oh my god this is shit

i have to drink acid to forget the conversation i just had with my coworker lmao imma give yall the highlights 

“really? you don’t want kids? what if you find a boyfriend that you love and he wants kids and he’s all sweet about it and wants a family with you? wouldn’t you do it for him? i would!!” the answer is no what the fuck if he can’t accept that i don’t want kids he can find someone else who does, i won’t hold him back. i’m not gonna do it just for him what the fuck also i’m mostly asexual and not even remotely interested in anything even vaguely sexual so here we are also the “it’s amazing that you’re still a virgin!!” it’s amazing that you care because i don’t

also ‘sadly a woman has to work to get respect from men’ uhm no a woman doesn’t have to do shit and respect should be a normal thing? it’s common decency to respect everyone? if you have to WORK for your husband or boyfriend or whatever to respect you then what the fuck are you even doing in that relationship “a man has to think his wife is loving and honest or he won’t respect you anymore” also “do you really not want to get married? but what about god’s blessing?” oH MY GOD WHO CARES ARE U OK WOMAN 

that and more on this fine monday morning i could really do with that acid now a part of me has died and has flown right into space 




this evening’s nonsense


My part for the @iwaoiexchange for @carajay1317 !! ♡

I hope you enjoy your gift, Cara!
Your prompts were really cute ; ω ; I actually almost couldn’t decide which one to choose, but then spring hit me too  (*ノ∀`*)