oh my god why are you so pretty

Studying isn’t all color coded notes and cute organizational methods.

It’s chugging cold water at 2 am because this essay is so close to being done

It’s having multiple lights on just to stay awake

It’s having a bad week and Oh god where is my textbook? Why do I have a plate of uneaten eggo waffles on my desk and how old are they?

It’s debating if you really need to do this, or you can just bs it.

Studying isn’t always pretty.

  • Percy: So, how did your first battle go?
  • Magnus: Pretty good.
  • Samirah: *looks into the camera like on The Office*


E: Alex…
N: wow, he’s got a guitar…
E: swipe right, don’t click
N: he looks cool, though
E: point is, you can pick yourself when you get tinder, you can log on, meet a lot of nice people
N: excuse me? I’m not gonna download tinder
E: why not?
N: why not? Isn’t that pretty clear, when I have a guy already?
E: yeah, but he lives in London, Nora.
N: now you’re being lame
E: you are a person who does the right things, you always have to be so nice. Can’t you just jump into it? Do it! Go like this, like OH you know? Yeah, exactly, now I feel like you’re…
N: yes, now… *walks away*
E: Nora!
N: bye, Eskild!
E: love you! Argh, difficult! Oh my god. Everyone knows that William won’t come. Jeeses!

I: uh, Eskild? Can I ask you a question?
E: Isak, seriously. Yes, I accept your apology, it’s okay, like for the last time I’m not mad at you. Okay? I… I get why you said what you said, and now I’m done with it. So you don’t have to walk around here like a… it’s driving me nuts!
I: it’s not that, I seriously need some advice.
E: of me? You need advice, of moi? You want that? Because you trust me? And look up to me?
I: yeah
E: because I’m your Guru?
I: sure
E: say it. Say: eskild is my guru.
I: fuck it, no no, just drop it
E: say it! Okay, okay okay okay, Isak! Okay. What do you need advice about?
I: you now that guy, Even?
E: yes. What about him.
I: we had a thing… and he said that he would break up with his girlfriend. And then suddenly he says that things are moving too fast, and then he’s together with his girlfriend again and then sometime after that again he gives me a drawing. And I’m like, cool, so I send him a text and thank him for the drawing, and then he doesn’t answer.

E: but he has a girlfriend?
I: yeah
E: okay, how long have they been together?
I: like four years
E: okay
I: that’s not good, right?
E: I mean yeah, or… I don’t know. How honest do you want me to be?
I: not too honest maybe… no, fuck it. Just say it like it is.
E: okay, like… I know a lot of guys in heterosexual relationships who sleep with guys, that’s normal, but… it’s not that many that breaks up with their girlfriend to be with them. I think, I mean, that’s just advice from me, just my opinion. My guru-advising. I’m not Buddha, not a God, kinda. So, was that helpful?

Okie so I watched all of the current episodes of Yuri!!! On Ice last night with my mum and oh my god. Anyway I got bored in class today and decided to message my mum and this happened. Actual quote from my mum during episode 5 “Are you sure the fact that they say it’s an ice skating anime isn’t just a cover up so they can make a gay anime, because I’m pretty sure Viktor is just in it for the attention from hot guys like Yuri, cause why else would he move to Japan to coach a man that copied his routine and then take baths with him, suggest that they sleep together and also ask if he wants him to be his boyfriend? I mean doesn’t that just scream I’m a gay Russian man who craves Japanese Yuri?”

The Douche Master.

We had just finished a session and I was talking to the DM
DM: Yeah so what do you guys think so far?
Ithrel (Rogue/me): It’s pretty good so far! Yeah Artanis (Sorcerer) still thinks there’s an interconnecting douche network of barons that controls everything though.
DM: Ha really?
Ithrel: Yeah she says there’s a Douche Master that rules all of them.
DM: Haha yeah
Ithrel: Yeah…the DM
Ithrel: BURRRRN.

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Keith: So, I think I might sorta, kinda, maybe, possibly... have a crush on Lance. Hunk: Oh my god, no way, I am- Wow, complete shock over here, did not see that coming, no sir, total surprise. Keith: ....You figured it out? Hunk: Dude, pretty sure *Zarkon* figured it out.

Keith: I’m not that obvious!

Dialogue Prompts for Things You Said When You're Drunk

1. "What time is it?“ "I dunno like four–” “No, its time for you to date me!”

2. “Babe I would still love you if you were an egg, I just thought you should know.” “…Okay…”

3. “You’re so pretty.” “That’s a tree.” “Oh…but still, it’s pretty.”

