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Attached (Part 5)

Summary: Modern AU. Your first day at the New York Bulletin takes a catastrophic turn when you accidentally overlook a fellow employee’s private chat session. Inspired by the novel Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

Word Count: 1,190

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

A/N: I am eternally grateful for the continuous support you all have given to this series. All of you are wonderful angelic souls who never fail to make me smile, and your comments/messages have filled me with bliss :)

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‘I SAW AN ANGEL YESTERDAY’ was the first thing Barnes messaged you as you logged onto your computer. You were quite shocked to even receive a message from them at this hour. You were starting your afternoon shift for the first time this week, staying at the department until the late evening. Normally, Barnes would have their regular day shift, but they probably had a deadline to fulfill if they were staying this late at the Bulletin.

And yet, they were actively avoiding their work like they always do. 

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date - peter parker

Date - ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker x Reader | 3rd Person 

Prompt: in which (Y/N) pays Peter to go on a date with her that eventually spirals into something more. 


(Y/N) was walking down the halls, frantic. Earlier that morning she had told her parent(s) that she did, in fact, have a boyfriend. There was a large business event later that night, and (Y/N)’s family and parent(s) were pressuring her to take a date.

That morning (Y/N) stated that she did have a date, which was a complete lie. Though no names were said, she gave a description of what her “boyfriend” looked like. He had brown hair, brown eyes and was taller than her. (Y/N) thought that the description was detailed enough to make him believable, yet basic enough that anyone could fit it.

Her walking turned into running, as (Y/N) searched the halls for someone, anyone, to fit the basic description. There were plenty of guys that fit the description, it just had to be someone that wasn’t a complete dick. The majority of guys at the school were complete assholes, and she didn’t want anything to do with them.

Suddenly, the bell rang and (Y/N) rushed into her science class. She went to her lab station and sat down next to her partner, Peter, just in time. (Y/N) was practically panting, and let out a groan as she laid her head down on the cool surface.

Completely distraught, (Y/N) frowned to herself. It was her last class of the day and she didn’t have a date yet. All the nice guys that fit her description were taken and everyone else who fit her description were complete dicks.

“Hey, are you okay?” Peter asked.

(Y/N)’s head shot up. Peter fit her description, and he wasn’t a dick. She looked at him and said, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No,” Peter stated, looking confused.

“That’s great!” (Y/N) proclaimed, but regretted it quickly, “I mean, it’s not great for you but it is for me. Wait, I didn’t mean it like that. Shit, I’m sorry you must be really confused.”

“I am.”

“Okay, well, first question: do you want twenty dollars?”

Warily, Peter said, “Sure?” but it came out as more of a question.

“Amazing! Well, do you have plans for tonight and do you own a tux?”

Obviously confused, Peter said, “No, I don’t have plans and yes, I do own a tux.”

“This is the best thing that has happened today!” (Y/N) said, mostly to herself, “Okay, I told my parent(s) that I had a date for this huge event thing that their company is holding, and I obviously don’t so-”

“Obviously?” Peter interrupted, “What does that mean?”

“It means that it’s not hard to tell that I don’t have a boyfriend because, I mean, look at me! But anyways, stop interrupting. So, I don’t have a date and I need one. You got that right?” (Y/N) pauses and Peter nods, so she continues, “This is where you come in. I’ll give you twenty bucks if you put on that suit and go out to the event with me. It’s just for two hours and after that we never have to go out again.”

Peter was surprised, a pretty girl just asked him to essentially go out on a date with her, and he got paid. (Y/N) was waiting anxiously for his response, so Peter just said, “Sure,” quickly.

(Y/N) started cheering, “Thank you so much! Okay, can you write down your number here,” she handed him a piece of paper, “and wear a black tie because my dress is black and I told my family that we’ve been dating for two months. It’s at 7 o’clock but I’ll pick you up at six because it’s an hour away with traffic. And Peter, thank you so damn much you are the best person I have ever met!” (Y/N) was beaming, which made Peter smile.

The bell rang and (Y/N) walked out with Peter. She went to her car, and Peter started walking home. “Hey, Peter?” she asked, “Thanks. It really means a lot to me, I owe you big time!” 

“No problem, really, you don’t owe me anything.” Peter said to her, walking away and smiling to himself.

Ten minutes until six, Peter received a text saying that (Y/N) was waiting in front of his apartment complex. He walked out of his room, and heard his aunt squeal. “You look so nice! I can’t believe you’re going to a dinner party with a girl.”

“Oh my god,” Peter mumbled, “I’ll see you later.” He walked out the door and went out to the front of the building. He walked towards her and tapped her shoulder, making her turn around. Her jaw dropped, she had never seen Peter in anything other than jeans and t-shirts. Quickly regaining her composure, she smiled and said, “You look great.”

Peter looked at her, she was stunning. In a black dress with matching black shoes, she looked flawless. “You look great, too,” he managed to get out. 

“Thank you, now, shall we?” (Y/N) said, as the pair got into the car.

The party had went perfectly. They practiced their story in the car, and everyone believed it. The pair constantly were showered with compliments about how perfect they were, which always made the two smile and blush. (Y/N)’s hand was always in Peter’s, and she liked it. They said goodbye to everyone and got into their car.

Once inside the car, (Y/N)’s hand instinctively went into Peter’s. The two sat in silence, before (Y/N) they got onto the freeway and were stuck in traffic. “They took pictures,” (Y/N) said.

“What?” Peter asked.

“There were people there taking pictures of everyone. Of us. I have a few here,” (Y/N) said, taking out pictures from her purse and handing them to Peter. There were three pictures, and all of them made Peter smile. The first was a picture of the two sitting at a table, smiling at each other. The second was a picture of the pair holding hands, Peter smiling at her while she talked. The third was the two laughing, looking the happiest (Y/N) had ever looked.

“What are you going to do with them?” Peter asked.

(Y/N) blushed and said, “I was, I was going to keep them. I, uh, think we look cute.”

“We do,” he said.

“Hey, Pete?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Do you want to go out on a date with me? Like a real date, together.” (Y/N) asked hopefully.

“I would love to,” he said, leaving both of them with large smiles on their faces.

