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Got any imaginings for your various Izukus meeting one another? How would villain Deku react to BYGGUALOM Deku? To MSU Deku? (Assume villain!Deku figures out something is up with MSU!Deku so he doesn't just treat him as a regular civilian). Would BYGGUALOM!Deku and MSU!Deku end up commiserating over their mutual dislike of publicity if they met?

god… i do have some imaginings. i actually had this conversation with @salvainterra just like last week and it is probably the single most self indulgent and simultaneously gut busting conversation i’ve ever had. sorry everyone i’m like this, here’s the best parts of the conversations with all the keysmashes taken out

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I redrew one of my old drawings! The old one I drew about this time last year and I was really proud of it at the time. I spent like 5 hours on it and I’d just watched a ton of rossdraws and sakimichan videos and I was ready to G O. I’ve wanted to redraw this piece for A G E S because I keep looking back at it and it keeps getting worse and just man why not see how much I’ve improved???? I’m really happy with the new one oh my gosh I think it’s my best digital piece so far and I think I’ve stepped up a notch. I think I captured what I initially wanted to show which was agatha transforming into her circus of talents dress it is by FAR my favourite one to draw. I’m hoping this one gets more notes then that bloody drawing i spent LITERALLY no effort drawing earlier that is now my most popular post and I’m still really salty about it. It could have ANY other one but NOOOOO it HAS to be the one I did while half asleep not even on my DRAWING TABLET OH MY GOD WHY CAN’T IT JUST BE ONE I SLAVED FOR H O U R S OVER anyway like idk man it’s just really disappointing and I don’t think I’ll ever be over it lmao Anyway I hope you guys like it I’m really proud of it myself 


Ship: Washington x Reader
Word count: 2077
Request: Hi! If request are still open, I was wondering if you could do an imagine with GW where the reader is a nurse and he gets hurt but ends with fluff?
Note: oh my god guys I’m sorry this is so late, I really hope it doesn’t take me this long to post again. I’m so sorry. Please, keep sending in requests though as I’m running out of them.

War was messy.

Very, very messy.

You were constantly in a rush caring for the soldiers, each one harboring a different type of injury, each one worse than the other. Sometimes you would spend restless nights tending to their wounds.

You’d been doing this for quite a bit but you had yet to grow used to their screams of pain. You had yet to grow used to not being able to help them, instead being able to do nothing but stick by their side until they passed. You could only pray it wouldn’t be long before the war ended.

Every day was the same, soldiers of lower ranks being rolled in.

Today was different.

You were changing the bandage on a soldier’s wound as he slept when another nurse came up to you.

“General…General Washington was just brought in, he’s acquired a nasty wound,” the woman said, her eyes wide.

Oh god, General Washington?

You knew why she came to you; you were one of the best nurses there.

That, and if God forbid something went wrong with the General, they didn’t want to be responsible for it.

“Will you take care of him for me?” You asked the other nurse, referring to the soldier you were currently tending to.

She nodded, and so you proceeded to get up and go in search of the general. You had to ask around a bit before finding out he was taken to a separate tent. Of course, he was a General, they’d give him his own place.

You weren’t certain what you would find, a bullet wound? Whatever it was, you certainly didn’t expect what you found.

You arrived to find the General only half conscious, shouting from the pain. He had two bullet wounds, one on his shoulder and one dangerously close to his heart. Along with that, he had numerous deep cuts.

You ignored all the injuries except for one, the most life threatening one, which was the bullet in his chest. It was rapidly gushing out blood. All of your attention went to treating the wound, everything else around you fading out. You quickly removed his shirt before grabbing a pair of tweezers to remove the bullet, which was deeply embedded in his chest. You couldn’t imagine the pain he was feeling.

You finally removed the bullet, constantly cleaning the wound while applying pressure to it to stop the bleeding. You began to doubt if you’d be able to save him.

You finally found away to stop the bleeding. Had the bullet struck him a little more to the left, you doubted you would have been able to save him. You weren’t sure when but at some point the General had passed out, probably from blood loss and pain. But he had a pulse. He was breathing. It was all good, at least for now.

