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The Edge of Seventeen Tag: Patrick O’Doherty

Rules: Re-imagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! Maybe even on prom night? Tag it “the edge of sims” so others can see it too.

Hiya! I was tagged to do the Edge of Seventeen tag by @slythersim! Thank you so much for thinking of me ^_^; For this challenge, I decided to turn back the clock with Patrick and OH MY GOD. I’d never seen him as a teen before? I’m SobBinGGG?!??!?! FDjfdkskdfkshfks. OKAY, TEEN PATRICK:

While usually seen with his hair dyed some vibrant color, this habit didn’t start until after he graduated high school, so at this point in time he still had his natural hair color. He also had a bit of a “emo” or “scene” style and was painfully shy. In fact, he hardly ever spoke or even protested as he was routinely bounced from foster home to foster home. If you asked Patrick why this was, he would give a sad sort of smile and say, “People want kids who’ll make them laugh; who’ll talk to them, show them affection, and love them and I…wasn’t that kid.”

It wasn’t until high school when a small family in Twinbrook took him in that he stayed anywhere long-term. It was enough time that he’d managed to make some friends and feel like he was making progress in school, so he kept a low profile, hoping that if he could be of as little inconvenience to them as possible, they would keep him. His hopes were dashed, however, when during his junior year his foster family informed him that he’d be going to live with another family. Panicked, Patrick managed a choked “Why?” to which they responded with looks of surprise. “Why?” his foster mom had repeated, “Well darlin,’ I didn’t think you liked it here…. You’re always so quiet. Would you like to stay?” His throat tight, Patrick had nodded, and the family from Twinbrook kept him until he aged out of the system. He still keeps in contact with them, and while he doesn’t necessarily see them as his parents (or anyone, for that matter), they’re the closest he’s got, having provided him with support, care, and stability. It’s also what sparked his interest in his current career choice…seeing all those therapists, he became inspired by the work they did and decided he wanted to do the same for others, but through the expression of art.

Whew! Okay. Now of course you don’t have to do this if you already have or if you’d prefer not to, but I’m tagging @anchoredsims, @dstarsims, @freckled-pixels, @msmidnightblonde@simovee, @simsmono, and @lyrea! <3

30 Questions Tag

Tagged by @dat-town :D thank you lovely ^^

1. How tall are you?
162cm or 5′3

2. What are your favorite TV Shows?
English: Riverdale, Game of thrones
Korean: Healer, Kill me Heal me
Japanese: Death Note (live action)

3. What are your favorite YouTubers?
Oh god, I have too many… Domics (love him), datjimilly, nigahiga, sakimichan, agnescecile, gumitien 

4. What’s your favorite feature of yourself?
Physical? my hands probably, Emotional… uhm… my empathy ^^

5. Cats or Dogs?
Cats until the end of the world ok

6. Candy or Fruit?
Fruit (peach, cherry, raspberry and apples)

7. Hot or Cold?
Hot (like Jimin)

8. What kind of phone do you have?

Some kind of nokia? Idek tbh ahahaha

9. Movies or Music


10. How many kids would you like to have? Boys or girls?
Two or three kids, I’m totally the mom type ^^ and it doesn’t really matter, even tho I’d like to have at least one girl I think

11. Top 3 favorite foods?
Uhm excuse me but I’m italian so ofc: Pizza, Lasagna, Pasta bye

12. Top 3 worst foods?
CHEESE CHEESE AND DAMN CHEESE, take that horrible thing away from me 

13. What’s something you’re afraid of?
Love, I’m a stupid child ok and love scares the shit out of me 

14. Any phobias?
Darkness? Kinda

15. What makes you the happiest?
My friends ofc, writing, drawing, listening to good music and being by myself in a bookshop or in the woods :’) also shout out at @inktae, @sugajpg, @wolfjeon and @pantaemonium for they can make me very happy with their sole (orl) presence <3<3

16. Have you eaten today? And if so what?
Yaaas, apple pie for breakfast with fruit juice, gnocchi and zucchini for lunch and now a sweet with cherries n cream as a break :)

17.What time is it currently where you are?