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you take my hand and drag me head first fearless

“I’m not drunk, you are” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Reader never drinks alcohol, so obviously, the day she decides to taste some champagne, she’s quickly…Rather drunk. Bruce and his sons are fortunately there to take care of her…and to film her embarrassing moments.

I thought I’d write something a bit more lighthearted after I made some of you “cry” with this ;-). 

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You never drink alcohol. Never. You just don’t like the taste of most of the beverages. Champagne or wine, tequila or vodka, even just a light cider…No thank you. 

When you go out with Bruce, you usually drink a soda or soft drink, even just water sometimes. 

But tonight, at yet another charity ball, your mind was elsewhere.

You had done it again. It often happened, and you always regretted it. Always. But you just couldn’t help it. Sometimes, you just had to be a sarcastic little shit full of witty answers. It always got you in trouble, since your early days in school, to now, in an important and very public event.   

This time, you had been a sarcastic little shit full of witty answers to the Mayor himself. The man already had a problem with your family ever since Bruce decided to support Harvey Dent to become the new mayor of Gotham, and was probably one of the most corrupted people in the World…so, needless to say that, when he left you company, clearly upset, you knew your actions would have repercussions, consequences, and it stressed the hell out of you. Why couldn’t you just control that damn mouth of yours ? 

Bruce wrapped a reassuring arms around your waist, bend down to your ears and whispered into it : 

-Relax (Y/N), no matter what, I’ll handle it. As Bruce Wayne or as…the other one. 

You gave him a weak smile and shook your head. 

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You have a crush on Jimin (and now Taehyung knows too) 

[part 1]

After Taehyung pointed at you to make it impossible for you to ignore his request of needing more food, you had to get up and follow him to the kitchen, just after Jungkook. When you closed the door behind you, both your friends looked at you with evil (but kinda cute) smiles on their faces. 

“It’s a flawless plan, Y/N”

“Oh my god, Tae. It’s not! He is gonna notice the moment we go back!” 

“He’s too busy with the movie to even think about how weird it is”, Jungkook says trying to calm you down. Which, actually, doesn’t work at all. 

“So it is weird!” 

“You are thinking too much”, Taehyung says while rolling his eyes at you.

“It’s not like he is gonna find out you have a crush on him just because you sit beside him!”

“Well, hyung is right" -Kookie shrugs- “He probably won’t thin-” 

At that moment, the kitchen door opened and Jimin looked at the three of you from the other side. “What’s taking you so long? Yoongi hyung keeps complaining about how thirsty he is." 

"Oh. Um-m, just waiting for the popcorn”, you say, trying not to blush thinking about the conversation you were having a few seconds ago. “Why don’t you guys go back and bring the drinks to Yoongi? Taehyungie and I will wait for the popcorn." 

Your head snaps at Jungkook’s sudden change of plan, but you instantly nod. "Okay, c'mon then, we’ll be missing half the movie at this rate.” 

Jimin holds the door waiting for you to move, so Taehyung nudges your arm subtly to make you react. “Yeah, okay. There you go.” You hand Jimin two glasses and leave the kitchen right after him, not seeing Jungkook and Taehyung’s highfive behind you. 

 “Who’s thristy?”, Jimin asks walking into the living room. 

 "Ugh, finally", Yoongi answers raising his hand, and Jimin laughs, handing him his drink. You can’t help but smile hearing the boy’s laugh. “They’ll probably fight for the popcorn, so just come sit with me”, Jimin tells you while gesturing his head towards the kitchen. “You know how they get.” 

You look at him and just blink, thinking quickly what to say to hide your sudden embarrassment. “Remember that time Kookie almost bite my hand for trying to eat his chocolate?” 

 "Yeah, you should be thankful you still have both of your cute hands", the short boy says while sitting on the couch. You thank the lack of light as you feel your cheeks burning up at Jimin’s comment, kind of frozen where you stand. At your weird response, Jimin pats the spot beside him. 

“C'mon, don’t wanna be in open field when those two get here. You might get a few pieces of popcorn on your hair”

“If they throw stuff at me I’m never coming back to movie night”, you say, finally sitting down and focusing on controlling your breathing.

“Aww, you wouldn’t really do that, right?”, he says while slightly pouting. Your heart caughts in your throat as you manage to get out a low “of course not”, earning a shy smile from him. Right at that moment, Taehyung and Jungkook show up with a big bowl and looking for a spot to sit. When Taehyung’s eyes land on you and Jimin closely sitting where he was before, he winks at you, which only makes you blush more. You look at Jimin’s profile, hoping he didn’t see his best friend’s move. You couldn’t be sure, since his eyes were focusing on the screen, but in his mouth was plastered the biggest smile. 

Just like you predicted, sooner than later Jungkook and Taehyung started playfuly hitting eachother, making even less space available on the couch. Suddenly, you feel Namjoon’s arm on yours, and you don’t have time to react as you are pushed right into Jimin’s side. 

“Guys! Stop it! You are gonna make all of us fall from the couch”, Jin screams at both of them, making them immediately stay still and murmur a few “sorry hyung”

 You are too focused on watching the amusing exchange that you don’t notice Jimin’s hand on your back until everyone starts moving to their original spot.

“Let’s just not move, I’m really comfortable right now.”

my experience with hi-touch. fair warning: this very well might be out of order because let me tell you,,,, the hi-touch is so rushed anyway… onto the story:

chan: i joked about somehow ending up a chan stan for months leading up to this concert lmao. he hasnt toppled han as my bias or anything, thank god, but guys…. he’s actually really handsome. you ever seen a man that is sexy, handsome and cute all at once? that is chan. he smiled the whole time. he also laughed at my lil mini freak out over him and joshua.

joshua: ???????? pictures do not do joshua justice AT ALL. he’s actually so beautiful irl. he’s got this tiny little pixie face and his eyes are so twinkling. he’s responsible for my lil mini freak out where i just kinda yelled out “oh my god you’re all so handsome!!!” his hands were really big too btw. he’s VERY tan and very glowy. his skin is kinda flawless but pretty much every member had perfect skin. 

seungkwan: again, even more handsome irl. he looked so absolutely happy he and he actually said “thank you” when i said they were all really handsome. i pretty much became the “:O” face afterwards which lead to more members reacting to me.

