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22. Muffled, from the other side of the door - Stony please and not too angsty hehe. THANKS!

Okay, this is super late nonnie, but thank you so much for the prompt <3 This is my first time writing for Steve/Tony, hope you like it and it’s not too angsty for you!

This is also for @captainstarkreportingforduty​ as a late birthday present, thank you for being awesome and for being the most amazing friend :DD


“You’re gonna have to talk to him sooner or later, you know?”

Steve acknowledged Natasha’s entrance with a nod before looking down at his sketchbook. He always liked to draw whenever he was upset and today was no exception, except this time the subject of this particular sketch was also the reason for his bad mood, and that didn’t help at all.

“He’s just gonna take what I say the wrong way and we’ll end up fighting again.” Nat approached the couch, nudging Steve aside to make space for herself.

“Well, considering you accused him of a reckless adrenaline junkie, I’m not sure how else you wanted him to take that. Rhodey says he’s been in the workshop for two days.”

Steve sighed and buried his face in his hands, fighting back the urge to march down to Tony’s workshop and check on him. Two days wasn’t even close to the longest amount of time he’d spent absorbed in a project, but he usually had Steve or Rhodey to remind him that food was something he needed every few hours or so to function properly, and he always asked JARVIS to lock them out whenever he was in a mood.

“I know! I just- you know I didn’t mean it like that, Nat.” she smiled, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Of course you didn’t Steve, but Tony can’t see that. When you yell at him for being stupid and reckless enough to take a shot for you, it’s because of you love him, and you can’t stand to see him hurt, especially for you.”

Steve blushed, opening his mouth to issue an immediate denial, when Nat laughed, shooting a knowing look in his direction. “Don’t even bother Rogers, every single person on this team knows you think the sun sets and rises on Tony’s shoulders. In fact, I’m pretty sure you spend most of your time doodling “Steve loves Tony” in your sketchbook when you’re not drawing him in the workshop for the millionth time.” She paused. “Well, I’m not sure Tony knows. Although how that’s possible I have absolutely no clue, considering you moon after him even more than he does for you, and the boy’s got it bad.”

“He doesn’t-I-” Steve shook his head, placing his sketchbook down on the table. “I fucked up Nat. He’s cares so much about everyone on this team and he tries so hard to help people because he still can’t see how much of a godamn hero he is, and then I go off and accuse him of risking people’s lives for his own enjoyment. I just - I can’t stand it whenever he throws himself in harm’s way for me, not when the serum can take it.” He swallowed. “Not when he’s the person I love the most in the entire world.”

“Wow. You finally said it. Steve Rogers everyone, finally back from his swim in the Nile.” He laughed, leaning backwards against the couch. “I knew, I just didn’t want to say it, because that would make it real. And if it’s real that means I have to tell him. I need him, Nat. I love him, but more than that I need him. I couldn’t live with wrecking our friendship over this.”

Natasha met his eyes with a considering look. “And how is this any better? Blowing up at him because you’re too afraid to tell him how you feel, pushing him away when you feel too much at the thought that he might get hurt? We’re Avengers, Steve, we stare death in the face on a pretty regular basis, and if you really love Tony, that’s something you’re going to have to accept. He wouldn’t be the man you love if he didn’t risk his life every day to save others, to save you. Don’t make your love a weakness, make a strength. Tell him.”

Steve let out a breath. “Well what the hell am I supposed to say, Nat?” “Tony, I’m so sorry I yelled at you for being reckless, the truth is the thought of you getting hurt in my place tears me up inside because I’m stupidly head over heels in love with you and have been for months?” He heard a loud clatter and looked up, only to find Tony staring at him, mouth open in astonishment, his porcelain coffee mug shattered in pieces across the floor.

“Steve-” Tony started to speak, but Steve was up in an instant, fleeing from the room in a dead run, his breath coming in short panicked breaths as his world compressed down to an overwhelming feeling of sick dread. Tony knew. It was all out in the open now – no more pretending that the sight of Tony half-asleep and incoherent in the mornings didn’t send his heart aflutter, no more biting down a flood of jealousy at the sight of Tony charming investors at a charity gala… Tony knew and it was all over now.

He turned the corner, finally reaching his room before slamming the door shut behind him. He sank to the floor, face in his hands. He always knew Tony never feel the same way about him, but the look of utter shock on his face when he heard Steve’s words was almost too much to bear, as if Tony had never even considered Steve as a romantic possibility.

Suddenly behind him he heard a frantic knock on the door. “Steve? Steve- it’s me.” It was Tony, his voice desperate. At the sound of his voice, Steve looked up. Oh god, just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, now here was Tony was chasing after him, either to offer him comfort before having the “I just want to be friends talk”, or worse, to break off their friendship entirely. Steve cleared his throat, hoping against hope that his voice would remain steady. “Tony, I’m fine, I just – I just need to be alone for while. It’s fine.” It was absolutely, extremely not fine, but it’s not like Steve could open his eyes and suddenly wake up in an alternate universe where instead of being horrified at Steve’s confession, Tony returned his feelings so he didn’t really have any other options.

“No wait Steve you don’t understand! I-“ Steve sighed loudly. Why couldn’t Tony just make things easier for him? Confessing his feelings and being accidentally overhead was bad enough, now he had to put on a brave face about it. He stood up, his hand on the doorknob, when he heard Tony’s voice from the other side of the door “Steve, I’m- I’m in love with you too. I’m sorry I reacted badly, I just didn’t expect it, and I was thought you were still-“

His words were cut off by a loud bang as Steve threw the door open, and there was Tony standing in front of him, tired and like he did after he had spent days on a project in the workshop, but his eyes were bright, there was a small nervous smile on his face. He was the most beautiful thing Steve had ever seen.

“You love me?” his voice came out wobbly and disbelieving, but he couldn’t bring himself to care when Tony grinned and nodded, moving closer into his space. “Yeah, I do.” He looked down before hesitantly tangling their fingers together, sending a curl of warmth through Steve’s stomach. And what you said about the thought of me being hurt because of you tearing you up inside? That’s how I feel whenever you get hurt, so I’m not gonna apologize for taking a hit for you when I can.”

Steve smiled, putting his arms around Tony and pulling him impossibly close. “And why is that?”

Tony laughed, beaming up at him. “Because I love you, jerk.”

Soulmates AU; Taehyung

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Summary; Whatever your s/o writes on their skin, will end up on yours and visa versa.

i wanna scream hes so cute

told ya it was gonna be messy 


-when you were 4 you were given you first painting set

-along with a whittley read-along friend

-after for months of having that toy you decided that whittley was creeping you the hell out

-you also thought it was haunted

-but the painting set started something off that would stay with you for a long time

-you had a love for painting

-there was something you could do forever

-you accidentally got paint on your arm

-and halfway across the world in south  korea

-a small Kin Taehyung was eating cereal

-when a small red blob turned up on his arm out of nowhere

-he s C R E A M

-he cry

-his parents didn’t know what it was until it disappeared after you finished painting and were putting your pots and paints away and you washed your arm 

-he discovered the knack of having a soulmate at the age of 4

-what a kid

-but you didn’t know until you got into primary school

-where you were writing in class

-just minding your own business

-and guess who else is in class?

-Kim taehyung

-he was just so bored….

-……………..that he doodled on your arm one day with a little hello on the side 

-he remembered the times that red blue and yellow paint would just turn up out of nowhere

-and maybe it was the same person so he tried to contact you

-the doodle……. 

-and it turned up on your arm

-you screamed in class

-you scared

-you didn’t cry 

-you came home and found out you couldn’t wipe that shit off

-it was ballpoint pen too!!!!!!!!!!!!

-it wasn’t sHA R P IE  MUM      LIS T E      N

-she then realised what has happened 

-she told you it’s your soulmate trying to talk to you 

-you’re like wait hHATW WHAT 

-she just sat there and laughed at you because you didn’t know what the fuck was going on but ok you went with it

-so on your left arm you wrote the word hello

-you waited a while to hear a response

-MEANWHILE in south k

-he looked down to see his arm had a little message

-”oh…they responded?? i’ll write back”

-and boom

-”they’re not going to oH MY GODH THEY REPLIED WHAT

-”hiiiii i’m taehyung! what’s your name?”

-you blinked

-this kid must be younger than you with a writing style like that

-you replied with your name and he asked how old you were

-you responded with your name and you were like oh my god this is an actualy person wh  AT TT TT TT  TTT

-it turned out that you two started to talk a little more 

-that little more turned into a lot more

-that lot more turned into a wHOLE LOT MORE


-you were actually into being his friend

-even though you found out he lived in sk


-your parents decided to move back just after you finished high school

-yeah cool going mum and dad

-and they asked you to join a college there

-so you did

-you enrolled on the god damn fucking plane what the fuck

-and they accepted you because you had pretty good grades and your art was good!

-y/n the art student

-an amazing title!!

-so you touch down in sk and head for your old apartment that you sister was living in

-it had like 3 bedrooms so it was chill

-she was just holding the keys for your fam 

-you couldn’t remember your old baby room

-but it looked nice now

-ok thats cool

-so after a while you got a message from taehyung

-the first one in like a month

-it turned up on your thigh and you smiled as he wrote it with a couple delays

-”anyone still here??”

-”yes im v jetlagged though”

-”wait where are you??”





