oh my god this looks like shit i'm so sorry

@disney if kylo ren isn’t canonically in love w/ rey then you seriously messed up because you

  • wrote him so he acts completely illogically whenever Rey is present; stopping to carry her in his arms through a battlefield so he can’t defend himself, waiting for her to wake up so he can talk to her instead of just yanking the info from her unconscious mind, unmasking himself for no reason other than her implying she thinks he’s monstrous while he wears it, walking toward where she was unconscious in the middle of a goddamn fight with Finn for no apparent reason, not shoving her off of a cliff when he had the chance
  • had him completely trash Finn and Poe when in confrontations with them but then not leave a single scratch on Rey
  • made them have similar goals and flaws as characters beyond what is typically expected for a protagonist/antagonist dynamic
  • cast a guy who makes doe eyes at her instead of murder death kill eyes like you would expect to see from the main antagonist like oh my god even in the saberlock he’s just looking at her with determination instead of hostility
  • again can i just.
  • the eyes
  • look at the way he looks at her

am i just imagining things? maybe. but man if i am i feel like i have plenty of reasons to do so based on all the shit kylo does (or in some cases doesn’t do)

i didnt play hiveswap but heres my predictions for future games
  • joey: hey xefros
  • xefros: yeah?
  • joey: i think that maybe
  • joey: this isnt working out
  • xefros: oh thank god
  • xefros: i had the same thought
  • xefros: like i like, don't get me wrong!
  • xefros: i like you! a lot
  • xefros: platonically
  • joey: no exactly, me too.
  • joey: i was worried to say anything because you deserve love and happiness in your relationships, and i didnt want to bring your first good relationship after dammek to a crashing halt.
  • xefros: yeah i think, to be honest
  • xefros: i think one of the reasons i though i liked you so much is just because you were so nice to me, and i wasnt actually attracted to you romantically.
  • xefros: i just thought i was because its what i craved in my own relationship
  • joey: yeah. you deserve better
  • joey: i'm sorry
  • xefros: its chill, shit happens
  • xefros: we can still be friends thought, right?
  • joey: of course!
  • joey: there are zero hard feelings on my end
  • joey: like, look.
  • joey: i need you to understand something about why this relationship didn't work out from my end.
  • xefros: uh
  • xefros: okay?
  • joey: women are hot!
  • xefros: oh my god
  • joey: like yeah she's evil but trizza?
  • xefros: joey no
  • joey: she's hot!
  • xefros: joey please
  • joey: she's hot and sometimes i think of the pinup posters on my bedroom wall when i see her
  • xefros: bye joey
  • joey: i see her
  • xefros: im leaving
  • joey: and i think
  • xefros: have a horrible day

Request: BTS REACTION TO YOU (their girlfriend) CRYING OVER THEIR RUN MV!! cause i am pretty sure that all of army cried as well XD

admin k: hi guys! um, this is my first time doing a bts reaction (since admin r usually takes care of any bts requests) but she’s been busy lately and this request has been lying around for a while and i’m starting to feel really guilty so to whoever requested it i’m sorry for the long wait! and i’m sorry if it doesn’t live up to your expectations! i’m not as familiar with bts as i am with exo so yeah kkkkk


The “oh my god she’s crying what did I do whAT DO I DO?!?!” guy

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The “oh my god this is so embarrassing please don’t cry jagi” guy

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The “tries to cheer you up but looks like he’s going to cry as well because seeing you sad makes him sad” guy

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The “oh nooooo, is my jagiya crying” guy

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The “oh shit. she’s crying.” guy

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The “omg she’s crying. she’s so adorable. i love her so much.” guy

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The “she’s crying, that must mean it’s good” guy

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tbh i’m glad it’s not a straight up kanto rewrite like the usual anime marketing movies do “hey let’s retell a whole season of anime in 2 ½ hrs nice” 

but also

i’m so confused

pokeani what r you selling

i appreciate that it’s a 20th anniversary movie and gonna pull shit from all the gens n shit but WHAT IS GOING ON