18. Snowy day or rainy day?
Snowy, I hate rain 

19. If you could paint your room any color what would it be?
Uhm… white or cream? So I could paint some cool drawing on it, like fairies and butterflies :’)

20. Makeup or no makeup?
No makeup, I’m a lazy girl who has always colors in her hands and touches her face a lot, so NO MAKEUP (only mascara actually)

21. Dressy or casual?
Casual, a shit ton of ripped jeans, cool tees and shirts (Jeon would be proud) 

22. Milk or soda?
Milk (possibly with biscuits) 

23. Favorite smell?
Graphite and watercolors smell <3

24. How are you at meeting new people?
Actually very good, I have been told that I can make people quite comfy around me :D

25. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
… Open my eyes? (Yoongi be proud)

26. What’s the first thing you see when you look at someone?
Totally the smile, especially on boys. A nice smile has me melting immediately 

27. Top 3 personality traits you want in a partner?
Spontaneity, Confidence, Loyalty 

28. Kiss or Hugs?
AGAIN BOTH, even tho I love hugging people a lot lot lot 

29. Going out or staying in?
Staying in, but I love exploring new places when I’m on vacation

30. Lastly, tell your followers something they may not know about you.
I was born with blue eyes, then they got green and now they are hazel… Ok that’s boring. 

I get scared a lot every time I post a new fic, disappointing you all literally terrorizes me ^^”

Ok well, this was a nice game :D I’m tagging @pantaemonium, @sugajpg, @yoongihime cos I realized I still don’t know some of these things about you <3 but only if you want to ofc!! ^^

kpop stans on tumblr.com

1. aesthetic stan: probably got a cute url or smth like … 1melon or whatever lmao …… they either reblog aesthetic posts on their main or have a special side blog for it where they post random pictures from instagram…. pretty mobile themes… usually quiet and nice. probably like using heart emojis. have a nice tagging system!

2. loud, extra stan: TAGS TAGS TAGS oh god the tags, they cant live without TAGS, you either Go Full On Caps Lock When You See A Picture Of Ur Ultimate Bias Or You Go Home, enthusiastic, lovely, and humorous! might not have many friends but many people love them and are too shy to tell them usually, they Scream and They Make Memes Probably, “INVENTOR OF THIS COLOR INVENTOR OF MUSIC INVENTOR OF JEANS INVENTOR INVENTOR INVENTOR”, feel lots of things At Once, “OJYMNDNSNDNSKDJNDND”, usually pretty popular stans, have urls that are not forgettable and funny

3. soft stan: theyll never shut up about their bias trust me, will see a picture of two trees probably and go “me and (bias)💘”, actually write love letters to their biases sometimes, really just want the best for their bias, “my baby…. my cinnamon apple😢💕💞💘💗💝💞💕”, uses heart emojis alot whew!, or just emojis in general… they love them, they seem polite, sweet and their presence is usually calming!, probably likes reblogging aesthetic stuff as well!, probably has some url like “(bias)sgf/bf/girl/girlfriend/baby/etc”, usually pretty protective over their bias, probably well liked

4. the ‘i never talk’ stan: never uses tags, never posts, all just reblogs…., they probably like ur posts ALOT, and you kinda wanna follow back, but who… are they even, mobile theme is.. questionable sometimes, i think all they care about is just reblogging the stuff they like lmfao theyre not about that tumblr life probably

5. drama stan: have beef with everyone, probably have a mile long byf page, and a block list lmfao, they usually post aesthetic stuff and maybe have nice urls too, seem intimidating and ‘mean’ usually, “callout post for (insert url)”, petty and nosy as hell, cant mind their own business!

6. the normal stan: a pretty cool person actually, you just think…. Wow i wanna be friends w them bc they seem so tolerant and nice?, uses tags but in a normal way, like “#oh my god #hes the cutest #my heart”, you just wonder how someone can be this chill…, they probably rarely come online too!

7. the multifandom stan: their blog is….. Everything, a pretty MESS, how can they even keep up like dang…, have so much love for so many people… its great!, might occasionally post personal stuff, probably a gif maker, generally liked, friends with the normal stans probably!, a great tagging system usually

8. the NASTY stan: “DADDY😫😫😫”, probably use twitter, thirsty as hell Give Them Water, theyre similar to the extra stans usually, kinky as hell, probably under 18 LMFAO, “i want them to **** ** ** *** ***”, people probably told them to chill before, they usually dont really care, NOOOOO CHILL, loves reading smut probably🙃

9. the gfx stan: SO GREAT, MAKE AMAZING EDITS, come up with great things you just wonder yoooo how they Do That, probably too cool for you, might not talk often! but they get lots of messages probably saying how nice their work is, are just great people like… thanks Gfx Stans For Existing