this is where… my memory gets fuzzy…. so it’s probably not in the right order.

wonwoo: his teeth are beautiful and he has one of the most uniquely attractive faces i’ve ever seen in my entire life. y’all know that little nose scrunch thing he does when he’s really happy? he did that @ me and it felt like i was being personally blessed. wonwoo might very well be my bias wrecker at this point. he’s beautiful. if someone says he’s one of the main visuals in svt, i wouldn’t disagree. he was definitely one that left me shaken. i stepped in with wonwoo near the bottom of my bias list and now he’s near the top lmao.

mingyu: not much of a huge difference from pictures to person tbh. i will say once you get over the fact that he looks like a tree, you realize he actually looks really young? chan looks older than him. he’s got these cute chubby cheeks. very twinkly eyes and teeth that contrast so perfectly with him skin. his skin is beautiful irl btw. we made eye contact briefly. i would say now he’s more cute than like, in your face sexy??? he looks like a little baby.

vernon: had the most eye contact with me i think. his teeth are roughly 50%of his face. he’s pretty pale in real life actually?? compared to most of the other members. not much of a difference like mingyu, he is really tall though. more tall than you’d expect. 

woozi: i know people doubt his height a lot but i think he is actually 5′6? he’s awkward too irl but he’s so cute and low key kinda thick???? he’s got curves and a cute little butt. he’s also actually pretty pale. his skin is actually FLAWLESS. you couldn’t see a single pore or pimple. he looked like a little doll.

jun: i don’t remember much about jun other than him being really tall lmao he’s really tan too. 

dk: i don’t remember much about dk tbh. i know now he’s second tannest compared to mingyu. also really good looking. @17dad had a more in depth meeting with dk lmao

s.coups: his skin is really red??? he has a natural red undertone and his lips, ears and face get so red. his facial features in general are so big lmao but he’s so much more handsome in real life. the main thing i noticed are his ears??? they stick out ??? so much??? you can tell he really loves you and is excited to meet you. 

jeonghan: he got big ass yaoi hands.. BIG HANDS. he’s not super tan or anything but his skin tone is pretty much the exact opposite of coups. he’s not red at all. his face is super petite aside from his eyes. he looks like a baby deer with those big eyes of his. he’s got a nice side profile too. his nose is so small and perfectly shaped??? it has the perfect slant to it. he’s got real thin lil lips too. he’s also insanely lanky and his legs go to his asshole. i felt very awkward standing in front of him with this big ass fan with his face on it. lmao.

 minghao: i’m going to be completely honest….. i didn’t even look at minghao because i was too busy looking back at jeonghan. he looks younger irl though. he’s got a very cute face. hes also really tan.

hoshi: wasn’t there. i know he looked good at the time.

boyfriend! jung sewoon
  • the ideal boyfriend oh my goodness where do I start with this angel
  • literally an angel sometimes u swear u can see his halo and wings
  • he was rly good at concealing his feelings before u two got together like no one could tell he liked you
  • but he always brought you snacks and pastries when y’all met and that was how gwanghyun realized his bro had a crush
  • sewoon couldn’t even deny it when gwanghyun brought it up he just smiled a little and scratched the back of his neck LIKE HOW CUTE
  • he confessed to you with a song he wrote and composed :DD and he’s not the type to express a big amount of emotions (i’m pre sure this could be phrased cleaner but i’m a dumbass so this is what y’all are gonna have to stick with) but when you said yes he smiled from one ear to the other and couldn’t get it off for the rest of the day
  • super sweet and thoughtful?? always knows how to take care of you and what to do when you’re upset aka buying your fave drink or giving you a soft massage
  • literally if something between you two ever happens he always?? just immediately gets his priorities straight and resolves everything instantly 
  • once you were messing around with his guitar and ur stupid clumsy hands snapped the strings and you were like oh…my god…..and bc u panicked u dropped it too and got several scratches on it good job
  • u thought he would definitely get mad bc man guitars are exPENSIVE but when sewoon saw what happened he rushed over and actually asked u if you had hurt yourself
  • told u to not worry about the guitar because it’s “just a few scratches”
  • um wasn’t this guitar like five thousand dollars
  • he seems utterly amazing and flawless but he’s probably the type to forget his keys twice a week bc he’s too busy thinking about the next line to a song he’s writing
  • sort of an airhead sometimes? he didn’t realize you were cheating at monopoly and had stolen $5000 from the bank until you told him
  • but it’s ok bc he’s cute 
  • also he probably didn’t even get mad by how terribly he lost from your cheating he just laughed at himself for being so ditzy
  • your name on his phone contacts is sousuke
  • if u don’t understand the meaning of the above statement pls google the movie ponyo
  • ofc it’s definite that a talented person like sewoon would use you as his muse and compose songs with you in his mind but he’s too shy to show them to you 
  • after a year he had like ten songs about you written but stashed away bc he’d die of embarrassment if u ever discover it
  • but ALSO sewoon loves cooking!! imagine waking up to the smell of his beautiful done breakfast
  • sewoon in a cute ponyo apron setting down plates of eggs and bacon: a concept
  • even if you can’t really cook whenever you do like the tiniest thing in the kitchen like maybe peel the onions and carrots for him sewoon smiles gently and thanks you even though he probably could’ve done it a million times better
  • he cooks lunch boxes for you too like your classmates/coworkers are so envious that you have jung sewoon as ur boyfriend
  • he’s rly casual about skinship?? he doesn’t get embarrassed about pda at all and it may seem as if he’s nonchalant about it but you always see this satisfied smile on his lips whenever you let him drape himself over you
  • he’s a big fan of just loosely holding you and having your head rest on his shoulder while his rests on top of your head
  • just being with sewoon is so nice tho like whenever y’all are cuddling he always has an arm around your shoulders and his legs tangled with yours
  • let’s not forget that he smells nice [SEONGWOO VOICE] everytime everywhere and that makes cuddling with him just SOOTHING like it has the same effects as going to some high quality spa with a bunch of expensive incenses 
  • sewoon smells nice no matter what tho?? like it could be stinking hot day and he’d still smell like he bathed in flowers
  • he’s so incredibly GENTLE like it feels as if he holds your hand with just the right amount of grip…never too loose or too tight it just feels PERFECT
  • also sewoon’s hands are pretty af??? they’re so slender and smooth
  • it always feels so reassuring when you’re with him
  • he gives you rly sweet pep talks before a nerve wrecking presentation or a stage performance like somehow the words “you’ll do absolutely fine” sound so much better and different than when you hear it from your friends
  • always gives you these warm and encouraging smiles no matter what you do and once you finish whatever you had to get done and go rushing back to him he always chuckles and presses a kiss on your face
  • speaking of kisses sewoon’s kisses are like…rly relaxing
  • it’s not like his kisses feel lazy but it’s never a quick rushed peck it’s always more of a really soft and planted kind of feeling?? like once he kisses a spot on your cheek the sensation on that spot doesn’t stop burning for a while
  • words can’t describe how perfect he is 
  • but numbers can 
  • he’s a frickin 10/10 y’all