-you were just about to reply when your mum called you out of your room 

-and you kind of forgot about the message 


-he…..then felt sad ; ^ ;

-cause he wants to hear from you and especially if you’re in seoul then he wants to meet you and just find you and hug you and maybe kiss you if you let him because he cares about you and loves you dearly wAAAAAAAAA

-you kind of feel bad about not replying too and it was a little too ate because he washed it off


-so on the first day of college 

-you stroll into your new art class and just sits down at the back with a nice desk and chair 

-and this dude comes in behind you

-he’s got this wide ass smile on 

-like hes so happy atm 

-he decides to sit down next to you because you look sweet and stuff

-“hi i’m taehyung what’s your name?”


-a smile soon emerges on your face because it may be a coincidence that he has the same name as your s/o wow

-”when did you start art anyways?”

-”a couple years ago…i’m not good at drawing faces…i’m more a natural artist…like trees and skylines and stuff”

-you nod but notice that his smile faded into a small glum

-and you ask him what’s wrong

-”my friend…who also has the same name as you….coincidentally…she hasn’t spoke to me in over 2 months….”

-”oh….well maybe there’s a reason for your friend not being able to reply….maybe they ran out of service?”

-”it’s a little bit….more complicated than that….”


-you two still talked but you were a little quiet

-you dropped your rubber and your pen tip accidentally ran over your ankle

-and guess what

-the same mark turned up on his leg

-oh my god

-oh my god

-miss y/n? miss y/n? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead


-he still looked a little down

-so what your clever ass did 

-was that you saw he had his left hand in a fist while his right hand was open

-so you started to doodle in your left hand 

-little hearts with the word ILY in big letters

-you became anxious soon because what if that mark on his leg was merely coincidental 

-and it wasn’t actually him

-you sighed and waited for it to be break time so people could leave the class while you two waited behind for more work

-on the first day too wow you eager beavers

-you then tapped on his shoulder

-”ah taehyung? i think there’s something in your hand….”

-he looked to you and sighed

-and when he opened his left hand

-he got so excited!!!! 

-his brain;



-you hid your left hand under the table and you acted like it was a new thing

-”whoa..did you do that?”

-”no…this is what i mean by me and my friend talking in our special way”

-”that’s really cute…..because me and my friend do that too.”

-you brought your hand up and showed it to him


-the exact same shaped hearts

-the exact letter shape and detail 

-even the small sparkles were the same

-his face

-he went from 



-( ✧Д✧) OMG!!

-he was so hAPPY 

-you could’ve sworn that he had tears in his eyes

-”i’m sorry for not replying back to you…..”

-”i-i don’t care about that…i’m just so happy that i met you finally!”

-”same here taehyung.”

-oh y’all wanted a twist huh?

-so as well as jumping up and down he also picked you up and held you tightly in his arms

-but before the session was back on he turned to you and 

-”can i do something quickly??”

-”oh sure what is–”

-just before you could finish your sentence he quickly jumped up and kiss you on the forehead

-and you just stood there

-your brain;









-you hid your face into your jumper because you knew that your soulmate was so cute and nice and you loved him a lot wow im soft byeeeeeeee

“hey what did michelangelo say to the ceiling?”

“what did he say?”

“i gotchu covered”

“that was good….but what is red and smells like blue paint?”


“your nose”





Must Be a Better Word- Ch10

There must be
A better word.
-Adam Gillon

OMG I’m so excited to share this next chapter since there are so many new It/Reddie fans on here after the movie came out!! And as always, sorry for not updating for a bit. I promise I’ll always be continuing this though!

My writing is also on ao3 if you wanna check it out there!

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anon request | myungjin

“Ugh, he’s so cute!”Myungjun whined, stabbing at his lunch.

“Why don’t you just talk to him? You know, like a normal person,” Moon Bin rolled his eyes. He paused. “Nevermind, you’re not normal.” Myungjun threw a cherry tomato at the other in retaliation.

“I don’t even know his name. He’s so freaking hot and he sits in the front and sometimes when I manage to get a seat somewhere behind him, I see this cute little birthmark he has on his neck and ugh he’s just so attractive.”

“I don’t know… Dongmin’s pretty fucking hard to beat.”

“Your boyfriend isn’t fucking human, Bin,” Myungjun deadpanned. Ever since Moon Bin started dating that art major that everyone on campus seemed to know except Myungjun, the whole world imploded in chaos. Suddenly, everyone was really interested in Moon Bin which meant they in turn recognized Myungjun as the tiny friend of the guy who’s dating Lee Dongmin. It was college for fuck’s sake. Why was everyone such a high school kid? Sure, Dongmin was handsome. But he wasn’t that handsome. But Myungjun would never say that out loud again because the backlash he received for even muttering those words was ridiculous.

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Fireworks Have Been Claimed By The Gays

Anon asked: PICTURE THIS! (trumpet sound!) Michael Mell and the gang go to a firework show nearby. The fireworks weren’t the only thing Michael was gazing at though. *An AU where Michael and Jeremy meet at a fireworks show* I just got back from a firework show and this idea popped up in my mind. Your stories give me LIFE! Keep it up!

1) no YOU give me life, random citizen
2) this is really fucking cute whhhhat the hell i…fuuuK
3) I know I have other stuff to write I’m sorry if yours has been sitting but I’m writing this because the 4th was recent and *sets off popper* America

Michael nodded proudly to himself as he stared at his very expert packing. Inside the cooler in front of him were cans of Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Coke, and various fruit juices. Right on top of the cooler was a beach bag, it’s handle looped with the coolers long one. Inside were ghost pepper balls, swedish fish, oreo dippers, and Cheetos Puffcorn. He could not wait to get this party started, he had been invited by a group of really cool kids to go to the boardwalk and watch the fireworks. He brought a towel and bathing suit with him, but in all honesty he probably would just sit on the sand and watch everyone fuck around.

As he shoved his towel into the snack nag he realized that he had no idea how he got invited to this. For a bit he had been kinda friends with Rich after the shorter of the two randomly apologized to him for being a huge dick the past few years. Then from there Rich forced him to be friends with Jake and he kept getting swallowed up into forced friendships. He didn’t mind though, just a year ago he had no friends and now six? Shit he was living on air.

He got a message from Rich, he swiveled around on his heels and danced to the beat of music playing loudly in his room, picking up the phone in the middle of the dance.

‘u still pickin me up?’

'Yah dude I’ll be there soon ❤!’


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The House of Beasts, Part 3

Another update. I felt inspired today, and it actually came out really well! Here’s part 3. Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it, and happy sunday to those who don’t! Have a lovely day, nonetheless ;-)

Summary: Prythian University, the grounds where frat houses wage wars and throw the best parties yet. Feyre, an art student and girlfriend to the Head of House of the Spring House, discovers secrets everyone’s been keeping from her for the last year and a half. An ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU, which begins as Feylin then evolves into Feysand. Begins as ACOTAR, includes AU of Under the Mountain, but will focus more on Acomaf.

Word Count: 2555 words

Once again, thank you all for withholding any hate and supplying only constructive criticism (I really need it!) and sending any requests, suggestions, etc.  Disclaimer: All characters and some direct and or modified quotes belong to Sarah J Maas, as well as some of the plot points. I take no credit for them whatsoever

Part 3: Secrets

Once the weekend had blown over, a quiet Sunday spent with my music and my paints in the study room, school came back full swing on Monday. I’d planned my schedule so I had all my harder courses packed early in the week, so Thursday and Friday were much more relaxed and spaced out. Sometimes it was a blessing, lazy Friday mornings when all I wanted to do was get out of school and spend the night with Tamlin, and some days, like today, it was hell, and I had no motivation whatsoever to step foot into a single classroom. I stopped by the Good Bean, ordered a double shot of espresso, and hurried my way over to psych, planting myself in the back of the room with my laptop and my coffee, my fingers hovering over the overpriced keyboard of my Mac Book that Tamlin had bought me at the beginning of the year. A good start to the year, he’d called it.

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Fish Out of Water [michael m. x reader] pt.3

i didn’t expect to do a part three but here we are, babes.

warning: uh nothing rly. like there’s smoochin. swearing. 

     Why were you always awake at three in the morning? It felt like that was when the world decided was the perfect time to crack open questions and let them slip into your mind, letting self-doubt infiltrate or letting the weirdest of questions make you question anything and everything. As if someone had decided three in the morning was the perfect time to send a shock through you, forcing you awake and forcing your mind to wander anywhere but toward sleep. Did you ever subject anyone else to your nightly wonders? No - Michael deserved sleep and Wes would have thrown a pillow and somehow managed to nail you in the face and Isaac would have kicked and turned back over, telling whatever ghost was in his room to fuck off because he didn’t have time for that shit. So you invested in a little journal that you’d find - and shirk off any schoolwork that still needed to be done that you could have been doing at three in the morning - and scribble in, whether it be thoughts or doodles that varied in quality, until something finally flipped in your mind that sleep was a necessity rather than a want. 

     So the journal was shoved into your bedside table or under your pillow or under the mattress or anywhere and everywhere you could hide it from the prying eyes of Wes or Isaac or your parents or Michael - the last of which you trusted enough that he wouldn’t invade your privacy without good reason - and you’d sleep through the next three hours before Wes would start pounding at your door. If you were lucky, you were up and aware and at least somewhat awake without him having to come in and slowly nudge you closer and closer off of the bed - if the day was bad enough, you’d actually fall off. But Wes, being the good older brother he was, would sometimes greet you with your favorite drink as incentive to get your ass up.