You stitched the wound closed, before proceeding to work on the bullet in his shoulder. The fact he was now knocked out and no longer moving helped you work, but it was nonetheless still difficult to remove the bullet.

You had to stop for a second, leaning back to take a deep breath. Your hands were shaking and sweaty, your heart and head pounding. You hadn’t noticed just how frightened you were at the possibility of loosing General Washington, or how much adrenaline had started pumping in you.

You took a deep breath before getting back to work.

You’d finally finished tending to all the wounds you could (some one on his back, and you didn’t have the strength to turn him around) and were seated on a wooden stool near the cot where General Washington lay. It was getting late, and he had yet to show signs of waking up.

You were rechecking the stitches on all his wounds, making sure they were all neat and evenly done. You were about to start bandaging them when he groaned. He began to lift his arm to touch his forehead but you immediately held it down, as it was the arm connected to the wounded shoulder. “Careful,” you muttered before continuing to bandage the wounds.

He looked a bit confused at first, looking around. He winced when you pressed down on one of the wounds a bit too much.


“It’s alright,” he said with a deep breath. He was clearly still in a lot of pain. “I didn’t give you too much trouble, did I?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at that, shaking your head. “You gave me a lot of trouble, sir.”

“Oh, well I’m sorry,” he said, seeming genuinely sorry for having gotten shot and caused you the struggle of tending to the wound.

You shook your head in response. “There’s nothing to be sorry about, it wasn’t your fault.”

A silence washed over you two for a moment when you turned and asked,“If you wouldn’t mind, may I have a glass of water.”

“Of course,” you responded, getting up to get him one. When you returned you settled the glass on a little stand before adjusting the pillows on the cot and helped him adjust his position so he was leaning up a bit, that way he could drink the water without spelling it all over himself. He obviously tried to conceal it but you still saw him wince a bit when he moved.

“Got pretty beat up out there,” you said, handing him the glass of water.

He chuckled before basically chugging down all the water in the glass. “I guess you can say that.”

“You want more water?” You asked, taking the glass from him.

“No, thank you though,” he replied. “Do you know of the state of any of the other soldiers that were with me?” He was clearly concerned for the men.

You shook your head. “No, I’m sorry. I don’t think too many were brought in, though. They’re probably alright.” You said the last bit in an attempt to comfort him but it didn’t seem to do much help. He muttered something about how there certainly were a few casualties.

“I’ve got to get back out there as soon as possible,” he said mostly to himself.

“I’ll do my best to patch you up and out of here as soon as possible but don’t think you’ll be getting out of here before a few days.”

“A few days?” He said surprised.

“You nearly died, you lost so much blood, I didn’t expect you to be awake, much less moving, even if barely. Don’t tell me you expected to be out of here so soon,” you said, surprised that he was surprised.

He sighed, clearly unpleased with the news. You could understand him, so many people were counting on him to lead, but if you let him go, God knows what could happen, and then they wouldn’t have anyone to lead, would they?

“Why don’t you get some rest, it’s rather late,” you suggested. “There are more wounds on your back that I have yet to tend to but they can wait until tomorrow morning.”

“Alright,” he said, clearly not happy but not arguing.


General Washington had been in your care for about four days now. He was in much better shape, already managing to get back on his feet.

You’d gotten to know him quite a bit those two days, as he talked about his childhood and what is was like out in the war. You admit, the man was good at telling stories. You were always delighted to listen to them. You were laughing as he finished telling you rather funny story, which he’d said would be the last one he’d tell for the day as it was getting late.

“You have a wonderful laugh and a brilliant smile,” he said with a chuckle of his own.

The compliment was unexpected and blood immediately rushed up to your cheeks. You tried your very best not to have a huge grin on your lips but it was hard enough just not smiling. “Thank you,” you said a bit shyly, to which he chuckled yet again before pulling you into a hug. You hid your face in his chest, careful not to touch the wound there, feeling it grow even redder.

You two soon got back to talking while you finished once again changing the bandages on his wounds. That’s when he came with an unexpected question.

“I hate to have to ask, but, how long until you think I can get back to work?” He asked.