4. “Psst listen, if you ask me out, I might just say yes.” “We’ve been dating for three years.”

5. “Is that my s/o?” “No.” “Them?” “Nope.” “You? No wait you’re to good for me.”

6. “I wuv you so mu” “Oh my god are you drunk?”

7. “This place is like a castle!!” “It’s the bathroom.”

8. “Why is your face bleeding?” “I was fighting for your honor!”

9. “Let’s party!” “No we are going hoSTOP RUNNING, NO THAT’S A DRIVE THREW YOU IDIOT!”

10. “You’re so pretty, just don’t tell you that I told you, okay?”

Pregnancy sentence starters

“Y’know, with all your symptoms, it kind of sounds like you might be pregnant.”
“There’s no harm in taking a test, just to know for sure…”
“Morning sickness still pretty bad, I’m assuming?”
“Do you… think you might be pregnant?”
“I know you’ve been feeling pretty shitty, want me to skip work and rub your back?”
“You have to take it easy.”
“Oh my god, we’re going to be parents!”
“Are you pregnant again…?”
“Loving another baby with you would be easy.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“How far along are you?”
“If you’re tired you need to sleep, honey.”
“What did the test say?”
“Do you think it’s a boy or a girl? Or both? Or two of each?”
“I’m pretty sure they call it morning sickness because they want to lie to you and say it’ll only last in the morning so you’ll procreate.”
“Did you throw up again? I can come home early and cuddle with you.”
“I should be recording this for the baby.”
“I mean, someone has to hold your hair.”
“Oh my god! I just felt it kick!”
“Are you SURE it’s a boy/girl or is this just another one of your intuitions?”
“Are you excited?”
“Yeah, growing a person inside you doesn’t sound fun at all.”

so my bedroom is right above my parents’ room and our house is pretty old and they have told me they hear my movements and steps very clearly when we’re in our rooms. just thinking bout how weird they must find it when they hear me shout “no … oh my goD nO!” “What the fucky fuck you lil shit why would you use heavenly bronze against a greek- and roman-split god ur just angering her tits!” “WHAT NO YOU DID NOT KILL THE TALKING MACHINE-DRAGON OR THE OWL SMH!” and then either laughing insanely or just crying at 2AM

text starters from my phone

(most of these I dug into the archives of FB messages from college years)

[text] Have fun tonight!!!
[text] I’m about to get my hair dyed purple
[text] Impromptu tattoos anyone?
[text] I was thinking in person cause I don’t want to half ass apologize through text
[text] Oh my god. I’m so sorry.
[text] Are you there?
[text] I will never say no to pizza
[text] I have a big [lesbian/gay] crush on _______ and I have no idea why
[text] I am going to fill in my eyebrows and get the fuck out of here for a while. Fuck this
[text] I don’t know why you think you have to explain yourself when it’s pretty clear what went down.
[text] I made it worse, I’m so sorry
[text] I fucked up and wasn’t thinking of your feelings.
[text] I can’t wait to see you.
I am unbelievably angry at you right now
[text] I need coffee or weed or sleep, not sure which one
[text] I drunk texted _______ last night
[text] I get it. i’ve kind of been sort of cold, distant, and extremely ambiguous.
[text] No worries. I figured you were just crazy busy.
[text] So are we ever going to have sex again
[text] I guess I’ll fuck [hm/her/them].
[text] It wasn’t fair for me to get so mad.
[text] I’m so pissed off I could punch someone
[text] Don’t punch anyone, talk to me instead.
[text] If you kept kissing me like that I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself
[text] Are you and _______ official yet?
[text] I was just trying to do this right but not going to push anything.
[text] thinking of you makes me awake cause my heart beats more and other romantic stuff
[text] It’s clear I was interested in you much more than you were in me
[text] I hate being happy and having crushes
[text] i wanted to be with you for a while but we were separated by a lot of stuff
[text] If you’re going to tell me I’m awesome one day and then ignore me the next I really don’t need that
[text] I honestly want to know how many jars of peanut butter I singlehandedly ate this year
[text] I’m like half functional adult half total trainwreck
[text] My first engaged ex - “ex” used very loosely
[text] I love being your neo-feminist best friend
[text] A picture of us popped up in my Timehop a couple of days ago and it made me think of you and how you were doing.
[text] If i became homeless, I’d be totally cool with living on the beach
[text] We’ll probably have some quick drinks and then hit up a club
[text] I am drunk and feel like a purple moon fairy
[text] You’re just in total denial of your feelings and need to grow up
[text] I’m totes going to kick your ass.
[text] I got my period PRAISE THE LORD
[text] They have been talking about meatballs for 30 minutes #ItalianFamilyProblems
[text] I woke up in a relationship and I am going to sleep single tonight.
[text] I may or may not have done something really bad.
[text] I always drop everything for you and you never, ever do the same.
[text] Breathe. I’m sure it will be fine.
[text] Young adjunct professor just asked me out for drinks…do you think he means like, lattes-drinks or DRANKS?
[text] I used think [he/she] was creepy as hell but now [he/she] is hot AF.
[text] Last night I went on a date with a fireman and he took me to his firehouse and I sat in the firetruck.
[text] I had a long vivid dream last night that was literally just about holding a baby.