     And then there was Michael. Michael who you adored and yearned for his touch sometimes and Michael who you wanted nothing more than to curl up with your head in his lap as you tried to grasp at the lost bit of sleep during your lunch break and Michael who was worried because you weren’t getting enough sleep. It was sweet. He was sweet. But there was only one thing stopping you from the first two, since nothing could truly stop Michael’s worrying over you: the two of you hadn’t said shit to the rest of the group. Honestly, it was decided the night you two first kissed - which was now barely two weeks ago - that this relationship would be kept a secret, just to begin with. So it was kept secret from the group, with the exception of Jeremy - who was told because he was Michael’s best friend and you could trust him.

     Plus the time he’d walked in on the two of you making out probably gave it away.

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Soulmates - Brohm

Bryce was your average, not average almost 21 year old. He had dirty blond hair, and azure blue eyes you probably couldn’t find a flaw in. He is pretty tall, around 6'3, and makes YouTube videos for a living. It’s his 21st birthday in 3 days, the day he gets his tattoo, the day his doodles will show up on his significant others arm. Was he nervous? Yes, but that’s an understatement. He was also exited, the only people he usually talks to are his friends on the internet, and his fans.


Abruptly, his phone rang, signifying someone was calling him. Based on the ringtone playing, it was his friend, Jonathan.

“Hey, Jon. What’s up?” He answered the phone.

“Are you free tonight, dude?” His friends voice rang through the phone.

“Uhh…I think so…why?”

“Me, Ryan, and Luke are going to the Fall Festival thing. Do you wanna tag along?”

“I guess I could. As long as you promise not to leave me alone with Ryan again.”

All Jon did was laugh and say, “Well if you’re coming, we’re meeting up at my place tonight at 5:00.”

“Okay…but you didn’t-”

“Bye!” And he hung up.

‘Answer my question…’ Bryce thought aloud with a huff.

Bryce smiled as he felt a certain cat roam around his bare ankles.

“Hello, Taquito.” He cooed. “Are you ready for breakfast?”

Bryce opened his bedroom door and walked down the stairs, and into the kitchen. He grabbed the bag of cat food from one of the bottom cabinets and poured a generous amount into the huge bowl. It did have to be split by four cats, after all. Cinnamon, Dusty, Ellie, and Taquito were trouble, but they were worth it to Bryce. They were one of the few things he could rely on, without change. He watched as the felines made their way to the ceramic bowl, crunching the kibble between their teeth, and he smiled. It was only 12:00, he still had five hours until he had to be at Jonathan’s house, so he figured he would watch some Netflix. As he was about 11 episodes into a new anime, he got a notification from twitter. Bryce paused his show and stretched before turning on his phone, which was plugged into his charger. Looking at the screen, Bryce froze. 4:32. He has 28 minutes to be at Jonathan’s house, down the street. If he wanted to take a shower, he would have to hurry up.
Bryce darted away from his show and went back upstairs. He entered his bathroom and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He gave a small sigh, weaving his pale fingers through the golden locks upon his head. Turning on the shower, he stepped in, immediately feeling the lukewarm water run down his body. He liked showers, you were just able to think without interruptions, white noise surrounding you. He put a blob of shampoo, that smelled kind of like blueberries might I add, into his hair. More thinking, washing out shampoo residue, and singing later, he was putting conditioner in. While reaching to put it back, he somehow managed to play dominoes with all of the semi-empty bottles he had refused to throw away or use the rest of. They fell to the floor of the shower, making a loud bang sound, followed by a string of almost curse words from Bryce.

“I didn’t even touch it! Now I’m gonna have to-”

His complaining was cut off with a gasp as he fell to the ground, where the bottles lay, water from the shower head spraying him in the face. He blindly moved his hands around, trying to find the little object he would have to push in to turn it off. Once it was pushed, the water slowly came to a stop and Bryce was left on the floor of his shower, naked, cold, and he still had conditioner in his hair.

“I’m going to be late.”


Bryce slid a random dark green zip up jacket on while running out his front door and into the crisp autumn air. He quickly locked the door and booked it down the street, hoping his friends were still at Jonathan’s house, waiting for him. He approached the familiar wooden door, and stopped in front of it. Instead of knocking though, he pushed the door open at full speed and yelled, panting.


The door was stopped by a force, and didn’t go any further than a foot. Bryce was not expecting this, and tripped over his own feet, onto the floor. Looking up, Bryce realized this “force” was his friend, Ryan, and he was leaning onto the wall with his hands on his face.

“Oh goodness, Ryan are you okay?!”

Bryce stumbled up and ran towards Ryan, taking his hands away from his face to see his nose was bleeding.

“Oh my god…I am so sorry, I had no idea you were standing there- I-I’m going to go get you tissues!”

Bryce looked around frantically and spotted a blue spotted tissue box on a coffee table. He grabbed four and ran back over to Ryan, giving him two to hold his nose with.

“Tilt your head back.” Bryce ordered.

He used the remaining tissues to clean up Ryan’s cheeks, chin, and hands from blood.
While all of this was happening, Jonathan was on the couch, practically dying, and Luke was leaning onto a side table for support with his face covered.

“I got that on fucking video…” Jonathan spoke between wheezes, loosely holding onto a vlogging camera.

Luke slowly got up from his spot leaning over, his face red.

“I’m lightheaded….that was the funniest shit I’ve seen all week.” Luke let out a few strained coughs.

“That’s going on YouTube…holy shit…”

“I am so sorry.” Bryce whispered to Ryan, giving him a hug and digging his face into Ryan’s beige sweater.

Ryan gave a stuffy laugh and smiled. Slowly, the bleeding stopped and everyone was calmed down again. They went outside, and started towards Jonathan’s car.

“I am so glad we decided to leave at that exact moment.” Jonathan pretended to wipe a tear from his eye.

“Oh get in the car already.” Bryce mumbled.

He pushed Jonathan into the drivers seat and shut the door. Bryce took the seat behind him, next to Ryan, since Luke was sitting up front. After the car was started, quiet pop music was playing and everyone started to have their own conversations.

“Yeah…hey Bryce? Why were you late?” Jonathan asked, taking a turn.

“Oh you know…a few mishaps with the shower.”

“I sent you an invite at 12:00! What do you mean by mishap?” Jonathan asked.

“It’s embarrassing…” Bryce mumbled.

“But, Bryce! Storytime! Luke wants to know!” Luke said.

“I knocked over a few things in the shower…” He mumbled.

“That’s not too bad.” Ryan said.

“Yeah, but then I fell.”

“Oh….” Luke cringed.

Jonathan let out a few giggled in the front

“That’s not funny Jon! It hurt…”

“I’m sorry!” Jonathan stifled a laugh.

“I have a bruise and it hurts now…”

“Awe, poor Brycie.” Ryan cooed.

“And the shower was still running…”

“You aren’t having the best day, are you?” Luke asked.

“We’ll make it better! I heard they brought a maze this year and I want to try it out.” Jonathan said from the front seat.


Bryce exited the car as soon they parked, and stretched.

“Woah…” Luke said.

Behind the few rides, the sun was setting. Looking around, there were food trucks, carnival games, and rides. Bryce could just barely see the corn maze from where he was standing.

“Hurry up slowpokes! I wanna ride that one!” Jonathan yelled in excitement.

“Jonathan, we have to get tickets first.” Luke said.

“Fuck the tickets! I’m getting a wristband!” He yelled, and ran off into the park.

“Hey! Get your ass back here!” Luke yelled, running after him.

“Guys-” Ryan yelled before seeing them disappear. “Oh well.”

“I guess it’s just you and me again, huh?” Bryce asked.

“Looks like it. We’ll just get tickets and do a bunch of things until they find us.” Ryan said.

“Yeah! Let’s go get tickets.” Bryce agreed.

The boys walked over to the red striped booth that said 'TICKETS’. After receiving a good amount, they headed into the park and looked around.

“What do you want to do first then?” Ryan asked.

“Hmm…I haven’t really thought about it. But you know what we should get? Caramel apples.”


Soon enough, Bryce found himself holding onto a light blue cat plushie with a half eaten caramel apple in the other at 7:00 at night.

“This is really fun, you know?” Bryce asked Ryan as they strolled through the fairgrounds.

“I agree. Although I will say I’m surprised we haven’t run into Luke or Jonathan yet. It’s been almost two hours since we last saw them.”

“Maybe we should look for them?”

“We’d never find them, Bryce. This place is huge. Besides, let’s have our peace and quiet while it lasts.”

“Okay. We should go get our faces painted! Please, Ryan?” Bryce asked, throwing away his leftover stick and holding his new cat in front of him.

“Yeah, we can do that.”

Bryce loosely grabbed a hold of Ryan’s wrist and dragged him over to a booth, shoving his plushie into Ryan’s hands.
He sat down on the wooden stool, and the woman asked him what he wanted. After a few minutes, Bryce turned around with whiskers and a cute cat nose.

“Look, Ryan! I’m a kitty!” Bryce said, jumping up from the stool.

“Have a nice day!” The lady yelled.

“Thank you!” Bryce yelled back.

“Brycie, you look so cute.”

“I definitely feel cute.” Bryce laughed.

Ryan handed Bryce his stuffed animal back, and they started to walk again.

“I wonder what Luke and Jonathan are doing…” Bryce asked aloud.

“Probably scaring little kids. I don’t know. I’ll call Luke to meet up with us, okay?” Ryan asked.

Bryce nodded and they sat down on a nearby bench. Ryan pulled out his phone and started the call.

“Hey Luke, where are you guys?

"Oh. Well Bryce wanted to know if you guys were going to meet up with us soon or what, because it’s getting late.”

“What do you mean, maze? It’s 7:24!”

“Well tell Jonathan to hurry the hell up.”

