oh my god this is so wonderful

Old Married Spirk is literally the most clean, pure and beautiful thing that ever existed. Spock and Jim are all old and happy and lazy and live peacefully in their flat in rainy San Fransisco where they drink tea and read books in bed and play chess together and snuggle like mourning doves and whisper sweet good mornings and good nights and go out to Italian restaurants and operas every week it’s just so perfect I love OMS they love and need each other so much and retirement is so wonderful for them because they’re finally settled down and can each simply enjoy life together with their soulmate wow I love OMS oh my god

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I'm in love with your Hercules au. Oh my God it's so good. I was wondering, are you planning on continuing it soon? And would you ever do any other otayuri Disney aus?

Thank you so much!! <3

Well of course I will continue (I stopped at a sad part … we won’t leave it like this). Well it might be this weekend or maybe the next when I draw something new for it C:

For now there is the Otayuri week ^^

But i am not sure if I will draw another Disney AU that detailed for Otayuri. I don’t want to force them in every movie just like that ^^

Maybe just sketches, because there I have some ideas !!!

me, every time I have to write a paper for my 1989 revolutions class: gets distracted by reading random stuff about Gorbachev instead of actually writing the paper.

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i was wondering if i could print a 5x7 print of our lord and savior (of course i won't claim the art as my own) chudley. i'd like him to benevolently watch me as i sleep so i know i'm safe.

kjhdg oh my god, sure. feel free to claim him as your own too i want him off my hands

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Robert's level of denial about the sentencing is the absolute worst, truly heartbreaking. I was trying to choke back tears when he said it will be weeks not months. Why is this happening?! We need to stock up on plenty of tissues,wine and comfort food before Thursday

Oh god anon. I wonder if it’s denial, or just trying to put on a brace face, or a mix of both, but… either way, I don’t think he’s going to expect 12 months at all. He’s going to be devastated (especially if he’s not there with Aaron, seeing as Aaron seems so set on not letting anyone tag along).

Hahahahahaha oh my god I’m a broken person sos

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I just woke up from a nap laughing because what the hell was even my dream. Like I dreamt that after Newt saved the day in New York people broke out into the "Zero to Hero" song from Disney's Hercules. Like every time it was supposed to say "Hercules" or "Herc" in the song, it was replaced with "Newt" or "Artemis" and poor Newt just watched as everyone sang for him. I'm sorry I just had to share because I can't stop thinking about it.

that sounds like the most wonderful dream oh my god?? thank you so much for sharing???

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I hope your holiday was super enjoyable. I wondering if you can do this prompt, but only if your no busy. Prompt: Spain always been protective of Romano, needless to say he scared anyone who try to go out with him. Romano in secret relationship with America which is not really a secret since everyone knows about it except Spain since he be quite oblivious. Thank you for your wonderful stories.

“Oh my god,” Gilbert says as Alfred and Lovino walk into the meeting hall after their lunch break. Lovino is pouting with Alfred’s well worn bomber jacket over his shoulders. Antonio looks at them oddly with a small scrunch in his eyebrows.

“Since when have they been close?” He asks in an innocent way that is not so innocent. Gilbert makes a laughing or choking noise and Francis places a gentle hand on his shoulder as if to calm him.

“Mon amie, did you not notice?” He asks cautiously. Antonio tilts his head like a confused puppy, his eyes going back to Lovino and Alfred talking to each other. For as long as he can remember, he’s been the one to protect Lovino from unwanted attention. Any tie someone dared to get close Antonio would be there to sweep Lovino off his feet, literally pick him up and take him away, to protect him from the encounter.

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To the anon asking about how welcoming this group is; everyone I'm writing and plotting with, even the ones I've just said hi to, have been absolutely wonderful to interact with (ooc and ic). All I see here are people talking to each other, plotting, giving compliments, helping out, understanding troubles, and offering advice when is asked for. There's no need to compare groups, but I can assure you this one right here is one of the BEST to join!

!! oh my god? i’m #blessed with the best people here?? but straight from the source, ‘nons! i’m so glad you guys are are enjoying it/happy here, a friendly and welcoming environment is exactly what we need !

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I've started reading the Six of Crows series (for the express purpose of getting to properly enjoy your Hogwarts AU), and, oh my god, it is the best decision I've made in a long time.

this shows a level of dedication to my writing that i could have never anticipated, oh my GOD. i cannot believe this. but ohhhh i’m so glad you’re reading and enjoying them!! they’re wonderful

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yr opinion on lena luthor. pls go tf off

Oh god, i have so much to say it’s almost overwhelming. Lena Luthor is wonderful? She’s smart and put together and elegant and gorgeous, and all of this still applies whether or not they make her evil. 

