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Ten years ago, Y/N McCall had disappeared and killed. No body was found. The case closed.

Dragging her self into the police station, Y/N McCall almost collapsed. She had been walking for miles, limping along bare footed down the roads of Beacon Hills, mumbling ‘Help. I need help.’

“Ma’am!” Deputy Parrish said, the girl falling into her arms. “W-what happened?” He asked her before yelling over his shoulder for a medic. The request got Scott and Stiles’ attention, the two boys were there helping Stiles’ dad. They shared questioning looks before going to where needed.

“Help… I’m Y/N McCall.” You groaned, coughing a bit. “Help…”

Scott stared at the girl covered in dirt, feeling tears gather in his eyes. “Y/N… My sister.”

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“Oh, this will only be a two-shot.” My muse lied sweetly through too many teeth and with fingers crossed behind her back.

“I told you so” Ginny’s lips formed a smug smile around her straw.

Hermione declined to comment, instead sipping on her own iced coffee in the small shop and kept her eyes on the screen of her laptop.

“Are you paying him?”

“In a manner of speaking.” Hermione said absentmindedly.

“Oh. My. GOD! Hermione Granger! I didn’t know you had it in you!” Ginny shrieked, startling Hermione into looking up. Ginny was staring at her with wide-eyed awe. Hermione ran through the brief conversation again, trying to understand what caused this reaction.

“Um… Oh. OH! Oh no Ginny! No. I am not paying him like that.” Hermione shook her head, “No.”

Ginny made a small sound of disapproval. “Then how are you paying him?”

“We agreed on eight boxes of macaroni and cheese, two a week for a month, and a couple of concert tickets.”

Ginny blinked at her, still sipping on the -now empty- coffee. “Mac and Cheese? That’s what he wanted?”

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Don't Get Skinny, Okay?

It’s the usual family gathering for Christmas. Tons of food, opened presents, happy kids, and drinks. However, you noticed that Mark seemed different. The times you wanted to hang out with your favorite cousin before the holidays decreased. He was either sick, busy, or the combination of the two. But you still look forward to seeing him today, he has no excuse now.
The doorbell ring and you little nephew went to answer the door.
Standing there was a rather large, rounded human figure, belly hanging out of the black shirt a little. Arms are laying perfectly on the sides of the body, sticking out in the visual of a triangle.
“Marky!” Your nephew said while running to the figure and squishing his head on the soft, gluttonous belly.
Mark got
Like, SUPER fat.
Heather always had a crush on him for years, but of course they were cousins. But now this is different.
Still, she isn’t disgusted by it for some reason.
After Mark greeted everyone he then came to Heather on the couch.
He sat down, causing ripples to send through his belly and Heather lightweight body to go up on the couch a little.
Mark used to be just as little as her.
Question is, what happened?
“Hey heather!” Mark greeted while hugging Heather. Caught her off guard, her face sucked in between what she felt was moobs, while the rest of her body sucked into his huge gut.
“Uh, hey Mark” she finally answered.
After a long conversation, Heather still couldn’t understand why he is so fat.
Since nobody was around them, she had to ask. She had no choice.
“Mark, um why did you- well, how did you get so-”
“Big? That’s what you mean, right?”
She nodded.
“Well,” Mark exclaimed, “it’s pretty obvious I know but…I’m comfortable with it. I mean, think of all the healthy shit we used to eat. Get punished in a way when we are a burger , or fries, or fried chicken or something you know? Well, I just started to give in and the aftermath is …so cool. Heather, I’m just basically a comfy ass pillow.”
Heather giggled. He always wanted to be the jokester.
“You wanna test it out yourself?” Mark insisted and moved his arm from resting on his belly.
“Whatever,” Heather said while laying her head on his enormous gut.
It was…soft. And comfy. She moved her position so she was sideways, back facing the couch. She laid one of her hands on his belly, which caused him to shiver a little.
“Sorry, nobody else touched me but you so far,” mark said while letting Heather feel his belly. She liked it, or did she? It was so weird. Suddenly his belly growled.
“Um, mark, we- didn’t we just eat?” She asked.
“Yeah, um, I have a bigger appetite now tho. I guess you can call me a grizzly bear.”
She giggled. They are soft and big.