Zendaya is probably Mary Jane or a Mary Jane adaptation part II

This is Mary Jane’s first ever appearance.

Notice the characters involved. The blonde is Liz Allen. The brunette is Betty Brant. Their are reasons why we aren’t getting a Betty Brant romance because usually when she is introduced, she is older than Peter and now of days it is taboo for adults to date teenagers. Peter tries, but Betty has always been an adult(except for the Ultimate Universe when she is too sleezy and stuck up that she would do anything for fame.) You don’t see Mary Jane’s face. They build it up as, “Oh my god, she is so pretty.” 

This is called anticipation. A lot of super hero movies introduce the female lead as an object of the main character’s desire if not already involved in the hero’s life. Mary Jane does not start out that way. She was introduced without Peter knowing her, but about her.

You want to know how dedicated Stan Lee and Steve Ditko were to her “real debut.” These panels came from Amazing Spider-man #25. She was finally introduced Amazing Spider-man #42. She was mentioned in Amazing Spider-man #15. Comic books were released every month. They centered a debut and anticipation of a character nearly 2 and a half years worth of anticipation and build-up.

Zendaya’s character “Michelle” is not apparent in spite being one of the most well known actresses in this movie. Michelle is the only character without a last name. We first see her after Peter starts swooning over Liz Allen and the trailer is not being subtle about it. It is literally right after we see Liz Allen. 

“But why are they keeping it secret then or why doesn’t she have red hair?”

Because people honestly think that what made Mary Jane so great was her red hair and green eyes. That she was a model. That she was gorgeous. But so was literally every other super hero love interest. What seperated MJ aside from her introduction from Iris West, Lois Lane, Batman’s literal graveyard of dead romantic leads is that MJ had depth.

From the very beginning, MJ had this lively personality and was fun compared to ultra-serious Gwen Stacy or popularity Alpha female Liz Allen. What made her substantial was that she was different from the get-go. What made her memorable is that as soon as you pinned Mary Jane as the party girl who does not care about drama going on, she flips the script again.

She was one of the first female leads in comics that actually show depth. The first in Marvel? Gwen Stacy. 

Spider-man used to have the most complex female characters for awhile. Like Gwen Stacy had sex with several people before she slept with Peter and no one thought less of her for it or shamed her. She also had a hot and cold relationship with Peter because she was annoyed with how much you can count of Peter being late or disappearing all the time. Gwen also had a bad habit of using sex for solace due to her boyfriend Pete being distant, Harry, her ex having a drug problem, and her dad dying. She was a human being with flaws.

Mary Jane Watson, however, was probably the most interesting. Beneath the party girl veneer, Mary Jane lived in an abusive home. She inherited her love of literary work and plays from her abusive father who was a college professor and a failed writer. She delved into romantic stories such as Romeo and Juliet to escape from the hell of her home and became the party girl to shrug off the stress in her daily life. Mary Jane, the party girl, was a facade. Who she really was is the fragile girl so deeply affected by witnessing an abusive marriage that she had commitment issues and refused to be tied down for fear that what happened to her mother would happen to her.

Yes, giving MJ depth and character is what made her iconic.

How this relates to Zendaya’s “Michelle” is that you can’t use this trope anymore. What made MJ significant back in the 60s will not fly here because that is a dime a dozen. There are no bullies like Flash Thompson and Cheerleaders aren’t as revered anymore.

As someone who has to adapt a story that does not fit in the times, what would you do? 