You don’t know why you were surprised by the question. You knew he’d have to go as soon as possible, he had men out there waiting for his command.

And why did you feel so upset when you realized that there really wasn’t a necessity for him to remain there? Weren’t you supposed to be happy that he had gotten better.

No, because him getting better meant him leaving. Why were you upset that he would be leaving?

“Well, I suppose you’re good to go by tomorrow morning,” you said, trying to hide the upset tone in your voice and instead keeping it neutral. “But you can’t be out and about fighting yet.”

“Of course, of course,” he muttered before going silent for a bit, as if deep in thought. He seemed to be troubled by something.

“You alright?” You asked gently, sitting down next to him.

He looked at you and smiled. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

You nearly jumped when he suddenly hugged you, but you quickly relaxed before accepting the embrace and hugging him back.

“Spending these last few days with you has been probably the best thing I’ve gotten out of fighting in this war so far,” he muttered, kissing your forehead.

You felt your face quickly grow warm. You didn’t want him to see so you buried it in his chest, quiet for a bit. “Do you have to go tomorrow?” you finally asked.

He nodded into your hair, and your heart couldn’t help but drop. You wanted to cry, you were sad he had to go, angry the war wasn’t yet over. You wanted to stay in his embrace. You were overwhelmed with emotions towards him. How had you allowed yourself to fall for him in such a short period of time?

You were tired and at some point while you were lost in your thoughts you ended up dozing off into sleep. You woke up again laying down on the cot besides him, his arms wrapped around you. There wasn’t a lot of room on the cot but he’d managed to make just enough for you to lay down. You looked at him. He was still peacefully asleep. You allowed your thumb to trace over the details of his face, going over his eyebrows, his lips. You took in a deep breath, the reminder that he’d be leaving once he woke up filling you with dread. You moved closer to him, closing your eyes and trying to forget that fact.

Unfortunately it didn’t take long before he woke up too. You kept your eyes shut, pretending to still be asleep. You felt his hand run through your hair, his thumb gently stroking your cheek.

“I know you’re awake,” he said with a chuckle. You didn’t respond, instead just burying your face in his shoulder. He sighed, laying there with you for a short while.

You continued laying there even after he got up, hearing as he shuffled around a bit before sitting down at the end of the bed. “Are you at least going to say good bye?”

“I don’t want to say good bye.” The words escaped your lips before you could stop them. You sat up but refused to look at him.

“I don’t want to either,” he said, putting his hand over yours.

When you didn’t say anything, he placed a hand under your chin and tilted your head up. Before you realized what he was doing his lips were already on yours, a hand caressing your cheek and another around your waist. The kiss was quick, he soon pulled away and rested his forehead on yours.

“I promise, I’ll find you once the war had ended,” he said, sounding confident that he’d live till then. Confident that he would succeed.

You nodded, pulling him into one last tight hug. You guess you’d have to wait until then to see him again, but it was worth waiting for.

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1. Amazing and talented but probably kinda distant bc your art is so good you're, like, famous 2. Amazing and talented but the sweetest, kindest human being who still gets super happy when people love her work even though she's kinda famous, because she's a wonderful person ❤️

Oh my god, really? Thank you very much!! You’re way too nice, ah…! (*ノ∀`*) 

Can I be frank though? I really don’t feel the “famous” vibes…I mean, I’m not denying it because I’m not blind and I’m aware of the fact that sometimes my posts get a high number of notes (for my own standards at least – I know there are people who just type “hi” and get, like, 4k notes or something but that’s not my case ofc) but still…it’s just me drawing and sharing at the end, nothing more than that. However, your likes, reblogs, comments, messages, questions, etc. always make me extremely happy and I’m more than pleased to read them all, I don’t care if you’re 10, 100 or 1k ♥ it’s always a great satisfaction (of course higher notes are somewhat special but heyyyyy I’m human XD). Your first impression is right though, I may appear a little distant from time to time, but the problem is that (unfortunately) I don’t have enough free time to spend online :( I’m truly sorry about that and I’d really like to thank you individually every time you appreciate something of mine, but unfortunately that’s impossible. (ノω・、) But – even if I don’t always reply – I’m still here, ahah <3 So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart :)

