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Everything is Different Now: Part 6

I’m re-watching Yuri on Ice with an eye for all the things that are re-contextualized based on what we learn at the very end of episode 10.  This blog series chronicles that adventure.  With screencaps!  Very spoilery, obviously. Read on by clicking the jump cut below, or start at part 1 here.

Episode 6: Bringing Sexy Back

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The Sherlock fandom is a mess right now...

Half the fandom: TFP was horrible because Johnlock wasn’t canon! We were queerbaited!

Other half: Oh stop complaining this was the best Sherlock episode ever!

Another half: I hated it not because of the Johnlock, but all the empty plot holes, loose threads… Blah blah blah

That one quarter section: sHeRLolLY iS cAnOn!!! oH My GoD

95% of the fandom: Moftiss can go to hell! Kill yourselves! I hate them so much


Me: What is going on

Headcanon that when Deadpool meets Maria Hill that he immediately responds with “Oh my god, ROBIN SPARKLES?! HOLY SHIT I OWN ALL OF YOUR CDS OH I LOVED YOU IN SPACE TEENS, I ALWAYS USED TO SIT ON THE COUCH WITH MY MAMA WHENEVER IT WAS ON-”

In which Maria puts a gun to his throat and says, 

“Keep going and I will kill you.”

In which Deadpool responds, “Oh that’s the best part, you can k-word me as many times as you want! C’mon, sing it with me, 🎶 Let’s go to the mall! 🎶”

Routine part 4 of the Inevitable

Summary: dean gets laid (a lot) and it bothers Y/N, Y/N and sam work on their issues. Y/N tells him something while Dean is *cough* a little busy *cough*

Warnings: suggestive content, swearing, emotions, slow burn

Word count:~1500

part 1, part 2, part 3

“YOU’RE NOT HUNTING. END OF STORY,” Dean shouted at me.

“FUCK THAT, I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT,” I shouted back. This had been going on for a while now.

“No, you can’t! You would be killed in a heartbeat!”

“So teach me! If you teach me I won’t die!”

“I’m not letting you hunt!” he slammed his hands down on the table in my dingy motel room.

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Not Close Enough: Too Close Sequel (Angst/Fluff) || Park Jaehyung

Request(s):  OMG, it’s perfect! I really like it! This’s what I expected ❤ If you have a time can you make a part two? But with fluffy end? I’ll be grateful ❤ @jaepark-soul​ ||  PART TWO PLEASE @briannatrbl​ || Too Close jae scenario part 2??? Angst, but a happy ending pleeeaaase. Your killing me😢😢😢 (Anon) || Hiii! I was too affected by your ‘too close’ scenario of jae, so im here to request if its okay with you to have a second part of that? Like where they make up? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (Anon) ||  oh my god, i love 'too close’ so much! will you do a part 2 (pls pls pls)? my heart is racing for the couple, omg, love your blog! (Anon) ||

Genre: Angst-ish? I guess kinda in the beginning but there’s fluff this time and also drama because I am T R A S H

Warning: Swearing (can you believe it because I can’t)

Word Count: 1960ish

A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who liked the first part of this scenario! I am so grateful for all of you and I hope you enjoy this one just as much, if not more than the last!! Also I altered the prompt a bit to make it a little messier and more dramatic oOPS! ENJOY!


Originally posted by muaktuan

           It had been 3 weeks since your fight with Jae. Therefore, it had also been 3 weeks since you two broke up and you stormed out of your shared apartment. Not seeing him was killing you, although sometimes there was a familiarity to it. It reminded you of a time before you had to stress over someone finding out about your relationship and spreading it to the public, successfully ruining his image and his career. But nonetheless, you felt a dull ache whenever you entertained the thought of his smiling face or his stupid, stupid jokes that never failed to make you laugh.

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- Into You - A Young Derek Hale x (Scott’s Sister) Imagine | Pt. II

A little dangerous,

                                        a little dangerous my baby

                                                       PART I

Based on 04x02 // Episode 117

Y/n’s P.O.V

“Y/n, wake up-” A familiar voice began before they let out a low curse, “Oh my God, Scott’s going to kill me- Y/n please wake up.”  

Your eyes instantly shot open before you sat up, “Kate.” You muttered, grasping the arm which was held out towards you, but once you stood upright you felt the sudden throbs and pulses in your skull causing a groan to escape from you.

“Woah, Y/n- stay still,” A hand then flew down towards your waist to keep you steady.

Your brows furrowed as your eyes met brown orbs, “Stiles? What happened and why the hell does it feel like someone’s drilling holes in my head?”

“Derek left with Kate,” Stiles paused before running his fingers through his hair frustratingly. “And I’m guessing either one of them was the reason why i found you knocked out cold on the floor with a purple bruise across your forehead.”

“It was Kate, Derek wouldn’t do anything like that.”

Stiles let out a scoff as he crossed his arms over his chest, “Are you sure we’re talking about the same Derek because that same person threatened to rip my throat out with his own teeth and don’t even get me started on Ka-”

“Stiles!” You called out whilst grasping his shoulders, “Calm down, please.”