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I love Jensen's jawline cos somedays it's sharp af and then others he has the cutest double chin???


[x] okay I just want to point out the sheer difference between these two photos right here. Exhibit A: smiley and full of sunshine, jawline so sharp could probs kill a man, lookin’ flawless as per usual

[x] Exhibit B: a Classic Derp™ face. extra chins coming out of nowhere, they’re multiplying by the second. where he keepin’ them hidden, his damn pocket?? it’s like one of those posts girls make to show how makeup and a good camera angle can drastically change everything

[x] the lil chin rolls are my fave tho!!!!!

[x] sleepy!dean with those chIN ROLLS!!!!!!!! hHhHH!!!!

[x] speaking of sleepy!dean, look how s o f t omg *gentle gasp*

[x] I love his lil chin chub so mUCh?!?? it’s kinda ridiculous

[x] it just makes him look so extra Soft, u know? sO SOFT WITH HE LIL CHIN CHUB

[x] like a killer pillsbury doughboy :’))

[x] his soft double chin is so mcfucken cute, I wish my chin fat were cute wtf the fu k life is unfair

[x] it’s kinda most noticeable when he turns his head to the side, right?


[x] sharp af features, noice Jaw Clench™, lookin’ fine as heyll, basically carved outta marble.


[x] sh aRP shARrp sHArP Sh a Rp s H AR p s HA RP SHAR P SHARP!! ! ! !! ! !!!

[x] Sof t soFt soF T SOfT sof T sOF t So f t sO ft SsoF T Sof . Ft sof T!! ! ! ! !!! !

[x] just exactly how does he manage to go from THIS!!!!!!!!  like hoLy s HI t breh, slit my throat with that jawline of urs, thnx

[x] to THIS!!!!! must protec my soft boi ;~;

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Hello.. I want to request a scenario where RFA + Saeran react to MC who hates hickeys and that kind of staff, she really want her skin to be clean. Have a nice day :3

can’t relate
Kinda went a bit silly with this, hope you like it!
~Mod L


♡ Poor bby
♡ He’s so new to all this while he was kissing you he didn’t even realize what he was doing
♡ Turns bright red, thinks he did something wrong
♡ Isn’t even 100% sure how to give an actual hickey?? 
♡ It’s so stressful because he’s not sure how to not give you an actual hickey
♡ After some reassurance he’s good
♡ Totally understands and doesn’t leave a single mark on you


♡ He finds it out the hard way… the next morning…
♡ When he heard you shout his name from the bathroom he ran over because he thought you hurt yourself
♡ Couldn’t help but burst into laughter seeing your adorably angry face, pointing at the dark mark on your collarbone
♡ Promptly gets a toothbrush thrown at him
♡ “I’m sorry! I’m sorryyyyy!”
♡ A little disappointed but that doesn’t make being with you any less fun
♡ Has some makeup from going up on stage that he’ll help to use you cover it up
♡ “Zen why do you have this you have literally flawless skin”
♡ He’ll sometimes teases you by saying he’ll leave more, but doesn’t actually ever do it again


♡ Won’t show it but feels incredibly relieved
♡ He found such public displays of rather intimate moments really unprofessional
♡ While he’s into being more dominate he’s established his line between bedroom and rest of the world
♡ He wants everyone to know your his, but in a classy way
♡ Like this necklace 
♡ And these bracelets
♡ Ooooh and these matching earrings
♡ He showers you with so many gifts that already establish your relationship he feels no need to leave a mark on your skin


♡ Shares quite similar opinion with Jumin
♡ She loved being with you but felt it more like something special to just be between you two
♡ She had felt a bit nervous to be with you because she was so new to dating and wasn’t comfortable being very close to you in public
♡ But overcoming that fear lead to a lot of confidence in your relationship
♡ And with that feeling comfortable not shouting to the world your dating but making your moments together all the more remarkable


♡ He had already seen how many beauty products you used to keep your skin clear, so already knew this was important to you
♡ But seeing your skin so flawless he kinda wanted to leave a hickey on you, since it would stand out so much and it could be a proud symbol of your relationship
♡ You quickly shut that thought down before it could happen
♡ “Awwwwh, pleeease?”
♡ One solid no brought out the cutest pout but he stopped asking
♡ He still likes to be a lil freaky with you but makes sure to leave you just as flawless in the morning


♡ All his years growing up and going through ME left the poor boy with a few scars of his own
♡ So when he first met you on of the things he marveled at was how flawless your skin was
♡ It was strange to him as he grew up with Saeyoung having the same marks as him, and then other believers of ME having to go through “Treatment”
♡ He didn’t want to leave any marks on you, and was even worried with your preference you found his scars unattractive
♡ But in contrary to that you both found fascination with each other’s bodies, and you found a new fascination of tracing the scars along his body 
♡ Oh my god that turned him on
♡ He learns to love his skin and yours but still would never think of leaving a mark on you



[fic recs by your fav nobody]


please send me fics to read !! i have no life i will definitely read them !!

NOTE: some of the links no longer work due to the fact that the author has either deleted the story, their account, or changed their url - i try my best to fix it or remove them from the list so bear with me !!