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ooh what are your Hunk hc's??

oooh nice i’m gonna have so much fun answering this ok nice thank u anon bless u

- he can’t spend money on himself for shit!! not even necessities!! he’s like: (stares at the grocery list of food items he needs to Survive™) “ok but like…. i have a plum in my fridge at home. i don’t need all of this? i’ll be fine” he does need it. he won’t be fine. lance has started tagging along when hunk goes grocery shopping bc he just won’t buy anything for himself otherwise!! he’ll buy gifts for his friends without a second thought though. like. he won’t even plan on it he’s just like: “oh my god that’s such a shiny knife. keith would love that.” he knows keith has too many knives already and probably doesn’t need any more but? it doesn’t stop him from knowing that keith would love that knife specifically. he’s gotta buy it for him. he’s just gotta. (he was right. keith did love it. he’s so great at gifts.)

- he’s a Cat Magnet™. he sits and then there are ten cats using him as a bed. they’re on his shoulders, on his chest, his lap, his face. he doesn’t know who they are or where they came from. he doesn’t question it. he just lives like this.

- he loves painting his nails and he’s really good at it! he works hard to make them all perfect but he doesn’t really mind much when they get messed up.

- sometimes he zones out when people complain to him and when he finally zones back in he’s just like “dump him.” as if he were paying complete attention. even if what they were complaining about had nothing to do with anything that that would possibly solve. his friends always accept that as great advice though.

- he honestly… has the best puns. whenever someone (besides lance. lance is the only exception. no one knows when they established that but they’ve just accepted it by now) insults his puns the entire team is on them like “what the fuck did you just say? we have a giant robot that could kick your ass! we have five lions (part of the robot) that could also kick your ass! yea… you better be careful… asshole.”

- the true Mr. Mystery. reveals nothing about himself, acts like he has nothing to hide. no one suspects a thing

- he can play any instrument by ear! like he’ll just pick it up and bam. it’s perfect. pidge has had five years of piano lessons and could never hope to be as good as he is. she’s not sure if she should be totally pissed or completely in awe. he can’t read music though

- he just has that aura™ that tells you he’s a nice person that you should totally befriend. he doesn’t have to approach people to make friends, because they all approach him

- also he’ll totally talk to cashiers for you if you’re too anxious. he’s a ball of anxiety himself but like? he’s just “screw you anxiety i’m helping my friend and there’s nothing u can do about it”

- anyway i love him

I made a fusion and I love her

She’s a big nerd and the perma-fusion of two cuties. I wanted to do another Sapphire fusion gem because I thought it would look pretty cute and ohmygod she does. I love her design to death.

Aventurine: Fusion of Sapphire and Sphene!
(story and more art coming soon, might give away or do adoptables like these)



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Is it just me, or does it feel like Jungkook and Hobi don't have very many moments?

OMG ANON ARE YOU ASKING ME TO SPAM YOU WITH JUNGHOPE MOMENTS? Okay anyways, to address the question, I know it might seem like Junghope have very few moments but I assure you they actually have quite a lot. Like suga/kookie, Junghope has a lot of behind the scenes/background and subtle moments that are hard to notice if you don’t actively look for it. Their moments have been more obvious lately but even back then, there were quite a lot. It’s been mentioned several times by different members that Hobi and Kook were extremely close predebut and that Hobi was the one that Kook let loose around and relied on. Now is about the time where I spam you with Junghope. So here we go~

Throwback Junghope they were super close

Junghope since Rookie King Days Hobi pulling him in by the neck ;-; (I found this gif on google images and it’s from We Heart It I really have no idea who made this gif)

This actually happened….

(Cr. @/janice0chung0) I mean come on, look at the stares. 

Never forget Now3.

This actually happened too.

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to the people who inspire me: have a thoughtful lafayette

@halpdevon @exadorlion @midnigtartist @raythrill @galactibun

hope there aren’t too many people in one post :’)))))

edit: i almost forgot a very important artist! @birdloaf okay, NOW there are too many people in one post 😅
Top 5 Ships

thanks jae @ethereal-bellarke for this tag this was fun but also made me super emo

1. Bellarke: Bellamy Blake + Clarke Griffin (The 100)

Originally posted by its-me-her-and-the-moon

okay but y’all who follow me already knew that but seriously they’re just amazing together 

“Clarke, you don’t have to do this alone.” + “I can’t lose you too,” + “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.” +  “I need you.”