Later, during the Christmas dinner, Heather was sitting next to mark at the table eating ham, green beans, yams, mac and cheese, the works. Heather noticed marks plate was at least twice the amount of hers. Nevertheless he was eating it all. Heather got…hot. She was wearing a sweater, though. Mark was breathing heavily in and out, forcing one bite to the next. However, Heather noticed he was wearing a belt. A belt that looked if it was going to burst. Without anyone looking, she tapped mark on the arm and whispered in his ear: “do u want me to unbuckle your belt?”
Mark face got beet red, but then he nodded.
Heather then reached under his huge gut, which took some effort, and unbuckled it. The force of his belly pushed out…or was it his belly? It was fat, but she didn’t know what it was.
Afterwards, Heather and mark went back to heathers room.
She left for a moment and came back with some sweatpants.
Mark looked confused.
“I , Um, I think you need this. Your , your belt is um too tight now.”
“Ain’t that the truth? Thanks,” he said while switching his pants in front of her.
Heather really couldn’t closed her eyes it was too late. But once he took his pants off , she noticed another..blob of fat under his belly. Was that..?
“OH, I’m, yeah that’s what u probably felt. My bad by the way.”
“Can I feel- I mean, what is tha-”
“Yeah, u can feel it, I don’t care,” he insisted while grabbing heathers arm with his chubby hands.
Then he placed her hands on his fat pad.
“Wow, you are …fat. But- OH, wow I can barely see your-” Heather instantly turned red.
“Haha, yeah that’s what the pad does once you become a fatty like me.”
Heather’s hand slipped down to his tip by accident, causing his dick to get hard.
“Mark, oh my god, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean-”
“Heather, jeez, come on we used to like each other. I mean we can’t date but you can feel on me. I don’t mind.”
Mark inched a little closer to Heather, while taking his tight black shirt off. His belly and his tip touched Heather.
“Actually, I want you…to feel on me.”
She gave in, she stroked his dick under his padding, while mark reaches in for a hard kiss. They both grunted and groan, while mark lead Heather to her bed. Him being on the bottom, all of his fat seemed to spill on her bed. She was loving it, she threw off her sweater and jeans and hopped on marks body, causing his whole body to shake. She kissed all over his belly and moons, causing him to moan. What got over her, nobody knows. She know it’s wrong to be fat, but she love marks body …more than ever.
Mark reached in for a harder kiss while placing his chubby fingers inside her. Considering the fact one fat finger of his seems like two fingers to her, Heather was enjoying the moment of her life. She groaned , begging for relief once he put two fingers inside. Mark loved the sound of her cum moving back and forth inside, so he continued it while sucking on her nipples.
“I wanted you for the longest,” mark moaned out while kissing all over her.
“I want you now. Don’t, don’t get skinny, ok?”
“Trust me, i won’t” mark whispered while placing her body on top of his. She tried to find his dick so she could get ready for the best sex she ever had in her life.

Space Invader, Pt. 14

Well, this is it. A simple prompt from a pal that turned into the longest fic I’ve ever written. It’s also my first Spacedogs fic, which was monumentally dumb of me, but still, I loved writing it. I hope you guys enjoyed. 

As always, none of this could have been possible without @chronicopheliac, @wrathofthestag, @plan-d-to-i or @thegnosticgospelofjulio - who prompted me. 

Catch up on the whole mess: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13

Chapter 14: Fucking Kiss Me Already 

         Adam’s eyes flicked over Nigel, assessing.

         “You’re bleeding.” He disappeared back into his apartment.

         Nigel shook his head, sending shards of pottery and dirt flying.

         “What the fuck? Are you alive?” Darko peered over the edge of the roof, his voice sounded tight.

         Nigel opened his mouth to respond when he heard his darling coming back. He waved his hand at Darko, signaling him to fuck off already. Adam appeared by the door with a small first aid kit. He opened it, retrieving a cotton ball and wetting it with alcohol. Nigel sat in a daze as his little sniffling cosmonaut dabbed at the scratch on his cheek and his torn lip.

         “Why did you do this? You could have been seriously hurt.” Adam’s eyes were all over his face, body tense and trembling. Nigel took advantage of the proximity to look over his darling, he couldn’t see any bruises or marks, most of the damage must have been done in his apartment.

