gorgeous is she.” He was staring at you with a loving look in his eyes. He resembled a puppy, his eyes were so wide. “We would make a really beautiful couple you know, because she is super hot and so am I, so. It’s a match made in heaven, right?” He said, laughing to the camera. “Oh! Or should I say ‘a match made in Valhalla’ eh?” 

“She is pretty great.” Marco replied. Alex let out a loud groan and dropped his head on the table. 

“But she doesn’t even like me. What am I supposed to do? I’ve done it all. I even walked past her in nothing but my underwear and nothing!”

“Well you could try getting up ‘cause she’s heading over.” Marco said nudging for Alex to sit up. You had 3 beers in your hands and you stopped short at seeing the cameraman sitting in the booth with the guys. 

“Uh, Alex?” You said, looking over at the cameraman and then back to him. It took him a moment but once he got the hint he immediately jumped up and offered you his seat instead. That way you didn’t have to have a camera pointing in your face. “Thanks.”

“Anything for you Y/N.” He replied beaming at you. The camera caught you looking at him oddly, not sure why he was acting so differently tonight. You became aware of the camera pointing in your direction and you ducked your head quickly.

“She’s a bit shy.” Alex said to the camera.

You, Alex and Marco were dancing on the dance floor and chatting to one another when the camera zoomed in on Alex hugging you from behind. He placed a kiss on the back of your head, taking a small sniff of your hair and turned to the camera, giving it a lovesick face. He mouthed to it ‘Wow, Oh my god! She smells so good!’

You turned around a few moments later and Alex dragged you and Marco further onto the floor and began trying to get you both to dab alongside him. You and Marco shook your heads in disagreement but Alex wouldn’t give up, walking up to and moving your arms into position. He sent another wink to the camera and began to try and dance with you. Reluctantly you danced along with him as he tried to jig in the pub. He kept dancing ridiculously trying to make you laugh and when he succeeded he cheered dramatically in the camera frame and flexed his muscles at you who was standing awkwardly in the background rolling your eyes.

You and Alex sat on his couch as you chatted about his movie audition and it’s conflicting schedule with his best friend’s wedding. He had called you over because he knew you were great at giving advice.  Earlier he had told the camera ‘I called over Y/N because she’ll know what to do. She’s like my guru. Like a super hot, super smart guru with really great smelling hair… anyway, she’s coming over now.’

The camera kept zooming in on your face as you talked and it captured a lot of side glares and eyes being rolled at them. Alex on the other hand was staring intently at you, nodding at everything you said and only speaking rarely. Your bodies were pressed shoulder to shoulder as you sat and Alex was playing with your hands and intertwining them as you leaned on his shoulder. He made eye contact with the camera and smiled at it every now and then, but his attention was still focused on you. He was in love, that was obvious. It was also clear that you felt the same way for him and it showed through your body language and your actions when you were around him. 

He turned his head towards you and subtly tried to shoo the camera away as he pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear. The camera crew backed away into the hallway but they still had a clear view of the pair on the couch. However, neither you or Alex noticed as you were both lost in each other. He leaned in and pressed his lips against yours softly, smiling into the kiss as you reciprocated his actions. You brought your hand up to the back of his neck and let the other one grip onto his hair as the kiss became more intense. Alex’s hands rested on your hips and he began to grapple in an attempt to try and climb over you, but you quickly broke away from the kiss. 

“Uh, Alex?” You questioned quietly, your lips red and swollen, pupils blown wide. To Alex you looked like a goddess and he wanted to kiss you senseless but he stopped and listened to what you had to say.

“What? What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? Do you not feel the same way?” He rushed out, his words barely comprehendible.

“No no no! I like you, I just don’t like the idea that there’s a camera crew here, that’s all.” You replied, sitting upright a bit more. The broad-chested man stood up and walked over to the crew and had a few words with them before they left. He didn’t miss the opportunity to give them a victory dance and a thumbs up before they left though. He then headed back to where you sat on the couch and reconnected his lips to yours with a huge smile.

Alex stood outside in Central Dublin as the camera crew followed him around. He was divulging his feelings about you, the movie and the wedding to the camera. “Ah, you know, it’s just difficult because there are all these things that are important to me and I can’t just choose one. But I have to. If I go to Kaspar’s wedding then I miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime and if I go to the audition then I risk destroying our friendship over something that might not even work out. The only good thing that’s come out of this is that I finally got Y/N to agree to be my girlfriend! I’ve been pining after her for so long and she finally said yes! Can you believe it? I mean, of course, who wouldn’t want to date me? But, yeah, I’m really happy. I just have to make a really important decision now. But at least I’ll have Y/N to come back to no matter what happens.” 

AH OMG IT’S DONE! This was obviously based of the mockumentary and it was actually really hard to write. The perspectives of what was being seen through the camera and what was actually happening was difficult and i’m still not super happy with it. Anyway, enjoy!

Based off this request - HAHAHAHAHA( evil laugh) thank you! I only wish to see 2 things on the mockumentary: Alex acting like a love sick sick,and YN dodging him and Marco every time the camera is in (it’s a “mockumentary”)

mizpahes  asked:

top 6 'remember when harry..." moments (good luck with this one)

Oh my God, you’re evil, ok… this is gonna be the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, Jesus… ok, here we go:

1. Remember when Harry almost stopped Liam from having children? (He didn’t manage it, fortunately, cause now we have baby payno)

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2. Remember when Harry almost flashed us his ding a ling, thanks to Liam Payne? 

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3. Remember when Harry twerked on live television and made a fool of himself in fron of his besties?

