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ok but another headcanon nobody cares about

Harry’s rummaging through his room, tidying, because he ”lives in similarity to a wild baboon“ (thanks, Hermione) and finds an old plain green tie, which was one of Dudley’s old garments, before his sudden growth spurt. (The Dursleys really splurged on that one.) 

 Out of sheer curiosity, he puts it on instead of his normal red Gryffindor tie, and instantly falls in love with it. He looks sharper, feels smarter, and damn, is he confident. Dudley didn’t have horrid taste, all the time. 

 So pleased with himself, he decides to go to class like this, not giving a damn if anyone says strange things or gives him weird looks. 

He walks in the room, chin held high and ego even higher. His classmates are gawking at him, especially the fellow Gryffindors, the Slytherins are confused yet smirking, as if they’ve converted Harry to one of their own. Snape himself takes a moment to raise an eyebrow at his sudden fashion change. 

 After class, Ron catches up with his green tie clad friend. ”What’s up with the color change? Decide to listen to the sorting hat and give Slytherin a bit of a try, eh?“ 

 ”Yea right, I just thought it looked good.“

”I wonder what the Slytherins think.“ Ron pondered out loud. 

 Speaking of the Slytherins, a certain blond one had quite a lot to say.. 


 ”Merlin, Draco. You ought to relax, rant any longer and someone might just think you were masking your feelings with anger.“ Pansy exasperated. 



”What feelings??!?!?!?!?!?!“ 

“Oh shut it, Draco - it’s quite obvious. You were staring at him like how the weasel stares at Granger.“ Blaise retorted. 

 ”I did no such thing!“ Draco defended. 

 The other two Slytherins simply rolled their eyes. Draco huffed. 

 The next few days, Harry shows up in full, green robes. 







“Draco, it’s a fucking color.“ Blaise replied, leaving Draco a pale pink mess. ”And stop thinking out loud, you’re going to expose yourself one of these times, for Merlin’s sake.“ But Draco couldn’t help it. He just looked so good

The hue of the robes matched his eyes, his glistening ever as brightly eyes that made Draco’s own pupils dilate every time he looked at them. And with the tie, it was such a good contrast with the white button-up for his tan - but not too tan - skin tone. And of course, he had to loosely tie it, looking scruffy. 

Fuckin’ Potter, can’t he put effort in anything he does? Like wearing his own bloody house robes? Why must he wear Slytherin ones that bring out the ever-so-pink pigment in his plump lips that Draco wanted to smash against his own? 

It made him so angry

So. Sexually. Angry. 

And he was staring at him. And he had been staring at him for a couple of minutes now. And he was so fueled with anger at this point that he could just go over there right now and jus- did Potter just fuckin’ wink?

Oh ho, now Draco was angry. 

He took his APPROPRIATELY DRESSED SELF (unlike SOMEONE) over there, furious at the other boy for looking so damn attractive, he did not tolerate anything in his way between him and Harry (Draco was sure he had pushed aside a few classmates, but that did not concern him at this moment) and found himself in front of the Gryffindor dressed Slytherin. 

He eyed the boy up and down, followed by a sharp intake of breath. ”Potter.“ he sneered.

”Yes, Draco?“ He smirked. 



So this is how it was. 

Draco was a burning ball of desire and fury at this point. 

 He could just.. 



 He narrowed his eyes at the raven haired boy, his frustration showing on his face. As if he were fighting an internal battle. He looked him up and down again, his loosely put together outfit which looked oh, so good sending him into overdrive.

”Shut up, Potter.“ He said, and grabbed the Gryffindor’s face with both hands, spontaneously kissing him before Harry even had time to cheekily respond with, ”Make me.“


fic or scrap it??

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What is your favorite kaylor moments?

Oh my god, there are so many, and it doesn’t help that I’m just a super indecisive person to begin with lol but here’s a few in no particular order:
-the “Best Best Friends” video because who doesn’t love that
-Taylor’s little smile when she sang Riptide
-how Karlie “came straight from Rome” just to see her girl perform
-Karlie’s heart eyes, always
-how Karlie doesn’t seem to know where Taylor’s waist is
-Taylor running up to Karlie backstage at the vmas and the way Karlie instinctually wraps her arm around her and it’s the cutest fucking thing ever
-all of the pics from Big Sur because c'mon that’s so fucking adorable I can’t with those two
-oh my god the birthday posts all of the birthday posts (well…except for one…) and the skype date and Taylor’s heart eyes
-all the videos from behind the scenes at the vsfs 2013
-there’s a whole lot more but I’ve probably bored you so I’ll stop now lol


Happy birthday comrade @galadrielles

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Hey there Yuja! We're 1 week away from DLV's in our country. I saw this at our discord meet up channel and wanted to share it to everyone lol 「なぜは"イエッタイガ"を叫ぶ、代わりに"じもあい"を叫ばことができるとき。」

。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 Oh my god, this is perfect.