         “Fucking worked for you, didn’t it? You show up on my balcony in a fucking spacesuit and before I know it I’m practicing breathing exercises like a fucking pussy and praying you’ll stop by to boss me around some more.”

         Adam turned his head away.

         “I don’t want to talk to you right now.”

         Nigel sighed.

         “I know. I fucking know, Adam. But can you just let me say one thing? Then maybe help an old man up, because I’m not fucking sure I can stand in this goddamn suit.”

         Adam’s mouth formed a moue while he considered.


         “I want you to understand that I’m fucking shit. What I did was shit. You should be fucking furious. You should hit me and break my shit, maybe never speak to me again, but please – fucking please, Adam, don’t think for one second that this was practice. I love you. Darko loves you. Five fucking felons who would shoot their own mother to make a sale are back at the warehouse right fucking now hoping you’re ok and planning to kill me if you’re not. Adam fucking Raki is loved. So fucking loved.”

         Adam was gnawing on his lip, the hand that had been pressing the cotton to Nigel’s lip had stilled, riding Nigel’s jaw as he spoke.

         “I’m going to go. And if you can forgive me, I’ll be here, ready to do what you need me to do. Make another fucking list, we can work on it. If you want me to move so you’ll never see my fucking face again, I’ll do it. But I won’t leave until you promise not to hit yourself or break any more of your nice fancy space shit,” Nigel caught the hand that was still on his chin. The fine-boned wrist that flexed so beautifully when he was coming undone in Nigel’s bed. God, he would miss this fucking kid.

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Pumpkin Muffins 🎃 ReidxReader

Request; Reader just moved into her new apartment around Thanksgiving, she is alone and makes some Pumpkin sweets to share with her neighbors, but Reid is the only other person on her floor that is alone on the holiday. 
requested by @htarresnom