2. Scallison: Scott McCall + Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)

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omfg i cried for hours when she died they were my first ‘ship’ i guess they were beyond adorable  

“I know we’re going to be together.” “There’s no such thing as fate.” “There’s no such thing as werewolves.” + “It’s okay. It’s perfect. I’m in the arms of my first love, the first person I’ve ever loved, the person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott McCall.”

3. Frary: Francis Valois + Mary Stuart (Reign)

oh god same thing again i cried so hard when he died even though i knew it was inevitable they were so vital to each other i CANT

Originally posted by stelenaisforever

“Such beauty; such beauty you have brought me.” + “All I ever wanted was you.”

4. Stydia: Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski + Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf)

the SATISFACTION when they finally got together thank GOD so happy for them

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“If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind!” + “When I kissed him, that’s when everything changed.”

5. Kolvina: Kol Mikaelson + Davina Claire (The Originals)

ahhh they were so cute i’m so upset that she died lowkey my guilty pleasure show/ship kol had/has the best lines especially with her

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“And I saw you. I was dead for ages Davina Claire, and only then did I feel alive again. I love you.” “I love you too.”

making this made me so emo oh my god it’s y’all’s turn if you wanna do it and as always anyone else who wants to! @bel-ami-blake @marvilmayhem @bellamynochillblake @bellarkesurvivestogether @spiderdoctor-67 @negasonic-teenage-what-da-shit @frecklessbellamy @nowwesurvive @mountainbellamy @that-damn-booklion @skruprotocol 


Questions & Answers

Tagged by @areyouairconnoimaphan~

Rules: answer all of the questions and tag some blogs you’d like to get to know better!

Name: Victoria

Family name: Putinski

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5′5″

Age: 26

Favourite colour: Kelly green, and indigo blue. 

Time right now: 9:24 PM

Hours of sleep: 6-8

Lucky number: 7

Last thing I googled: “floral mens punk t-shirt”

Fav fictional character: Oh God how can I choose one @_@ Hiccup from HTTYD

Blankets I sleep with: a duvet and a wool blanket from Iceland

Favourite artists: blaaah too many to list so I’ll just put my ultimate fave as @maddox-rider <3

Dream trip: Antarctica

Dream job: character animator or background/layout painter at Mercury Filmworks 

What you’re wearing right now: denim overalls over my Tabitha Howlter shirt, with my grey owl jumper on top (I am ultimate phan-trash mode atm)

Follower count: 19,591

Posts: almost 5,870 (that is crazy omg)

What do you post about: my own art, internet support group advice, reblogs of other nice art

Most active followers: @thegraceofebonee, @the-squirrel-queen

When did your blog reach it’s peak: I’m not sure if it’s reached it yet

Why did you make this blog: To share my art and make art friends :)

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Yes

Why did you choose your URL: My primary blog @geomagics used to be “incaseyoucare”, so “incaseyouart” seemed logical. Now I regret it a bit since everyone apparently reads it as “incaseyoghurt” lol (fact: I have a sideblog @incaseyoghurt)

Countries you’ve lived in: Canada

Favourite fandom: Dan & Phil

Languages you speak: English and a bit of French. 

Favourite film: Dragonheart

Last article you read: Earthquake in British Columbia

Last thing you bought online: temporary dragon tattoo, fake piercings, tattoo sleeves, blue hair chalk *cough* can you tell what cosplay I’m doing next 

Last person you dreamt of: My friend Mars

A recurring dream: There is a large, open, grassy field. I am running across it in a panic because I am being chased by some unknown aggressor. I reach the woods at the end of the field, still running. There is a log cabin up ahead, which I smash in to, eager to escape (not sure what). I discover a trap door into a basement. I fall in to complete darkness. I wake up. (I have this dream once every few years, idk why)

Phobias/Fears: Waves (especially the break point along shore), high winds and tornadoes/hurricanes (extremely violent storms in general). 

How would your friends describe you: Person obsessed with those two British guys online

If you had $$$ to spend, what would you buy first: Honestly probably a house, so I didn’t have to keep wasting my money on rent. 

Shuffle your song library- first song that plays: Brave by Riley Pearce

I tag: @gilove2dance, @beeken, @sarafinascomplex, @koneko-manga have fun guys~


I’d love to do more, but I have too many things to do and not enough time to do them all, so I’ll pause that until next time. 