You watched his shoulders slump forward before he pressed his lips towards your forehead, “I-I shouldn’t have left you alone with him. You’re like my little sister Y/n, and if anything worse happened to you I would never forgive myself,” He then chuckled, “- and I know for sure that Scott would have my head on a spike.”

Stiles then headed towards the door before turning back to you with a soft smile playing on his lips, “Come on Y/n, Scott wants us at school.”

Once you reach the school grounds, you felt the cold nipping at your cheeks whilst the evening breeze kissed along the surface of your skin causing a trail of goose bumps to appear on your arms, but what you seemed to focus on was the fact that your brother and your friends were in danger.

“So, any ideas where they might be Y/n?”

As you turned towards Stiles, your eyes immediately raked down towards the object he held in his hands, “Are you seriously going to defend yourself with a baseball bat?”

He shrugged, “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

Your pulse came to a halt as a ferocious growl invaded your ears before your gaze fell upon a familiar body being flung against a wall and to only recognise it to be your brother.

You quickly turned to stiles whilst holding your hand out, “Give me the bat.”

He blinked, “What?

“I said, give me the bat stiles.”

But once you got no reply, you grabbed the baseball bat out of his hands before you could hear any form of protest to leave his mouth. And with that, you ran up the stairs to see Kira being thrown to the ground by a tall, inhumane creature.

You froze, as the two creature’s covered in skins and bones of bears made their way towards you in menacing strides so quick you couldn’t even register the fact that a rough hand was wrapped around your neck, tightening every time you struggled against its grip almost like a python around its prey; and you were the catch.

The sound of your brother’s screams soon began to fade as you sensed yourself beginning to lose conscious and you instantly ceased from prying the monstrous hands off your neck. But before the black dots invading your sight completely, you noticed a familiar figure making his way towards you in a fleeting manner.

Derek,” You gasped out, which only made his head turn swiftly towards you, before he struck one of the unfamiliar looking beast in the chest with his fist causing it to stagger back slightly.

And just on cue, Malia swiped her claws at the one that groped your neck whilst Kira raised her leg and thrusted it towards its side, causing the hand to uncurl from you.

“Y/n, I got you,” Stiles muttered, as he swung your arm around his shoulders, steadying you, but you only shook your head as your other hand rubbed your throat almost trying to desperately catch your breath.

Your brows then furrowed in confusion as you watched the two creatures suddenly flee the scene, it was almost as if they soon grew terrified of Derek and you wondered why.

“Derek?” You called out completely ignoring the searing pain in your throat as you took a step closer towards him, who had his back turned towards you. You noticed how his shoulders were hunched as they rose heavily, whilst he unrolled his fingers from his clenched fists.

And once he finally spun towards you, you froze. You felt as if your eyes were playing tricks with you as you tried to register the impossible.

Derek Hale was back to his old self.

He then closed the gap between the both of you in quick strides, “Y/n,” Derek breathed as he met your gaze squarely.

But before you could utter a reply, he placed both of his hands on the side of your cheeks before planting his lips onto yours.


So this was much shorter than the first part but i do tend to do a part three, which will be much fluffier! If you want a part three do let me know! And i’m sooooo grateful that soo many of you guys enjoyed part 1 and requested for part two! I do hope this fulfilled those requests! And i promise part three will be more derek action, for this part i had to continue with the episode 117. 

Also, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 7K! i’m beyond shocked and so thankful t have so many of you guys support not only my writing but me. I love you guys so  so much and i hope you continue to read my imagines!

- Young Derek Hale

-not my gif

-requests are open!

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The Weight of a Name - EmeraldSage - Hetalia: Axis Powers [Archive of Our Own]
Father & son meet after five years of separation and estrangement. And Alfred’s not exactly happy with what his father wants from him. He knew he should’ve stayed missing.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Part One of “The Price of Your Heart” series.

I half wrote this while listening to Mirrors by Natalia Kills and the other half while listening to Not Afraid Anymore by Halsey from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. Halsey’s voice…oh my god. The melody just hit it perfectly for me to finish up this piece…I have absolutely no idea as to why.

More notes at the end!  And this is kind of like the central part of the series, so there is a prequel - which is a WIP - and a sequel that exists theoretically.  Enjoy!!!!

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{PART 4} Being on reality T.V show with GOT7 & BTS

Pairing: Jaebum x You (featuring members of GOT7 and BTS)

Rating: Fluff / Drama / SO MUCH ANGST BE PREPARED

Summary: You are the leader of a very popular idol girl group. You are taking part in Koreas version of “Big Brother” where you will live with GOT7 and BTS for three months. You start to get close to Jaebum, GOT7′s leader. What will happen?


{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 3} {PART 4} {PART 5}

Jungkook tossed and turned all night replaying Namjoons words in his head.

“Look Jungkook, I know that you have always had a crush on (Y/N), but because of the challenge set for Jaebum-sshi and I, I’d appreciate it if you could put your feelings aside for the time being. It’s just a challenge and it doesn’t mean anything, alright?”