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me: “I hate turning off anon, because as someone who has social anxiety, I get that people are shy and sometimes, it’s easier to use the anon option than not, and apparently, I can be intimidating and I still don’t get why but I’ve heard that more than once, for several years at this point, so…”

the “said Harry, bisexually” post: *starts racking up a fuck-ton of notes again*

me: *turns anon right the fuck off before I can get any nonsense wank about literally anything related to that post, oh my god, it is years old at this point, why the fuck won’t it die already, I don’t have the time or spare energy to invest in people asking me shit anything about that post or telling me that bi!Harry isn’t canon like I am not keenly aware of this fact or demanding to know how I could ever dare take notes in the margins of my personal books that belong to me*

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Honestly one of the things I hate about the TERF movement is how even though they're a demographic everyone hates, they still get some slack when people agree with their bigotry. Like when they make a sexist post about men and 10K notes later of everyone cheering they realize it was actually a TERF who said it and that's bad. Like... y'all were fine with bold faced sexism.


Mob mentality in the MCRmy

Okay, this fandom’s habit of trashing everything the Way brothers do has been getting old for a while now, but after last night’s hideous spectacle, I’m done pussyfooting around the issue. I know I’ll get hate and lose followers, but I don’t care, because frankly: it’s frightening.

It’s frightening that fans enjoy it when someone says that Mikey should be hit by a car. It’s frightening that some of the most popular fans on this website contribute nothing but hate and insults, and people admire them for it. It’s frightening that every time Mikey makes a move– even if it’s as simple as someone referring to him as “Mike”– this fandom falls over itself looking for ways to mock it; and if they can’t find anything wrong with it, they launch into the usual high school insults-and-death threats routine. It’s frightening that harassment, death threats, childish mocking, and vicious insults are all accepted and even encouraged in this fandom. It’s frightening that people think it’s okay to tell a man with severe depression that he’s “better off dead.” And what’s most frightening is that most of these people aren’t 12-year-olds, but teens or adults who somehow think this behavior is okay. And younger fans look up to them because they’re popular, and they imitate this behavior, and so on.

When did the goal of this fandom go from “being fans of MCR” to “trashing every move the Way brothers make until they quit music out of frustration”? Who decided that in order to be a “real fan,” you have to treat the Way brothers like scum, and if you don’t, you’re just a blind fangirl? When did these blatant double standards arise, where people praise Frank and Pete for the exact same things they harass the Way brothers for? (In Pete’s case, Meagan was 20 when they started dating, and yet you never hear anyone call him a “pervert” or a “pedophile.”) And most disturbing, why is this fandom so determined to torment and destroy another human being?

I don’t care if you dislike Gerard and Mikey, but this fandom is way over the line. The brothers aren’t faceless celebrities who never see any negative comments. They’re human beings. Imagine how Mikey would feel if he saw that post saying he should be hit by a car, or all the posts screaming about what a monster he is for daring to start a new band (the same thing Frank did months ago.) Or how Gerard would feel about the long rants about how horrible he is, and the widely-circulated posts that make fun of his appearance. And the funny thing is, half this hate isn’t even about them. It’s about the avalanche of faves and reblogs you receive, the surge of new followers, the comments like “ooh, zing” and “oh my god so funny,” and the admiration you get from people who think bullying is cute.

If you don’t believe me, think about it: would this fandom be so nasty toward the Way brothers if they didn’t receive praise and attention for it? If, instead of showering them with notes, other fans ignored their posts, unfollowed their blogs, and shook their heads in disapproval, would fans continue making posts about how Mikey is human garbage? Some still would, but I guarantee you that the number would be much lower. But because the quickest road to popularity in this fandom is being full of hate and spite, people can’t make/reblog nasty posts fast enough.

