oh my god those t's

probably the worst thing for fake ah crew geoff about opening his place up to the crew is that he realizes how fucking horrible they are at taking care of themselves?? like okay geoff “will drink liquor as a meal” ramsey doesn’t exactly have anyplace to be judging from but like

  • gavin, how– how many energy drinks have you had. why are your fingers shaking like that. you weigh like six pounds of fucking course four red bulls are gonna make you jittery oh my god
  • jack how fucking long have you been working. those aren’t your clothes from yesterday, those are your clothes from two days ago, yes i’m sure, that hawaiian print is such an assault on my eyes i wouldn’t forget it
  • ryan you eat, um, nothing as far as i can tell and you sleep standing up, i think, which is weird, but then michael brings in donuts and you eat six in ten minutes and pass out on my couch, are you. are you okay.
  • speaking of donuts and all other foods and some non-foods: michael if you don’t stop trying to Eat Everything for a dare i’m gonna have to put stomach pumping services on speed dial
  • jeremy you have to stop letting gavin convince you to do stupid and/or dangerous things just because he’s filming it, you are going to straight-up die and i don’t really care how many youtube views that’ll net you
  • lindsay please stop trying to Fight Everything including your own crew, not every situation calls for a knife fight and if a situation does call for a knife fight the knife doesn’t gotta be that goddamn big
  • mica you can’t just go walking smugly into other gangs’ territories– no i don’t care that you can take them. you don’t go onto your shitty neighbor’s property and piss on their lawn just because you can. you’re gonna start a fight and then lindsay’s gonna get her knife out again.
  • trevor you leave a trail of coffee cups in your wake and i’m pretty sure they’re just filled with straight espresso. do you– i mean, we could just get you a rolling iv and drip caffeine straight into your veins at this point.
  • matt if you order forty breadsticks and nothing else for dinner one more time i may have an actual, literal aneurysm, have you ever eaten an actual vegetable in your life
  • ray i don’t even know where to start with you can you even name a vegetable.

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Ayy since you're still talking about disliking character designs, I really hate Canada. Like he only exists to be the ~uwu~ soft boy to America and has no personality. Especially in those strips about him and England after the American revolution oh my god those annoyed me. I don't mind England's character but I've never liked the portrayal of him being the jilted lover to douche!America who just wants to break his heart. Also Canada and America should be of at least half indigenous blood

yeah i hate canada so much too. he’s really really boring. i don’t understand why himaruya made him that way, like, everyone heard of canada, why is he the nobody notices me (๑◕︵◕๑) one and not prussia, for example? many people think it’s a typo when they see this name in history books.

everyone acts like canada is all innocent and cute and omg !! what precious child!! better than america!! but alSO they imagine he’s kinky and all. like, can you not?

A couple of my thoughts while watching Eurovision: - the Dutch commentators are assholes - THAT GUY PROPOSED I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING - okay so I’m Dutch and I don’t really like those girls but oh my god they can SING - why is like 1/8 of these performers younger than me - the girl from France is adorable - also the hosts are ALL adorable

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Do you ever just have those moments where you see something and it brings back a memory you totally forgot? I saw dandelions the other day and it brought me back to track and field day in elementary school, and the Minute Maid popsicles they'd give us as snacks on those days and the last day of school....

oh my god i completely forgot about those popsicles! weren’t they called like juice bars or something? in 1st grade kids would always freak out when it was “juice day” or something like that in the cafeteria at lunch because then they’d get to have those juice bars with their bought lunch

oh!! and that also triggered another memory! I remember in like kindergarten and 1st grade the teacher would assign two kids to go grab a plastic crate and fill it with a bunch of little cartons of white milk and chocolate milk for the kids in class to drink at like snack time or lunch or something??

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d3adp00l? don'tcha mean,,,, k/ill/ bi/ll but minus the qualities that make it a masterpiece of cinema?