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LOOK! I just found your account and oh god am I fucking glad. Like, I found your art in we heart it and look for the source as soon as I can find it. And HOLY SHIT god it's godly its soooooo good I like the story line and.... And.... My words has failed me. What I wanted to say is that you're amazing and I appreciate you and your drawing and..... Yeah I'm speechless Your Saeyoung without glasses is the best btw xx I'm so glad I found your blog 😘😘

i don’t know what to say……!! just want to say thank you so muchhhhh !!!! You make my day !!!!!!
Sorry for reply lately

Tfw jumping onto the Demon Days crossover hype train fifty years late because you only just started digitally drawing a couple months ago

It actually took a while to decide what iconic group of four to do because everyone’s already been done eleven times over, BUT THEN I REALIZED

Alastair and his Squad™ haven’t been done yet, and they’re an awesome iconic group of four [or at least iconic to me], so that’s what I did


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I saw seb and I was able to speak to him so I told him how great he was in civil war and he blushes and looks down smiling like a dork and he goes "thanks so much you too" and then after a moment or two he realises what he just said and he's like "oh shit I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that--you weren't in civil war--that makes no sense I'm sorry but thank you thank you" such a dork


werewolf AU

OK I swear Nams isn’t my actual bias but um. Apparently I think about him a lot??? Anyway just go with me on this okay?

  • Kim Namjoon is 28 and has a nice career and a nice flat and a nice life in general
  • Kim Namjoon is also a werewolf
  • this one time five years ago on one of his late-night walks he was attacked and that kinda sucked
  • he’s mostly resigned to his life now although it took about three years to get to that point
  • can transform at will but the full moon transformations are unavoidable and it is The Worst™
  • his life is kinda lonely now since he’s pushed basically everyone away for their own safety
  • he may or may not have told his family he’s moved to the us…
  • …he’s actually in Busan which…is about as foreign for him but anyway
  • it’s a week before the next full moon and Nams is browsing at a bookstore for something to read in his cage while he waits to transform
  • he’s so used to being in his own world that he doesn’t notice someone has been talking to him
  • except when he looks up and sees this ridiculously handsome dude staring at him with a grin which startles him enough that he drops his books
  • this dude is Jung Hoseok and he was trying to ask Namjoon about Murakami but then thought maybe Namjoon was deaf and felt awkward
  • which ha joke’s on Hoseok, that attack did fuck up Namjoon’s hearing in one ear, which just leads Namjoon to making a joke about Hoseok being half right
  • it’s a terrible joke
  • Hoseok feels terrible
  • Namjoon feels terrible for making it
  • and now it’s awkward

More under the cut!

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Jezabel was feeling really inspired as she walked down the roads of Magic Kingdom. It was her day off and instead of going out to have fun, she was working on her pictures. She smiled to herself as she stopped right in front of the flowers near Cinderella’s castle; she bends down, focuses her lens on the flowers before capturing the imagine. For some reason she felt like capturing the scenery of  the place, but she didn’t question it since it was a beautiful sight. Jezabel captured a few more before standing up, she was so busy looking at the pictures she took she didn’t see someone walking the opposite way until she collided into them. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry” she apologized quickly putting her camera down so it can hang from her neck “Are you okay?” she asked while making sure she didn’t hurt the person. “I wasn’t paying attention, shit I’m such a klutz sometimes” she said feeling like an idiot for not paying attention where she was going.

lately i’ve been thinking a lot about edgeworth and blackquill knowing each other during the trilogy era and being friends during the short period that they’d both be practicing prosecutors before blackquill’s arrest

i have especially been thinking a lot about edgeworth letting it slip to blackquill that he’s secretly Madly In Love with phoenix wright (this prob happens when they’re hanging out playing a steel samurai drinking game at edgeworth’s apartment or some shit, idk)

and then self-appointed wingman!blackquill taking it upon himself to send edgeworth Knowing Looks whenever he walks past them in the courthouse, while edgeworth is talking to phoenix after a trial

and then edgeworth meeting his eye over phoenix’s shoulder, and immediately starting to stammer/get flustered, and phoenix reacting like “who are you looking at? who’s that guy? the tall one in the coat?” [gasp] “wait, are you blushing? oh my god, do you like him??? so ur in2 taller guys??? u LIKE HIM??? WHO IS HE