Some might say “I don’t do it for attention, I do it because I genuinely hate Gerard and Mikey!” (Greeeeat.) Even if that’s true, there’s no denying the blatant mob mentality in this fandom. Gerard even made a couple of tweets about it, and while he didn’t mention this fandom specifically, it’s painfully obvious what he’s talking about. Here’s a fun example: remember when no one liked Alicia? Remember when hardly anyone talked about her, much less sung her praises? But after it came out that Mikey supposedly “cheated” on her, everyone was gushing about how wonderful she is, making photosets and GIFsets of her, sobbing about how heartbroken they were that she and Mikey split, and proclaiming that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. But before that, no one would give her the time of day. (And funnily enough, I haven’t seen a post about her in months, so I guess this fandom went back to ignoring her.) I’m not saying that everyone who supported her was part of the mob, but as another fan put it: “She was easily the most disliked wife, and now she’s up there with Lyn-Z? Oh, please!”

Or how about Frank? There was a time when people were frustrated at Frank for blocking fans on Twitter and making rude tweets. I heard a few stories about him being rude to fans in real life, too. But you never hear anyone mention that now, because everyone decided that Frank should be worshipped unconditionally. It’s not that he’s a bad guy, but it’s funny how you never see anyone mention the old Frank drama– or make the faintest negative comment about Frank, period. Whereas fans have no problem scraping up old Gerard drama and plastering it all over Tumblr for all to see.

It’s fine if you don’t like the Way brothers, and it’s even fine to vocalize it, as long as you’re civil about it. God knows there are celebrities I don’t like, and I hate the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” Nothing wrong with civil criticism. But if you’re one of the people participating in the hate mob– posting or reblogging insults, picking apart everything they do, making fun of them, etc.– there’s a few things you need to ask yourself. First of all, if most fans were offended and disappointed by your behavior, instead of delighted and encouraging, would you still do it? If insulting Mikey or Gerard wasn’t a quick way to get notes, would you keep it up, or have you just been swept along with the mob?

Second, and I’ll be blunt: why are you so hateful? “Because I don’t like them, because they did this, because they did that,” etc. Well, there are celebrities I don’t like, but I don’t harass them on Twitter, mock their appearance, trash everything they do, threaten them with violence, tell them to kill themselves, laugh when they suffer, reblog hate posts, make their fans feel like shit, and follow news about them so I can squeeze in as many insults as possible. If you do any of that, you need to ask yourself why you think that behavior is acceptable– particularly when it comes to threatening the Way brothers, saying they deserve to be injured, mocking their weight/appearance, and telling them to end their lives. You think you’re revealing a lot about the Way brothers, but you’re revealing far more about yourself.

And third, is this really how you want to be known in this fandom? Yeah, I know, people think you’re cool now, but when these people actually grow up, they won’t remember you as a cool, sexy badass who valiantly put the Way brothers in their place. They’ll remember you as a bully who relentlessly mocked strangers behind a computer screen. I know for a fact that a lot of people already see you that way, but don’t say anything for fear of backlash. Do you really want to be someone who contributes nothing but negativity and insults to an already stressed fandom? Someone who encourages bullying? Someone who hurts the Way brothers– who, again, are real people, and are well aware of the hate? Is that going to be your legacy? “Oh yeah, I said Mikey Way should be thrown in a dumpster and got a bunch of reblogs. That was my awesome contribution to the MCRmy. Slap it high!”

Again, it’s not that you have to love the Way brothers, or even like them– but just once, I’d like to see something good happen to Gerard or Mikey without this fandom gleefully ruining it. Or something bad to happen without this fandom eagerly making it worse and kicking them while they’re down. I’ve watched this fandom sink lower and lower over the past several months, and I’m starting to worry about what’s going to happen to Gerard and Mikey when they complete their albums and start doing concerts and appearances. “Fans” have bought MCR and FOB concert tickets just to scream at the bands before. What are they going to do to the Way brothers, the lowest of the low in the fandom totem pole? The culture of hate surrounding them is frightening. It’s like they’re the fandom’s scapegoats: blamed for everything that goes wrong, attacked whenever possible, and the butt of countless childish jokes.

And are the Way brothers really that bad? I know that sounds silly, but seriously…are they really that bad? I don’t agree with everything they do either, but do they really deserve an Internet mob of thousands of raging fans, spewing out every violent threat and vicious insult you can think of, day after day after day? Or do you simply tell yourself that so you don’t have to question yourself when you reblog the latest hate post?