Well if we’re being honest, Kill Bill didn’t have those qualities either, but oh my god I can’t believe I never realized that those movies basically have the same plot. God I hate that movie.

so every wednesday you can catch me at the fancy library on 42nd street and today i brought my old ipod with me and oh my god the stuff on here

for those of you who don’t know i used to work at walt disney world through the college program and i was in character costuming and always got the night shifts so i heard the audio for wishes (their nightly firework show in magic kingdom) two times a night like months in a row because the character costuming row was located toward the back of the park

and god damn if the audio for wishes isn’t still on this ipod for some reason

like how i could still stomach this song even hearing it as often as i did idk

but i’m listening to it now because i haven’t worked at disney since 2014 so fuck it why not

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as long as you’re not using terms like “love tube” and “meat pole” i really don’t think switching terms is bad

Oh my gods.  Those are the kind of terms that skeezy dudes would use while writing first person smut for literotica.com or something.


Happy birthday comrade @galadrielles

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remember wally’s porcupine ‘look’ sbgkjshg 

those issues were just comment dire? bless

oh my god DON’T REMIND ME ghdkfjhsk 

blp (before linda park) flash v2 were dark and trying times and it just goes to show how much of a gift linda jasmine park is 

it’s 3am leave me alone but tidbits to elaborate on:
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  • madeleine and bond arguing, later ; she’s more prone to storm out / raise her voice / angry pointing, while bond’s the low growling out replies  ( or that annoying goddamn “i’m calmer than you, honey get your shit together” oh my god those people are so annoying because he ISN’T always the most composed but he’ll act like he is )  he doesn’t chase her down but if she gets too close  ( within reach )  and she keeps going and going  he reaches out to grab her like he did vesper, like he does with her, too, actually; he’s too much in too small a space and she’s too loud in too public a place but eventually someone says something that’s either so complex / accurate / words are hard but the fight fizzle out like a firecracker. the world goes on
  • really though: moments post-spect.re when bond has to be Told when to let go, or he’s too intense 
  • he gets most annoyed when she refuses to speak to him though 
  • she’s equally as annoyed when he’s  the one who leaves and he’s too Done™ to explain how it’s hypocritical / that’s if he even realizes 
  • they never return to l’americain 
  • they go on holiday, traveling the world, he finds a house in jamaica but before he can actually think about it, he realizes he’s going stir crazy and she wants to get back to a stable / routine career  ( i.e. she misses her occupation too )  and bond finally bothers checking emails from old coworkers and she hears him laugh  from the other room because they’re lowkey asking him to come in, “for lunch” they say, “just for a visit” and that visit ends up being a talk about him training / mentoring agents without going into the field himself 
  • she forces him to talk about his time in the royal navy because he won’t talk seriously about his childhood aside from scraps of memories and she doesn’t want to hear too much about his job, and she eventually finds his medals / awards / his uniform in the back of his wardrobe & one night / weekend when she gets particularly annoyed, she’s like WELL, LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS THEN, NOT ABOUT YOUR PARENTS, NOT ABOUT YOUR JOB
  • she brings him to work parties and dinner events / reunions and her friends  ( work friends, not the ones around often enough to get a better impression )  disapprove of bond almost immediately because he doesn’t want to be there but he also doesn’t want to listen to her complain / or that’s what he tells himself; either way he rolls his eyes when they start talking about healthy new diets  and cutting out all alcohol and toxins and etc 
  • maybe they’re not the perfect match after things quiet down but they’re caught in orbit around each other, tethered to someone who experienced the same shit  ( only she’s on his side, not on his work’s, or another organization’s )  – they’re not a horrible match either, but parts of it come from how they’re satisfied enough  to not bother ruining whatever this is
  • it might even grow into something worthy of a long term commitment
  • he actually drops his whole “it’s all nonsense” attitude when she comes home from work and she’s not hysteric but she’s unsettled and maybe it hit too close to home, or maybe it’s just one of those days / things, and he’s 500% willing to actually help her talk it out, or as much as he can 
After the party 1

*the demon family are recovering from a giant joint Piccolo Day/birthday party between King Piccolo, Junior and all four mutants. The guests, who mostly consisted of King Piccolo’s unnamed army of children, have all returned to their homes or Hell*

Frikiza: *comes back from putting Viola to bed and flops down on the sofa* Oh my God… I’m exhausted.
Zarba: Yeah, he couldn’t have had those kids even a month apart? They’re practically quintuplets.
Frikiza: *sigh* I know… maybe next year we’ll space the parties out - and we’re NOT inviting his first kids again, this place is trashed!
Zarba: I think some of them got run over, Friki…
Frikiza: -_-’ Well I told them not to play in the road, it’s not my fault if they’re too stupid to understand. *lies down* I just want to sleep…

