oh my god this is so crappy

where the supervillain finds out the hero’s secret identity but upon further investigation discovers that the hero needs a friend. like wow, like this hero has a pretty crappy life. and is super naive to the horrors of the general public. so the villain actually has a crisis of villainy. and decides to befriend the hero’s alterego because that hero needs a friend

“so you’ve been really chummy with that barista. are you planning a heist?”

“no, they’re just really nice. i’m allowed to be nice to people”

“you’re never nice. and i’ve known you since we met in juvie.”

“shut up. don’t ruin this for me”

“oh my god, you like them!”


“did you just let us get caught?”

“hey, they legitimately stopped us”

“oh my god, are you proud that that supernerd foiled us?”

“hey, they’re not a nerd!”

“i am never teaming up with you again. just so you know”

Power Means Nothing: Void Stiles/Stiles Stilinski

Oh god anon I am so sorry for a) the crappiness and b) how late this is!

I looked up fear once in the dictionary. It said an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

For once the dictionary had gave an accurate description because at the moment, I was so afraid I was shaking like a leaf. And it was because right now I was seeing Scott in agony and the danger stood in front of me, with calm smirk and chaotic eyes. Frozen, my eyes flicking between Scott and Void Stiles.

Scott lay on the floor, holding the gaping wound that cut across his chest. His face was contorted in pain, blood leaking through his shirt but he caught my eye line, staring at me intently with his alpha red eyes. “Don’t move.” He mouthed.

My eyes looked back up to Void Stiles, watching his mouth twitch into a twisted yet gorgeous smile. Black streaks fizzled around his fingertips before dancing up his arms and disappearing under his shirt.

“So Y/N? Explain to me how it feels. Feels for everything to just come crashing down around you?” He teased, walking closer to me.

I felt my heartbeat rise and my mouth went dry. “Stiles.” I whimpered and suddenly Void Stiles froze in front of me, looking at me curiously.

“What’s wrong, little dove? Scared?” He tormented, though he looked unsure of what he was saying.

I nodded before lisping, “I’m only human.”

Void Stiles head snapped to the side suddenly as if someone had slapped him before he quickly recomposed himself.

“Are you scared of me?” He asked, tilting his head to the side. “Or Stiles?” His tone was slightly gentler, as he looked at me with somewhat sad eyes.

I frowned slightly, chewing my lip.

“I’d never be scared of Stiles.” I whispered, “But you’re not Stiles.” I shook my head, refusing to let myself cry.

Tears slipped down my cheeks, collecting at the bottom of my chin. Well there goes that idea.

Void Stiles’ chin crumples slightly as he uncharacteristically bites his lip. He walks closer to me and I flatten myself against the wall, fear like a burnt taste on my tongue.

Hesitantly his hand comes up and I involuntarily flinch away, scared he was gonna hurt me like he did to Scott. His hand froze before gently wiping away my tears with his thumb. I blinked in surprise and looked into his eyes. They were brown. Rich honey brown eyes that I loved.

“Stiles?” I whispered and he nodded, throwing himself into my arms. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry Y/N!” He sobbed and I hugged him back tightly.

Scott groaned slightly from the floor and immediately Stiles turned round, collapsing to his knees beside his best friend. “Oh my god Scott I’m so sorry.” He cried, clasping Scott’s shoulder, who just nodded, eyes glazed in pain.

“Y/N, you need to take him. Take him and get help.” Stiles said urgently, grabbing my hands as he pulled himself to his feet.

“What about you?” I asked and Stiles looked at me properly, hands shaking. He grabbed my face gently cupping it before smashing our lips together.

Electricity buzzed through me as I kissed him back. Stiles pulled back gently, his eyes still closed as he took a deep breath.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He whispered, his eyes fluttering open. “Thanks for being my anchor.”

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au where they're all owners of local shops/restaurants with terrible, cheesy slogans and business names like, really, really bad puns everywhere no one is safe bitty owns a bakery called Bakin' Bits shitty owns a small law firm with the slogan "Sometimes when life gets crappy, you need a Knight on your side" dex owns a seafood place "where the lobster's so good, you'll wonder if it's even real"

oh look, what did I find here? is it a fragment of a newspaper from the small town of Samwell, where local businesses place ads to promote their wares and provide subtle commentary on the other businesses? 

In the small town of Samwell, where NHL players Chris Chow and Jack Zimmermann have started a soup restaurant together, and where Johnson’s General Store seems to be wherever you need it, you don’t air your grievances to someone else’s face. Instead, you write a letter to the editor or shill out more money for more words in your classified. 

One question remains: who owns a hair salon, and what pun have they chosen?

 Image description and notes below the cut.