Since the day that Jungkook had first laid eyes on you during your debut, he wasn’t able to get you out of his mind. He respected you in terms of being a flawless singer and dancer, but he also found you to be the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He had never gotten the chance to be able to talk to you in person before. Not that he could, even if he wanted to. He had never been able to find the courage to approach you during the many live shows both your group and BTS had participated in.

Bang on 8am, the loud siren of the alarm filled the Big Brother house.

“Really?! This is REALLY gonna’ happen every single fucking morning?!” Jackson screamed into his pillow while the rest of the housemates groaned in agreement.

“It’s only the third day of this alarm ringing and I feel like I’m going to have to find it and punish it” Junior said while wiping the sleep from his eyes.

“Why is it still ringing?! Who the hell is still asleep during all this noise?!” you said as you sat up in your bed. Your eyes went straight to your right side to see Jaebum also sitting up and beginning to put his slippers on. A smile crept on to his face as his eyes locked with yours. He mouthed a “Good morning” to you as you returned his smile and quietly lowered in your head out of pure shyness. “Wow, he’s turned me into a blushing schoolgirl now” you thought to yourself.

“Wake up Yoongi! It’s still ringing because of you!” Jin exclaimed while he and Jimin decided to pounce on top of a sleeping Yoongi to awaken him from his blissful slumber.

Not a moment after they succeeded in awakening him, the alarm stopped, and peace returned to the house.

Jungkook watched as Jaebum got up from his bed and stood in front of you, stretching and slightly showing his toned stomach. Jungkooks blood boiled from the inside out knowing that Jaebum was just doing this all for show to get you to fall for him. Not being able to control his rage for another second, he got up from his bed and went to march straight over to the other side of the room, when he felt a hand from behind him pull him sharply into the bathroom.

“You can’t, Jungkook. Just leave it be”, he turned around in panic to see that the person who had pulled him away from his vendetta was Mark.

“What? What do you mean? You…know too?”Jungkook looked at Mark with wide eyes.

Mark nodded slowly. “Jaebum told me yesterday morning. Look…even I can see that you’re having a hard time with this. If you keep this up, it won’t be long until the other housemates know too. The cameras are always rolling, Jungkook. The public will begin to catch on as well.”

It suddenly hit Jungkook as to why Mark had pulled him into the bathroom to tell him this. The bathroom was the only room in the house that didn’t have cameras or microphones as to offer some privacy to them when nature called.

Mark slowly released his grip on the younger boys arm. “Don’t do anything stupid okay? It’s…just a game.”

“A game…? Her feelings are just a game to you all? Have you all eaten something to make you stupid?” Jungkook knew he shouldn’t be speaking to his elder like this, but he was so consumed by anger, at this point he couldn’t care less.

“I’ll let that comment slide because clearly you can’t control your emotions right now. Just…don’t make this any harder than it has to be. Trust me, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of JB.” Mark said, lowering his eyes to the floor.

Mark didn’t agree at all with what was happening. He didn’t know you very well, but he couldn’t deny that this challenge was cruel.

“Look, I’ll talk with JB. Okay? Don’t do anything you might regret in the meantime. I’ll leave first.” Mark opened the door, leaving Jungkook standing in the bathroom, confused and hurt.


4 weeks had passed since Ashley had been evicted from the house, and everyone’s moods had seemed to return to normal. As far as you all knew, eviction days were being strictly kept for Sunday’s, but surprises were to be expected along the way. You all started keeping a chart of who got evicted and when. The order went as follows;

First week: Ashley from M!RROR

Second week: Youngjae was evicted by the public, Jhope and Jimin were evicted for failing a “no touching” challenge set by Big Brother.

Third week: The public evicted your group member Sunhi, and 2 girls from M!RROR were also evicted due to breaking the “no smoking” rule in the house.

Fourth week: A double eviction in which the public voted for Yugyeom and Jin, and Junior was also evicted for failing a group challenge.

Remaining housemates:

(GOT7) Jaebum, Mark, Jackson, BamBam.

(BTS) RapMonster, Suga, Taehyung, Jungkook

(M!RROR) Soonyi, Haewon

(SUGARCREAM) (Y/N), Mina, Hyemi, Eunyoung


“I didn’t realize that you were so heavily involved in the writing and producing of SUGARCREAM’s songs (Y/N)” Yoongi commented, handing you a cup of green tea as he sat down beside you at the edge of the decently sized heated swimming pool in the garden. A weekly tradition that had begun in the house was after an eviction; everyone would get their swimming gear on and chill out in the pool. Everyone except you, as you had no idea how to swim.

“Oh…thank you” you said, taking the cup from Yoongi. “And, yes. I pretty much write all of our lyrics”. You began to appreciate the warm green tea even more as it warmed your slightly chilled fingers.

“So…I have a question about your group member, Hyemi~” Yoongi looked off into the direction of Hyemi and Mina, fully involved in a huge splashing competition with the others.

“Uh huh…and what is this question?” you said playfully. It was no secret that Yoongi and Hyemi were close with the insane amount of skinship they had been giving each other since the moment they set foot into the house.

