oh my goodness gracious hold me

Hey guys,
Just a little bit of a blessing. Or can I just tell you what to go do? Just go be awesome everywhere you go. Just go be awesome!
 Love God. Love people. Don’t judge anybody. Just Reflect the Father heart of God, reflect who he is. 
And maybe your out there tonight and you are holding on to your seat going ‘I’m not going forward’ and all the sudden something happened to you in these last 45 minutes. I know there’s somebody here i feel it; I know it in my spirit gut and your going ‘oh my goodness it’s true, he really loves Me, I have a future, I have a destiny!!’ you don’t have to walk down here you just say I believe. I believe!

May the lord bless Oklahoma may the lord bless you and keep you. May the lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you the lord lift his accountants upon you. Give you peace. 
Let’s finish well. We can finish well. We got one shot at this. Can you believe we get picked that he calls us children of God. That blows my mind.

So you know what your supposed to do. You are suppose to go be Jesus to everybody. Just go be awesome.
And I bless you with an abundance of favor all the days of your life. 
And I pray for an revival for not only this city and but for this state and for America.

I think it’s time to stop saying God Bless America. I think it’s time to do hey America it’s time to bless God as a nation.

Hang with comrades, hang with friends stay in the course stay on the path and I’m going to see you on the other side If I don’t see you again and I’m sure I’m coming back at some point.

My prayer tonight is that God will fan the flames.
Some of us have a little flicker. I don’t want to be a flicker I want this thing inside of me to burn! Just a big Bonfire and everywhere I go people, they just go dude what is up with you? Woah!
It’s Jesus.
So fan the flames till the whole world sees us burn you are the fire!

—  Michael W. Smith
Franklin Graham Crusade, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 8/22/15

evilwithaheart  asked:

73, 122, 128, 131,135, & 149. 😊

Ahhhh hi!! Thanks for asking!!! Hope you’re doing well!!

73. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

In a way? They’re all over my bed, but I don’t hold them or anything while I sleep anymore lmao.

122. Is cheating ever okay?

Lmao no, of course not. Unless like idk it’s life or death or something idk ???

128. Would you change your name?

Hmm probably not. I’m okay with my name lol.

131. Your bestfriend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?

Oh goodness gracious ummmm I’d probably have to like either pretend I didn’t know they liked me until their feelings went away or like make it obvious that I wasn’t interested when the time came. Tricky tricky oml.

135. Dumbest lie you ever told?

A long time ago at the start of my BB journey I told some friends that my bias was GD even though it was clearly someone else coughDaecough so that I wouldn’t get crap for it lol.

149. Do you believe in ghosts?

Not really lol. I’m more scared of like burglars, murderers, and the like tbh aha.

Honesty Hour!

My Experiences with the Signs as a Scorpio Rising/ Aquarius Sun/ Pisces Moon

Aries: The good parts about Aries is that they are eternal optimists and constantly want to move forward. They don’t like lingering in the past, unless the have a more emotional moon (especially a water moon). They are the most honest of the signs I’ve run into, which is refreshing for me. They have no trouble confronting problems. I have issues with their need to be the leader and things to go their way. They can throw a lot of temper tantrums which gets on my nerves. A lot of Aries I know tend to also be kind of pretentious. They have a tendency to challenge things that don’t need to be challenged. However, when I go with their flow it’s amazing, when I want to do my own thing or try and say what they’re doing is wrong I can get an earful. Overall, I do love Aries as they only want to have a good time and keep moving forward, something I need having a Pisces Moon. 

Taurus: I love or hate Taurus. There is really no in between. My Grandfathers were both Taurus and so is my brother. Things I respect is their AMAZING Work ethics. They are slow and methodical and they get the job done. They are very emotionally stable, which I respect a lot, but they can be harsh towards more emotional people, such as me. I ran into a taurus who said I was an attention whore because I had a panic attack. I’ve also had a Taurus say I’m very volatile because I act on my emotions rather than reason, and that set me on a path of reevaluating how I go about life. So in a sense, Taurus play a very important role in my life, but it depends on who the person is. 

Gemini: I can’t begin to explain how much I love Gemini’s. They keep me going intellectually and know how to keep my brain entertained. They are witty and I’m the perfect Straight man to their ridiculous humor. This sign also has a very big place in my heart as my first straight best friend is a gemini (I’m a gay man) and he never Judged me for anything I did, unless it was REALLY stupid. We keep each other in check and that’s what I love about him. They are awesome people and I love being around Geminis because our conversations can go on for ages and we don’t get bored. 