          Thanksgiving day had dawned with eerie quiet and the smell of dozens of various dishes and desserts cooking filled the air with their tantalizing aroma. Turkeys roasting and yams broiling, pumpkin and pecan pies melded their scents into one hunger inducing bouquet. 
          In one small apartment, there was little more than homemade pumpkin muffins baking in the oven. Careful to check often, making sure they hadn’t burned, a girl by the name of (Y/N) peeked at the rising orange treats. Aside from these, she had made herself a small dinner to celebrate thanksgiving. Chicken instead of turkey, mac and cheese, stuffing, green beans, and so on- but in portions small enough for just two or three people. Or, one person with leftovers. 
          Though she was spending her holiday alone, she was doing all that she could to keep the holiday spirit alive. She had recently moved away from her family for a new job offer that held a lot of promise- though starting life anew so close to the holidays was proving to be more than a little lonely. 
           Slipping an oven mitt onto her hand, she pulled the oven door open and a wave of heat washed through the kitchen, bringing with it the scent of nutmeg and cinnamon. She lay the muffins on the counter and helped herself to one as her mouth began to water. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned softly from the delicate sweetness and buttery texture of the muffin. Placing the remainder into a large basket she smiled softly to herself as she prepared to meet her neighbours for the first time. Maybe she’d come across a lovely elderly couple that would invite her inside and tell her stories of their childhood. If anything, she merely wanted to offer the baked goods as a gesture of good will, and maybe just to see someone smile outside of a TV screen. 
          Making sure to shut off the stove top as she left, she rapped her knuckles lightly on the door of the apartment nearest her own. No response. Sighing slightly, though not entirely disheartened quite yet, she made her way to the next door, knocking softly. Again, no response. Pursing her lips she meandered her way down the hall, knocking on each door in turn. Each one with no response- until she arrived at the last apartment along the narrow hallway. Almost entirely dejected and lonely, she gave one final attempt, knocking against the peeling wood of the apartment door. No one answered for a moment, and she started to make her way back down the hallway when the door opened slowly, stopping her in her tracks.
          She beamed brightly, hugging the basket of muffins tightly to her chest when she locked gazes with a rather adorable, though perhaps slightly disheveled man that stood before her dressed in his pajamas. Her smile faltered slightly as her heart raced, the young man looking her over quizzically, one brow raised as his gaze settled on the basket of muffins. 
          “Oh! Hi, sorry I wasn’t expecting anyone to answer- nobody else seems to be home- I uh, I’m sorry if I disturbed you-”
          He shook his head smiling softly, 
          “Not at all actually, I was just doing a bit of reading. Tom Sawyer, I read it every year around this time… My name is Spencer by the way.  Can I help you with anything? Did you need to borrow some eggs or sugar or something?” His brow furrowed in confusion as his head tilted slightly to the side, reminding her of a brown eyed puppy.
          “Oh no! I actually wanted to bring you these.” She stammered as she held out the basket of muffins, blushing slightly as he observed the pile of sweets.
          “That’s a lot of muffins. Did you have guests cancel or something?”
          “No, actually I’m alone today and I’m new to the area so I just wanted to introduce myself and I thought this might be a good way to do it.” She lowered the basket, eyes cast downward as she blushed lightly.
           “No not at all. Giving food is one of the most common gestures of good will, especially sweets. I’m actually spending the day alone as well, so if it makes you feel any better- I appreciate it.” He smiled brightly, his eyes seemed to twinkle as they scrunched up and he held out his hand to take a muffin. 
         Offering him a half smile, she again held out the basket, allowing him to take one, watching as he peeled the paper away.
          “You know… I made some dinner at my apartment and it’s a little too much for one person. I mean if you didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving day alone- of course you don’t have to, I mean I’m a total stranger after all-” She rambled,  growing sense of embarrassment overwhelming her as she hid her face behind her hand.
         “I wouldn’t mind, I don’t have much else to do after all- er, what was your name…?” Spencer questioned, narrowing his eyes in thought as he wondered if he had perhaps forgotten.
          “Oh, God, sorry- It’s (Y/N).” She smiled shyly and Spencer stepped out of his apartment, chewing his first bite of muffin.
          “It’s a pleasure to meet you- these are really delicious, by the way, and still just a little warm.”  
          “Thanks! It was my grandma’s old recipe actually.” She explained as she led him back to her own apartment where the scent of food cooking came wafting through the cracks. 
          Opening the door, she led him inside, apologizing profusely for all the boxes that still lay scattered all across the apartment. 
          “I haven’t had much time to unpack.” She bit her nail, placing the basket of muffins on her table and making her way to the kitchen to prepare their food plates.
          “If you like, I could help you get unpacked later.” Spencer offered, standing beside her and helping himself to the macaroni. 
          “You don’t have to do that.” (Y/N) murmured, though couldn’t hide the smile forming on her lips as she carved into the small chicken. 
          “It’s no trouble, really. I know it took me a long time to make friends in the area, and it can become more than a little depressing.”
          She nodded though said nothing as she seated herself at the table, waiting to begin her meal until Spencer had sat down as well. 
          During their small, shared thanksgiving meal (Y/N) had observed quite a bit about Spencer as he carried on through the night with a slew of facts and information that she found both humorous and intriguing. He asked her about her family and why she had moved to the area and listened with interest as she told him.
          He helped her to do the dishes and put the food away, and once everything had been neatly stacked in the fridge, they seated themselves aside one another on her corduroy couch with full and content bellies. 
          (Y/N) yawned as she stretched her arms over her head. “Man, that chicken has me so sleepy.” She giggled, rubbing her eyes as a Christmas movie began to play on the TV, the jingling of bells ringing through the apartment.
          “Actually chicken does have more l-tryptophan than turkey does- but that’s not the reason you get sleepy and lethargic after a thanksgiving meal. It’s mostly just due to ingesting large quantities of food in one sitting, primarily carbohydrates like pasta, bread, and fruit.” He nodded knowledgeably as he took another bite of a muffin with a yawn and a sly wink.
          (Y/N) giggled softly as she cozied herself into the couch, tuning into the movie that played softly on the flickering screen until a gentle sleep took her. In her slumber she leaned over against Spencer’s shoulder, arms wrapping around him as she snuggled into him with a contented smile. 
          Spencer stiffened slightly at first- unsure what to do or how to react, but gradually his shoulders relaxed, a gentle smile on his face as he rested his hand tenderly atop her head, and before long, he himself drifted off into sleep.