“Don’t be so coy about it, she-devil” Yoongi whined. “Anyway, you and Jaebum seem to be getting along well too….BUT yes, so, is Hyemi single or what’s the deal?” he finally got to the point.

You stared at him in shock. “Jaebum and I? What do you mean?” you said, completely ignoring his question.

“Hyung, Noona!” you heard a voice from behind you.

You both turned around to see a very wet Jungkook standing over the both of you.

“Fuck sake Jungkook you’re getting us both wet. Sit down or fuck off man” Yoongi said irritably, fixing his hair where the droplets of water made it go all out of place. You laughed at the spitfire relationship they both displayed.

Jungkook chuckled as he squeezed in between you both, giving you his bunny smile.

“Noona, how come you never go into the pool with us?”

“I can’t swim” you said, honestly.

“Really?” Jungkook looked surprised. “Let me teach you noona~ It’s so easy!” Jungkook said excitedly as he suddenly took your hand and stood up again.

“No Jungkook, really I can’t. And I’m not even in my bathing suit! My clothes would get destroyed by the pool water” you insisted.

Namjoon and Jackson both noticed the sudden commotion and joined Jungkook in trying to persuade you to take a dip.

“No, guys, really I can’t swim that well and-“

“Don’t worry! We’ll save you if you drown (Y/N)” Jackson said reassuringly

“That doesn’t make me feel any better! Namjoon no!” you squealed as Namjoon picked you up bridal style in one sweeping motion.

Your heart started to pound faster and faster as you were brought closer to the edge of the swimming pool by the three boys, and before you knew it, you were screaming.

Jaebum, who was in the pool with the others just messing about, instantly turned his head to see you screaming and obviously in a state of panic, as Namjoon held you in his arms over the pool.

“3…2…1!” the three boys shouted before throwing you in.

With a splash, you were plunged into the water. You didn’t have time to take a breath of air before you were engulfed by the pool water which quickly filled your lungs as you tried desperately to breathe. You began kicking and trying to pull yourself to the surface but to no avail. You felt your body start to go limp, when out of nowhere, you felt movement through the water behind you, and a pair of strong hands gripped your waist and arms snake around your stomach.

You reached the surface and immediately you were pulled to the side of the pool where you began coughing up the chlorine filled pool water. Finally, you were able to take a hungry breath of air. You turned to see your rescuer, Jaebum cradling you in his arms while the rest of the housemates gathered around.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), are you okay? Are you hurt? Just breathe okay? Look at me, just breathe… Do you feel sick? Goddammit answer me (Y/N)!”

“Yes….yes I’m okay now. Sorry…yes I’m fine” you managed to utter, feeling exhausted and panicked and the same time

“Thank God” Jaebum sighed as he pulled you in closer to him. You could feel his heart pounding and his body heat rising.

“(Y/N) I’m so sorry, I should have listened to you. I didn’t think you couldn’t actually swim-“ Namjoon started but was soon cut off by Jaebum.

“How could you be so fucking stupid?! She has told us all countless times before that she couldn’t swim! She could have fucking drowned. And you two are no better!” Jaebum shouted in the direction of a worried looking Jackson and Jungkook. The atmosphere was so thick you could cut it with a knife. No one dared to speak.

Jaebum turned to you again before lifting you in his arms. His voice instantly softening, “Let’s get inside and get you dried off.”

He picked you up and started towards the door to the house, when Jungkook reached out his hand to you to obviously try and comfort you.

“Don’t you dare fucking touch her” Jaebum almost lost it as he shouted at the younger boy. BamBam and Mark pulled Jungkook back, tears forming in his eyes, realizing the extent of their stupidity.


Jaebum took you into the large bathroom and sat you on the bath mat, while putting a big fluffy towel around your shoulders and another on top of your head. He sat cross legged in front of you, ruffling your hair with the towel to dry it off.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he said, breaking the silence.

You were still so shocked by the events of the night. You weren’t angry at the boys at all, instead you felt a little stupid for causing such a commotion.

“I’m fine, honestly. It’s nothing…”your words trailed off as you noticed how intensely Jaebum was looking at you.

You shifted your gaze to the bathroom wall. “Thank you…for saving me. But…please don’t be angry at the boys. They were only playing and I took it too seriously-“

“You took it too seriously? (Y/N), you could have drowned. If I wasn’t there…I…” he stopped, not knowing how to finish the sentence.

Your eyes started to fill with tears as you thought about how easily all of this could have ended horribly. You thought about how quickly Jaebum reacted in his successful attempt to save you from drowning. It all started to become too much at this point.

“Come here” Jaebum said as he pulled you closer to him. You were almost sitting on his lap now, as he put his arms around you, making the space between your chests disappear. You gingerly put your arms over his shoulders and around his neck. You felt an overwhelming sense of being protected and wanted. Something that another person had never made you feel before.

“Promise me that you won’t be angry at them for too long. Everyone is allowed to make a mistake” you said softly into his ear.