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the last episode of supernatural (12x12) WAS BY FAR MOST THE BEST EPISODE OF THIS SEASON SO FAR! fuck it was amazing… 
CAS, CAAAAASSSS, MY BABY OMG, *sobs* you love dean them so much *sobs* 
GOD I can’t express my happiness RN, I’ve been waiting for a fucking amazing episode like this, Misha A-fucking+ for the acting, and mary! fuck yeah mary! you rock that BMF attitude! AND CROWLEYYYY AND LUCIIIIIIII MYYYGGGOOOODDDD
ok i’m sorry for the hype but i needed to vent a bit, i had a crappy week and this made it 10 times better


okay so i’ve never been into modeling headcanons for neil or andrew but after the post about the nike and adidas endorsement deal i couldn’t stop thinking about it???? so wait bear with me;;

  • neil has had the attention of the media since freshman year okay and that never really goes away
  • like come on, he joins this rlly crappy team, is a great striker that improves drastically over the season,  basically sasses the fuck out of Riko and the Ravens continually, reveals that he’s a son of a gangster in the middle of the season oh my god, and then beats the Ravens and gets first place
  • not only that but when the media find out about him and andrew (and their whole rivarly thing) wow. that was a shirtstorm. 
  • so basically a ton of magazines and websites and stuff want to do articles and interviews with them and neil really really doesn’t want to but kevin pressures him into it
    • sort of like how he ended up on the tv show in tfc even though he was like fuck this the entire time
  • so he says FINE i’ll do the damn interview but only if andrew does it with  me (bc he’s whipped af and needs some support okay)
  • andrew doesn’t care enough to say no
  •  the magazine is mORE THAN HAPPY to have both of them
  • but they’re both these notorious, p famous, violent, really good pro exy players who have a ton of rumours surrounding them and their pasts so the magazine wants to put them front and center, cover page, all that
  • and that requires a photoshoot
  • neil is like oh my god i need to do another thing??? i thought it was just an interview??? 
  • but kevin yells at him again (its really good for ur IMAGE neil dont u want ur IMAGE to be good itll help u get to COURT neil dont u want that??? neil if u yell at them they can write bad stuff about you THINK ABOUT IT NEIL)  so neil’s ugh finE i give up stop talking to me
  • so basically neil and andrew get wrangled into doing a photoshoot

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Can I just say that I am insanely obsessed with your blog. I check it literally 5 times a day. Just everything you post is perfect. And I'm obsessed with your fics. Like they are perfect and I hope you never stop writing💙💜 when I'm feeling low, I come to your blog and read your fics and am instantly in a better mood. So thank you so much for writing such amazing fics 💜

Oh my god where is all this love coming from this evening?! 

Thank you so so much, you guys have no idea how much messages like this mean to me, especially with all the crappy stuff that’s gone on recently! 

Thank you for taking the time to write me such a lovely message, don’t ever feel you have to go on anon though, it’s such a compliment to receive messages like this.

I’m extremely glad you like my fan fics, I enjoy writing them so much, as long as I keep getting requests in I don’t intend on stopping! I’m super happy that they make you feel better as well! Thank you for reading them. 

I hope you have the best day!  💜 💜


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Why I Do This
  • Me: [buying pieces for my Supergirl cosplay] oh my god this is gonna turn out so bad
  • Me: [hand-sewing the emblem and the cape] no one is going to like it
  • Me: [putting on the costume] i'm too fat for this character, people are gonna heckle me
  • Me: [walking around Comic Con] i look so crappy why did i even bother i should just—
  • Little girl: [shuffling her feet, tugging lightly on my cape] Supergirl, can I please take a picture with you?
  • Me: [internally sobbing from sheer delight] Yes! Yes you can!
  • Little girl's dad: [takes photo]
  • Little girl: [hugs me around my legs, gently tugs on my cape so she can whisper in my ear] you've always been my favorite superhero!
  • Dad+Little girl: [walks away]
  • Sister: hey man, you okay there?
  • Me: that was the single most amazing moment of my life


So this drawing is for @sai-shou and Frisk get better you two!

Mom, thank you for putting up with my terrible art and annoying messages. You are my inspiration and I love you and your blog so so much so please take care of yourself. I’m trying to help as much as I can though my family doesn’t have that much money I’ll try to donate to you because it pains me to see you sad and hey you don’t always have to stay strong it’s okay to cry and take as many breaks as possible. We all love you and we’re all here for you. Please try to remember that.

Frisk, I’m sorry about your dad. Mine is the same way about that type of stuff hell I don’t think he even knows I have a girlfriend but I don’t care about what he thinks anymore and I think you should feel the same about your dad. Plus, if you feel bad about Amelia please don’t because she has said that she would put herself in the middle a million times if it met saving you.

Stay strong you guys

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jily headcanon

6th year Jily where they’re best friends in denial and Lily always always nicks his t-shirts to the point where James is one day away from going to Hogsmeade topless. And he’s just about to yell at her because ‘Bloody hell Lily, wear your own damn clothes.’ but he sees her walk down the stairs of the girl dormitory at midnight in his old Gryffindor jersey and shorts and the words just die in his mouth.

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Oh my gosh... This is so weird... Like what do I say? How does on distract such an amazing person from such a crappie day? Oh God... Here it comes... Word vomit... WHAT ARE YOUR FEELINGS ON TREES IN GENERAL AND WHAT TREE IS YOUR FAVORITE AND WHY?

Oh my god… thank you so much… idk how you could think I’m amazing I’m literally the complete opposite of it in every way shape and form… but thank you… ❤️

UMMM TREES ARE GREAT THINGS THEYRE COOL…. IDK MY FAVORITE TREE THO *thinks of Pokémon professors bc they’re all named after trees*