Here we are then. A second part to the university AU that I never really intended to make anything else of, so we’ll see how this goes. 

I’ve changed the original to make it so Jily are already married and there’s some mild sexy stuff towards the end but nothing descriptive. 

It still doesn’t have a title so suggestions are welcome because all I can think of is being an arsehole and naming it after a hsm song at this point. 

Anyway, here we go then. Thanks for everyone who asked for more or talked to me about this. 

When Sirius knocked on his door at exactly 8pm the next evening, Remus was only half dressed.

“One minute!” he shouted, glad that they lived in the same house and he didn’t have to awkwardly go to the front door in his underwear.

Some time between their conversation in the early hours of the morning and now, Remus had remembered that Sirius was cool – a strange thing to think, he knew, but Sirius wore leather jackets and eyeliner and looked effortlessly handsome all the damn time. He knew that Sirius liked him, or fancied him at least, but what if he wanted to go to a trendy bar or café? Both Remus’ wardrobe and his self-esteem were a little unprepared for that.

So, he’d scrapped any hope of getting his course reading done in favour of a frantic search of his own wardrobe, and had spent longer than he’d like to admit pulling on different combinations of shirts and trousers.

Looking at himself one last time in the mirror, Remus shrugged helplessly at the black t-shirt and red checked button-up he was wearing. He looked more like a cowboy than anything else, or perhaps a lumberjack at best.

Still, Sirius was ready to go so it would have to do.

He took one more minute to attempt to flatten the sides of his hair into something that looked more tousled than dragged through a bush backwards, before finally deeming himself presentable, and stepping out into the hallway.

“Hey there,” Sirius said, leaning casually against the wall by his door and looking, as Remus had expected, irritatingly good.

“Hi,” Remus replied, “you all set?”

“Of course,” Sirius grinned, gesturing for Remus to walk ahead of him as they ventured down the stairs. They threw on jackets and were just about to open the front door when a horrible rumbling noise reached their ears, followed by the unmistakable sound of someone screaming.

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normally is real (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧: a masterpost (UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING)

anyways ive been asked to do a masterpost proving the realness of normani and ally from 5h so here it goes :) 

ps: this ruined me :)

pss: many of these gifs/edits are not mine :)

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Newlywed strangers Kurt and Blaine spend their first night as husbands… playing Truth or Dare. 

(part 2 to this)

“Do you… want me to carry you over the threshold?" 

Kurt chuckled. They were standing in the hallway with the door of their new home wide open but neither had moved to step in. As an answer to his husband’s question, Kurt simply took a hold of his hand and squeezed it and after sharing a small, understanding smile, they entered the apartment together. 

Could be worse, was Kurt’s initial thought as he looked around but the place definitely needed some redecorating to add a personal touch and that awful couch had to go. The kitchen looked cozy and it was well-supplied with food to last a few days and what Kurt really loved was the huge window with an alcove and a view over Brooklyn.

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Matt Espinosa Imagine for Shyann