Jaebum felt a shiver run down his back from your soft breath near his neck, which made his grip on you tighten.

“I can’t make that promise, but I promise that I’ll try. For you.” He replied.

You both stayed like that for a while, before Big Brother called you into the diary room to check if you were okay. Jaebum gave you some privacy so you could change your clothes before going in to talk to Big Brother.

Jaebum decided he would talk to Namjoon, Jackson and Jungkook in the morning to apologize for the swearing and name calling, but nothing else. He lay down on his bed.

“I guess I’ve really fallen for her now” Jaebum smiled to himself. He began this challenge knowing that it was just that; a challenge. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, he always thought you were beautiful and talented, but the more he got to know you, the more he began to fall in love with you. He couldn’t help but feel instantly calm around you. Even your scent made him feel less anxious or worried about things. And tonight, seeing you in a situation that could have potentially cost you your life just made his feelings stronger for you. He wanted to protect you, he wanted nothing more than to be there for you when you needed him.

“I’ll continue the challenge for now.” He thought to himself. “But before I kiss her, I’ll come clean and tell her everything.”

Jaebum fell sound asleep, hoping he would be so lucky as to dream of you tonight.

A moments peace, before the war that would begin, the very next day.

"Demons" by Imagine Dragons

OH MY GOD I CANT I CANT THIS SONG IS KILLING MY SOUL AT THIS PART: “I wanna hide the truth, I want to shelter you, but with the beast inside, there’s nowhere we can hide” and “When you feel my HEAT look into my eyes, it where my demons hide, don’t get too close, it’s dark inside, it’s where my demons hide” there is nothing you can tell me that will make me think this song isn’t about Cal trying to protect Mare.


“If you want to sway in the gap between good and evil
Be the sword that protects anything and everything
Even if it is a foolish decision
Even if it is a proof of your sins
With more ferocity make up for it, trickster!”

Heartless - Thoughts

1. Corey? Corey? nONOno. Why do I get the feeling they’re going to need him and he’s going to be gone?

2. FINALLY. The Sheriff finds Stiles’s room, Lydia finds his jersey. Claudia fails to find a conscience and continues to say Stiles isn’t real.

3. Claudia is really dead? YES I PREDICTED THIS. (Well, I also predicted she was evil and being controlled by the Wild Hunt, but lets skip that part.)

4. The continued references to Lenore and how she was left alone are making me very scared for Lydia. LEAVE the smol banshee alone.

5. Oh my god, Theo’s ‘mom and dad’ joke is everything I need from a psychopathic chimera.

6. Well fuck, can someone please kill the evil teacher already? Honestly, we all knew he was evil from the words 'new teacher’ and 'bad eyebrows’.

7. There was a conspicuously bad lack of Stiles this episode.

8. There was a conspicuously good amount of Peter this episode. Yay nine herbs magic panacea thingy.

9. Peter flirting with Melissa and her being like, bitch, I love CHRIS ARGENT NOW, is beautiful.

10. The Layden kiss with Theo being like, guys, you have a murderous chimera chained to you right now, is also beautiful.

11. So Lydia can pull things out of other realities now too?! I thought that was just Corey!!

12…. Corey. And Mason without Corey. No.

anonymous asked:

Today I told my mom that I don't wanna have kids in future, and she got REALY angry at me and said "Pray for God didn't hear your words" and now I'm just lying and thinking that if she knew that I'm atheist who supports LGBT she'd probably kill me😧

Oh bby! :( I’m sorry your mom reacted like that. It’s always difficult when a parent doesn’t support or understand a part of who you are or what you’d like for yourself in the future. 

Having kids is an incredibly serious decision that is not for everyone. It’s too bad that she can’t appreciate you knowing what you want and being confident enough in it and yourself to make it known! There is nothing bad about or wrong with you for not wanting to have children. 

I hope you’ll continue to stand by what you believe in even when your mom and others don’t agree. You are a strong kiddo! Don’t let anyone else make you feel differently! <333

anonymous asked:

oh god i binged read it today and i don't remember which part, but i remember reading through it and something struck me and actually turned me on. sorta disgusted with myself but now i'm trying to find that part that fucked with my lust or whatever. i am terrified. (people please remember this is a fictional story focused on the psychological effects of this kind of behavior, please do not think this is an ok thing to do at all!)

All I can say Anon is you’re not alone. Not in the least.

I Wish (Part 3)

Part 1

Part 2

Joe Sugg’s P.O.V

“Oh my God, remember the time we went on the most epic fail basketball game of all time?” Y/N said with her cheerful voice. I’m glad that she’s enjoying her little throwback session with Finn but ugh. These two are killing me. They’re in my car, I’m the one who’s driving, and it’s like I don’t even exist.

“Yeah.” Finn spoke laughing from the backseat. “That was so embarrassing. Erase that from your memory please.”

“Joe, you have to know the story.” Y/N looked at me with her cheeky, beautiful, and excited smile.

“Oh so now I exist.” I mumbled, not loud enough for the two of them to hear.

Finn groaned jokingly. “Please don’t tell him.”