King Piccolo: *enters* Okay! Frikiza, everybody’s gone, it’s bedroom time! 😁😈
Frikiza: *groan* Pickle… we’ve had a huge day. Aren’t you tired?
King Piccolo: Of course I’m tired, that’s why you’re going to do all the work. It’s Piccolo Day, you have to service me.
Frikiza: -_-’
Zarba: *eyes King Piccolo up* Hey… Friki, don’t worry about it. You get some rest, I’ll fill in for you 😘
King Piccolo: 😁 Okay! That suits me!
Frikiza: *jealously kicks in* What? NO! Zarba he’s MY husband, I’ll do it! 😠
King Piccolo: *smirking lecherously at Zarba* 😈 Nah it’s okay, Icicle. You get some rest, Zarba can take over -
Frikiza: GET IN THE BEDROOM!! 😠😠😠
Zarba: *giggles*

My Brief History with Feminism
  • Me: I'm not a feminist
  • TumblrFeminist: What, do you believe you should be treated the same as men?
  • Me: Yes...?
  • T-Feminist: Then you're a feminist!
  • Me: I don't think that's how that should work.
  • T-Feminist: God, why do you hate yourself?!
  • Me: *finds good feminists, as well as my own reasons for getting involved with feminism*
  • Me: Okay, I suppose I am a feminist, cool stuff.
  • T-Feminist: Great! Now lets talk about the wage gap and rape culture and patriarchy!
  • Me: Yeah, those still aren't things.
  • T-Feminist: Oh my god, you aren't a real feminist!
  • Me: I thought you wanted me to be a feminist?
  • T-Feminist: Yeah, I do.
  • Me: Well, now I am.
  • T-Feminist: But you're not doing it right!
  • Me: Well what should I do then?
  • T-Feminist: Simply subscribe to these beliefs and don't disagree with even a single of my opinions.
  • I must admit, tumblr is the place where I frequently question my choice to align myself with the feminist movement.

This was inspired by @ironfries’ adorable art and enabled by @nooowestayandgetcaught. Hope you like it, Rie!

~ ~

“It’s nice to see how dedicated you are to ice-skating, Yuuri.” Victor hummed in delight.

“What do you-” as Yuuri tore his eyes away from the content smile on Victor’s face and caught sight of the familiar title, his eyes widened and a flush took over his cheeks. “Oh my God,” he muttered and reached out slightly, “T-those are…"

“I found these magazines in your room, Yuuri, and-” Victor laid a hand onto of Yuuri’s, holding it on top of his stomach. He looked up at Yuuri and his smile grew into a bright, beautiful- in Yuuri’s opinion -grin.

“You’re so cute, Yuuri-chan.”

“V-Victor! You can’t just say those kinds of things!” Yuuri could feel his blush getting darker. He tried to slip his hand away from Victor, then he could step away and come back when he wasn’t feeling so flustered.

Instead, Victor held his hand firmly and tugged Yuuri closer, until their noses were nearly touching, “And why can’t I? Does it embarrass you, Yuuri-chan?”

“I-I…I’m not…” He stuttered.

Victor chuckled lightly and pinched Yuuri’s still red cheek, “Calm down. Don’t worry so much, okay?”

“Ah…” Yuuri nodded quickly and this time succeeded in pulling away from Victor, “I’ll just- and, uh- yes. Yes.”

He nearly tripped twice in his rush to get to the door, “We should- um, go…practice! Yes, we should do that. I mean, you did say I need to exercise regularly, right?”

“Hmm, you’re right,” Victor got up- all long limbs and natural grace -and stopped beside Yuuri in the hallway, “You know- I meant what I said, Yuuri. You’re very dedicated and cute,” he smiled gently and wrapped an arm around Yuuri’s shoulders, “Now! Let’s go get some work done!”

Yuuri let himself be lead down the hallway, wondering how the hell he was going to survive Victor’s- well everything about Victor, really.

He looked up at the man- the one who chose to train Yuuri of all people -and quickly looked away with blush. If Victor was sure that he could train Yuuri to be a better ice-skater, then Yuuri would do his damnest to make it happen.

“You’re so cute, Yuuri-chan.”

And those words…they weren’t something to worry about right now.