I would keep the same structure. MJ’s iconic introduction needs to remain in tact because what made her significant was drowned out in the first series. So instead of keeping it unknown to Peter on who she is, keep it from the audience as well. And to do that, you have to introduce the character without actually “introducing” her. MJ’s party girl facade will not fly in the 21st century in a world where Cardi B and Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are like revered and celebrated for being that.And it would be way too obvious if Zendaya had red hair because people associate that with MJ and really, MJ does not have to a red head because red headed romantic leads in comics are so overdone.

The structure of Mary Jane and Peter Parker romance resembles Romeo and Juliet in the beginning. Like Peter, Romeo is fixated on Rosaline as a lone interest. You never meet Rosaline in the play and Liz Allen is a really obscure Spider-man character. As soon as he sees Juliet, Romeo becomes fixated on her. When he meets MJ, Peter does not necessarily drop everything and sprint to the alter, but he does show interest or as much interest as he does in her as he does long running Gwen Stacy.

The structure is this:

-introduce a faux lead to make audience care focus on the faux lead

-keep real lead out of focus

-then make the real lead the real interest

So I am hiding obvious tells from the audience while still keeping her character known? Men associate MJ with being impossibly curvaceous. I remember when Kirsten Dunst got the role and immediately comic book fanboys said that she was not endowed enough or something along the lines of that.

 I would be extremely subtle about it without it coming out of nowhere.

I would make Zendaya’s character seen and heard, but not apparent. Zendaya is gorgeous. Okay, no make up for the role. She is still gorgeous to me, but dudes are stupid and won’t pay any attention to anybody unless she is gussied up. Mary Jane is an actress. Well actresses do read a lot and tend to read up on obscure roles as research. Give her  a stack of books and novels of old novels that were adapted into classic, but obscure films.

I already went over 2 of the books in the stack. A Woman in the Dunes is the second book from the bottom of the pile. The third book is the Wings of the Dove. Both are classic movies with prominent female leads. 

The book on the bottom is Democracy which threw me off, but I finally found that there is a novel called Democracy that follows a woman dealing with politics. So, that is right up MJ’s alley?

But why complex female leads?

MJ as an actress resented that her talent was not being used properly and was routinely casted for her looks alone. She always desired complex leads. She wanted a challenge, as any actress worth her salt would.

I cannot figure out what the book she is holding is(looks like a notebook) and the book on top is due to her coffee blocking it.

So we have trendy, hipster MJ or MJ-esque character. Instead of having a bodacious bombshell, we have nerdy, exhausted Mary Jane who really looks like she needs a nap. I really do believe that this is Mary Jane or her adapted substitute. She is still MJ in spirit and character, but not the one we are most familiar with. 

So, I just wanna be clear–one of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed supergirl so much is the amount of shipping material

and by that, I mean this show is so focused on women, and the relationships between women. Like there are so many female characters and they all have such good chemistry with each other that in most other shows, there isn’t even the potential for multi-shipping really

so p much what i’m saying is just bc i ship one thing doesn’t mean i don’t care about the other. like just because i’m currently eating pasta doesn’t at all detract that i will inhale a lemon bar, or think about having a lemon bar for dessert. usually i don’t multiship but oh my god there is so much chemistry between all these actresses that i just keep going oh my god *smashes drink* AnOTHER

so yeah, i pretty much ship all things femslash on supergirl ngl

(also i’m just saying why argue over ships when you can make an ot3 and/or “oh my god i’m not at all jealous of you rn (that’s a lie i’m insanely jealous))

Shiro calls Space 911 “Hello? Why is my girlfriend so pretty?”

Pidge, on the other side of the phone “Shiro, we are Space 911″

Shiro “Yeah but why is my gf so pretty.”

Pidge “Oh my god shut up you dork.”


@thelaohugirl asked: borderlands + favourite romantic relationship

We never officially broke up, you know.
Yes, we did!
No. Not officially.
Well, then I officially—
Which is why I’m officially breaking up with you now!
Oh my god, you are out of your mind!
It’s funny you say that, ’cause I was just thinking, ‘man, I must seem pretty nuts right now.’

Auston Matthews- Short Drabble 90

90 with Auston Matthews pretty please💕💕

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A/N  by Julianne from @write-write-hockey-write

“This place this so big!” You squealed.

Auston laughed at you before leading you down the hall with the rows of cats. “He looks cute or she.”

“She, even though her name is Mr. fuffybutt.” You frowned.

“It is not.” Auston said tilting his head at you.

“IS TO! Look at the tag on the cage!” You said pointing.

“Oh my god. Why would someone name a cat that.” Auston said as he walked down a few more rows.