“Yes, thank you. We’ll be waiting.”

Bryce listened to Ryan’s side of the conversation. He pulled his phone out and took a picture of his face paint, posting it on twitter and instagram.

“Okay, so Luke said that he and Jonathan were-” Ryan’s statement was followed by silence as Bryce kissed his cheek, holding his phone in front of him.
He heard the click of a camera and Bryce pulled away. He giggled and showed Ryan the picture. In the picture, Ryan’s face was one of pure shock. The lighting was perfect too, as the sun was just about to go down, and there were fairy lights behind them.

“Look! It’s Jonathan and Luke! Let’s go!” Bryce suddenly pulled Ryan up by his hand and never let go, continuing as though it had never happened.

“Jonathan! Over here!” Bryce waved through the crowd, and Ryan spotted a certain dark haired male.

“Hey Bryce!” Jonathan said as he and Luke made their way over to the others.

“Where were you guys? We haven’t run into you in the past couple hours!” Bryce exclaimed.

“We went on so many rides! But now that the sun set…” Jonathan finished suggestively.

“No. Jonathan, we are not going into that fucking corn maze.” Luke said.

“C'mon! Please? We didn’t get to go through yet! I heard its really scary!” Jonathan said.

“Last time I checked, Bryce isn’t particularly fond of scary things.” Ryan said.

“He can suck it up for a few minutes to finish the maze! Right, Bryce? Please?” Jonathan asked, getting closer to Bryce.

“But I heard there’s actual people in the maze that scare you…”

“Please, Bryce? It’s not like they’re real! Plus, it’ll be fun! Please?”

“Fine.” Bryce mumbled, and Ryan gave his hand a squeeze.

“Yes! This way!” Jonathan yelled and took off.

The other three boys followed closely behind, trying not to lose their crazy friend.

“Are you sure, Bryce? If you don’t want to I’ll wait with you at the end.” Ryan offered.

“I’m fine.” Bryce whispered, trying to make himself believe it.


Oh how wrong he was.

It’s been 20 minutes since he entered the maze with his friends, and he was all alone. He was with Ryan, but someone dressed up ran after Ryan and Bryce was forced to go the other way. Now he was all by himself, in the dark, and lost. Bryce listened to his own footsteps as he blindly made his way through the maze. After a few minutes, he realized that there were other sounds. Footsteps. That were not his. But what if it was Ryan? But what if it wasn’t Ryan? Bryce was panicking and quickly hid deep in the corn from whoever it was. Bryce looked through the corn stalks, terrified, as someone passed where he had just been. He put his hand over his mouth as he heard the person say.

“I could’ve sworn I heard someone over here…”

A small tear made its way from Bryce’s eye as he sat in silence, waiting for the person to go away. It was extremely dark, and that scared Bryce. A few seconds later, the actor or actress had left, and Bryce waited a bit before coming out of the corn. He wiped his few tears and continued to walk, doing so more quiet than he was before. He wandered around for what seemed like hours, and probably was, before he hear more footsteps. Not again. Bryce could feel his heart hammer in his chest and his shallow breathing came and went faster. He stood completely still, praying that the scary person wouldn’t turn the corner and scare him shitless. Bryce decided that it wasn’t a good idea to stand still, because chances are the actor would walk his way. Bryce slowly and somewhat silently backed up, progressively getting farther away from the corner.
Bryce gasped and screamed as whoever was around the corner tackled him to the ground, and he let a few tears slip. Within a few seconds, Bryce’s tears were falling quicker and he was breathing heavy.

“Bryce?” He heard.

Bryce forced himself to open his eyes, and was met with Ryan. Bryce cried harder and gripped onto Ryan’s sweater, holding onto him for dear life. Ryan slowly lifted Bryce up so he was sitting in Ryan’s lap, Ryan hugging him. Once Bryce’s tears began to slow down, he lifted his head up to put it on Ryan’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry for scaring you Brycie. I thought you were one of those people.”

“It’s okay…I’m okay…” Bryce said.

“Are you sure?”

“I think I smudged my face paint.”

Ryan moved Bryce’s face so he could see it. He giggled a bit and used the sleeve of his sweater to wipe the tears that were right below hid eyes. Ryan pulled tissues out of his pocket and helped Bryce clean up. After Bryce’s face was clean, he put his face back into Ryan’s shoulder.

“We should get going, Bryce. The guys are probably wondering where we are.”

“But I’m scared…”

“It’s fine, Brycie. I’m here, okay? I’ll protect you.”

“Can you give me a piggyback ride?” Bryce whispered.


Ryan carried Bryce on his back as they made their way out of the maze. The whole time, Ryan kept a casual conversation with Bryce to keep his mind off of what just happened. Occasionally, he told jokes at which Bryce would laugh. They made it out, and everyone was tired.

“What took you guys so long? We’ve been waiting for an hour!” Jonathan exclaimed.

“Some…things happened.” Ryan answered vaguely.

“Why are you giving Bryce a piggyback ride? You know what, I don’t care. Let’s go home.” Luke said.

Ryan carried a now sleeping Bryce to the car, waking him up when they got to the car to sit him down. Ryan got into the opposite door, and Bryce put his head against the window. Ryan watched the blond quietly, seeing his hands twitch every once in a while, or see him changing positions to get more comfortable.


“Brycie? We’re here.”

He received a groan in response.

“C'mon. You can sleep in your bed.”

Still, he got no response.

Ryan carried Bryce down the block, into his house (with the keys he got from Bryce in case something happens), up the stairs, and into bed. He sloppily took Bryce’s coat and shoes off, and tucked him into bed.

“Goodnight, Bryce.”

A small, tender kiss was placed on Bryce’s forehead before Ryan left the room.







Bryce’s dreams weren’t pleasant that night. The only thing he could think about was what would’ve happened if the “actors” were real killers.
He quickly sat up with a scream, making the heavy blanket slide off of his torso, breathing heavily. His cats scrambled away from him, scared at the sudden movement. He felt salty tears against the dry skin on his lip, and sniffled before wiping them away with his hands. A loud noise sounded through the house, his body jolting at the sudden racket. A thunderstorm. He was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms. He felt fragile and weak. They were completely unstable, and he couldn’t do anything about it. When he was little, he used to hide in his closet, but he has learned to stop, and calm himself down. Bryce reached over to grab his phone when another boom echoed. He looked over to his phone, asking himself if he wanted to call Ryan. Is he sleeping? Will he be mad? What if he doesn’t pick up? He shakily pressed on Ryan’s icon, and gave a weak smile. His contact picture was when they baked cupcakes, and Bryce put icing on his nose. Ryan had a genuine smile on his face, and Bryce almost forgot about the storm. Until he saw a flash of lightning outside his window. The phone was ringing on the other side, and Bryce tried to control his breathing as he waited. The phone went silent for a second before he heard a voice.

“Hello?” Ryan’s tired, deep voice rang through the phone.

“Hey…” Bryce nervously answered.

“What are you doing up so late? Bryce, you know it’s three in the morning, right?”

“I’m sorry…I- never mind. You should go back to sleep, okay? I’m sorry for waking you up-” thunder cut him off and Bryce gave a slight whimper.

“Bryce? You okay, Brycie?”

“I’m scared of thunderstorms…” Bryce whispered into the phone.

“Oh..oh! Oh god…um. Hold on, okay? I’ll be over soon.”

“Hurry please…” Bryce said, softly.

The call ended and Bryce sat his phone back onto his nightstand. He slowly schooched backwards onto his pillows and pulled his blanket closer. Bringing his knees to his chest, he put his head down onto them. He sucked in deep breaths and put his hands into his hair. Bryce’s eyes hurt and burned, probably from all of the crying he did earlier. He constantly wiped them and desperately played with the hem of his pajama pants, trying to distract himself from what was happening. He sat in silence as he listened to the heavy rain beat against the roads just outside of his house. He tried to distract himself by thinking about all of the fun times he’s had in the rain. How he used to sit on his porch, reading, as the rain washed away the sidewalk chalk in front of his house, how he used to jump around in puddles with his friends, how it let him stay inside and play video games. He smiled at these memories, most of them involving his friends. Without them, he honestly doesn’t know where he’d be. He jumped a little bit when he heard his front door open, but relaxed and smiled once he realized who it must be. Ryan was here. For him. He smiled and crawled off of his bed, throwing his blanket off of him quickly. He ran out of his bedroom, going down the stairs as fast as he could. Ryan came for him. While it was thundering outside. He drew his attention to the front door, seeing a soaking wet Ryan standing with his arms open. Bryce ran into his arms, burying his face into Ryan’s chest. He clasped his hands together behind Ryan, giving him a gigantic hug.

“I made it.”

“I know. And I’m really happy you’re here.”

“How about we watch a movie? How does that sound?”

Ryan felt Bryce nod a yes into his chest.

“Great. I’ll make us hot chocolate, and you can set up the movie, maybe get a few blankets?”

Bryce lifted his head up, looking Ryan in the eyes, “Okay.”

Ryan smiled and gave Bryce one last hug before he took off his jacket and walked into the kitchen. Bryce grabbed a huge comforter from his closet and threw it onto the couch before looking on a wooden shelf at his movies. After skimming the cases, he decided on 'The Lion King’. Ryan walked into the room with mugs of hot cocoa in each hand, and sat them onto the coffee table. Bryce pressed play onto the movie and sat down onto the couch, a decent amount of space between him and Ryan. As the movie went on, the mugs of cocoa were slowly diminishing, along with the space between them. When they were about halfway into the movie, Bryce noticed he was so close to Ryan that he was practically sitting on him. He went to apologize and move, but Ryan wrapped him arms around the younger one’s torso andbtougjt him closer, laying down. The movie was ignored, and Ryan and Bryce just laid on the couch, cuddling and snuggling close to each other. Ryan gently ran a hand through Bryce’s hair as he fell asleep onto of Ryan, their legs intertwined. Bryce slept peacefully the rest of the morning, no more interruptions.