4. Remember when he was a cheeky little shit and wasn’t up for answering any more questions about Zayn?

5. Remember when he was a cheeky little shit when asked who was Olivia?

6. Remember when he DID THIS:

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ephemereon  asked:

Hello ! For the micro story : 21. Collapse ? :)

Prompt #21 - Collapse (Pavellan, approx 400 words <3)

“You know, I don’t think this is how it usually goes. Usually I’m the one in bed at midday.”

The voice was familiar and Dorian stirred as it trickled through his foggy consciousness. Brow flickering between a frown and a cringe of pain, he opened his eyes, blinking rapidly against the sudden assault of sunlight. Now who had the audacity to put that there?

Groaning, Dorian made to sit up but found a hand was pressed against his chest, halting his movement like a guard at a crossing. He glanced down at it groggily, then followed the length of the arm until it ended at the pleasing form of Varlen. His amatus smiled, but it was closed-lipped and tense with worry, the way one smiles when attempting to bring light to a dark situation. It prompted a most suitable reaction from Dorian.

He rolled his eyes.

“Come now, I am not dead, you know. At least, the ache in my head would suggest otherwise.” It was true. Along with his new-found sensitivity to light, it felt like there were a hundred dwarves with tiny hammers banging away on the inside of his skull. 

“What happened?” Varlen asked, refusing to let go of his concern despite humble reassurance. It was endearing, if Dorian were to be honest. “Last I heard, you were experimenting. Something to do with Skyhold’s defenses. Then I find out you’re in here. Out cold.”

“Yes, well…” Dorian cleared his throat and selected a pane of glass on the nearby window to suddenly find fascinating. “I perhaps… overextended myself. Just a bit.”

“A bit?” Varlen repeated incredulously, reaching out to take Dorian’s chin and turn him back to face him. Dorian breathed a sigh out his nose and sheepishly allowed it. The look on Varlen’s face was almost hurt as he continued. “Vhenan, you collapsed. What if you’d hit your head? Or broken something? What if you had been standing on that damn balcony like you normally do and–”

All right,” Dorian interjected gently, reaching up to extract Varlen’s hand from his chin and fold it in his own. “All right. Admonishment received, amatus. I will take more care in future. On this matter, you have my word.”

“Oh. Well… good.”

They sat in silence for a moment, holding hands, pointedly avoiding each others’ gaze. Then, like a pair of children who had just realised the foolishness of their spat, they lifted their eyes and found one another again. Something passed between them in that moment. A dual apology; one for carelessness, and one for caring too much. Dorian did not believe the latter was necessary, but he accepted it nonetheless. Through their linked hands, he felt Varlen relax slightly.

“Just so you know, I’m putting mattresses down next time.”

Dorian raised his eyebrows at that. “Oh? Where, exactly?”

Varlen’s face split into a mischievous grin. “Wherever you are, obviously! Good luck explaining that to your colleagues.”

“Oh, I imagine the matter would be rather simple.” Laughing, Dorian lifted their entwined hands and pressed Varlen’s fingers to his lips, smiling against them as they shared a playful stare. “I would simply point them to the elven man napping on one of them.”

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Is there going to be a swapfell version of the DT!Bros???

Great, now you doomed us all!

Right, so the DT.FellSwap Skelebros.

They are as if not crazier than the reguelar DT.Fell bros. And those guys would tear your soul slowly piece by piece, with you still conscious! Just for fun.

They are the ones with the most damage, mentally and physically. If you encounter them…there is not much you can do. This two kill, no remorse.

They still, want to recover their world tho.

The DT.FellSwap Skelebros belong to me. 

Awkward First Date

My nostrils flicker like blue dragon smoke.
I tap my shoe on apocalypse stone,
Prod gooey wonton in dull, brackish soak,
While second hand pulses backwards, alone.

He spews gunk from printer throwing up ink.
Then, slurps fizz pop like a sharksucker cleaves.
And, Oh my! Dear Goodness! Was that a wink?
I’m counting down moments in my tea leaves.

I yank on my scarf; this red signal noose.
Cha-ching of cash bin, we’re nearly complete.
Haunting this soy sauce, I beg to be loose.
Dodge under more plans with, “that could be neat.”

But, do I want he who thrives on first dates?
“Wait, are you free this Saturday at eight?”

why-am-i-pluto  asked:

Top 6 moments from the BatB press tour/premieres

oh my goodness….press tour stuff always KILLS ME

1. Josh Gah and Luke Evans singing “Be Our Guest” before the LA premiere, AN ICONIC MOMENT

2. all of the cast selfies!!

3. this fandango interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uRBCqzU98A

4. when dan!! carried some of emma’s dress because it was dragging!


6. this video of the cast doing the buzzfeed princess quiz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clupWNtyksE

Pera goes right over to you, he’s like, “Xion… Xion!” And he just gently touches your lips and lets out the smallest little flame, the smallest one he can, and it rolls down your throat and you wake up, coughing. And he just throws his arms around you. 

I’m currently in the process of listening and getting up-to-date on Godsfall (I’m in the midst of The Union arc of season two at the moment) and oh my goodness I am in love with this podcast and super excited to seek out other fans I can talk to once I’m all caught up. If you’re at all into immersive D&D podcasts with amazing worldbuilding and attention to detail and LGBT representation in both its players and characters, definitely check it out, you’ll love it. 

Xion and Pera are the absolute heart of the show for me right now, followed closely by Torrvic and his piglet companion Oinkers, and Dorro and his unbridled enthusiasm for turtles, teleportation, and life in general. There are a lot of moments I want to eventually draw (pssst, this show needs a ton more fanart!) but I needed to start off with this tender moment with our adorable adventure couple and Pera’s healing flame.