“Maybe they had a hockey player for a boyfriend.” You giggled as you pinched Auston’s butt.  Laughing at you he just pointed to a black kitten sleeping in it’s litter box. That’s when Auston knew that you two were done looking.

“Ohhhh look at that face!” You said as you stuck your finger inside the cage, causing the kitten wake up.

“Would you like to hold him?” the lady at the desk asked. Auston shook his head and the lady took the kitten out.

“Auston, look at this face! Can we keep him!? Pleaseeeeee?” You asked giving your best puppy eyes.

“Well how can I say no to both of your faces.” He giggled.

“You mister have been replaced with this cute fur ball.” You joked as you cuddled the kitten closer.

“I’ll remember that when there’s a spider that needs killing.” He laughed as he placed a kiss on you cheek and one on top of the kitten’s head.

IKEA - Charles and Erik x Reader


“hello! Can I request a one shot where Charles and the reader and Erik are having a hard time putting an ikea chair together and both Charles and Erik like the reader so they’re trying to impress her with their building skills and they get the chair together and she’s pretty impressed? Thank you and happy new year!!! 🌈 “

(This request is six fucking months old oh my god.)

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“No! You’re doing it wrong!” You laughed as Erik tried to screw two parts of the chair together which most definitely did not go together. 

“Fine. You do it then since you’re so smart.” Erik said, pushing the pieces towards you.

“I will.” You laughed, sticking your tongue out at Erik.

He smirked at you, a quirk of his eyebrow making you giggle.

Erik. Charles said to him mentally. You’re flirting. I thought we agreed no flirting.

I never agreed to anything. Now get out of my head.

Charles raised an eyebrow, leaning forward to see what you were doing.

“That looks wonderful love but I think that’s wrong.” He said, resting a gentle finger on the back of your hand. 

Erik shot him a glare, which Charles ignored.

“No Charles, that’s more wrong.” Erik said, taking the chair pieces away from him.

“No Erik.”

“No Charles.”

You sighed, throwing down the instructions. “I give up, you guys make it. I’ll go make tea.”

You got up off the floor and left to the kitchen. With one single, tell all glance, the two men started rushing as fast as they could to build the blasted chair before you got back.


“Erik!” Charles hissed as you walked into the living room balancing three cups of tea.

“Thank you dear.” Charles smiled at you, gesturing at the chair they’d finished.

“You’re finished?” You asked, setting the tea on the coffee table, “I’m impressed.”

The boys gave each other a smug glance as you sat down. 

The chair held, and you smiled at them, opening your mouth to speak when one of the legs fell off and the whole chair toppled sideways, tipping you onto the floor.

“It was Charles!”

“It was not! You screwed that leg on!”

“Both of you are rubbish!”

Riverdale Epsiode 7

In conclusion:

If Gerita Doujins were set in Venice - realistic version
  • soft yaoi Doujinshi Feliciano: Ciaooo vè I´m Feliciano and this is my beautiful city venice I am standing on the Piazza and it´s so pretty :) you can see il mare from here
  • Feliciano: Hi I´m Feli and - are you feeding the pigeons lady pls don´t do this they´ll- ok nevermind. Anyway I´m Feli. Please don´t take pics with the rococo reenactors they´re fraudsters- okay why did Lud even suggest to meet me at the most crowded place in the city
  • Doujinshi Feliciano: oh god there he is CIAOOOO DOITSU!!!!
  • Feliciano: I cant see shit there´s too much people. We could have met up at the bus station or something but no
  • Doujinshi Feliciano: [kiss] I missed you Doitsu!! Oh you have flowers for me?
  • Feliciano: If I see another tourist feeding these birds I´ll raise prices for entering the palace I´m serious

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Fun fact about roll-up-the-rim, too: it’s typically placed so that it falls into the season of Lent so that fewer people will give up Tim Horton’s coffee. They used to have a huge sales problem during this time of year before coming up with this marketing scheme, it’s pretty genius in all honesty

Oh my god that’s fantastic.

Watching Supernatural with my family
  • Dad: I get why you like this, I mean I could see myself getting into the show
  • Me: Oh so you have been paying attention. Which brother is your favourite?
  • Dad: Hmmmmm....the tall one
  • Me: Sam?
  • Dad: Yeah
  • Me: Why him? I mean Dean's pretty cool
  • Dad: I mean, I just like him, no particular reason. Dean can't make up his mind though. He keeps hitting on that golem dude and the angel