{FINALLY! I FINISHED! I’m incredibly sorry it took me this long to get out, but I did it? I hope you enjoyed this chapter!}

New to Beacon Hills: Part 1

Pairing: Scott Mccall x GenderNeutral!Reader  
Words: 2.3K
Warnings: Mythology?
A/N: Okay so I decided to cut this into parts since it was 6K words and no one was reading it haha. Also the original one ended stupid so I will be changing that in Part 3

‘Okay, this is it.’ You thought as you stood in your new room in your new house in front of the large mirror that is currently leaning against the wall waiting to be hung.

Today was the first day at your new school already two months into the first semester. You moved from your home in the city of New York to live in the suburbia of Beacon Hills in California. When your parents told you of the plan to move to California you were expecting the L.A. lifestyle with movie stars as best friends and it was safe to say you were excited… That was until you found out you would be moving to the suburbs in Beacon Hills. ‘Where even is Beacon Hills?’ you might ask; the answer to that is ‘Gods know, but it had to be freakin mystical…assholes’, let’s just say you weren’t very happy about moving from a beautiful city to a suburban area, you can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl.  

Although you were rather disappointed in the move to the suburbs you understood that your parents like their work as “Myth Lit Legends” which their college students apparently called them, and they needed to relocate for their job.  

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s a Match!

Another day another chapter~!

A continuation of my Secret Santa gift for @neverbetheexpectation

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 3]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s a Match!

Summary: “Oh my God, I just matched with Adrien Agreste, oh my freaking God! Chat!! Chat, come come come! Look look!”

But Chat Noir wasn’t paying her any mind. Because the moment she started screaming about her new match, Chat Noir tried to quickly exit out of his matches page so that he wouldn’t see who popped up. But it was far too late, because right when he blinked, his phone buzzed with an excited message about his new match.

He was not expecting it to be Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Chapter 2: Hangout

Marinette: ok explain to me right now with sources and testimonials from experts why this would be at all a good idea

Adrien snorted and tried to make the texting he was doing in his lap look nondescript while he made occasional glances up at the lecture that was going on in front of him. 

Adrien: you have no faith! the novelty of placing a protagonist into something like mecha strike is super intriguing. like come on. think of the storyline you could create

He sort of remembered Marinette complaining to him a couple of nights ago that she was falling behind in all of her literature reading and needed to start paying more attention in class to help her catch up. But he snuck a peek at her notebook from his seat next to her and saw that she was doodling random dresses and suits in the corners of her pages and writing out the words “ban the Mecha Strike movie!” over and over again across the page. When she finally received his message, she huffed, turned her notebook towards him, and started frantically typing a response, all the while making Adrien laugh quietly behind his tablet. Thank goodness they sat in the back of the classroom.

Marinette: ok but pick a one player story driven game to do that with. mecha strike is a fighting game and that’s it. why try to add plot to something that doesn’t need it?

Adrien: look at street fighter! they made that into a movie

Marinette: that movie totally bombed!

Adrien: that’s because they did nothing with the characters. have you read the summary of the mecha strike movie? they created a whole backstory for the mech!

Marinette: ugh that’s making me nervous

Adrien: it’s going to be totally cool

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Yu-Gi-Oh Cafe, May 9th, Part 1!!! Part 2  | Part 3

Whew, now that I’ve finally got a bit of time to document my Japan Trip experiences, first off, day one Ikkebukuro Yu-Gi-Oh Cafe~!

Oh man, it was super neat and super lucky.  In order to attend the YGO cafe you need to either enter an online lottery (Japanese residents only) or line up in the morning before it opens and play a card drawing game.  If you win, you get a set of seats (1-3) during a time slot for that day.

Sadly, while @tachishini, @magicinflames, and I arrived early, the final spots were won before we got to the front of the line TTvTT YGO is majorly popular in Japan.  However, not to be deterred, tachi and magic lead me to the YGO floor of the arcade (that the cafe is in), full of UFO machines with YGO prizes, and they realized that the cafe sign said there was one time slot with a vacancy.  After talking with the staff, we learned there was ONE spot left for ONE person.  Thank you so much, tachi and magic TTvTT

Cue five hours later, non-Japanese-speaking Beaky is by herself in the YGO cafe on the first day of her trip @v@ Ahhh!  I was so nervous, but fortunately tachi and magic both coached me on what to do.

More details on the cafe and food, under cut~!

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Bring. It. On.

Pairing: Jon Risinger/Female Reader
Rating: PG (there’s like one swear)
Word Count: 2,719 (holy shit???)
Summary: You’re back for the summer as a Counselor at Camp Cock-A-Doodle, and much to your surprise so is your childhood best friend Jon! You both make sure the campers hold out your long lost tradition of summer camp prank wars.

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RJ!! You’re the one who motivated me to get my butt writing again, and this was taken from your ideas page so it only seems fitting it’s dedicated to you. <3 <3

Staff Meeting: One day until Camp opens.

You’re not entirely sure what brought you back to Camp, but you’re sure glad you’re back. Years ago, Camp Cock-A-Doodle was your home away from home in the summers. Memories of spending the entire glorious month of July on the tiny lake, around campfires, and along hiking trails litter your brain when you enter the mess hall and immediately search yourself out in every photo from when you were a camper. You smile at yourself from the grainy photos, attached to the chipmunk-cheeked Jon Risinger’s hip in almost every single one. You can’t help but giggle at a particular photo of you smearing a melted marshmallow on his face at the last campfire of the year which was now known as “the summer of pranks.” It almost makes you wonder what your childhood best friend has been up to for the last decade.

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au ideas: embarrassing dork edition
  • You’re a bartender and I’m the last customer on a Thursday night and I’ve been shamelessly flirting with you for the last 2 hours and the world is very blurry right now but you’re like a lovely grounding beacon of light and I totally said that out loud, didn’t I?
  • It’s 3am our B&B’s communal kitchen and whilst I admire your persistence in baking an army of cupcakes, you don’t seem to be very good at it. Also I really don’t want to get a fire extinguisher

  • You’re the curator of a modern art gallery and I just sat on a stool that I didn’t know to be an installation worth more than my right leg

  • I’m at a christmas function with work, and I’m outright insulting the decor to everyone I meet. Turns out it’s your house, and I’m only slightly sorry because who in their right mind has curtains that colour.. wait your Grandma made them oh no 

  • You’re the cute customer that always buys the same coffee each day, and I’m the barista who doodles on your coffee cup but I accidentally gave you the wrong order in rush hour and turns out you’re highly allergic to nuts oh god im so sorry

  • I’m the history student who slammed into you with 5 textbooks and I think I accidentally picked up your thesis and I’m sorry I made you miss the draft deadline but it’s really, really good writing!!

  • I’m waiting for the next train with my headphones blaring music & I’ve just turned around to see you on your knees with guitar and tears down your face and looking at me to answer. I’m so sorry I have no idea who you are and I think I just missed my own mistaken marriage proposal & I’m so sorry for you

  • I’m the new student in your dance class, and because we have an odd number, you have to do all the demonstrations with me and I’ve just landed really heavily on your toes and I might not know dance, but I do know that crunch sound was not good..

  • I’m a training nurse in A&E, and you’re sitting on a bench sobbing, and after a good hour of offering comfort, turns out you accidentally sat on your brother’s finger and sprained it, and now we both feel a little silly

  • I’m dressed as half an OTP at comic-con, you’re the other half, and we keep running into each other around the stalls and we keep getting asked to kiss which would be totally fine if you weren’t the most attractive person I’ve ever laid eyes on

  • I’m the Keeper in the Quidditch National Final, and you’re the commentator who keeps flirting with me over the microphone so in half-time I go up to the commentator’s booth to ask you out but it turns out the cameras were still running and the entire nation just saw us make out oh no

  • I’m your biggest competition in the Great British Bake Off and there’s no way I’m letting you get all the praise from Mary Berry so I’m spiking all my cakes with rum, how do you like them apples? Wait… we’ve used the same recipe… the producers are going to love this - let’s get Mary Berry tipsy

  • I’m a primary school teacher and you’re the OFSTED inspector I flirted with at the bar last weekend whilst trash-talking my job oh my god what have I done

  • I’m a journalist covering the local dance show, and you’re one of the lead dancers but you’re gorgeous and I’ve fluffed all my questions and in my embarassed haste to leave I step on your pointe shoes and you don’t have a spare pair & I’ve ruined the show tonight oh dear 

  • You’re talking about Game of Thrones with your friend on the bus, and I’m in the seat behind you, dying inside, because I haven’t caught up yet and what do you mean Jon Snow might be dead
    Alternatively, I’m smug as you like because I’m reading the final few pages of Dance with Dragons and you have no idea how wrong you are

  • I’m late for a meeting as I leg it through the park, and I’ve just collided straight into you and your child & I’m buying you apology replacement ice-cream

  • We’re at a festival parade and your lovely homemade flowercrown is shedding flowers, so I’m picking them up to return them to you at the next corner

  • I’m working the graveyard shift at a corner shop & I’m highly amused by the bedraggled customer buying frozen onion rings, bubble bath, half a basket of chocolate, matches, and the 50 Shades of Grey paperback - I admire your eclectic taste

  • I’m buying the weirdest stuff at past midnight in the local shop, and you’re the cute cashier whom I recognise from my English class oh my god why

  • I’m on the subway with 3 huge canvases of art that I’m submitting to the local gallery and you’ve fallen asleep against one but this is my stop

  • I’m the tired retail worker & you’re the cute customer I’ve been flirting with for a while and I made you laugh so hard you knocked over a display at the end of the isle & now you have to buy 30 dented cans of sliced peaches and your blush is just the cutest
🔷 The Notebook

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Summary: Jimin finds your notebook in the train which is very important to you. He tries to give it back and also help you. 

