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some fun modern aus

  • ”you just fell down like three flights of stairs and i have emergency medical training so i’m making sure you’re ok but it looked fucking hilarious and i can’t stop laughing oh my god i am so sorry” au
  • ”your friend took some weird pill at a party and you came with them to the hospital and it’s 3am and i’m finally getting off of work after about 17 hours do you want me to bring you a coffee and we can chill” au
  • -”we live in two adjacent apartment buildings and yours allows pets and mine doesn’t so i’m always coming over to hang out with your dog” au
  • -”i got really drunk last night and yelled out my window for someone to get me a pizza and you did and you’re super nice about it???” au
  • -”i saw you getting harassed on the street and i tried to step in but i got punched in the face and then you beat the guy up and holy shit that was hot” au
  • “we both showed up to buy drugs from this drug dealer but the police are here and we look kinda seedy so hey let’s pretend to be a couple on a midnight stroll” au
  • “i was riding down a hill on my bike and texting on my phone and i just rammed into the back of your parked car and ripped my knee open i know this was a new car and i know i’m an idiot but could you please call an ambulance i’m bleeding” au
  • “i’m a smoker and you have asthma” au
  • “you’re having a panic attack in the middle of this big event and everyone’s either oblivious or doesn’t know what to do and i don’t know you but let me get you some water and you can cry on me if you want to” au
  • “your car died and i gave you a jump but now my car’s not wanting to start and i think we’re both fucked” au
  • “we were cooling off in this fountain because it’s hot as hell outside and apparently someone called the cops on us oh my god run” au

☾ * ✶ – @jamesxsirius

“God damn! Come on, let’s go! Fuck.” Al shouted, banging his fist against James’ door. See, James was clearly upset about Teddy and when was this not happening honestly? But what kind of brother would he be if he didn’t, like, drag James’ arse out of bed to fuck shit up? A terrible one, that’s what. He sighed furiously and decided to just apparate inside instead, only to see James… in his bed. Face down. Asleep. Al looked up at the ceiling and scratched the back of his head before he nodded. “All right.” He said pulling his sleeves up and standing at the foot of James’ bed. He lifted the covers up so he could expose James’ feet and ankles and smiled before wrapping his hands around his brother’s ankles and pulling with all his might. He stepped backwards and kept pulling, all until James’ body was off the bed and at an angle, his head still at an angle and the rest of him on the floor. “Get up! Let’s go, stop moping. We’re gonna have a great day today.” Al said, and with a finishing touch, took his phone out to get the blowhorn app, placing it right at James’ ear and playing it so a loud HONK sounded through the speakers.