1. @an-exotic-writer ; literally anything she writes is perfect. she’s lowkey the one who inspired me to write. stan talent, stan missy. i love her all of her works but my all time favorites are

> atomic number 47: fucking silver
> 100 ways to say i love you
> drunk in love
> sugardaddy!jimin

p.s. if you read this missy, i am lowkey your biggest stalker and im just too scared to say anything hahaha bye

2. @noir0neko ; oh my god, the creator of smut and all things sinful. all i want in my life is to be able to write smut this well. 

> 3rd hour: bad behavior
> black magic
> below zero
> billiards boy

3. @dreamscript; hi your writing is flawless and you make me wanna cry

> accelerate 
> sunshine
> execute

4. @yoongink ; !!!!!!!!!!!!! kill me !!!!!!!!!!! your writing is perfect !!!!!!!!

> gang au drabbles

5. @fairyjeons ; the longer i make this list the more my self esteem plummets wow

> mr. and mrs. jeon

6. @seokline ; i don’t know you but i just really love you

> pout
> match maid in heaven (this is actually my religion)

7. @evangelene ; you are not forgettable

> when the paint dries

8. @park-jimeme ; when i first got into bts fics, you were like the second author i discovered and i still love you very much

> dizzy day
> i need u


> accismus

10. @the95liner ; IMPALE ME IN THE FACE

> strangers
> heartthrob 


> why i hate you
> first, last
> should i

12. @sugajpg ; hnnnnngh adjfdlaskfjdsa

> among monsters and men
> underground king
> incandescence 

13. @workofteaguk ; here’s the entire fucking masterlist because there isn’t a single story that isn’t pure art so 

> mlist

14. @bxebxee ; i meant to add you on here a while ago but my dumbass is just now remembering anyways i love you 

> cats and dogs
> i flirt in my calvins (uM???? this fucked me up more than it should have)

15. @versigny ; hello send nudes 

> the stork
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> (12)7 minutes in heaven: trouble for the taking (this is a nct fic but still some Good Shit)

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The way you draw Seabury makes me so happy omg pls never ever stop drawing your art is perfect and flawless - An asexual who doesn't really understand why she enjoys this porn blog so much (probably because the art is phenomenal)

OMMHGDGGS AAAAAHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! oh my god this is so sweet THANK YOU!!! im glad you enjoy how i draw seabury even if hes constantly involved in nsfw works im crying

HERE i drew him seriously and not getting destroyed for once!!


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prompt/fic idea: im ur next door neighbor and the walls are too thin so yeah i can hear u banging all night and it sounds like u're really good judging from the grunts and screams... one night i got home drunk and my friend was yelling how sexually frustrated i am and i have the hots for you even though we haven't met before and when we do see each other, oh boy i am a goner

(bless u nonnie this idea is a Gift)

Really, Zuko shouldn’t be allowed to drink.

Whenever he drinks, he almost always ends up embarrassing situations - embarrassing and sometimes life threatening. He thinks back to the lake incident with Toph and shudders; that night not only put the fear of God in him, but a healthy fear of snapping turtles as well.

And yet here he is, stumbling into his little apartment. Suki bumps into his back impatiently as he fumbles with the lock before finally getting it open. She nudges past him and goes right for the couch, dropping all of her weight onto the cushions. 

Zuko pushes the door shut. He winces at the somewhat loud slam and toes his shoes off, then shuffles in after Suki. He doesn’t bother with the couch - she won’t share, anyway - and instead lays on the floor, cheek pressed to the scratchy carpet. The room spins around his head. He exhales, a groan tacked on the end, and reaches up to smack at Suki’s foot.

“Why did you even take me to that bar in the first place?” Zuko mumbles into the carpet. He shifts lazily, tugging his shirt up his back slightly to cool off his skin.

“Because,” Suki drawls, kicking at Zuko’s hand, “You’re annoying when you mope and you’ve been moping about the hot neighbor girl for weeks.”

Zuko grunts and rolls over. “I have not!” He isn’t aware of how loud his voice is. “I haven’t been moping over her!” 

Above him, Suki laughs. It’s twice as loud as his voice, bouncing off the walls and coming right back to them. “Bullshit!” She snorts. She forces herself onto her side, honey colored hair falling across her face as she stares down at him. “You’ve got it so bad for the neighbor girl! All you do is talk about her and how loud she is!” Suki sits up, reaching down to bat at Zuko’s face. “I am a very good friend, so - so I took you out to try to find someone else for you to mope over, but nooooooooo, all you could talk about was the neighbor girl and who she might be banging and how you wished it was you.”

Zuko grunts and bats at Suki’s hand in turn. He gives up on trying to deny it and instead yells with all of the pent up frustration in him. “It’s just not fair!” He shouts, fists banging on the carpet. “She’s so goddamn pretty, and she has the nicest laugh!” He rocks from side to side, legs folding up slightly. “And - Suki, oh my god - I can hear every sound she makes - oh my god - her moans are the hottest thing I have ever heard!” 

Suki laughs again. She lays down and presses her cheek to the mattress. All the shit they’ve gotten into tonight and still her make up is perfectly intact, red lips pristine and winged eyeliner flawless. 

She reaches down and pats Zuko’s cheek, clumsy, but trying to comfort him. “Maybe you should just suck it up and take her out,” She suggests, “So you’re the one that ends up in bed with her.”

His scoff is so loud it scratches his throat. “Yeah, right. Like that’ll ever happen.”


After Suki leaves in the morning, Zuko spends a good hour nursing his hangover. 

He manages to drag himself to the kitchen and make a cup of tea, though he’s not even sure what he grabbed; something sweet and hot to soothe the sharp aches in his head.

He changes into the first clean shirt and sweats he finds, then trudges downstairs to the mailbox. Much as he wants to sleep some more, he’s waiting on a package from Uncle.

Zuko shuffles to the mailboxes, stifling a loud yawn behind his hand. He unlocks his, finding only bills and advertisements - and a postcard from Uncle inside. He shifts his weight, reading over it with a slight smile; the package is on its way, Uncle assures him, and he’s having the time of his life on the tiny island he’d chosen for his vacation.

“Hi, ‘scuse me.” 