If they don’t make her evil then she is also incredibly good because lord knows that if I were her, I would have changed my name and taken my sizable inheritance and peaced the fuck out. But no, Lena decides to put herself in the limelight and try to make up for her brother’s murderous tendencies. She clearly faces mounds of criticism and people making her life hell and she does it with grace. She turns away from her own mother, who may have been a bitch but who did raise her and who she clearly always wanted some sort of validation from. She turns away from her brother, who had been the only one to welcome her into the family. Despite them trying to kill her multiple times, she doesn’t step away. And when she finds out that her mother is going to try and murder a bunch of aliens, she puts her own life in danger (rather than Supergirl’s) because she feels responsible for her own family. 

Not to mention that she’s the perfect romantic foil for Kara. They both were adopted. They both lost parents young. They both are trying to make names outside of their family. They both are disillusioned by their parents. They both are have had to deal with a family member becoming evil and them trying and ultimately failing to bring them back to the light (Astra and Lex). Not to mention the dynamic between Kara being a Super and Lena being a Luthor. (If you wanna know what i wish the show-runners would do with their relationship… send me another ask.)

If they do decide to make Lena Luthor evil (which is looking increasingly likely as time goes by) then I still love her. Katie McGrath can play evil incredibly well and I think that evil Lena Luthor would be something to see. Lex and Lillian clearly lacked a certain element of subtlety in their actions and, instead of convincing people to join their cause, they just went and murdered a bunch of aliens and humans in the process. Lena, I think, has put this much emphasis into rebranding L-Corp so that her extermination of aliens can be a lot more low-key. The alien detection device, for instance is not overtly anti-alien especially if Lena is able to get the media to frame it as a good idea. She also managed to get supergirl to believe in her unconditionally. With Supergirl, a known alien vouching for her, she can do a lot more stuff that otherwise would have been under scrutiny. Which is really smart. In a show all about how women are powerful and strong and all that, it makes sense that Lena would follow that theme and succeed where her brother had failed. 

All in all, Lena Luthor is a fantastic character 10/10 would recommend. 

(written in answer to @indestructiblob for the prompt "your opinion on ______“)

How J'onn found out
  • J'onn: (thinking) hmm, alex seems distracted lately, i hope nothing's wrong.
  • J'onn: *reads alex's mind*
  • Alex: (thinking) i'm gay, i'm gay, i'm so fucking gay.
  • Alex: i wonder if j'onn can tell that i'm gay.
  • Alex: he probably can. it's so obvious.
  • Alex: also, he can read minds.
  • Alex: shit. alex, think of something straight.
  • Alex:
  • Alex: boobs
  • Alex: shit
  • Alex: he can totally tell
  • Alex: shit shit shit
  • J'onn: (speaking) so how are you today, alex?
  • Alex: i'm gay
  • J'onn:
  • Alex:
  • J'onn:
  • Alex: i'm gonna go over there now

i always wondered about the star wars universe how history is so easily forgotten like “oh so they stories were true?” yes rey!! have you never seen holos? anything? “who was my dad” are u kidding me luke what happened to ur dad is like the modern day equivalent of obama dismembering donald trump with a katana inside a volcano but then! i remembered! look at their fucking data of the death star plans its a fucking floppy disk and look at scariff they put all their records on EVEN MORE awkward and inconvenient floppy disks imagine having to carry around a suitcase full of fucking vhs sized floppy disks and they all look alike!! no labeling! are those the plans to the death star or a recipe for a space casserole? who knows! no wonder history is lost so easily jesus

Benedict’s eyes

oh my god i can’t take it anymore i’m in love with ben’s eyes

and not JUST his iris, there’s already loads of appreciation post on his wonderful otherworldly cosmic-coloured irises, this time i wanna talk about the rest of his eye features

i love his eyelid!!! I do i love it so much especially when his eyes are half-open at rest and relaxed because then they make such a distinct and clean line above his eyes


and then there’s the cute lil slanted pea-shape i mean look!!! it’s so anime-y, as someone who draws lots of ben/sherlock fanart, let me just tell you that drawing the shape of his eye is one of the most satisfying things in the world