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: angst (mention of blood, drugs and depression ) / fluff 

Words: 3 511

A/N: Hope you like it. I apologize for any grammatical errors.

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Tutor Love (Chapter 2)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Words: 3048

Pairings: taehyung x reader

Genre: fluff

Summary: You are a writer, Taehyung’s a math magician. He is forced to tutor you and things get a little crazy throughout the sessions. You find yourself falling for someone you never thought you would fall for in a million years.

Chapter 1
 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

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Ok…I’ve got 20 min before church ends. I’m in the back pew & God and I already talked out our shit 15 min ago. Padre is lulling me to sleep with some talk about being prideful as a Latino…I don’t know enough Spanish to put it all together and since I’m not Latino, I’m gonna check out and dick off on tumblr.
Seems appropriate.

(I am officially the #1 Iggy Milkovich fan. Step to that fact.)

Iggy is jolted awake by the slam stop of the L - everyone bustles out of the train as the young Milkovich wipes his eyes and pops 3 Valium. As he exits, a PETA protestor accosts him for support to her cause: “Stop make-up testing on chimps! It’s cruel!” reads the flyer being shoved in his face. “Sure makes it easier to beat off to monkeys tho, huh?” Iggy utters as he starts to eat the flyer.

Iggy crosses the street to the United Center, where today, the game show JEOPARDY is filming their Mid-West Regional. “What the fuck is this shit?” Iggy audibly asks nobody. “Jeopardy, man. Smart ass peeps taking a quiz to win butt loads of cash.” replies a hipster college kid. “Shut up. No one asked you shit.” Iggy snaps and turns back to the giant JEOPARDY billboard hanging above the United Center’s West gate. Thinking, as easily as it’s capable for him, Iggy walks towards the gate.

Iggy quickly enters the line and while side stepping, sometimes physically moving egg heads out of his way, he proceeds to the front. He is met by a prissy bitch with glasses and headset, holding a clipboard. “How can I help you?” she asks hesitantly, as she clocks his dirty, torn clothes and unwashed hair. “Jeperdy.” is his expectant response. “Ok…umm…what is your name?” as she goes down to her clipboard to pretend to look for it.
“Lip.” says Iggy, with a self satisfied smile. “No lip, I was merely asking a question.” she quickly spouts. “Bitch. My name is Lip.”
“Oh, I apologize. What is your last name?” as she rifles through her pages. Fuck, what is that ginger fuck family name? Iggy is pressing his mind for the answer…until “FRANK!” “Your name is ‘Lip Frank’?” she sarcastically queries.
“Did I stutter?” Iggy asks menacingly as he evaporates her personal space by his. She begins to quake with fear. “Let me call my 1st AD.” As she yaps into her XBox microphone, Iggy sees the list. PHILLIP GALLAGHER. Gallagher, yea, like that twat who takes a giant hanmer to the watermelons, right? Makes sense, that whole fam is fucked. That shit head’s name is Phillip? What a fag.
“That’s my middle name. My full name is Phillip Frank Gallagher.” he proudly professes. “Oh. Welcome Phillip. Can I see your ID?” she knowingly requests. Fuck this. “You can let me pass or I can start breaking things. I choose to start with your neck.” he answers, completely nonchalant, as if he was at a fucking tea party. The young coordinator says nothing as she clocks his knuckle tatts and moves out of his path.

Iggy hears much noise and commotion, nothing like WWE RAW or SMACKDOWN but loud enough, as he enters to see a giant stage with audience, cameras, tvs, and a whole slew of wires and cables. He quickly wraps 4 HDMI cables around his waist and pulls his shirt back over them. Fuckin thief. He walks onto the stage and a pompous tool yells “Hey! No crew on stage! Get your grips off my set, Ronald!” Iggy goes straight at him. “Shut the fuck up with your ruckus; I’m 'Phil-Lip’ Gallagher. Where’s the money?” “You’re a contestant?” the AD asks with doubt. Iggy jolts into himself, forgetting his guise “I’m a fucking Milkovich. Where. Is. The. Goddamn Money?”

Absolute Silence.

Iggy turns to a pale white faced audience with wide eyes staring right at him. He lets go of the AD’s blazer and mockingly dusts off his lapels. “When do we start?” Iggy asks with an awkward nicety. Taken aback, the AD composes himself and says “5 minutes, Mr. Milkagher; is this what you’re wearing? Uh, please enjoy kraft services, we will come get you to start.” Right then, Iggy heads off for that sprawl of donuts and coffee cake in the distance.

After stuffing his face (and vest pockets) with food, he finds a spot to sit. ALEX TRIBECK reads in cool font on a nice leather weirdo chair. Good enough, he thinks as he plops down to finish off 2 more danishes. “Excuse me, you’re in my chair.” comes a stick-in-the-ass voice from behind Iggy. He turns to see the host of Jeopardy staring bullets into him. “And I should give a fuck, why?” Iggy volleys. Mr. Tribeck is at a loss and after a beat, leaves to prep somewhere else.

“Mr. Gallagher, we’re ready for you.” Iggy just stares at the AD. Oh, right, shit. “Yea, cool your jets.” He eyes the orange juice. “Gonna grab some OJ.” He (not hiding it at all) opens his flask and dumps all of its tequila into the OJ ½ gallon and downs the ¾ full bottle in one stance, then proceeds to the AD. “Ok, now what?” Iggy is led to his podium and told to write his name on the screen. The rules and etiquette are then explained to him as he isn’t listening at all.

“Quiet on the set!” shouts the AD, “We go in 5, 4, 3……” Corny music blares and the audience erupts into applause. Iggy is dumbfounded by this spectacle. That guy bitching about his chair enters across the stage and starts addressing the audience & then the contestants. Iggy now realizes he stands between an overweight black guy with horn rimmed glasses, smelling of Brut, and an old white lady that had to be older than death. Where the fuck am I, he thinks.

“Welcome Margerie, tell us about yourself, please.” says Alex. “I’m from Ashland, I’m 82 and sharp as a whistle!” Margerie responds with energy. She’s way too excited to still be breathing. And 'sharp as a whistle’? My god. “You seem to be, good luck!” yaps Alex, “And, Phillip…” - we now see that Iggy’s name screen reads: LIP GALAGGER LIKES GUYS (w/a crude penis doodle underneath) - “…tell us a little bit about what you do for a living?” “Fuck bitches; get money.” is Iggy’s auto reply.

Awkward silence, as the AD is whipping his finger in a circle to keep going. (FCC will bleep the cussing)

“Charming, Phillip. - Mr. Williams, you’re a professor and our 4 week return champion, congratulations. Anything to expound?” as Alex regains form & pace. “Happy to be representing Northwestern University African Studies, Alex.” says the portly man to Iggy’s right. “NWU is here in Chicago, guy.” Iggy corrects him. Mr. Williams refuses to acknowledge Iggy’s idiocy. “Wonderful! Let’s start JEOPARDY!” as Alex then reveals today’s categories. Iggy yawns, what the fuck is '16th century sonnets’?
“Our last category is 'Fatal Accidents’ - hey, that’s what my dad calls me. Iggy feels falsely confident in that category. "Ken, we will start with you, as the champion.” says Alex. “I will go with 'Ancient Philosophies’ for 400, Alex.” says the professor. “Aristotle held communion to teach this very important philosophy to the young men of Greece.” states Alex. “What is existentialism.” says the professor. “I’m sorry, that is incorrect, Ken.” replies Alex after a dunce noise is sounded. “What is individualism.” says Margerie. “Also incorrect.” comes Alex. Fuck it. Iggy hits his button. “Uh…whoever smelt it, dealt it.” answers Iggy. There are a few scarce laughs from the audience. “Sorry, that is incorrect, Mr. Gallagher. And you must answer in the form of a question.” says Alex. “What?” asks Iggy. “Exactly.” says Alex, not wanting to waste anymore time. Fuck did I miss here? he thinks.

35 min later.

“Ken, you lead with 8,600 - followed by Margerie with 6,400 - and lastly, Phillip with -14,800. Time for Final Jeopardy. We will allow you, Phillip, to choose the category.” says Alex. “Fuckin finally, shit.” snorts Iggy. He is clearly frustrated. “Fatal Accidents.” he demands. “For how much?” asks Alex. “A grand.” snaps Iggy. “Ok, Fatal Accidents for 1,000: This royalty was killed in a car crash, involving paparazzi in 1994.” states Alex. Iggy is quick to buzz in with “Princess Fucking Diana, man!” He knows he’s right this time. “You are correct, Phillip, but once again, no points for not answering in the form of a question.” sighs the host.

Without time to process, Iggy launches himself from his podium and tackles Alex Tribeck to the floor, pummeling him with his fists. “Fuck you! It was Princess Die, you fucking fuck! I’m right!!” Iggy screams, as we see him strangle Alex with one of his stolen cables. As security rush the stage, the house lights come up and everyone watches in horror as Iggy punches off 2 guards, kicks Alex hard one last time in the rib cage, “Bitch.”