“Okay so Finn and I went on a baseball game when we’re in highschool…” Y/N started.

“And she’s telling him.”

“Finn was playing around with our friend Penny and they were acting sweet so the kiss cam spotted them and everyone thought that Finn and Penny’s a couple so Penny slapped him to tell everyone that they’re not together.” She continued, laughing. Oh dear heavens her laugh. One of my favourite sounds in this world.

“Wow. That is embarrassing.” I chuckled, my eyes still on the road.

“Well,” Finn spoke again. “After getting blushy and all, I took advantage of the kiss cam and kissed Y/N instead.”

I think my heart stopped beating the moment he said those words.

“Finn.” Y/N whined.

I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. All I know is that Finn should be thankful that I’m on the wheel right now cause if not then I’d probably hit him in his fucking face.

I admit yes, I’m bloody jealous of Finn. Y/N once fell in love with this guy. How can I not be jealous of that? I know I rejected her. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want us to be together. I care about her so much.

I love her but I know if I’d be in a relationship with her I’d be the worst boyfriend ever. I’m too busy. And I don’t want her to feel any stress because I’m stressed. I’m scared of breakups. Some people broke up became both of them are busy with their career. Y/N and I are both youtubers and that’s one of the most stressful job.

When she confessed her feelings for me, I felt happy and wonderful. So happy that I wanted to kiss her and hug her tight so that nobody could take her away from me. But I didn’t. I told her that we’re good as friends. Because we are. As much as I want to be with her, I can’t. I’m too busy and too scared to risk our friendship.


Y/N’s P.O.V

“Here we are. Home sweet home.”

“Yay.” Joe said sarcastically as he quickly sat on the couch.

“Nice.” Said Finn, his eyes roaming around my flat. “Your flat looks really beautiful…”

I smiled. “Aww–”

“Like you.”

I stood there a bit surprised with my mouth slightly opened. I don’t know if Finn’s being serious but I kinda felt myself blush. “Okay.” I said, trying my hardest not to laugh.

“Oh look.” I heard Joe speak and I looked at him. Here comes the attitude. “It’s an empty can of soda.” He pointed at an empty can on the table, grabbed it, and threw it in a mini bin beside the couch. “It’s trash. Just like you.” Joe smirked to irritate Finn.

But by the looks of it, Finn wasn’t really offended. “Mate, I love your humour.” He laughed. Oh so good thing he thought of it as a joke.

But for goodness’ sake what the hell is wrong with Joe? I’m not mad at him or anything but I just hate this bloody attitude of his. If he doesn’t like Finn, he still needs to give him respect.

“Yeah.” I faked a small laugh. “Ah. Hey Finn?”


“All the stuff for our collab video is fixed and done. Except, I forgot to put my new memory card in my camera.” I faced the couch. “Joe will you please help me find it?”

Joe gave me his confused face and said “But you just–”

“Aww thank you, Joe. It’s in my room.” I turned again to face Finn. “Mind waiting here for a few minutes? I’m really sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Finn then again gave me his precious sincere smile.

I smiled back. “Thanks” I mouthed and turned my attention back to Joe who’s now walking towards me. “Let’s go.” I said.


“Tell me what’s wrong, Joseph.” I said as we entered my room.

“What do you mean?” He responded, acting all clueless.

“What’s with the attitude? You’re turning into a disrespectful child to Finn.” I almost shouted.

Joe chuckled, rolling his eyes. “Y/N, can’t you see what he’s doing? He’s trying to get you back using his sweet words and shits.”

“I’m single so what’s wrong with letting my ex boyfriend flirt with me?”

“Oh so you like it when your ex flirts with you?” He asked, his voice a bit shaking.

“I didn’t say that. Look Joe you’re acting really jealous right now.” I crossed my arms.

“Maybe because I am jealous, Y/N. God you’re so numb.” He slightly shouted.

Oh so now he’s jealous. Unbelievable. “Wow.” I said sarcastically. “You’re calling me numb? And what did you say? You’re jealous? You’re the one who rejected me, Joseph Sugg. You’re the one who broke my heart. So you don’t have the rights to be jealous because this whole ‘stay as friends’ thing is your choice.” Tears formed in my eyes as I said those words, as I told the guy I love about how I really feel… once again.

Joe stared at me for a moment. He didn’t say anything but hurt was clear in his eyes.

“You’re not the only who’s struggling in this situation, Y/N.” He finally spoke with his voice low and calm, eyes red and teary. “You’re not the only one who’s hurt. You don’t know how hard it is to pretend. To pretend that you don’t love someone when the truth is you love them more than you love yourself.” Tears poured down his face and so was mine. “Y/N, I know I don’t have the rights to be jealous of anyone because I’m not yours and you’re not mine.” He moved closer to me, causing me to stare deeply into his ocean blue eyes. “No words can express how much I love you. But Y/N, we’re young. We’re busy with our careers. Too busy for a relationship. Lots of people are breaking up because of that reason. What if we start a relationship and end up like them? We’d treat each other like strangers and I don’t want that to happen. I don’t wanna risk our friendship.”

