oh my god this is shit

tfw when the fandom you’re in is full of:

  • racist (fetishizers)
  • islamophobic (fetishizers)
  • biphobic (fetishizers)
  • ableist (fetishizers)
  • transphobic (fetishizers)
  • lesbophobic (fetishizers)
  • stalkers and harassers
  • 18+ who who treat minors as though they’re 18+

and the list just keeps increasing day by day by day …. 

and yet you gotta somehow still manage to smile :) through :) the :) pain :) and :) shame :) with the decent friends you do have within the fandom :))))))

Let’s Play Live

Holy shit guys, I went to Let’s Play Live last night, and oh my god it was the best thing ever. Despite all the screaming of the other fans, it was a great show. Jack is a great host, and I loved the whole experience of watching these people who I have admired from a screen be there, up on stage, doing things that I love to see them do. In addition, I never thought I would be able to say this, but I got bench-pressed by none other than Bruce Greene of Funhaus. That is certainly something I didn’t think I would cross off my bucket list, but there you go. And in true New Jersey style, the show ended with everyone jamming out to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” on Rock Band, with our favorite Jersey boy, Michael Jones, on the vocals.

I got to meet Funhaus and Achievement Hunter after the show as well, and they are the sweetest people ever. In talking to everyone, it’s apparent that they care about their fans. No matter what you wanted, whether it be a hug or a picture or an autograph, they were willing to talk to you and accommodate you. My favorite thing was that while I was in line for Geoff Ramsey to sign my stuff, security was telling everyone that time was up, and I let out a disappointed “oh no”. But Geoff walked over to me and asked what I wanted (a picture and an autograph), and gave me it, despite the fact that time was up. My interactions with these people has increased my respect for them more, and I can’t wait to see where their channels will take them.

Summary: the show was great, I had fun, was bench-pressed by Bruce Greene, met the sweetest people ever, feel free to ask any questions about what happened, I’ll do my best to answer.

okay so last night i had a dream that like, my table group from my ap environmental science class was celebrating graduation and we just like, happened to be in LA. so we’re walking around in LA and this one guy in the group was like “I want some chicken tenders” and then waltzed up into like, this Expensive dinner club and he’s about to get shooed out but he just goes “party for…….. Russell Crowe” 

and they’re like “oh my god sir i’m sorry i didn’t realize are you his assistant or-” “i’m his nephew” 

so the waitress seats us. and i’m panicking super hard because we’re conning these people and my other friends are like “lol lets just order the most expensive shit they have” and the waitress keeps coming back like every five minutes like “is Mr. Crowe coming? When is he coming?” and my friend keeps pretending to be on the phone with him and just keeps telling her he’ll be there soon and then finally. it gets down to ordering and he fucking orders chicken nuggets, that cost like $300 because its an expensive ass restaurant while i keep stress-drinking the free glasses of water. Meanwhile, my other friend has ordered literally the most expensive menu items (which included like, rattlesnake and duck fetsus in the egg). eventually the waitress comes up like “okay where the FUCK is Russell Crowe” and my friend was like “uh whoops looks like he couldn’t make it just put it on his tab” and then we all ran out and stole dessert from some people on the way out 

Does anyone else...

…look back on their story posts from like 5 months ago (or older if you’re an elder simblr) and just be all “Oh my god, my babies were so little”. Why do my sims look like they’ve aged when they actually haven’t? They’re still young adults in game, hello? Maybe I’m just projecting it on them like, “Yeah they’ve seen some shit. They look so mature now.” or in my case “Aww, they used to be so innocent, but now they look a fuckin mess.” 


why don’t people understand the point of fanon/fanfiction is to play with canon and, if it’s our wish, use it to fix canon/turn canon into something healthier

I know Gaston treats LeFou like shit in the last third of the movie. and I hate that he does. thAT’S WHY I WRITE FANFICTION FFS.

please quit the ‘if you ship it it means you like every canon aspect of it’ mentality oh my god

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for some reason ur black hamilton drawing reminded me of the time i drew every different actor who played hamilton and made a crack au where they all coexist and fuck shit up

Oh my god ahahahah
“Hi i’m Hamilton”
“I’m Hamilton too”
“Hey me too”

why are yall such assholes oh my god, why cant u relax and not pick at every little thing it’s so exhausting, are u ok?? like in what world do you enjoy making people feel like shit for no reason??? how do u people fuckin exist you’re disgusting, ur absolutely the worst and i hope you enjoy feeling as shit as you try and make others feel. p.s. if u dont agree with anything faiza does, 1. Keep it to youself or, 2. you kno: unfollow.

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Because it's unacceptable for Barry to do things by himself. He didn't even touch MM and Top before 2024 Flash came in to save the day. We need Barry to either be a leader or on his own.

lmao you know at the beginning of the episode when he was calculating shit? i was reminded again that it’s canon he’s a genius. but team star labs always makes him dumb as hell. he doesn’t fucking need them. he can do all this shit on his own. LIKE OH MY GOD WHY WON’T LET HIM BE GREAT????????

i wish i wasn’t so damn sensitive and i didn’t overthink shit so much cuz someone could literally just make a casual observation about my blog like “hey you post a lot of steven universe/peridot” and my dumb ass would think “oh god i’m annoying everyone on the planet with my bullshit i need to stop posting forever”

like…i know. i let what other people think get in the way of me having fun and caring for myself. i try to be the person i think people want me to be rather than just being myself. i know it’s unhealthy. but i don’t know how to control it. i don’t know how to just ignore people. i wish i could, it’d be super nice to not care about what other people think of me.

but that’s my fucking problem…i care too much. i care about almost everything in some way or another. like oh my god i even feel bad when i throw old or half eaten food away because my fucking brain thinks i’m hurting the food’s feelings by throwing it away. and whenever i see a person on the internet hate on a fictional character i immediately picture the character thinking that they aren’t loved.

i’m way too empathetic. i’m way too insecure about what people think of me as a person. i wish i wasn’t like this. i wish it so much. but i literally have no idea how to control it. and it’s why i’m so fucking annoying

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gon for the character ask?

  • First impression - god this kid is so annoying
  • Impression now - i would fucking die for gon freecss
  • Favorite moment - um, the spoileriest one. i like it when things crash and burn.
  • Idea for a story - i have a half written killugon where they become beast hunters and have to spend all their winnings on antivenom cause gon keeps getting stung and bit by shit
  • Unpopular opinion - gon is not some kind of monster for hurting killua
  • Favorite relationship - killugon oh my god give me those i would die for you best friends it is my lifeblood
  • Favorite headcanon - gonsan is gon’s actual height and possible size in the future, so excluding the pregnancy stone, his mother was actually very, very tall and buff

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I just want to say, actually, Alexander, Lafayette, Washington and like... Everyone were white. I mean, Lin did a great job adding people that AREN'T​ white in the place of people that had slaves (Jefferson). So, just saying, if Lin could put a non-white character, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM OF "MAKING" THEM WHITE? Just saying, that one person can do the character however they want, Why don't we just appreciate that? Just saying

Oh my god I’ve already explained this u all look like a great deal of dumbasses repeating the same shit like a broken record even after ive explained to u why your argument is absolute horseshit. it aint no damn trap card. And also no im not gonna “appreciate” whitewashing what the fuck are u even trying to say