oh my god those t's

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Ooohh I imagine Hux making hundreds of origami cranes for Elora. Kylo just zooms them around like TIE fighters.

Oh my god. I can’t help but imagine this as one of those viral videos where the parents do something stupid and the baby just laughs and laughs and laughs, which makes the parents laugh!

Hux sitting with Elora on his knee, his paper cranes scattered on the floor in front of them, and Kylo makes them fly with the Force and Elora just breaks out into hysterical giggles, which only makes Hux laugh, which of course, makes Kylo laugh.

Ficmas Part 3

“A little to the left.”

“Like this?”

“Mm, up a bit?”

“Chloe, after all the short jokes I’ve had to endure, I KNOW you know I can’t reach much higher.”

“Stretch those toes, Mitchell. Up you go.”

“Oh my god! Don’t grab my ass!”

“But it’s a nice ass.”


“There! Right there.”

Beca presses her thumb down hard against the tacky substance, securing the end of the banner to the top of the kitchen doorway. Glancing over her shoulder, she waits for Chloe to step back out of her way - after removing her hand from her backside - before stepping down off the ladder.

Or she tries to step down. What actually happens is more of a slip and fall situation. Her foot gets caught as she tries to turn on the last rung and her torso fails to catch the memo that her lower half is throwing out.

It results in her upper body bowing forward while her legs remain stuck in place, and time seems to slow down around the two of them as she starts to fall.

She sees Chloe’s eyes widen, see the redhead’s arms reach out towards her, and she thinks she hears one of them say something but can’t quite make it out.

She feels herself collide with Chloe, feels their limbs tangle and gravity drag their bodies towards the floor. There’s a dull thunk as Chloe hits the ground hard and a muted thud as Beca lands on top of her. The hit pushes all the air out of Chloe’s lungs in a loud whoosh of breath and Beca’s forhead just skims the bridge of the redhead’s nose, narrowly avoiding a bloody injury.

“Shit,” Beca gripes, trying to straighten. “I am SO sorry.” Chloe’s hands have tightened against the material of her shirt though, preventing her from getting up or moving much at all. Beca manages to crane her head back a ways though and she’s alarmed to see her friend’s forehead wrinkled in what looks like pain. “Oh shit, are you okay?” Chloe bobs her head, but her face is still in some kind of disagreement with the sentiment.

“You elbowed me in the boob,” Chloe whines after a moment. “You’re supposed to deck the halls, Becs. Not me.”
She laughs, and it’s the kind of contagious laughter that spreads almost instantly. Within seconds, Beca is laughing on top of her, still unable to move thanks to Chloe’s grip, and so she presses her temple to Chloe’s cheek and laughs into her shoulder.

“Right, I know we’re supposed to make the Yuletide gay and everything,” Fat Amy’s dry, sardonic tone is unmistakeable over them and for a second, Beca panics over what this might look like. “But this is a bit much. Clean up on lesbo aisle five!”

She feels Chloe twist her head to press a breathy, chuckle of a kiss to the side of her face. And decides she doesn’t care.

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*sweats profusely* I know nothing about beat boxing and I am a Fool


- What. What are you doing, why are you making those kinds of-

- Oh. My god.

- He doesn’t know how to react. He forgot beat boxing even existed, he hardly listens to that kind of music.

- “So, uh…Mc…Where did you learn to do that?”

- He’d be sweet enough not to tease your or anything negative, and try to ask questions and support you

- But he’s still confused on it on a whole.


- Hell the fuck yes, teach him this shit.

- He’d be one to goof off right next to you, trying and poorly beat boxing with you

- Joking competitions against each other? Hilarious dance moves to go with it?

- He will never stop

- But at least the two of you have fun


- What are you doing

- Why are you doing this

- He wouldn’t be negative about it, he’d just think it was strange. He wasn’t used to seeing people beatbox, but he’d be supportive as possible.

- Trying to give critiques.

- “Wow, that was faster than your last one! You’re improving so much!!!”

- That’s… Not what you were trying to do but thanks Zen you tried.


- Mc please stop beat boxing to Zen’s songs.

- Please.

- You’re killing her.

- She would think it’s weird, but sometimes you do cute little ones to make her laugh

- Otherwise she wouldn’t do anything to make you stop, she’d just take it as another hobby of yours


- ????????????

- Help him. What are those noises??? You’re making Elizabeth 3rd look at you weirdly, are you upsetting her? 

- Even after an explanation and a few examples, he’s still hopelessly lost. 

- You can tell he doesn’t like it, but he wouldn’t tell you that. 

- He’d just ask you’d keep an eye on Elizabeth 3rd and stop if she looked uncomfortable.

For @yournewfriendshouse, who requested a Bucky/Darcy/Loki meet cute.  