He gauges his situation. Shit, gotta escape. He spots a petroleum tank under a cart of hot food. Bingo. He rushes to pull it out, breaking it’s nozzle, now spewing gas into the air. Using it as a shield, he dashes to the exit. As he kicks open the door, alarms sound. He turns back to see over 20 security personnel heading at him. He throws the gas tank and removes his Zippo from his back pocket. Flicks it aflame & tosses it in the tank’s wake. He ducks out the door and books down the alleyway as his backdrop is ignited by explosion.

2 hours later. Southside.

Iggy looks even more ragged than usual as he turns the street corner. Lip is making his way up the same street. “Fuck happened to you, Iggy?” he asks with genuine concern. “Fuck off Phil-Lip. Couldn’t even win Jeopardy, stupid.” replies Iggy as he sulks past Lip. Lip is left beyond confused. “For fuck’s sake with you Milkovich degenerates! Your whole family is fucking nuts!” yells Lip. “Yea? We got dicks too! I think Mandy’s still got yours and Mickey now holds 2. You’re welcome to suck on mine, you dumb genius piece of shit!” slams Iggy. He continues home with a small smirk as he unwinds the 3 other HDMI cables and the 2 wallets he swiped, enjoying a flattened muffin from his vest pocket.

The End. =)

Destructive Lies - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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A/N: I completely threw off my sleeping schedule to get this out for you guys. It’s 12:17 AM where I am. You’re welcome. a/n: part 2 - it is currently 12:36 and i want to cry. good night.

Prompts (1 , 2 pls specify which list): “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.” “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.” and “There was never a choice.”

Warnings: Angst, takeout Chinese food, Christmas, Poptarts, and words, a lot of words (not any language tho)

Words: 2365

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The art of the body - Chapter 2

Reader x Hoseok

Warnings: Swearing, sexual harassment (I think, nothing extreme)

Words: 2,301

Chapters: 1 , 3


“So class, that’s it for today, you can leave 5 minutes earlier”, the class cheered as they got to leave this hellhole earlier, the students rushed out as quick as they could. I packed my bags and was about to walk out with Jungkook until, “(y/n)”, I sighed before turning to face Mr Jung, “yes?”, “yes sir”, he corrected, “and you have detention you’re not going anywhere, if you refuse I’m sure the headteacher won’t mind speaking to you”. Oh god, he really did hate me after less than 24 hours, “I’ll go pick up the twins and food”, I thanked him and kissed his cheek before he walked off.

I sat down at my place and got out my earphones and put them on, playing Miguel’s simple thing’s. I began doodling on a piece of paper and due to my music being loud, I didn’t hear Mr Jung.

“(y/n) are you listening?”, he asked as he was marking, he looked up and noticed my headphones. “No music allowed put it away”, he said as he took out my left earphone, I groaned, the music was probably the only thing that would get me through this hour. “Now would you like to tell me why you left yesterday when I was talking to you”, I continued to doodle, “because I had things to do”, “such as…?”, “none of your fucking business”, I was getting irritated with his questions and him. “Don’t you dare swear and answer my question!”, he raised his voice, it wasn’t very loud, but still made me jump, “i do not have to answer you damn question if I don’t want to!”, I screamed back, standing up. Then I realised how much taller he was than me, I was only around 5 foot. “Who do you think you are? Just because you’re a teacher in this shithole does not mean you have authority over me”, I spat out through my teeth, I had already had enough of this man after a day!

I was waiting for him to shout back and give me like a month in detention, but it never happened. Instead something completely unexpected happened. Mr Jung kissed me. His hands were cupping my face and lifting it up so he could reach my lips. I responded to the kiss, but after a few seconds I realised what I was doing.

“Stop”, I said as I pushed him off me, my face was flushed. “(y/n)-”, “I-i-i need to go”, my voice was unstable as I was still shocked at everything that just happened.

I arrived home, slamming the door shut and leaning against it. I closed my eyes, “oh god what am I going to do…”, I said to myself, “what are you going to do about what?”, I jumped at the voice of my mother, why was she home? “Oh erm…Just school work”, I said and moved away from the door, dropping my backpack and kicking off my shoes. “O-okay, erm…Aidan and Dina are having their dinner with Jungkook, in the kitchen and here”, I was confused when she handed me a small stack of money, didn’t she give me money yesterday?

“I know you must be stressing over school and looking after the kids, so here’s something”, “I don’t want-”, “just take it please, get yourself some clothes or makeup or whatever you want”, she shoved the money into my hand, just then a car horn came from outside, “I’ll see you later”. My mother kissed my forehead before she made her way outside to her new man.

I locked the door and made my way into the kitchen, as I was walking I counted the money she gave me. She handed me £100!?, to some people it may not seem to be a lot, but for me it was. I put the money in my skirt pocket and e there’s the kitchen, to see Kookie and the twins. “Hey”, I said as I kissed Dona and Aidan on their heads and Jungkook on his cheek, “(y/n)!, Kookie got us toys”, I gave Jungkook a shove, he knew I hated him spending money on things for the twins. “Oh did he now?, What did he get you?”, the twins went on to tell me about how Jungkook got them the 1000 piece Lego set and the dolls that they wanted.

After dinner I got the twins settled in front of the TV and helped Jungkook clean up the kitchen, “you know you didn’t have to get the twins the toys”, “I know, but I wanted to”, I dropped the cloth i was using to clean the table and sighed, “yeah that’s the problem, you always want to get them things, just wasting your money, do something that will benefit you with it”. Jungkook moved from the sink, drying his hands and came and wrapped his arms around me, “don’t get upset, I know you don’t like me getting them stuff, but it makes me happy seeing them happy. So please don’t get annoyed with me”, his chin was resting on my shoulder and he gave me his puppy dog face which made me giggle, “I’m not annoyed, just stop spending so much okay?”, “Okay”.

After the twins went to bed I got Jungkook to stay the night. Once he rang his parents, he got comfortable with me on the sofa. I slept on the sofa as well we didn’t have enough rooms, and storing my clothes wasn’t much of a problem as I didn’t have much so I shared a wardrobe with Dina. The sofa pulled out into a bed, thankfully. We both got comfortable under the covers, I layed on my side and Jungkook was behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist, his chest flush against my back. For most people doing this with your bestfriend seemed weird, but for me and Jungkook we both enjoyed it, it was a way of comfort for the both of us.

Jungkook was half asleep whereas I couldn’t shut mine. “Kookie?”, U whispered hoping he would hear, he hummed in response, “c-can I ask you something”, he hummed again. “What would you do if like…”, I thought about how to phrase it, “someone does something they’re not supposed to for legal reasons”, “what?”, he was confused by what I said, “like say if a teacher does something inappropriate with a student”. When I said this Jungkook instantly got up and rested on his forearm, but the other arm was still wrapped around my waist, “why? Has something happened (y/n)?”, I widened my eyes to make it seemed as if I was shocked at what he said, “what?!NO?! I’m just curious, gosh”, Jungkook let out a relieved ‘oh’, before laying back down and pulling me into him. “Well if it was happening I would tell the teacher and student to stop as it’s wrong and the teacher could just be taking advantage and the same back”, he paused before speaking up again, “but if it was a teacher doing it to you…oh god someone would have to hold me back because I swear to god I would kill that teacher”.

Last night told me that I was definitely not telling Jungkook what Mr Jung did. I was glad that I didn’t have art today, otherwise I would have missed a full day of school. I was going to miss today because I could have ran into him, but I took my chances and Thank God I didn’t see him once today. I also skipped detention, but told Jungkook I was staying so he was currently looking after the twins.

I was at the park, it was pretty far from home, but it had an amazing view. I was enjoying the view, not thinking about anything, until it began to fucking rain and I didn’t bring my coat as the weather woman told me it was going to be warm all day, with no chance of showers. Bullshit!

I got up and began running to the closest bus stop which was 5 minutes away. I waited under the shelter for a bus, hoping it would come soon, as of right now it was way too cold and because it got dark earlier, it was creepy.

It had been 10 minutes and the bus still haven’t arrived and as for the rain, that just got heavier. I sat down in the bench, hugging myself and that’s when I heard footsteps steps and voices. I looked in the direction of the voices to see a group of about 4 guys, in jackets or hoodies and were all wearing hats. I prayed they wouldn’t come to the bus stop, but I was unfortunate as they all piled into the stop. I moved to the end of the bench away from the guys, I had to admit they were quite good looking, but nonetheless scared me. I kept my eyes down, staring at my lap, screaming in my head for the bus to come.

“Oi…”, one of the males said, I kept my head down, “oi, I’m talking to you”, I looked up, to see the cutest one near me, whilst the rest were at the other end of the bus stop, “oh, erm…”, “how old are you?”, I didn’t want to answer, but say if he hurt me if I didn’t, “18”, “so you’re legal?”. I slowly nodded, “okay cool, give me your number then”, “n-no”, “what’d you say?”, he questioned walking closer. “No, I’m not giving you my number, I don’t know who you are”, the male just laughed before he lunged forward and grabbed my backpack from the bench. He opened it up and began rummaging through it, “what are you doing, give it back”, I got up and grabbed my bag, but he had a firm grip on it, “please give it back”. I continued to pull on it, even though it was no use as he was a lot stronger than me.