Originally posted by bethereinagiphy

and then there’s his eyelashes! it’s not particularly thick or particularly long, but it’s just the perfect amount of length and sparseness and curl to perfectly decorate his eye and make his iris seem to sparkle more

and also just how expressive all those features combined can be, his eyes are SO expressive!! just look at how soft and radiant it is when he smiles

look at how sad and sombre it is when he cries

how vulnerable it looks when he’s weak

how scary it can look when he’s angry


please talk to me about ben’s eyes, every time i see his eyes i amd more and more in love with him and i’m not even the type to romanticize things, i’m the opposite of that but his eyes!! like i’m genuinely in awe with his eyes because of its pure mathematical beauty, the curvature of its shape, the flick of its eyelash, the distinctiveness of the eyelid, the depth of its expressiveness!


I was just reading the comments to @porcupine-girl’s coffee shop AU Here Come the Dreams (it’s lovely, by the way) and I thought of a prompt: Openly gay NHL prodigy Eric Bittle, just recruited to the Falconers, stumbles upon a wonderful coffeeshop in the his new team’s home town. He doesn’t understand why the handsome young man behind the counter (Jack Zimmermann, who opened his shop in Providence before the NHL put a team there) is acting so strangely, but Bitty loves the man’s coffee and loves the man’s latte art.

(Jack, meanwhile, is d y i n g, because Eric Bittle is everything he wanted to be?? and so hot??? and is FLIRTING WITH HIM he cannot even deal)

OH MY GOD, OK - Three things to take from this!

  1. LMM listens to TAZ
  2. If he guested on Critical Role everything would be so wonderful it would overwhelm the universe - and also the CritRole cast because they would freak out lmao
  3. Now I’m envisioning Patrick Rothfuss and Lin-Manuel Miranda on Critical Role, and I think my brain might explode from the sheer awesomeness?

newt: magical creatures? oh my god i love them so much- *trips* *thousands of photographs of different creatures spill from pockets* look at mine i swear i’m in love do you want to see- *slips on a pile of pictures* i just wow they’re so wonderful i just- *more pictures fall out as he falls to his knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN

Victuri Moving Day in Russia
  • Victor: Okay Yuri love, that's the last of the boxes!
  • *Yuri's phone rings*
  • Yuri: Hello? Phichit? You did what? Why are you in St. Petersburg? Just a second, let me ask Victor... *looks at Victor*
  • Victor: if he needs you, I can unpack, don't worry!
  • Yuri: *pecks Victor's cheek as he leaves* THANK YOU VICTOR I'LL BE BACK SOON
  • Victor: *looks at the boxes Mrs. Katsuki packed* Hmm... Bedroom is closer so I'll do that last. *assembles rest of house*
  • Victor: *opens bedroom labeled box in the empty room*
  • Victor: ...
  • Victor: Wait
  • Victor: No wonder he didn't want me in his room. Not only did he not remember when we met,
  • Victor: ...
  • Victor: THESE WERE PROBABLY ON THE WALLS AHHHHH *fanboying over husband (fiancee) intensifies*
  • Victor: *gets out pins and sticks them all over the walls* *grabs a sticky note pad and a sharpie*
  • Victor: *writes adorable little notes and covers the sides of each poster with them*
  • Victor: *hides the sticky note pad and sharpie and goes to sleep on their bed*
  • ~several hours later Yuri returns home~
  • ~Victor already made food and left some for Yuri in the fridge~
  • Yuri: *sees leftovers and eats food*
  • Yuri: *thanks the gods above Victor can cook*
  • Yuri: *walks over to bedroom*
  • Yuri: *opens door*
  • Yuri: *sees the posters*
  • Yuri: *anxiety and embarrassment increases so much*
  • Yuri: V-Victor? Y-you-
  • Victor: *walks out of their bathroom with a single sticky note on his shirt*
  • ~the note says "I l♡ve you Yuri"~
  • Yuri: Victor... you're so embarrassing... I love you too...
  • Yuri: ...
  • Yuri: can we please take those down though?
  • Victor: Nooooooooooo I want them to be covered in notes and then us run out of space so then the walls will just be covered in notes so then everything on the ice will be love but so will everything in this room please let them stay...
  • Yuri: My fiancee is such a dork...
  • Yuri: Victor we aren't married yet-
  • Victor: doesn't mean you can't call me husband.
  • Yuri: VICTORRRR *////*
  • Victor: *laughs and drags Yuri onto the bed for cuddles*
  • Both: I love you. ♡