Cancer: I don’t know many Cancer Suns, but the ones I do know are super nice and very emotional people. They tend to cry a lot. They love taking care of people and are some of the most thoughtful people I’ve met. Other than that I don’t have much to say. 

Leo: Leo is another one of my favorite signs, surprising right? I took a second and thought of all the Leos I know and I really only had an issue with one and I love the rest. They literally just want to have fun and entertain. That’s their goal. To entertain and make people laugh. They have the biggest hearts and all they want is people to appreciate what they bring to the table and I definitely do. The can be a little egocentric, but I need people to remind me to think of myself every so often because I REALLY don’t.

Virgo: I have some really strong connections with Virgos. I love their detail oriented approach to life with a realistic view. This is in stark contrast to my emotional big picture, but it compliments me. They are super critical only because they are critical of themselves and they hold everyone to the high standard they set for themselves. I like that I can bring the more emotional view to their rational mind, while they can do the opposite for me. One of the biggest motivators in my life is a friend with a Virgo Sun with a Sagittarius Moon and he, with just being himself, always inspires me to be a better person. 

Libra: I love a good Libra. Artistic, Gracious, Funny, AND OH SO EFFING CHARMING. A Libra’s Charm gets me going and my pants are off, literally. Libra’s tend to be really my right hand man when we’re doing something together, or some sort of weird partner in crime. If it’s one thing I hate about a Libra though is their indecisiveness. They just can’t make decisions and it annoys me, especially when the right decision is so easy, however when I’m pissed at them they just charm my pants off and I’m in their good graces again. Probably the sign that can influence me to do anything and that’s scary. 

Scorpio: I’ve met the Good Types of Scorpios and the OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING Scorpios. On the good front, they are just as charming and charismatic as a Libra with a magnetic sexiness that makes me instantly drawn to their gaze. Good Scorpios are so positive and helpful that when I run into a bad scorpio I’m surprised by the stark contrast. They can be manipulative, over emotional, irrational messes that no one can talk to and push everyone they love away. 

Sagittarius: A favorite sign of mine again. They are so easily excitable and spontaneous I love them. I just love Sagittarius. They are perfect human beings and are the best. Is there anymore to say? No. Sagittarius are great. End of Story. If theres one negative its probably their tendency to not care about tact, but I don’t either so….we good. 

Capricorn: Honestly, I love me a funny Capricorn. They have a very dark sense of humor that I can work off of VERY well. They, unlike Taurus, I have an easier time venting my emotions to. They are much more open to helping a person out and hearing other’s problems. They have the best advice for me and I usually follow it. They are great grounding energies for me and I appreciate them a ton. 

Aquarius: When you put me and another Aquarius in a room, you best be ready for some really ridiculous conversations. Sex, murder, taking over the world. Nothing is off limits when there are two Aquarius in the room. I have to say though, we tend to be rather cool on the surface and over everything…that’s true because we just don’t have time to deal with bs. Our unpredictability, however, is rather annoying. We can just do it just to annoy people and I can see that getting old. 

Pisces: I love a Pisces, but at arms length. Where I have a Pisces Moon and Venus, a Pisces Sun can be WAY TOO in the clouds for me. Remember I am an Aquarius Sun. Pisces can be so out there that I can’t get their wishy washy selves to commit to ANYTHING. I can’t get them to see reason. I can’t get them to see what’s clearly happening in front of them. They can be so jaded by their feelings and intuitive selves, they forget to combine that with realism. 

From Favorite to Least (excluding my own sign): 












A little more about my chart. 

ASC In Scorpio DSC in Taurus

Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Aquarius

Moon and Venus in Pisces

Mars in Cancer (Retrograde and Fall….yay)

Jupiter in Libra

Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn

Pluto in Scorpio

MC in Leo

North Node Sagittarius South Node in Gemini. 

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I think he still had a teen-agers body in 2013, he was just a few pounds lighter. But he has a MAN body now, and oh my goodness gracious me, does he ever know how to move it. What I wouldn't give to just hold him for a few minutes.

Ok but I was crying over his 2013 muscles that’s all.

The rest of your message is pure poetry though. Same.