You and Matt had been best friends for years, ever since he went out of his way to sit with you at lunch back in fourth grade. You didn’t have very many friends back then, so you always sat alone at lunch. Then Matt sat with you, and all his friends slowly followed, and grew to like you as well. But it was Matt who was there there for you when no one was.
You were best friends, and best friends tell each other everything, right? So it was only natural to find yourself one day telling Matt about your current crush, a cute guy in your gym class named Brett or Brad or something like that.
“He’s really sweet, and he always smiles at me when I serve the volleyball, even though I’m on another team. And one time, I got hit in the head with his serve and he-”
“(Y/N)?” Matt asked, interrupting you. He almost never interrupted you, it was one of his pet peeves, so it must’ve been something important.
“Yeah, Matty?” I asked, looking over at him. His face looked almost pained, and you wondered what was wrong.
“Could I tell you something, and you not react until later? I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a really long time now and it’s making me sick to my stomach to listen to you go on like this.” Matt confessed, and your eyes widened.
“Of course, Matt. Sure, sure. Talk!” You encouraged, and he took a deep breath.
“I’m in love with you.” He said, and there was a moment of silence between you.
“I’ve been in love with you for a while now, ever since I saw you sitting alone at that lunch table, and this is really scary for me but I can’t stand listening to you go on about sone douchebag who’s probably going to break your heart when you have someone right here who loves you and needs you and would do anything for you.”
Your mouth opened a little and you felt tears start to gather in your eyes. This was a little bit of a surprise.
“Wait Matt..you’re being serious right now, right? You’re not messing with me?”
He shook his head vigorously. “Real talk right now, (Y/N). I love you. Always have, and probably always will.”
“Oh my. Oh my.” You said, and Matt looked at you worriedly.
“What do you say?” He asked, and you let out a long sigh.
“Matt, I..I can’t say I’m in love with you too, because I don’t think I am. But..but I do like you, more than in a friendly way. It’s been there for a while, I just never acted on it.”
“Wait. Wait did you just say you like me back?”
You nodded. “Yeah, I think I did.”
Matt grinned, and wrapped you up into a hug.
“(Y/N), you’ve just made me the happiest I think I’ve ever been in my whole life! Oh my god, (Y/N).” He said excitedly, and you smiled at him incredulously.
“So, I have one last- well really two last things to ask you.”
“What are they?” You asked him, and he scooted closer to you.
“Will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” He asked, his voice barely above a whisper. The seriousness in his face equally matched the hope in his beautiful brown eyes, and really, how could you say no to Matt? He knows you better than anyone else, and you know he’ll love you and protect you and do anything for you, as long as you asked.
“Yes.” You murmured, and before you knew it, his lips were on your and his hands cradling your face and he was everywhere, all at once, and you loved it.
“How was that for a first kiss?” Matt asked, and you blushed profusely.
“So much better than I imagined.” You admitted and he grinned from ear to ear, slipping your hand into his, intertwining your fingers.
You two spent the rest of the day together, and you realized as you sat at the counter with Matt, eating dinner you two cooked together, that he had neglected to ask you one last thing.
“Hey, Matt?” You asked, and he looked up.
“What was the last thing you were going to ask me earlier?”
“What? Oh! Oh, you mean before I..oh!” He exclaimed, remembering.
“Yeah! What was it?”
He took a big bite of his mac and cheese and then swallowed. “I was gonna ask if you could never talk about that kid from your gym class again. Like ever.”
You giggled. “Not another word.” You said, and he smiled at you warmly.
“I’m not kidding. I might beat the kid up if I ever see him.”
“I know, I know. I’ll forget about him.”
“I can give him amnesia and then he’ll forget about you.” Matt said jokingly.
“I’m joking, I’m joking! Maybe..” he trailed off, and you hit him punched in the shoulder. Then Matt turned and looked at you with so much happiness and so much emotion, you felt your heart hurt. You wondered what he was going to say.
He leaned in really close, and you felt his hot breath on your ear.
“FIRST ONE TO THE COUCH GETS TO PICK THE MOVIE!” He yelled, then dodged around you and ran into the living room. You jumped in surprise, then put your dishes into the sink and ran after him, knowing he already beat you. But that’s okay, you wouldn’t mind losing a few times to put a smile on Matt’s face. Either way, you got to cuddle up next to your best friend and newly boyfriend, so it was a win-win no matter what.

Requested by cuddlebuddyharry hope you like it babygirl!
Also for berkeleyespinosa you didn’t give us an idea for your imagine babe, so here’s a cute Matt Imagine!

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Fixing Makeup Fuckups

I screw up my makeup all the damn time. It’s pretty much a given that the less time I have to leave the house, the more catastrophic my makeup application will be. I do not work well under pressure. My cat eye will look like I applied it at an EDM dance rave full of older white men erratically dancing near me with their arms. I also suffer from a variety of blunders that I’ve encountered when I have TOO much time on my hands…aka “watching The Bachelorette and popping my face.” Okay. I’ve gotten really into The Bachelorette. It’s basically watching a really pretty lady getting confronted by these horrifying cyborgs that GQ created but didn’t have enough time to install the brain programming or something so they just had them recite things Matthew McConaughey used to say when he was in romantic comedies. “Hello you are beautiful. Hello nice lady, would you like to go picnic in Connecticut?” There’s a whole episode that’s just like, “we’re in Connecticut.” It’s bonkers. Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of both products and tips I use when I fuck up my makeup. Thank you, nice ladies:

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