In saying that I’m also going to be out of the country for the next five days, so the next liveblog won’t be until after next weekend. I have some extra time after that though, so who knows, maybe we’ll get through more than usual. 

Who knows. 

Definitely not Syaoran. 

pro-snape  asked:

Hullo Hullo friendo! I am wondering of an ask for the ut, us, and uf skelebros! Where the s/o has like this really huge family! Like a mom and a dad, three sisters, and five brothers! And the grandparents live with them to! To rule it all out the oldest sibling of the so is 43 years old! Thank you!

Hello friend :D  You are very welcome.  I’m going to assume that the family is fairly tolerant.

Sans:  Damn, that’s a lot of people.  He’ll do his best to remember all of their names but at family gatherings he’ll be leaning over to quietly ask who the heck he’s talking to often.  It doesn’t help that he isn’t exactly the best at placing human faces.  He’s an ambivert; he often spends time in crowds like Grillby’s, and has no problem performing stand up.  He just needs time to recharge after, and of course it’s easier some days than others.

Papyrus:  He loves it!  So many new potential friends!!  Papyrus is!!  Very excited!!  He is a 100% extrovert so he throws himself into your family with gusto.  Any kids love the heck out of him.  So does everybody else, which is relieving.  He really wanted them to like him!  “SO, DATEMATE, ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A FAMILY THIS LARGE!?  RIGHT NOW MY ONLY OTHER FAMILY IS SANS, WE’RE BEHIND, WE’VE GOT TO GET CRACKING!!”  Grandma goes ‘oh my’ and drops her knitting.

Red:  He is having a bad time.  So many people and all of them can fuck off.  He hates them, and they hate him, he’s sure of it.  Why is he even here?  Well because you want him to be, you specifically asked for him to be there, and the free grub obviously.  But he’s passing out as soon as you both get home.

Edge:  He immediately tries to assert himself, making it known that he is very great and superior!  This does not work very well.  However, for some reason, young children tend to love him.  The adults are not happy with this, and may request you not bring him to events any more so as to avoid being a bad influence,  Despite this, Edge actually likes the idea of a large family, though he isn’t saying it out loud any time soon.  The more members there are the higher the likelihood of forming a blood feud, and he’s always wanted one of those.

Blue:  Y E S.  Having a huge family has always been a dream of his!  This is heaven!  He desperately wants your family to like him, and subtly hints that if you’d like a large family like this one, since it’s what you’re used to and all, he wouldn’t mind.  Not at all.  He makes sure to spend time with the kids, gently playing with them.  He’s low-key showing off how mature and parental he can be.

Honey:  Oh shit he’s nervous.  He plays it cool, and everybody likes him well enough.  He’s very smooth after all.  The only way you can tell he’s uncomfortable is the fact that he’s taking a few more smoke breaks than is polite; he suppresses the urge to bounce his leg.  After every meeting with that huge family of yours he needs to take a bit to recharge, flopping face down on the bed and just laying there for a bit.

Bonus Black because I misread US as SF at first: Have you ever seen a cat slowly, deliberately, while making eye contact with you nudge a glass of water off of a table as some kind of display of dominance over you, glasses of water everywhere, and gravity itself? That is black’s approach to your family.  Why did you bring him?  Who thought this was a good idea?  Him and your entire family are essentially at war.

Bonus Bonus Puppy because heck I did everybody else I can’t leave him out like that:  He follows you around like, well, a Puppy.  Oh my god he’s so awkward.  If you leave him somewhere he’s gripping his cup tight, struggling not to growl, or be rude, slowly dying inside.  He wants a family one day maybe, but not one this big!  This is too many people.  He needs to take a walk.

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Send this to the 10 nicest people you know or to seem to have a good heart and if you get 5 back you must be pretty awesome ❤❤ (or don't send it out if you don't do chain messages, you're still awesome)

Oh my god how do I send things though? do i mention or??

@katfuzz @lights-keikaku @unluckyships @naruysae @florbe-triz @notepido @reduxroyal @ap-toxin @dailycupofcreativity @the-nysh

^ is this how???

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HIIII i'm on a road trip and bored :/ do u happen to know any angsty long sparrabeth fics?? :))

Oh god, yes, I live for asks about fic recs!!!! tbh i’m more of a one-shot person, but i’ll do my best!

First and foremost, let me direct you to the Sparrabeth Chronicles tag, where the Queens™ share their impeccable taste, recomending a new Sparrabeth fic each week. The count is up to 35 of the bestest sparrabeth fics, so check them out!