Silence with small cries filled the room for a few seconds as we stare at each other’s eyes. “I love you, Joe.” I bit my lip, forcing myself not to cry harder. “But you’re a coward.”

He looked down the moment I said those words.

I spoke again. “I hate you for not trying.”

I then walked out of the room, wiping tears off my face, leaving Joe all alone.

“Y/N? Are you alright?” Finn asked as I walked towards the living room.

“Yeah uh… I’m fine.”

Finn walked towards me and smiled comfortingly. “I heard you guys shouting from your room. No need to pretend.”

Tears automatically fell from my eyes. Finn rested his hand on my cheek and wiped my tears. “I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.” He said, putting down his hand.

“No, it's–”

“Y/N, it’s okay. I admit, I still have feelings for you. I actually didn’t stop loving you. And I’m sorry about that.”


“But you do really love Joe. I saw the way you looked at him.” He then again smiled. “You used to look at me that way.”

I froze. I was speechless and sad.

“I’ll talk to him okay?”


“Just stay here. I’ll talk to Joe. Don’t worry I won’t hurt him.”

I just stood there, my eyes widened as Finn walked away.

A/N: Part 4 will be posted next week :)

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O M G O M G I REPEAT O M G Im certainly not okay oh god that taehyung sexing scenario damn im not okay that was so freakin' good just wow i wonder after this incident between the two how would their first encounter would be like? like in front of other friends no one knows but the tension is just too much oh god would they forget about the rules and do it for real? if you could write a 2nd part about this, that'd be sooo amazing

Sexting isn’t my thing but that Nude story was so damn HOT. Especially when they talked on the phone. I would kill for a part 2 where they have actual sex but can’t tell anyone onfg but just this was so good fr

Dirty talk is my weakness so sexting w taehyung just killed me bye I’m typing from the great unknown

you’re such a talented writer literally everything I’ve read by you so far has me hanging on and waiting for more. Nude was especially great. please keep writing because you are truly fantastic 😊😊😊

Aahhh Nude was so good!! I’ve sexted before, but damn, that was hot af. I envy your writing. Thank you for writing such a masterpiece, you’ve turned me on 🙏

OMG NUDE WAS AMAZING!!! But to be honest, anything you write is perfect. Keep up the good work!

Thank you all! You’re amazing and I appreciate your messages so much!!! ♡♡♡
I’m glad you liked the story. I can’t promise a part two because the rest of January will be pretty hectic for me, but I’ll have a lot of free time in February and I will be able to write more. :)

Sam Winchester-Stop Hiding Part 2

Title: Stop hiding Part 2

Pairings: Sam winchester x reader

Word count: 1323

Request:I really hope you’ll make a second Stop Hiding cause it just got soo good!!

Request:Is stop hiding getting a sequel? Because I felt a sequel coming and I’m curious

Request:Oh my god will there be a part two to this???? It’s amazing!!


Request:Hi I just want to start off by saying I love your work. Keep doing what you are doing😁👏 and I was wondering if you could do a pt. 2 to Stop hiding thxs 🙌

Request:Can you please do a part two to stop hiding. It was written so well and the cliff hanger is killing me pretty please with like a million cherries on top.

Request:Stop hiding part 2?

Warning: Smut!

Links:stop hiding

It had been a good few weeks since your talk with Sam. He hadn’t brought it up and thankfully, you were in the clear. You continued your normal, making out, sex and what not, but you still refused to let him touch you.

He had tried, slithered his hand down your thigh, played with your belt buckle, but he kept getting denied, the night ending in you making up an excuse and Sam slumping back on the bed.

Today was not a perticually good day. 

You and the brothers were at a bar, drinking after a good nights hunt. To your luck you had bumped into a friend, one that didn’t know about hunting. She sat down, immersing in the conversation and quickly became comfortable. 

‘’Ohhh (y/n) do you remember what happened with Patty!’’She squealed, laughing loudly as she clapped her hands. Your eyes widened, glancing over at your amused boyfriend as you shook your head t her. 

‘’Let’s not talk about that’’You laughed nervously, knowing this wouldn’t end well. 

‘’No, come on! I wanna know’’Dean whined. Sam chuckled, slinging his arm over your shoulder. ‘’Don’t be a sour puss’’Dean grinned, lightly nudging you playfully under the table. 

‘’Okay, so (y/n) used to have this boyfriend called Patrick, we called him Patty though. Patty just so happened to be….going down…on (Y/n) and her mom walks in!’’She cracks up. 

You felt Sam tense over you, his mouth dropping open as a pissed and startled expression falls onto his face. You sighed, closing your eyes as Dean’s laughter fills the bar. 

‘’So what happened!’’Dean laughs, eager to know more. He leaned in more to your friend, the clear sexual tension between the two of them. Whilst Dean remains oblivious to the awkward situation your friend had just caused, she however notices.

‘’her mom just goes ballistic and then her dad comes running in!’’She whispered over to Dean, the two of them really hitting it off. 