Zuko glances up to find his neighbor coming up to his side, reaching for her mailbox. He flushes faintly and steps aside, pushing his mailbox door shut. “Hi, sorry.”

Chewing his lip, Zuko continues leafing through his mail, glancing at his neighbor from the corner of his eye. Her name is Katara; he’d learned this two days after moving in, when she’d introduced herself with a platter of cookies that actually tasted horrible, but the gesture was so kind that he hadn’t had the heart to admit that.

But then he’d learned just how thin the walls between their apartments are when she’d brought someone home a few days after their introductions. He vividly remembers almost dropping a pot on his foot when he realized he was hearing Katara moan. Didn’t matter who it was, either, everyone she brought home praised her and worshiped her, all for Zuko to hear loud and clear.

Beside him, Katara extracts her mail and shuts the little door. She leafs through it, and for a moment, Zuko can only sigh inwardly at how pretty she is; it’s barely eleven AM and she looks so perfect already.

“So,” Katara hedges, and Zuko glances up. She doesn’t lift her head, but her eyes instead. There’s a glint in them that makes him instantly nervous. “You had an interesting night, didn’t you?”

His brows furrow in confusion, and then it hits him like a train - everything he and Suki had yelled about, everything to do with Katara, in his living room, surrounded by the thinnest walls ever made.

She’d heard it.

She’d heard all of it.

The faint flush on his cheeks flares up to his good ear and down the length of his neck, disappearing into his shirt. Zuko groans and presses the envelopes to his face to hide himself. If he’s lucky, the ground will just - just shatter under him right now and drop him straight into the depths of hell. 

Katara watches him. She laughs softly; the sound is warm and teasing, and it only makes his embarrassment that much worse.

“Oh, God,” Zuko mutters behind his makeshift shield, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I-”

“It’s fine,” Katara insists. Her tone is easy, not bothered in the slightest, but it doesn’t make him feel any better. She pockets her keys and looks up, tilting her head.

“Whenever you’re ready for that date, I’m available all day on Saturdays.”

Zuko promptly drops everything in his hands, jaw going slack. Katara laughs again. She turns away with a gentle toss of her wildly long hair, walking away. 

Zuko is frozen to the spot, rooted to the tile floor by sheer shock. He finally comes back to himself and crouches down, scrambling to grab his discarded mail, and rushes after Katara.

“Hey!” He calls, trying to catch up to her, “Wait! About that date - are you free this Saturday?”

Girls Like Dollies chapter 3 (trixya) - lale

I’m so totally blown away by the response to Wingwomen! Thank you so much for all of your support. Here’s the next chapter of Girls Like Dollies – this one’ll be a bit longer, and will continue to update every weekend. If anyone’s curious, the title comes from the soundtrack to the incredible game ‘Life Is Strange’, which if you can play you definitely should and if you can’t you should definitely watch a playthrough on youtube! Anyway, enjoy!

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How about a chlonath response to other weddings (ie djwifi, Adrienette, even Maylene and Ivan)? I could see her getting very worked up about others getting married when she isn't. I also see him being very amused by that.

I combined this with @maerynn-blog​‘s suggestion, “clonath preparing their wedding???“

“This is gross.”  Chloe set down her empty champagne glass, scowling.

“Not everyone can afford Dom Perignon, Chlo.”

“Stupid tomato.”  She rolled her eyes.  “I wasn’t talking about the champagne, though now that you mention it, it is subpar.”

Nathanaël’s lips twitched in amusement.  “This is not gross, this is sweet.”

“They’re being nauseating again.”

“They’re newlyweds.  This is their wedding reception.  They’re supposed to be nauseating.”

“Why am I here?”

“Because you’re not actually the raging bitch you want everyone to think you are.”

“You’re such a pain sometimes.”  She picked up her champagne glass and scowled into it.  “Why is this still empty?  If I have to watch Ivan and Mylene hang all over one another, I’m not going to do it sober.”

Nathanaël plucked the glass from her hand and stood, snickering.  “Heaven forbid.”

Her eyes narrowed.  “Watch it, Kurtzberg.”

“Chloe, why aren’t you dressed?”

“I’m not going.”  She walked away from the door without bothering to invite him in.

He came in anyway, closing the door behind him.  “Of course you are.  You’ve already done your hair and makeup.  There’s no way you’d let that go to waste.”

“I’ll go somewhere else.”  She put a perfectly manicured hand to her flawless coiffure with a sniff.  “This effort would be wasted on them, anyway.”

“Too bad, Chlo.”  He tugged her up from her couch, grinning.  “Come on, get dressed.  It’s time to go mingle with the commoners.”  He put a hand to the small of her back and gently pushed her towards her room.  She went, grudgingly.

“Ugh, gross.  Why do you keep dragging me to these things, Kurtzberg?”

“Because I love to torture you.”  He leaned an arm on the door frame, and smiled down into her beautiful, scowling face.  “And because I know you secretly want to go.”

She slammed the door on him, and he jerked back with a laugh.  

Chloe emerged a few minutes later in a lemon yellow cocktail dress, tucking her cell phone into a small white clutch and grumbling about interfering tomatoes, and Nathanaël allowed his gaze to rake over her appreciatively.

“You look lovely, Chloe.”

“I always look lovely, Kurtzberg ,” she shot back, but a blush darkened her cheekbones and she couldn’t look him in the eye.  She huffed.  “You do know that Alya and Nino are going to be even more gross than Ivan and Mylene were, don’t you?”

He grinned at her, amused and not at all fooled by her bluster.  “I have a whole bottle of champagne in the car, just for you.  It’s yours, if you can make it through the ceremony.”

“Of course I can make it through the ceremony,” she scoffed, snatching her wrap from the back of a chair.  “And the reception, too.  Keep your champagne, Kurtzberg.”

He hid a grin behind his hand, and followed her out the door.

“It’s not enough for him to make me be here.  Oh no, he had to make me a part of the damn thing!”  Chloe peeked out of the small room to the side of the vestibule, and glared at the people filling the church.  “He hates me, doesn’t he?”

Nathanaël’s lips curled into a smile. “No, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t hate you.”

“Then why would he do this to me?”  She threw herself into his arms on a wail.  “Adrien knows I hate these things.  I can’t just duck out when I’m a member of the bridal party.”