  • Theo: [Looking at a picture from when they were younger] Oh my god. What was wrong with me? Wow, this was before Draco.
  • Pansy: Yeah, the good old days.
  • Theo: Yeah, back when you were still in the crew.
  • [He holds the picture next to her face]
  • Theo: You used to be so cute, what happened?
  • Pansy: Shut the fuck up. It still looks like me.
  • Theo: [He kisses her] Was that weird? I'm sorry. Shit that was weird wasn't it?
  • Pansy: No, it was...
  • Theo: Fuck.
  • [They make out]

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Could you do a thing where Maka tells Soul that he'll be a father? Bonus if it's pre-

A/N: OK, finally here is the thing. Also for the anon that wanted Ben Stone. I’m sorry this is kinda late but my brain is mush and I have had zero motivation this past week really. So this kinda became an exercise in ‘I will finish this or will drown myself in the garden rain barrel’. Angstier than I originally intended it to be, this is a pre-engagement baby. Also ending is weird, so sorry about that. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Soul opened the door quietly, poking his head round the edge to check for hiding meisters. The coast seemed clear so he opened the door the whole way and shuffled in, kicking his shoes off as he shut the door behind him with a quiet click.

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No, but let me be real for a moment.

You all know I freaking love SoujiNaoto. Like, I really love SoujiNaoto. It fills me with warm fuzzies and makes me grin just thinking about it.

But give me a moment to talk about SoreyMikleo.

I goddamn love SoreyMikleo

Like, I fell in love with this pair so fast I’m pretty sure I got some sort of fandom whiplash. I’m not one for buying doujin generally, but I somehow managed to luck out on eBay and now I own like four SorMik doujin that are absolutely stunning (and only cost me like $20 each somehow and goddamn, I don’t regret it at all despite the fact that I can’t read kanji to save my life.)

But yeah. I REALLY love SorMik.

I love how well they play off one another, I love that they compliment each other so well. I love that Mikleo is water and while Lailah is Sorey’s prime lord, I love that she’s fire which only helped balance them out more (work with me, that last one makes sense in my head.) I love that Mikleo put so much effort into making sure he knew everything Sorey might need to know to go out into the human world, and that he gave up everything he knew and grew up with just to follow Sorey out into the world. (And I love that Sorey was so thrilled Mikleo was coming with him.) I love that they explored this new world together and that Mikleo got upset when Sorey was a dumbass and tried to keep him from tying him down to his own dream and confronted Sorey about it (after a pout, but hey, emotions happen.)

I love that Mikleo always stands on Sorey’s non-dominant side to make up for his weakness, but the moment he realised Sorey’s eye wasn’t working properly he switched to that one (I need to go find that tweet that links to all the screencaps showing this but–) I just love that they both care for each other so goddamn much, but aren’t reliant on each other to the point of a breakdown if the other isn’t around (but it still shows they feel that longing and loneliness to be together again without it putting their lives on hold.)

And I really love their dumb little tickle-poke damn like holy hell that’s some good shit.

I love that Sorey already knew Mikleo’s true name and Lailah just knew that meant something intimate. I love how easily their armatus worked together and that they were able to split apart without a problem and Lailah was like ‘ohohoho’ about it.

Also I like that Mikleo was Sorey’s first logical example of a babe, oh my god I laugh e’rrytime.

It also tickles me pink that, of all the things Sergei could have continued to believe was true, it was that Sorey and Rose were ‘married’ and this kinda seemed to miff Mikleo. (And how completely shocked and distressed he and Dezel looked about this when it happened. Those faces.)

And just. I love that, despite how much I wanted to hear it, neither of them ever actually said “I love you” because goddamn they showed it in everything they did. Especially when Sorey made the promise that, no matter what, he would return to Mikleo and remember him and, like, if he had that much, it didn’t matter if he lost everything else when he woke up.