Well, here’s the facts: The Way brothers are people. Not your scapegoats, not your punching bags, not the monsters you imagine inside your head. It’s time this fandom started treating them like people again. Don’t post hate, don’t reblog hate, and by all means, stay away from the frothing mob. Don’t be swayed. You’re better than that, so act like it.

(Ugh, sorry for the rants on this blog lately. This isn’t a regular feature, I promise.)

oh my god speaking of bad ships i decided to check out noire and laurent’s S-rank on youtube bc everyone told me it was AWFUL and holy shit it was AWFUL

EDIT: this was never supposed to get notes especially not with an edit of noire dominating laurent please don’t reblog this anymore

I’ve been thinking a lot about that old genderbend Disney post that went around

and the movie Hercules, because I just rewatched that right now.

this is a long post because I’m going threw the whole show.  But I asked my friend, and it seemed like a good idea.

Can you imagine Hercules being a woman? I mean an actual cis female. Or she finds out later she’s maybe gender fluid? either way, she’s born and all the gods are fawning over how beautiful she is, how wonderful she’ll be when she’s older.  Zeus is the same proud dad like “heck yeah she’s strong like me too, I have the coolest daughter”. so you know, it’s starting off the same.  Maybe they give her the name Heracles though (the original name in greek myth anyway) because at least to me it sounds more feminine.   
Hades confronts the fates and they tell him she can kick his ass. He’s like “bro she’s a girl… but just in case lets kill her” and she ends up with her mortal parents just like the movie.

She’s raised as a girl… but still as a farmhand.  She’s tall and strong, and puts it to good use.  Neighbors still think she’s a freak, because she’s broke things and hurt people accidentally and on top of it all “not lady-like”.  so not only is she looked down on for being abnormal and told she’s inhuman, she’s also constantly told she’s not woman enough.  and it hurts, maybe even more than the movie.  She wants to find where she belongs.  Her parents still tell her she’s enough and loved… but then also tell her how they found her.  

She decides enough is enough and goes “well then, I’m over this.  Screw our neighbors, I’m going to find Zeus and have him to tell me what’s up.  I love you two.”

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  • me: is in the middle of a gun fight
  • me: is in the center of a restaurant
  • they: come with your arms raised high
  • me: wont be gotten by they
  • bullet: flies through flock of doves

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Olicity college Au, where Oliver is obsessed with Felicity and she isn't as quick to return his feelings. Please and thank you

A+ Body, C- Behaviorrated G, no warnings.

“Hey, Teach.”

Felicity looks up and there he is, filling her doorway once again. She has her usual reactions at lightning speed—god his eyes and that body and the boy must spend all of his hours at the gym because it’s unfair that a business major should be that cut—but mostly these days all she feels is annoyance. “Oh, good,” she says. “You got my note.”

He holds up his midterm with her little blue post-it note still attached. “No smiley face?”

“Mr. Queen—”

“You can call me Oliver, you know.” He takes a seat across the desk from her and he probably thinks his smile is pure charm, and damn him, it is, but she really can’t let that get past her defenses. He’s the rich boy elite at SCU and she’s just a grad student who had to pay her way herself, and she really needs this job.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” she says.

“I get to call you Felicity. It feels unfair.”

“Be that as it may, this needs to stop.”

He affects an air of innocence, which she knows is a complete crock because Oliver Queen’s type is never innocent. “What needs to stop?”

“This!” Felicity points at the bouquet of star lilies at the corner of her desk. Thankfully she’d managed to convince Professor Steele that they were from her mother because her of her birthday, but after the chocolates last week and the singing telegram the week before, Steele’s starting to get suspicious and frankly, he’s right to. The rules of TAs at SCU are very, very strict and fraternization of this kind could lose her a job she barely talked her way into in the first place. “All of this. The cute little notes on your homework—”

“You thought they were cute?”

“The flowers, the candy, all of it. It needs to stop. It’s inappropriate.”

“I don’t see how. This is the only class where I’m actually inspired to turn homework in.”

Felicity groans. “How you’re not on academic probation is a case Nancy Drew couldn’t even solve.”