He shook with suppressed laughter.  “I am too, don’t forget.  And we’ll be seated together at the reception.”

“It’s the only reason I agreed to this nonsense, really.”

“Mm-hmm.”  He tipped her chin up and kissed her languidly.  “The fact that he’s your oldest friend had nothing to do with it.”

She scowled, both because he was right, and because he’d stopped kissing her to speak.  “Shut up and kiss me, Kurtzberg.”

He grinned against her mouth, and kissed her again, more briefly.  “So is this why you dragged me in here?”  He nipped at her lip, then soothed it with another kiss.  “We can’t get carried away.  It’s going to start soon, and I’d hate to muss your hair.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.”  She pulled away and returned to the door, frowning when she saw that the bridal party was gathering in the vestibule.  “Shit. I think we need to get out there. This isn’t going to be as long as the last one was, right?”

“No idea,” he said cheerfully.  “Come on, let’s go get in line.”

“You’re lucky I love you.  You and Adrien, both.”

He grinned at her back, thinking much the same thing.

“Hey, Chlo?”  

She glanced up at him as they meandered along the Seine, and wondered at the strange quality of his voice.  She raised her brows expectantly.

“Will you let me drag you to another wedding?”

She groaned.  “Another one? Who the hell is getting married this time, Alix and Kim? I thought they eloped!”

He stopped walking and caught at her hand, turning her to face him.  “I was hoping it would be ours.”  She gaped at him as he dropped to one knee, there in the middle of the sidewalk, and produced a small polished wood box from his pocket.  He opened it to reveal a beautiful, yet understated ring in a bed of black velvet.  A flawless yellow cushion-cut diamond sat perched in the center of a white gold ring, flanked by two, smaller, equally flawless trapezoid white diamonds.  It wasn’t large or flashy, but it was from him and it was perfect.  

“This isn’t the ring you deserve, but it’s yours—along with my heart.  I love you, Chloe.  Will you marry me?”

She looked from the ring to his anxious face, and put a hand to his cheek.  “Oh, you stupid tomato.  Of course I will marry you.”

“Oh, thank god!”  He surged to his feet and captured her mouth in a hungry kiss, almost forgetting the box he still held in his shaking hand.  

She pushed him back, and held her left hand out to him, wiggling her fingers excitedly.  “Aren’t you forgetting something, Kurtzberg?  I want my ring!”

Together At Last

hey muffins! this is an Ethan smut because what the fuck is a lane amiright??? tell me if it sucks because im still learning! love you!

@scuteedolans @pinksnapbackbullshit @delusionaldolan @dolan-twin-trash

Lying awake in my bed night after night thinking about a boy I couldn’t have, was NOT healthy. But I was doing it anyway. I closed my eyes and attempted to force myself to sleep. As I was beginning to drift off my phone buzzed on the table next to my bed. Ethan. I looked at the clock. 2:30 am. Fuck. It’s the same shit with him every time. And every time I tell myself I won’t respond. And every time, I end up doing it anyway. I opened the text and it simply read “come over.” I stared blankly, thumbs hovering over my phone screen. I sighed and typed out my response and hit send. “no.” was all I said. In a matter of seconds I received a text back. “I need you. She’s gone.” Ethan’s message read. My heartbeat quickened and I sat on the edge of my bed. She’s gone? Did he really mean it? Did he really break up with Meredith or was she just not home?

Meredith was Ethan’s girlfriend. The one he cheated on. With me. I knew it was wrong and I knew I was a bad person for helping Ethan commit adultery, but he was like a drug. The more I touched, the more I saw, the more I tasted, the less I could control myself. I was head over heels in love with this boy but I knew he was only using me. I was a warm body he could take his frustrations out on and that’s all I’d ever be. God damn it why did he have this power over me?!

I texted Ethan back and said “what do you mean by ‘gone’?” I waited for a minute and his text came through. “I mean gone babe. Her shit is out of my place. I’m free.” I stared at my screen in disbelief. He did it. He really broke up with her. I was so excited but I could help but feel like I didn’t have all the facts. I couldn’t let him know how happy I was just yet so I typed back “yeah? And you think that means I’ll come whenever you tell me too?” His responded with “that would be ideal, but I don’t think your body is that well trained yet. But we’ll work on it. ;) “His words made my body heat up and I knew I was blushing. I quickly got up without texting him back and slipped on an oversized tshirt and sweatpants and grabbed my keys. This kid had me wrapped around his finger and he knew it.

The entire way over to Ethan’s house, I could feel my heart thudding in my chest. I pulled into his driveway and parked next to his car. I turned my car off and my eyes drifted to his front door. If I went in there it was all over. I knew if I went in and I let him use me again and then he went back to her, there would be no way to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart. But it was a risk I had to take. I needed him in more ways than one.

I walked up to the door and took a deep breath. “You can do this. “ I whispered to myself. I raised my hand to knock on the door but before I could make contact, the door swung open revealing a shirtless Ethan Dolan.  His bare upper body was tan and beautiful. The only clothing he had on was a worn old pair of grey sweatpants that sat low on his hips. I sucked in a breath and bit my lip. My eyes travelled over his entire body and when I finally reached his face, he was staring back at me with a grin on his flawless face. “Like what ya see?” he asked with a dark chuckle. I rolled my eyes and pushed my way inside the house. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “I knew you’d come. You always do. That’s why I love you.” That’s when my heart stopped. All the air in my lungs rushed out of my mouth and I spun around. “What did you just say?” I half shrieked at him. “I…I said I loved you. Is that okay? Oh my god I thought you knew. I’m so sorry if I over stepped. I-“ I cut off Ethan’s nervous rambling with a hard kiss. When I pulled back he looked down at me and searched my face for an answer. “Ethan, I love you too. I have for a long time. But I…I knew I could never have you.” I whispered. “You’ve had me since the day I met you sweetheart. There was nothing I could do but fall in love with you. But I knew I wasn’t good enough, I had to keep you from loving someone like me. So I dated Meredith. That night when you and I drank that bottle of wine and we ended up sleeping together? I knew I was fucked. I knew whatever I had with Meredith was never real, no matter how much I tried to pretend. But I couldn’t leave. I thought maybe if I stayed with her you’d hate me and be able to move on and find a good man. But whenever I needed you, you came. Every. Single. Time. And I can’t deny my feelings. I love you, Y/N. I really do.” I could feel my eyes watering and my lip was trembling. “I love you too Ethan. More than you know.” As soon as the words left my mouth, our lips crashed together. His right hand sank into the back of my hair and his left hand was splayed across my lower back and he used it to pull me close so our bodies were pressed together, I could feel the evidence of his arousal pressing thick and long into my hip. The kiss was all teeth and tongue now, nothing sweet about it. Mine and Ethan’s sex life was never gentle and sweet and our declarations of love for each other were not about to change that.