I love that Mikleo kept living after Sorey was gone, but we saw the pain he carried because of it, but he kept going and living and being so strong and he turned into this beautiful awesome person.

And I love so much that look on Mikleo’s face when he saw Sorey again after so long and the scene was like going back to the beginning and we all knew that, yes, finally, they are back together…

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unbeknownst to the rest of the avengers, darcy lewis befriends bucky barnes post ca:tws

“Marcy? Venti vanilla soy macchiato for Marcy?”

Darcy swoops in and grabs her drink, which has a sharpie scribble on the side that bears little to no resemblance to her actual name. She’s used to this–even Pride and Prejudice can’t keep overworked baristas from mangling Darcy beyond recognition–and she will answer to Marcy, Marcia, Darla, Daria, Danny, or Mandy if it gets her the drink she shelled out four bucks for. Once she fought off a guy named Darren who tried to swipe her americano using only a drink stirrer and an increasingly shrill voice.

She turns around and scowls–waiting for her order didn’t clear out the seating area any, and all six tables are currently occupied. There’s a single chair open, between Knitting Hipster and Some Tourist Recharging Her iPhone, but she doesn’t want to have to balance her MacBook and her drink while kicking away errant balls of wool-blend. She guesses she could head back to the Tower, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of packing up her bag to head out for her lunch hour.

Just then, Middle-Aged Guy Working His Way Through a Tenth Grade Lit Syllabus drains the last of his iced chai, closes The Catcher in the Rye, and stands. Darcy practically leaps for his table, yanking her laptop and charging cord out and cementing her claim. Right by the window, nice. This is usually where Long-Sleeve Jesus sits, but he’s nowhere to be seen, which means she feels zero guilt about snagging the spot.

From this table, she’s got a clear line of sight down the block to the main entrance to the Tower. There’s the usual gaggle of people on the sidewalk outside, snapping selfies and lingering a few moments in the vague hope of maybe spotting an Avenger. Yeah right. Darcy lives in that building and she once saw Tony Stark and a guy Jane swore was Bruce Banner from waaay across a glass-walled lab complex, and that's it. Well, she’s chilled with Thor a couple of times, whenever he’s hanging around Midgard with the little people, but that's it. She might’ve once shared an elevator with Hawkeye–it was a guy with a bitchy resting face hidden behind reflective shades and a tube strapped to his back that might’ve been the right size to hold a bow, but he said nothing and she said nothing and the elevators are really really fast, so the ride was over pretty quickly. Anyway. Avengers are rare.

Honestly, the only reason she’s here in Manhattan, living in Tony Stark’s building, is because SHIELD turned out to be full of Nazis or something and literally crashed and burned all over the Potomac. After that, Stark got really hinky about keeping everybody close by, so Captain America and Black Widow got relocated from D.C., Thor formally invited to stop taking over Jane’s mom’s guest room in London, and Hawkeye dragged in from fuck knows where–she’s heard Europe, she’s heard Brooklyn–to become Stark’s new penthouse buddies. She’s not sure how often any of them are really home, though. She herself got moved into a shockingly-okay little cube of an apartment on the thirty-first floor, as part of the “friends and family” benefits package. It's technically Jane’s cube of an apartment, and Darcy is technically only supposed to be her roommate because Jane pitched a fit about losing her “intern,” but Jane actually lives in Thor’s suite, leaving Darcy with her very own rent-free Midtown address. At this point, she’s just going with the flow of her life and not stressing about it, because at nineteen, when she first dropped her summer internship application off in the box affixed to the door of “Dr. J Foster” in the physics building, she never would’ve figured herself for superhero-adjacent.

Someone stops in front of her table and she glances briefly up, then her eyes go wide. Shit, it’s Long-Sleeve Jesus, and he’s obviously trying to figure out where he’s gonna sit, since she’s at his table. She glances over her shoulder, and Tourist is gone, but Adorable Lesbians have taken over both of the chairs. Darcy grimaces, then kicks the other chair out away from the table.

“I’m not using it,” she says, then hunkers behind her laptop screen as Long-Sleeve Jesus hesitates, then places his drink down on the table and sits.

