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i saw this on your navi page and got excited so how i met your mother?

Thank you for sending this in! Oh my God, I barely know any HIMYM fans on Tumblr, let alone a mutual of mine?? This is so cool!

Favourite male: Pre-Season 7 Ted. Before he became terrible.
Favourite female: Zoey - I actually really liked her. And Tracy and Robin.
Favourite pairing: Barney and Robin are one of my favourite pairings of all time. I’m still bitter about the finale, and always will be. Also, Ted and Tracy. And of course, the core 5.
Least favourite character: The person that Ted became during/after Season 7 :))
Who’s most like me: Marshall, Robin, and, at times, Ted.
Most attractive: Robin. And the boats lady - I’ve forgotten her name.
Three more characters that I like: Lily, Kevin (was that Kal Penn’s character’s name?), and, at times, Barney. And baby Marvin was the cutest! 

Send me a show and I’ll answer these questions