Said Queens™ are also incredible authors themselves, so check out their AO3 profiles too:

My (long and angsty) faves are: 


Vulnerant Omnes Ultima Necat (mid-AWE fic where Elizabeth time travels to the past to say goodbye to Jack because when they find him in the locker he is seemingly dead for good (which he obvs isn’t)!!)

With This Ring, Or Fate Intervenes (mid-COTBP AU where they stay on the rum runner’s island waaay longer (and get up to many wonderful things ;)) oh and also Jack knew Liz as a little girl when she was climbing mango trees!)

The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Sparrabeth Celebration (post AWE fix it, and my personal headcanon of how Elizabeth spent the first 10 years gap ;))

The Pearls Series (well not really angsty, just loads of smut but hey you can never have too much smut right???)

At the end of the world (set right after the parachute moment, Will is dead for real, and Jack and Liz land on an island instead of the ship and are stranded for a while)

I hope this is helpful, dear. Have fun on your trip and stay safe, nonny!

[[ Before I start: This is based on my headcanons. It is in no way founded with any kind of canon or something (aside from the fact that this festival exists and the necklaces have also been shown), and the date is also (mostly randomly) chosen by me. ]]

Today, on the 17th of April, is when the tamaranean festival named Blorthog takes place!

What is Blorthog, you ask?
It is the tamaranean festival to celebrate friendships. It is important to realize the value of your friendships, so that you can treat them with as much importance as when they were new.
This celebration is held to help admit the feelings of friendship that are there, to recall them and remember them again.

How is it celebrated?
The most prominent feature of Blorthog are the necklaces. They are self-made, with care and without limitations about their colors. The common-used variant are simple white/grey-ish beads, but there is no explicit rule to stick to those. These necklaces are carefully placed around the friend’s necks, while exchaning well-wishes.
The basic of the festival is only the gifting of necklaces and then the spending time with friends. There are more activities that can be done, but none is truly necessary.
Examples of other activities are:
- A very long hugging
- Standing in a circle (if there are more than two people, otherwise standing in front of each other), holding hands and voicing what one is grateful for in their present friends
- As it is also common in most earthen festivities, on Blorthog there is very often a cake to be shared among friends, as well
- Exchanging of other, thoughtful, gifts (as in what the other long dreamed of but would never get for themselves). Gifting from a wishlist is wrong though, it is way too shallow to be appropriate for a festival that celebrates strong friendships

There are more activities that can be done, some of which require the tamaranean abilities or are rather rough, but these are the most common ones.

What does this mean for your blog?
Well, if we’re mutuals (if you’re reading this on my sideblogs then please remember that I follow back from @starfirechan and not from here), I understand that as permission to maybe have my tamaranean come into your inbox, wishing to celebrate it with you.
If this ever bothers you but you still wish to keep following me, please tell me that you do not like this and I will make a note to keep you out of this.
Please also see this as an open invitation to have your muse come to my askbox (or tag me in a post if you prefer) and show the wish to celebrate Blorthog with my tamaraneans.

I’d prefer it if there is a sort-of logical explanation for why your character knows of the tamaranean festival.
If they have any kind of relationship with Starfire (maybe except enemies), it makes sense that she could have explained the festivity and it’s date in some talk they had “off-screen” (or even in a RP).
Blackfire would never talk about her home planet though, and
Wildfire remembers the festivals and might talk about them, but he doesn’t know the dates yet.

There are of course other ways they could have learned about it, and I’m open to those. But if e.g. an ‘ordinary human’ with no previous contact to anything alien related whatsoever suddenly knows all of Blorthog I just don’t think I could enjoy it that much.

Please be aware that I can’t reach everyone, it is easy to miss out on a blog and I also will not bother anyone that isn’t active currently.
Don’t feel sad if you don’t get any ask from me, I most likely either have a good explanation for it, or missed you when going through my list of mutuals.
Also I don’t think I’ll manage to get up enough courage to approach everyone that Starfire would like to celebrate this with, I’m just too shy.

Oh, and one more thing!
This celebration also means that I will try to focus on that. Not entirely, I will see to get at least some replies done too, but my focus on such a day will be on asks/replies/threads about the “holiday” that currently is.
Not to mention I’ll be terribly nervous for at least half the day because of sending stuff to people.

I think that’s all I need to explain; if there are any questions, always feel free to come into my inbox and ask me!