“Fine”, he said and let go off the bag, sending me flying back and onto the floor. My hands and behind stung as they broke my fall, my tears were flowing down my cheeks and everything that was in my bag was now scattered around me. “Ooh finally something I wanna see”, he was talking about my skirt that lifted as I fell, revealing my whole bottom half. I quickly pulled my skirt down, wiped my tears and began putting everything back in my backpack. Once done I stood up to leave only to be dragged back, “where are you going?”, he backed me up against the side of the bus stop, “show us more come on”, his hands were on my upper thigh travelling higher, hitching up my skirt. My tears weren’t stopping and i was pushing against his chest. Why didn’t I just go home, why did I have to go to the damn park! I mentally screamed at myself.

I gave up on trying to push him away as I was trapped now, I closed my eyes and let him continue to touch me. I felt his breath against my neck indicating he was moving closer. I was waiting for his lips to touch my neck, but I felt nothing, instead I heard shouting and something slamming against the side.

“What the fu-”, “don’t fucking touch her”, my eyes shot open when I heard the voice of the man I was avoiding all day, “who the hell are you”, “me?! I’m her boyfriend”, Mr Jung had him pressed up against the side, holding 

the neck of his hoodie. “If I see you again and you’re doing the same shit to anyone, I will fucking beat you to a pulp”, Mr Jung threatened him before letting go and grabbing me roughly by the wrist and dragging me away.

Once we were far enough he let go of my wrist and his face completely changed, “I apologise for what happened back there (y/n) and also for dragging you”, I shook my head and wiped the tears that wouldn’t stop, “a-and about yesterday-”, I cut him off, right now I just wanted to go home, wash away the feeling of that guy’s dirty hands and go to sleep. “Sir-”, “call me Hoseok”, “I just want to go home”, I said as I continued to sob. “Okay, come”. Hoseok led me to his car and before I got in he gave me his coat as I was shivering.

I had fallen asleep after I told Hoseok where I lived and woken when we arrived, “(y/n), is this your house?”, he asked as he shook me. My eyes fluttered opened as I got up and stared out to see if it was my home we arrived at, “oh, yeah…Thank you si-Hoseok”, I corrected myself. Hoseok smiled at me, “no problem, you should probably get inside your parents must be worried”, if only he knew. I took of his coat and got out the car, but before shutting the door I apologised, “I’m sorry for being rude to you”, he just shook his head lightly as he carried on smiling, “it’s fine, let’s just forget about that whole ordeal and about the detention. Goodnight (y/n)”, “Night”.

“Where the fuck were you?!”, Jungkook screamed when I entered the house. He was shirtless in just a pair of sweatpants he kept here. “Hush…” I said as I removed my bag and shoes and grabbed Jungkook by the waist, pulling him back onto the sofa, “I just want to sleep and forget today”, I closed my eyes and snuggled into Jungkook’s side. “Did something ha-”, “please”. Jungkook knew something bad happened and decided not ask about it now.

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Looking Up (pt. 4) // Ashton Irwin

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Requested; Yes

Summary; Single dad!Ashton is really worried about his little girl. You’re his best friend and you try to help him with the little one because he’s sad and lonely and doesn't know what to do. Ashton then notices he’s falling in love with you.

(Part 1) // (Part 2) //  (Part 3)

“This was not one of your best ideas.”

“We’re not doing anything wrong (Y/N).”  His hands squeezed your hips affectionately, making you smile.

This is not how friends were suppose to act, especially not in public.

“Excuse me Mr. Irwin, keep your hands where I can see them.” You grew uncomfortable as you spotted a small group of people watching the three of you.

For some reason Ashton thought it was a good idea to spend the day at the mall. Although it was a weekday and there weren’t many shoppers, there were fans keeping tabs on Ashton and he had been approached 5 times within the first hour of being there.

Normally it wouldn’t bother you but today was different, you had a kid tagging along. Janis was feeling a lot more restless than usual and not to mention she was running on a sugar high since daddy couldn’t say no to her.

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Desk Writer - Calum Hood

Requested - yes

A/N: I came up with this in my mock-exam/prelim/midterm thing so that was a good use of time.

Word Count - 1188

You hate him and he doesn’t know you exist, Calum god-damn-fucking Hood, the school’s biggest mystery. He’s not totally popular, he sits in a really weird middle ground, first he’s the striker on the football team, then he’s in the school band (like you) which acts against popularity gained from his sports, he’s dated and broke up with the 3 most popular girls in school but he’s also been dumped by the next 5 most popular girls. None the less you still hate him, for nothing he’s really done, but every minor interaction you’ve had with him has left with you feeling shittier than before. He’s a dick to you without fail and he doesn’t even know your name.

“Meet after class,” your best friend Ruby says turning off to go to biology while your on the course to your art class.

“Sure,” you smile sighing now that your alone.

You’ve always hated classes on your own just because that means you have no one to talk to for a good hour or so.

“Alright class you have homework due today,” your teacher Ms. Drew says.

You furrow your brow, unable to recall any homework a slight panic raising through your body.

“No we don’t,” one of the more confident members of the class speaks up.

Ms. Drew checks her big blue folder, “Oh you’re right that’s my other class for this year, I should have realized, Calum is normally jabbering away by now”

You almost wince at the sound of his name but take your seat anyway, bringing out your portfolio work. The lesson drags on, you decide to sneakily put in your headphones to listen to some of your favourite bands, Fall Out Boy, A Day To Remember, Sleeping With Sirens and then All Time Low comes on, your favourite song too, ‘The Girl’s a Straight Up Hustler’ and when it gets to the chorus you find yourself mindlessly doodling the lyrics on the wooden desk 'Take off your make up and put down the camera’. Before you can write more you stop yourself since you don’t want to end up drawing all over the desk. You’ve written it so small that no one should notice it unless they’re actually looking for something on the table but as the bell rings you spring up.

The next day you head back to art and sit down but your eye catches something different, right where you wrote the lyrics, something has been added in new handwriting 'choke on the drama that makes me want to…’ they’re continuing the lyrics so you write again. 'The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler - All Time Low, you know it?' 

Over the next week or two of art lessons you have a conversation like this and you feel yourself growing a strange attachment to this stranger;

Them: Of course I do, you like All Time Low? Or just the one song?

You: I don’t LIKE All Time Low, I ADORE All Time Low

Them: Good to see a fellow fan, so what’s your name, it’s killing me now

You: Now that would be telling

Them: Fine, I won’t tell you who I am then

You: I didn’t ask

Them: Do you want to know who I am?

You: Only if you want to tell me

Them: Then I won’t, just one thing, your handwriting tells me you’re a girl, am I right?

You: Wow, judgmental much? But yes. And from your scribbles I assume you’re a guy?

Them: You’re also correct.

You go to write again when Ms. Drew suddenly chirps, “Aha, caught in the act. So you’re the other end of the conversation”

You look at your feet, “Who’s the other end for me?”

“Oh of course you don’t know,” she runs her fingers over the writing. “Calum has no idea who he’s talking to either”

“Calum?” you almost yell. “I’m not talking to him am I?”

The bell rings but you don’t budge much.

“Yeah, I’m surprised most girls would be thrilled to chat with him, even via table,” Ms. Drew says but you don’t reply. “I’ve nothing against it if I’m honest, I’m getting new desks soon anyway, you can write to your heart’s content”

“Can you do me a favour, Ms. Drew?” you question and she nods. “Don’t tell him it’s me”

You stop writing after that but he doesn’t, he’s almost calling out to you and you hope that he’ll just stop and you won’t have to deal with the fact that you are starting to like the boy you’ve hated for a few years now. You actually start to miss him though and your best friend has began to notice something’s wrong.

“What the hell has been wrong with you lately?” Ruby asks.

“What? Nothing,” you defend.

“Liar, you were so happy before and now you’re all down in the dumps,” she says.

You sigh, you may as well tell her, “I’ve been talking to Calum, well sort of, we apparently share a desk and we were writing on that desk and then I stopped…”

“Okay, I feel so out of the loop,” she sighs.

You spend the next half hour or so catching her up and laughing at her outrageous reactions to everything.

“It really doesn’t sound like you hate him, I think you should talk again,” she suggests but you shake your head.

After a long weekend you arrive back at school to find that the art classroom has new desks, you sigh, excited to put that over-dramatized phase to rest. Just as you’re beginning your art again there’s a knock at the door and you look up to see Luke Hemmings at the door.

“Sorry I’m late Miss, I’m moving from construction?” he says.

“Oh yes, Luke, take a seat,” she says.

A feeling brews in the pit of your stomach since you know Luke is friends with Calum but he stays quiet for the lesson.

After that lesson Luke meets up with Calum.

“How was construction without me?” Luke chuckles.

“Where the fuck did you go?” Calum playfully punches him.

“I told you, I transferred to art, the only other art class there is apart from your one,” Luke replies.

Calum suddenly lights up, “Wait, the same class as the desk writer,” obviously Luke knows all about Calum’s little crush. “Who sits in my chair?”

“Well I’d have to know where that is,” Luke points out.

“Uh, back row, three from the left,” Calum says.

“Oh, yeah, that girl, I’m not sure what her name is,” Luke replies.

“Can you find out for me then?”

The next lesson Luke decides that all of a sudden he needs to spend half an hour looking through the pencil selections at the back of the room, right next to yours.

“So what’s your name? I thought I knew everyone in our year,” Luke says.

“Uh, [Y/N],” you stammer.

Luke makes the effort to talk to you and reports back to Calum pretty much instantly. The next day when you’re at your locker waiting for Ruby when Calum approaches you, leaning next to you.

“So Desk Writer”


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