For those who can’t read Japanese: “Why scream ‘yeah tiger’ when you can scream ‘jimo ai’ instead” (Naze wa “iettaiga” o sakebu, kawarini “jimo ai” o sakeba koto ga dekiru toki).

But just to make it clear: please only do this during appropriate moments of the performance, e.g. during “Jimo Ai ♡ Mantan ☆ Summer Life” and KyanShuka’s MC portions. Enjoy your DVs responsibly!

That said, it’s really easy to follow along with the hyper duo - their energy is infectious and the dance is super fun!

┌(๑╹ ꇴ╹)┘♡└(˃̵ω˂̵๑)┐Jimo ai! Jimo ai~!!!

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i cant believe they have to give away prizes to those boring people just so we can see vic, sofia and made in tiaras i cannot wait this much

Oh my god Martha you can’t say something like that. Those scientists, writers, peace makers have accomplished so much in their life that this is literally the epitome of those years of hardwork, sleepless nights, sometimes even running out of cash, being persecuted by governments or certain organizations and other situations.

The ones who seem boring next to these extraordinary humans are the srf and the nrf, this will sound harsh (but as always I don’t care) but they have done literally nothing (except they were born in a golden crib or married a royal) to be seated next to these persons who are changing human kind.

Tiaras and gowns and dashing men in suits are always good but undermining the winners (and also nominees) efforts in exchange of seeing our faves in tiaras is wrong.

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I love Eddie and I relate to him so much. When I was 11 I made my own fannypack at school. It was white white small blue flowers on it and I loved it so much. I carried my keys in it and was so proud of it until the other kids started making fun of me.

oh my god, that is so sweet! don’t listen to the bullies. those same kids who made fun of you are probably carrying their cocaine to music festivals in fannypacks rn so ……

To all the new Mary Kate Wiles Fans

Hello, and welcome to the club! It makes me so happy to see all of these new “faces’ talking about how amazing MK is, but I feel like one of her best roles is being overlooked.

BEHOLD! Lydia Bennet from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

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This is one of the first roles I ever saw her in, and oh my god she’s amazing.

For those who don’t know, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are a video series on Youtube that is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. It’s such a fantastic retelling and it doesn’t get enough love.  (I could write a book about everything great about LBD).


Mary Kate is so amazing in this, it doesn’t even feel like she is a character played by Mary Kate, she is her own person. A beautiful, flawed, loving person

(Pt. 1)

My Brief History with Feminism
  • Me: I'm not a feminist
  • TumblrFeminist: What, do you believe you should be treated the same as men?
  • Me: Yes...?
  • T-Feminist: Then you're a feminist!
  • Me: I don't think that's how that should work.
  • T-Feminist: God, why do you hate yourself?!
  • Me: *finds good feminists, as well as my own reasons for getting involved with feminism*
  • Me: Okay, I suppose I am a feminist, cool stuff.
  • T-Feminist: Great! Now lets talk about the wage gap and rape culture and patriarchy!
  • Me: Yeah, those still aren't things.
  • T-Feminist: Oh my god, you aren't a real feminist!
  • Me: I thought you wanted me to be a feminist?
  • T-Feminist: Yeah, I do.
  • Me: Well, now I am.
  • T-Feminist: But you're not doing it right!
  • Me: Well what should I do then?
  • T-Feminist: Simply subscribe to these beliefs and don't disagree with even a single of my opinions.
  • I must admit, tumblr is the place where I frequently question my choice to align myself with the feminist movement.

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“Season 4, I knew which look I liked the moment you asked the question. The jacket and jeans in 4x18, oh my God” I had never seen those gifs before because I haven’t seen season 4, but DAMN Paul looked good in that outfit. I also love him in hoodies, hot stuff!