Ethan’s teeth sank into my lip as he pulled away from our kiss. His lips began leaving a hot trail down my neck, his tongue snaking out every so often. When he started to suck on the sensitive skin of my collar bone, a whine left my lips. He made his way back up to nibble on my ear and a pathetic whimper bubbled out of my mouth. “Do you need Daddy to help you sweetheart?” Ethan whispered into my ear, making me shiver. I nodded quickly and in a flash he had me slung over his shoulder and was carrying me up to his room. I giggled and he swatted my ass with a gruff “Be quiet back there.”

When we reached his room he dropped me on the bed so my legs were hanging over the end. Ethan knelt down in front of me and I shivered with anticipation. His hands traveled to the waistband of my sweatpants and he tore the fabric down my legs. He ran his fingers over my red lace panties. “Baby girl, you know I love you in these…” he said with a smirk. I glared down at him. “ETHAN I SWEAR TO GOD YOU BETTER NOT!” I shouted at him. But he was unaffected. His smirk doubled in size as his fingers slipped under the band of my panties. “Ethan Grant Dolan you have a world of hurt comin’ to you if you rip ANOTHER pair of my panties. These things are expensive!” I huffed. He continued to grin and in all of two seconds my panties were in shreds on the floor. “You jackass…” I mumbled right before a loud moan left my lips as he dove face first into my dripping core. “God DAMN it Ethan, fuck! You make it really hard to be mad at you when you do shit like that.” I gasped. He continued licking me, flicking his tongue over my clit every few seconds, enough to make me writhe but not enough to make me come. His big hands were gripping my thighs and I knew I’d have finger shaped bruises on me in the morning but I couldn’t bring myself to care. He drove his tongue into me, thrusting in and out rapidly and my breathing was becoming ragged. The heat in my stomach coiled even tighter as he continued eating me out. Ethan then wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked, which caused me to arch my back and scream. I could feel him grin against my pussy as his hand snaked up to my mouth. He tapped my lips with two of his fingers signaling me to open my mouth. “Suck.” He commanded and I did as he asked, swirling my tongue around his rough calloused digits. “Fuck. That’s enough baby girl. Daddy is gonna make you feel so good.” He said withdrawing his fingers from my lips and driving them into my wet heat. I couldn’t do anything but moan and whine, it was too much and not enough all at once. “Stop. E stop I need to do something.” I begged. He withdrew his fingers and I stood up on shaky legs. I gently pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed and straddled his lap, connecting our mouths in another heated kiss. I sucked on his tongue and he groaned. “Fuck, you tasting yourself on my tongue baby? Ya like that?” He asked. I nodded and crawled off his lap so I was kneeling between his legs. I pulled his sweatpants and boxers down and off his legs. I took hold of his length and pumped him a few times as he groaned above me. I decided not to waste any time and I lowered my mouth onto his cock taking him all the way to the root. He collapsed back and was laying flat on his back as I worked my mouth and hand over his length. “Fuck Y/N you know I love when you do that. God damn it did you just- fuck keep going. Please don’t stop!” He begged as I hummed around his cock. I bobbed my head up and down and pumped the lower part of his shaft with my hand. Ethan’s hand landed on the back of my head, not putting any pressure just feeling the movement of my head. “Baby girl you gotta stop or Daddy’s gonna come.” He said through gritted teeth. I pulled off of him with a wet pop and looked up at him through my eyelashes. “I need you to tell me what you want baby.” He said gently. “I want you to fuck me Daddy.” I said. After hearing my response he hauled me up onto the bed. “Hand and knees. Now.” He demanded and I complied as quickly as I could. “So fucking perfect.” He whispered as he ran a hand over my ass. Ethan lined up with my entrance and sank into me with one smooth thrust, filling me completely. “Fuck!” He growled as he stilled inside me. “You’re always so fucking tight.” Ethan hissed. “Daddy please! Fuck me!” I didn’t even care that I was begging I just needed him to move. He began thrusting in and out of me and I groaned as my walls squeezed him. Soon he set up a punishing speed that had animalistic sounds ripping from my throat. His hand was in my hair tugging lightly, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. “Mmm feels so good E. Don’t stop.” I moaned. “Whats my name sweetheart?” Ethan grunted from behind me as he continued fucking me. “Daddy.” I moaned into the mattress. All of a sudden he withdrew his cock from my body, causing me to cry out as my walls contracted around nothing. I felt his hand crack down on my ass and I shouted as the sweet sting radiated across my skin. Ethan’s hand wound into my hair and he yanked it roughly so my head was tipped back. I could feel his hot breath on my ear as he growled “What was that? I didn’t quite hear you, say it again.”  “Daddy! Please I need you so bad! Don’t make me wait!” I cried out loudly so he would hear me this time. “Good girl.” Was all he said before he sank back into me. Ethan began thrusting in and out faster than he ever had before. I reached down to rub my clit but he slapped my hand away. ”You’ll come on Daddy’s cock or you wont come at all, do you hear me?” he ground out. “Yes! Fuck ohmygod…” I moaned as he nailed my gspot over and over on each thrust. I could feel my stomach tightening and I knew I was close. Three more violent thrusts and I exploded on Ethan’s thick cock. My walls contracted, squeezing him like a vice. “Fuck!” he screamed as he came inside me, filling me with his seed. Ethan collapsed next to me and I curled into his side. “I love you Y/N. I mean it. Don’t ever doubt that.” He said, kissing the top of my head. “I love you to E. So much.”