I give you, the wine tasting art gallery meet-cute au!  :D  Or something.  :)  

“Oh my god, those are hideous…” Darcy whispered under her breath. 

“I wouldn’t say hideous…” Bucky replied, his tone only slightly lower than hers.  “But, I’ve seen some of his earlier work…and it wasn’t like this.”  He took a sip out of his wine glass.  

“No, she’s right,” a third man interjected.  “They’re absolutely hideous. But I was on a deadline, so…”  

Darcy and Bucky turned abruptly to stare up into the face of the artist they’d just been insulting.  

“I’m…oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Darcy gushed.  Bucky simply took another gulp of his wine, enough to warrant a refill, which he then excused himself for.  

“Don’t be.  It’s horrendous.  Why else would I have to ply people here with free wine?” He held out his hand towards her.  “I’m Loki, by the way…”  

“Darcy…and my date is…” she turned to look for him. “Bucky Barnes…”  

“Enchanted,” he smirked. 

Of course!

Leeteuk: “Oh my god, are those my clothes?” *can’t stop from laughing*

Heechul: *can’t take his eyes off you*

Yesung: *gif*

Kangin: *tries to act smooth but ends up laughing at how cute you are*

Shindong: “Wait, that is my shirt!” 

Sungmin: *happy Sungmin is happy*

Eunhyuk: “Wait, why are you wearing my clothes again?”

Donghae: *is startled at first, but then laughs and admires the look*

Siwon: *almost chokes on his food in surprise when you walk past*

Ryeowook: *gif*

Kibum: *can barely believe what he’s seeing but is happy about it*

Kyuhyun: *is contradicted on how to feel as he watches you*

Henry: “I know what you’re trying to do…”

Zhoumi: “Yes, this means I get an excuse to go through their clothes!”


Happy birthday comrade @galadrielles


Maggie and Alex were kissing on the couch when a very excited Astra came through the window. 

Astra: Brave One! Smiling One! You will never believe what I found!

Alex: * angry * Astra GET OUT! It’s a bad time! 

Astra: Oh, sorry. You were mating. It seems that everyone do that very often. 

Maggie: What you mean with everyone? 

Alex: Mags, please don’t… 

Astra: I tried to share my discovery with my Little One, but when I walked through her window I scared them, because she was mating with Morgana Pendragon in the kitchen and … 

Alex: Oh my God, Astra, yuck!! Don’t put those images in my mind! They are my little sister and Lena Fuckin Luthor!! 

Maggie: Alex, don’t be so rude to Astra! 

Alex: You’re getting on her side? But she is … arggg, you know what? Does not matter. What you discover, Astra? 

Astra: A human that can flex her body incredibly. I never saw anything like it. We must recruit her. She is called Shakira, will you help me find her?

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Uuuuugh, glad I found someone who'd like to see Harley with Jerome. As an avid shipper of those two idiots, it pains me to wait Harley in the show, and meet Jerome (especially if she appears around episode 22!). You never know how long I've been waiting to write a fic for those two. Oh my god. Pleeeease. I can't wait.

Yaay! :3 Yes Harley is the damn best! I want moore with her, like Suicide Squad I wanted it to be about her only basically hah because ah she is so good! Also I would have LOVED the Arkham games beyond if one could choose to play as Harley instead of Batman. So yes any verse Harley MORE OF IT BRING IT ON!


MET @thenathanzed & HE SAID ‘DOODLESBYADZIE’!!! we were like old internet buds reuniting!! I’m so happy to have met him!

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those lips! that face! that body oh my God i don't think I've ever wanted anyone more than i want you! i want to throw you on a bed,tie you up,put a collar on you and have such rough sex you'd have bruises for a month!

Well fuck that sounds fun, yes please. Thank you :)


let’s kickstart this blog by stealing from someone who already reviewed this character:

This is Luso from FF

I haven’t actually played FF so I don’t know who this character is but even if I wanted to know I wouldn’t be able to because fucking hell there is just so much shit going on at once???

There’s just so much stuff on top of him that has no rhyme or reason. What is his motif? Clover guy? Giant coin/dish accessories? Cones of shame around ankles and arms? Pizzacutter sword?

The anatomy itself doesn’t seem bad (though I wouldn’t know because again, so much shit stacked on top of him), just the ammount of so much unnecessary detail that’s in his design.

There’s nothing wrong with having some detail here and there, something random in a design here and there, just don’t do this please, oh my God.

AND THOSE HEELS PISS ME OFF! Like, not the fact they’re heels, just the fact that they’re so petite and narrow yet everything else about the fucking shoe is exagerated beyond belief. The tips look like the hooves of a horse and I’m not sure if that’s what they were going for.

This looks like a pain to draw and a nightmare to animate tbqh.

Edit: If someone ever tells you your character is too over-designed send them this.