Sam had stayed silent the rest of the night, you trying to act like everything wasn’t awkward and uncomfortable. Dean and your friend ending up leaving, Dean wiggling his brows as he gave you a thumbs up a thankful look dawning on his face.

‘’So…’’You coughed, Sam twirling his beer bottle around the table. 

‘’You let other boyfriends touch you but when it’s me you don’t?’’He asked bluntly, not even letting you blink before he got straight to the point. His face was emotionless, jaw locked. 

‘’N-no’’You stuttered, unsure of how to word it. 

‘’I asked you if it was me, (y/n). You said no.’’Sam muttered in a disappointed tone. Now he looked just plain hurt and sad and that broke your heart. 

‘’It wasn’t you-Sammy!’’you called, calling after your boyfriend that pushed his way through the crowd. 


You ended up walking home, scared and worried Sam wouldn’t want to talk about it. As soon as you stepped in through the door, Sam was sitting against the table, ready to talk. 

You rubbed your tired face, sighing as you slung your coat on the couch. 

‘’Sam’’You started, frowning at his sad look, his puppy dog eyes killing you. 

‘’I don’t understand. Are you really that uncomfortable with me?’’He whispered, your eyes softening. 

‘’No. Look. It was different with Patty. Him? I just liked. With you? I love you. This is important and special to me. You actually mean something to me and I’d rather not screw it up and lose yo-’’You were cut off by Sam’s lips slamming ont yours, his head craning so he could mould his lips perfectly in yours. Fitting tightly together like a missing puzzle piece. 

‘’You won’t. I promise’’He breathed out, his warm breath fanning over your neck. ‘’Let me prove it to you, please’’he begged, his hand grasping yours as he licked his lips eagerly. 

You opened your mouth, ready to deny him but caught the sad look in his eyes. Would you really throw all of this away because you were insecure. You nodded. It was a tiny movement but he caught it. 

A startled breath escaped his lips, his eyes widening as he gave you a shocked expression. ‘’Really? I-I mean…I can?’’He whispered, a smile etching onto his features. 

He pushed his lips back onto yours, a moan slipping past your lips as he lightly bit into your plump lip. His hands slided down to grip your bum, his fingertips pressing into the flesh as he kneaded it. 

He removed his lips from yours, lowering his head to the crook of your neck as he peppered your skin in light, wet kisses. Your breath hitched in your throat, fingertips grasping at his shirt. 

He leaned down, rolling his hands under your thighs and capturing your legs around his waist as he hoisted you up. He walked swiftly to the bedroom, going off memory to get you both there. He shoved his flat palm out, pushing open the door and kicking it shut with the back of his shoe when he entered. 

You squealed when he dropped you gently on the bed, your body bouncing on the impact. Sam chuckled, smiling widely at you as he leaned back down and captured your lips in his. 

Thankfully you were wearing one of Sam’s shirts, no caring that you went out in public looking like a bargain hunter. His cool fingertips gripped your jeans, eyes flashing up to meet yours as he gave you a look of concern. You nodded, showing him it was okay and in one swift movement, your jeans were gone. 

 He sat up, kneeling between your legs as he glided his calloused hands over your thighs. His thumbs rubbed at the inside of your thighs, lowering his head as he assaulted the skin in bites. 

Purple bruises ran up and down your thighs, a startled gasp withdrawing from your parted lips when you felt his slick tongue press against your clothed heat. Your toes curled, back arching as you whined at him. 

His breath fanned against you as he chuckled, fingertips hooking into the lace material and painfully slow, pulling it down. He flung them somewhere across the room, lowering himself as he hooked your legs over his shoulders. 

You didn’t have time to feel nervous, time to feel insecure. It was Sam. Everything was Sam. Sam touching you, Sam teasing you, Sam pleasing you. How could you even think straight when you had a muscular giant with his head between your thighs as he showed you what talents he had been hiding with that mouth. 

Your mouth stuttered open, hand gripping in his locks as he devoured you without a warning. Getting straight to the point. He swirled his tongue against you, his mouth clamping down and dipping his tongue into you before licking a clean stripe upwards. 

You swallowed thickly, a rope tightening in your stomach as you reacted against his tongue. 

‘’It’s okay, baby. Don’t be embarrassed’’He reassured, sliding his hand up your thigh when he noticed you were holding back groans. You finally let one out, feeling his smirk against you as you flung your head back. 

‘’S-shit, Sam!’’You gasped, yanking on his hair. You kept withering about, your hips rising off the bed. Sam pinned back your hips, his strong arms stopping you from moving whether you wanted to or not and leaving you at his mercy. 

With a loud cry and your fingers yanking his hair, you came. Sam rid out your finish, your body swallowing in on itself as you tiredly slumped back. Sam sat up, grinning like an idiot as he wiped his mouth. 

‘’Good?’’He asked with an amused grin. 

‘’Great’’You giggled, straightening out his ruffled locks. He grinned at you, pulling you in for a hug as he cheekily patted your bum. 

‘’Hey, watch it’’You teased, yanking on his hair again which resulted in his loud laughter.