“…thanks,” he says at last, and his voice is suprisingly soft for the whole ponytail-and-beard thing he’s got going on. She peeks up at him and he’s already doing his usual thing, looking out the window down the street, the bill of his beat-up ballcap making the circles under his eyes look darker and deeper than they might otherwise. He’s a weirdo–it’s like eighty degrees today, nobody wears long sleeves and gloves in this kind of weather unless they’re in uniform or a weirdo–but he seems like a pretty harmless weirdo.

The rest of her lunch hour goes pretty quickly, and she packs up and leaves him still sitting there, looking out the window.

About a week later, she can’t find a spot to sit because she accidentally timed it so she coincided her break with the coffee-stop for about thirty Korean teenage tourists. She grabs Darry’s macchiato–is that even a fucking name?–and is prepared to walk her sorry ass back to the Tower when Long-Sleeve Jesus makes eye contact with her and tilts his head a little. She slides in across from him gratefully and pulls out her laptop.

So a nice weirdo, then.

After that, she and Jesus have an unspoken arrangement where, if there’s nothing else available, they’ll share the window table. They basically never talk, except maybe when Darcy accidentally kicks his leg under the table every now and again, so it works out okay. About a month into this, though, Darcy’s in the middle of sending her mom an email when she finally just plants her elbows on the table, folds her laptop screen down a little, and goes, “Dude, what the hell is your name?”

Long-Sleeve Jesus reluctantly tears his eyes from the window and blinks owlishly at her. “What?”

Darcy raises her eyebrows. “Your name?”

His lips part, just a little, and he looks down and away, like he’s thinking. Well that’s reassuring. After a moment, he wrinkles his brow and says, very quietly, “James.” He looks up at her from under the brim of his cap, like he’s trying to gauge if that was the right answer.

She squints at him, trying to decide if that’s actually his name or not. Eh, fuck it. He shaved over the weekend, so he’s stubbly but no longer beardy, and the term “Jesus” doesn’t really fit anymore, so she’ll accept it.

“Hi, James. I’m–,” she holds up her cup, with its illegible scrawl, “–Darleen.”

His lips twitch into the ghost of a smile. “Hey,” he replies.

“Cool,” she says, opening her laptop fully back up. “Next month, be prepared to tell me where you’re from.”

It finally starts getting a little cooler, so Long-Sleeve James doesn’t look like so much of a weirdo. Darcy’s just glad that she gets to go back to wearing all of her favorite sweaters.

She’s watching Netflix with her headphones in one Thursday, sitting across from James, who’s still looking out the window, his usual tall cup of black coffee between glove-covered hands. Suddenly she gets the creeping sensation that someone’s staring at her, and she glances up and out the window behind James to see a red-haired woman in a gorgeous trenchcoat looking straight at them, cellphone pressed to her ear. Darcy blinks, then her mouth drops open. That is Black Widow.

James catches her expression, then looks over his shoulder. She’s getting ready to whisper to him about who it is when he basically explodes into motion. He nearly upends their table leaping to his feet, and Darcy shrieks as the remains of his coffee and her latte go flying, lids popping off and liquid getting all over her and her very not-cheap MacBook.

What the hell–” she starts, but he’s taken off at a dead run, past her, past Knitting Hipster and Service Dog Guy, out the other entrance. There’s a blur of red outside the window, and apparently Black Widow is in pursuit. Darcy is left just standing there with her coffee-stained sweater and dripping laptop, wondering what the fuck just happened.

She has her very first run-in with Captain America four days later, and it’s not across a lobby or in an elevator. No, Captain America knocks on her flippin’ door at ten-thirty on a Monday night. Darcy makes a very undignified squeaking noise when she looks through the peephole, but manages to get it together in time to open the door.

“Darcy Lewis?” he asks. Holy shit, he knows her name. He’s standing there in sweatpants and the tightest tee known to man and for the first time it really dawns on her that she lives in the same place the Avengers live.

“Hi,” she replies. Ah damn, she only sorta got the squeaking under control.

