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Across the room, you could clearly hear the conversation she was having with Elsa Bjergsen and Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis. As the “popular” girls, her vapid friends made a point to talk loud enough so that everyone else could hear.

“Oh, and did you hear about that total burnout that went missing? All these people freaking out, like how are we all not acting like this was a good thing?”  Elsa laughed her ugly fake laugh.

“Oh my god, yes.”  Olivia chimed in. “God, what was his name, like Alex or Austin or something. That awful green hair, I’d go missing too. What a loser.”

It didn’t take long for Salem to put two and two together. She had already been scanning the room for him, and this wasn’t the explanation for his absence she was hoping for. “Uh… Green hair? Is that what you said?”

Got7 Reaction || Their Girlfriend Screaming From The Bedroom And When They Come In They See She Climed Up The Door Frame Because She Saw A Spider And She Wants Them To Kill It
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“Oh my God, I’ll save you, just stop screaming”


“Yes honey, you scared me, but no hard feelings, not at all”


“Oh, you’re scared? I might just let this little guy stay for a while”
*Freaking rude*


“Whaa… Why are you on the door frame?”
Y/N: “There’s a spider! Kill it, pleeaase!”
“… Okay”
*Searches for it like the good boyfriend he is*


“You look so funny, I wanna take a picture of you”


“Ew, ew, ewww! I’m not gonna touch it! You’re scared so you do it!”


“Aghh! You scared me because of a spider! So evil!”


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Hi I love you. I happened to read Ghost Stories yesterday then saw you yelling about it later. I am in love and need more feel good, flirty, friends to lovers fic. I felt 10000% better after reading yesterday. Do you happen to have any to rec?

hi love you too! sure ok i’ll lob a few over the plate for ya! (you can always look at my ao3 bookmarks if ya like, i have most of the johnlock stuff bookmarked. there’s a weird smattering of side hoes in there too lol)

first of all yassss ghost stories was So good i’m so glad you enjoyed it. i’ve been in fandom for like. oh my god five years? holy shit five years. a lot of my very favorite feel-good recs are golden oldies, but i feel like it’s been long enough since they were written that despite them being fairly popular, you’ll be able to find something in this mix:

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IM CRYING WITH YOU ATHINA TAT WE CAN JUST CRY TOGETHER. Like I knew there would at least be one ep of Sheith, so I was ready. But I was not ready for TWELVE EPISODES OF SHEITH? Like WHUT? I was not prepared AT ALL. We are too spoiled and idk how to react to this except lie down and cry because they love each other oh my god

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Lena buys Star Wars premier tickets b/c she knows R is obsessed with it. At the end of the movie Lena becomes equally obsessed and demands R to show her the other movies.

Originally posted by lenaluthorisgay

“Oh my God.  Oh my God, that was so good,” Lena shakes her head and disbelief and tosses an empty popcorn bucket in the trash outside the theater.

“Really?  You liked it?”

“Please, can we watch the others?  All of them?  Tonight?”

“Are you serious?”

Your eyes light up at the enthusiasm in Lena’s voice and you take her hand as the two of you cross through the lobby of the theater.

“I might die if we don’t.”

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I love how when there is a crisis Robert is at his best. When it involves Aaron he will find that phone booth and turn into the man that will put the weight of the world on his shoulders and face down that crisis when his Aaron is a risk. However, when it is just another normal day he is just Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter, who is just as susceptible to the same hurt and pain as the rest of us. Honestly though, watching Robert turn into Super Rob ready to save Aaron is so fun.

YESSS!!!! He went full on Can-Do, Make Things Happen, Save Aaron Save The World today and it was just… oh my god SO GOOD

Even though you know he’s probably running on about 5 minutes sleep and he’s trying not to think about everything that was said yesterday, the fact that he should be on a flight with his fiancé, getting ready to get married, instead of this…

The facade sort of started to crack a bit in that last scene with Bob, but all in all, the big Problem to Solve was probably a really good distraction for him - and he spent the day essentially working himself up enough that by the time Aaron got back, he pretty much just marched into the room like a really determined human steamroller and leapt right into one of his Robert Sugden Romantic Speeches™

Ah, I loved it so much.

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74and 81! - H

74. What’s the most superficial characteristic you look for?- Oh my god, GOOD HAIR. I’m a fuckhead but again, with my first love, he never cut his hair because he knew I hated it. When we were first dating he got a buzz cut without telling me when he was visiting his mom a few states away, and he facetimed me like “SURPRISE BABY WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?” And my dumb ass was like “://:/::/:/ its great :/” and he never cut his hair after that fuck omg he hated his long hair but he knew I liked it so he kept it long WHICH MAKES ME SOUND SELFISH AS FUCK but oh my god….. I need my man to have good hair is the moral of the story

81. Who are five people you find attractive?- Harry Styles (obviously), Nick Jonas (again… obviously), Chris Pratt, Zac Efron, and Orlando Bloom


so, weirdest thing, but the other day i began looking for a good cover of “someday” by the strokes just because i honestly love it so much. of course i couldn’t find any (that weren’t live recordings from 2005 of someone playing it on their acoustic guitar) and it became kind of an obsession for a little bit because i specifically was looking for a female musician to cover it and there just weren’t any that i enjoyed. okay, so flash forward to right now where this video came up on my youtube suggestions and it was only loaded 7 hours ago and oh my god i love this so much. it was exactly what i was looking for. anyway, i know it’s dumb to write all of this out, but i thought it was cool, and i’m really stoked this cover now exists. 