“Who’s that?” Oliver grins when she gives him the stink-eye. “Is she hot?”


“Hey, you do know my name.” Oliver looks delighted.

“Focus,” Felicity tells him.

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An open letter. In response to a post found on Facebook about Muslims.

Who ever wrote this; have they lived with all the 1.4 billion or so Muslims in the world? Has every single individual Muslim being on this planet said that they are not happy with wherever they’re living?

Unless this person has communicated with every single Muslim individual and collected data based on their findings, then they really have no right to base this on behalf of all Muslims.

Yes, what is written might be true. Yes, these terrible terrible events have occurred. But even after the majority of NORMAL Muslims have time after time stated that THIS is not Islam, these acts of stupidity and terrorism is not what our religion is all about, why must the blame be put on all of us as a whole and why must we be put on the same pedestal as these idiots.

Ask a lot of refuges from war torn backgrounds and they will tell you how lucky they are to be in a country like Australia for example. Now, I’m speaking from personal experience. I am so thankful that my family and I came to Australia. My parents are so thankful to have finally found peace in one place after many many years of instability and uncertainty.

When I see, religious leaders, clearly defending our religion in the media, on social media and at times even face-to-face, trying to emphasize the fact that we want nothing to do with the idiots who are ruining our image to the whole world,  trying time after time to apologize for the actions of sick minded individuals who commit crimes and acts of terrorism for the sake of “religion”, it breaks my heart.

Absolutely breaks me.

Why should everyone whose religion is Islam and follows it the right way, be blamed?

Do all these stupid idiots, committing these heinous acts think they’ll reach martyr level? It’s like, killing someone for walking down the street and calling it a sacrifice for God.

Oh please.

This is my response to what you posted, who ever you are.

I’m not angry because people have such a wonderful (note the sarcasm) view of Islam.

I’m angry to be placed in the same category as extremists.

I’m angry because the actions of those extremists led to the degradation of all the Muslims.

I’m angry because no matter how times we apologize, how many times we state that this is not Islam, this is not even humanity, we still all get placed in the same category.

I never use the word “hate” because I don’t usually have any hate towards anyone or anything.

But in this instant, I HATE what our image has become.

I HATE knowing that I can never say what religion I am in public anymore because I am in absolute fear of the outcome.

I HATE that because of the lack of proper Islamic education, people commit acts that are so inhumane.

I HATE that the future generation has to be brought up in a world filled with hate and terror caused by sick individuals.

I am sorry, to all the families all over the world, Muslim and non Muslim alike, who have lost children, mothers, fathers, friends, cousins, grandparents, teachers, neighbors.

I am sorry, that there wasn’t a proper source of education to teach those complete lunatics, the life of our Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), what the true meaning of Islam is.

However, what I’m truly sorry for, is the fact that we’ll keep saying sorry time and time again for the actions of people we never ever want to be associated with in the first place.

I pray for peace.

I pray for the world to be rid of those who think they have an upper hand because they act in the name of God.

I pray for everyone to know the true meaning of Islam.

I pray, for one day, a woman wearing the hijab to walk safely down a street.

I pray that one day I will be able to look someone in the eye and tell them that I am Muslim, without expecting a look of disgust, without the fear that I’ve lost an opportunity to be known for who I am as a human being.

I just pray.

—  Rana Breir

anonymous asked:

you know it's real when people fanart over your fanart. you are totally worth it & you deserve all the love <3

This is all such a new and foreign concept for me though so I’m still in a state of shock. Like why is everyone being so nice? Oh my god my art is getting so many notes. Who are all you people? Oh my gosh people are actually buying things.

If I ever seem like I’m confident about any of this it’s 100% a lie and you all are so amazing and mange to surprise me all the time with how much you love my silly doodles.

I had drawn a couple of Lexa things before but the post where I started to see more people following me was a ridiculous joke I made about Lexa telling Indra to hold her calls. And then everything spiked rapidly when I started doing the “Lexa Tries to Get Along With Clarke’s Friends” series. Which I really need to finish the other ones I have. The next person was Miller.

I love all of my followers though (even the porn blogs). You are all so amazing. <3