“Here,” he says, handing over a big, heavy bag. He looks a little tired, a little rough, but he manages a smile. “Buck says sorry.”

She gives him a weirded-out look, then glances down into the bag. There’s a brand-spanking-new MacBook in there, still in its box. A yellow post-it has been stuck to the top, and Darleen has been gracelessly scrawled across it.

“Oh my god,” she manages, then leans out into the hallway. Down near the elevator bank, Long-Sleeve James is fidgeting, except he’s not wearing long sleeves for once, and one of his arms is made of fucking metal. “Oh my god!” she shouts accusingly down at him. “I thought you were some sort of international terrorist I was inadvertantly aiding and abetting!”

He just slams his non-metal palm into the elevator button bank and scoots back into the first one that opens, out of sight. What a fucking weirdo.

Captain America is still standing there, looking a little brittle but like he’s trying to be friendly. “That okay?” he asks, nodding toward the bag.

Darcy scowls down the hallway for another second, then clutches the bag tighter. “Oh man. Uh. Yes, thank you. This is way nicer than my current one? You didn’t have to–”

“It’s okay,” he cuts her off. “It’s okay, really, I wanted to. Dr. Foster said yours was acting up, something about your keys not working? And uh. Thanks for keeping him company, I guess.”

“That’s Bucky Barnes,” she says, just to confirm.

Captain America folds his arms across his massive chest and does this little wincing shrug thing. “He’s. He needs some time. I gotta go, I gotta check on him, the elevators won’t move without me with him, Tony’s orders, but I gotta–”

“Got it, cool. Thanks for the computer, Cap,” Darcy says, tossing off a little salute which she instantly regrets. He smiles tightly, turns, and heads for the elevators. She can’t help watching him for just a moment longer, then she heads back into her apartment.

She pulls the box from the bag and presses her cheek to the cool cardboard. Nothing like that new electronic feel.

“Oh my god,” she says to nobody in particular, then she gets started booting up her brand new guilt-computer.

EXO's reaction to buying you tampons.


*shouting to every woman passing by* “Come here! It’s urgent! I need help!”


*sees an aisle of feminine hygiene products* “You gotta be kidding me!”


*mentally preparing himself* “Jongdae, that’s what a real man has to do for a woman he loves!”


*when he hears a request* “B-buy whaaat..?!”


“I’m out, no, nope, out of here …” *comes back with your tampons*


“What?! Did you just mocked me for being sensitive?!”


“I forgot which ones to buy….so I bought them all !”


“Thank you God, for making me JUST look like a girl…”


“Oh, you use them for your nosebleeds too? I knew my stash is getting smaller!”


“Of course, my love!” *buys you so many, that the last one you give to your daughter*


“What?! You can’t order that shit online?! What messed up world we live in!”


“I’m going, love! Use these, while I’m gone!”

So I was dared to do this

If anyone reblogs this I’m gon draw ‘em something like those:

I can draw whatever, as long as it’s human… Alright.

the signs as thoughts i have in the shower
  • Aries: fUCK that's a spider web, where is that little fucker
  • Taurus: why are female presenting ppl expected to shave??? this is why I need feminism
  • Gemini: imma still shave tho, imma still shave
  • Cancer: *constantly redoing convos in my head lookin for the best way to put it*
  • Virgo: wait what was that noise outside the door?? wAs THaT A MuRDeRER????? WHAT IF MY FAMILY IS DEAD SHIT WHAT IF I DIE NAKED
  • Scorpio: what a perverted spider jfc
  • Sagittarius: so this is probably what my skin will look like when i’m old…. gross
  • Aquarius: *overthinks everything*
  • Pisces: ... i'm a murderer shit what if that spider comes back to haunt me oh gOd

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I'm sat here looking at Misha and all I can think is like WHO GAVE YOU THE FUCKING RIGHT MISHA....WHO!!!?!!??! I'm drowning in Misha Collins beauty.

Ugh. So am I. 

I can’t stand how fucking perfect this man is. I don’t understand…

Look at this fucker:

I cant stand it… omg i CANT STAND IT.


oh shit. i neeedddd to stop. I’m stopping now….