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that allistic dude needs to calm it. hes trying to claim the people replying are 'professional victims' when, nah, we're autistic and pissed. u cant tag ur post telling us we cant see ourselves in characters with the very tags we use, and get upset and try to belittle us when we correct u. also, why the fuck tag it lazytown?? like, local autistic boy here to say i relate like fuck to robbie for my very own autistic traits, its not harmful. good god what a mess

^^^ I went to class right after replying so I haven’t seen his reply yet but, Gah, i freaking hate neurotypicals. 

and on seeing the replies… oh boy is this guy an idiot. He won’t accept that the autistic community is here and that we can speak for ourselves. (also his entire blog is centered around lazytown so that’s probably it for the tag?)

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Oh, that little scene from the new episode is cute. Lucifer thinks Mum somehow made Chloe kiss him. My poor devil baby! My sweet fallen angel! I can't with him thinking he doesn't deserve good in his life.

… well that doesn’t hurt me bad at all

not at all, not a bit

with him so utterly unconvinced she could ever REALLY like him in the slightest degree


Episode 9
  • Good god I relate to hunk so much #sleapy
  • My boy Keith… he looks so smol and unsure
  • Broganes hug 🤗
  • Oh Allura :(
  • Oh lance u deserved that. I’m laughing at ur expense 😂
  • TELUDUV IS LUBE oh what shall we do with this information?
  • “I’ll skim through the video” my entire college career summed up in one sentence
  • Keith making a joke happened exactly like in suadwm omg this makes me so happy 😁
  • Oh boy things are getting dangerous Thace
  • Keith just DOVE into a pool of hot acid. This kid is so extra
  • Way to assume it’s a guy Keith. That could be your mom
  • Hacker voice: I’m out

A quick witch! Decided I could try and give it a shot. I love your blog and hope you feel better.

(oh my goodness thank you so!!! MUCH!!!!!! AAAAAAA… THE LITTLE FLOATING THINGS…. THE MARKED UP SPELLBOOK… THE ORIGAMI AND THE CRYSTALS AND THE TINY POTION AND THE TAZ GDDGBFFHH LOOOOVE IT… oh also i LOVE the hat!!! god i love how lumpy and cool it is!!!! AND THE TINY BIRD PIN? I LOVE IT. I LOVE EVERY DETAIL AND I LOVE YOUR STYLE. i love all of this. thank you so so so much i appreciate it sooooooooo much thank you!!!! 💙💛💙💛💙)

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brady skjei, lars eller, pricey (and btw nuge loves horses almost more than he loves hockey!!!)

brady skjei - rangers

oh my god he’s so cute im in love with him. he’s mine. we’re done here. when you look up “American Heartthrob” in the dictionary, brady’s picture is there. i have nothing funny to say because i am officially in love. (have you guys noticed i have a type? because i have a type. bye)

lars eller - capitals

looks like he should have a show on HGTV where he goes into like, gross twenty-something’s houses and re-designs it for them. either looks Really Good in pictures or gets caught making terrible faces. looks like he would be really mature and sophisticated but makes fart jokes on the reg. probably knows how to cook like, grown-up food, but generally eats kraft mac & cheese in his designer kitchen instead. dad material.

carey price - habs

the most beautiful man alive?? prince charming?? canada’s sweetheart?? Mr. Done With Your Shit?? too good for all of us?? sorry this is supposed to be first impressions and funny. right… really soft spoken and quiet, but has a wicked dry sense of humor. could probably be dating like eighteen people at once, but is loyal AF to his chosen partner. Says “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed” regularly. Has probably made people cry by doing so. Annoyingly good at everything he ever does or tries to do. rumored to sweat glitter, has not been confirmed or denied

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I wanted to let you know that the first few 'am I right ladies' things are things that I do (or used to do) and have been told not to. It makes me feel really good knowing that some one would appreciate them. I am literally crying.

oh my god i’m so happy this make u feel good!!!!!!! u are pure and soft and ily

i became friends with this girl who’s really super nice and we talk about animals and stuff because she has a bird and loves cats and i have fish and love dogs and she visits the shelter i work at so we talk about stuff like that a lot but oh my GOD she draws out her stories so much like literally i can put my phone down for like 30 minutes and she can still be sending me messages and not be done with her story yet i mean holy shit come on. but she was apparently homeschooled so i imagine she didn’t develop a ton of social skills which is probably why i like her lol. anyone with the same social capacity as me is good. but seriously. i’m so tired. i wanna go to bed. please. make her stop just for the night. so tired.