oh my god this was so much fun to draw



sorry I was so late for this cause up until now i still don’t know who’d take Navy’s place for the next perilette & paper lazuli ‘episode’ HALP

Here’s my take on the Meet The Artist challenge.. meme… thing!

It’s incredibly messy, but hey so am I. I also put way more detail in this than I normally do. Particularly on my pins and my wallet.



@atrociouscreations asked for something like, if Percy accepted being a God at the end of the PJO series. And Idk why, but this was the first thing that popped into my head and I had to draw yet. I read awhile ago some headcannons for a dark Percy god, and oh was it so good, that I think some of that was what inspired this… 

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ay, is noirclear throne still a thing? that au looked like a lot of fun

Oh totally! I’ve been neglecting it cuz I’ve been caught up in other fandoms but like
since my intreset in NT still comes on and off every now and then, if people still wanna draw stuff, send in questions, or brains storm like in hell’s studio I’m totally open for that


So my buddy @songbird-143 and I were talking about stuff with my Toon OC Wanda and King Dice from Cuphead, and this happened. 

There’s so freakin’ much to the story but basically, her character Song is dating my character Wanda, and they both get into trouble with King Dice’s gang (this is an AU where King Dice basically rules over Toon Town). And then my friend told me that it may be interesting if Toons were interested in Humans as well, looking at all of the detail on them. Same goes for King Dice, since he had never met a Human up close before.

But oh my God, King Dice is so fun to draw…


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Thought for no voltron. Is hawkmoth Gabriel agreste here? Because if that's the case then Adrien's part Galra, and he just can't seem to dodge the kitty ears no matter what universe he's in.

Okay so. I didn’t actually mean to do this.

But Galra Adrien is so freaking fun to draw oh my god. I don’t have too much of an idea of how far @agrestenoir‘s storyline goes but I was kinda predicting it’d be Adrien or Chloe being part Galra? Throwback to when someone asked me what Galra Chloe would look like :3

(ʘᗩʘ’!!) “oh my god” !!!

asks are open! 

golden maknae, jungkook, is ready for your questions! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 


the rest is under the cut because there are too many lmao

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While I adore your art and the frequency you post some, YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAND/WRIST!!! Rest and get yourself back to your fighting capabilities! <3 *aggressively cares about your well being*


Anon said: How’s your hand, Fran? U OK? Are you resting well and taking good care of yourself? Get well soon💜

Anon said: Please look after yourself and keep healthy, you’re art is beautiful and thank you for doing it but look after yourself first 💙💙


and also @ all the people who’ve mentioned similar feelings in the reblogs - thank you guys so much you’re all so sweet and adorable but oh my god it’s!!! nothing as serious as you all think it is hahaha I’m sorry I didn’t think it’d make so many of you worry rip I’m laughing what a mess

I actually mentioned it a few posts ago but it’s really just a blister - a pretty damn huge one, but still just a blister - it’s in a place where I apply pressure when holding a pen so drawing makes it sorta hurt, and to avoid breaking it I had kind of decided to wait it out and not draw until it’d healed?? But as it turns out it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna take as little time as I thought it would?? And not drawing was making me go out of my mind?? So I decided that I’m gonna draw anyway, but the position in which the blister forces my finger is a stupid one and the hold on the pen turns out a little awkward, so (for my own standards) the lines are turning out sloppier even though it’s taking thrice as long to trace them in an even only vaguely acceptable way

So!! This is what’s up! I’m sorry I made you all worry and thank you so much for the concern, but the only thing drawing anyway is gonna do is make me uncomfortable in the moment and maybe make healing a little more annoying, there’s no permanent damage anywhere in sight!

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