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voltron s2 thoughts n whatever

• shiro getting mad is my favorite thing but he would be a bad baby sitter
• hunk and pidge are pure
• fucking sheith feels oh my god i am blessed (antis/klance shippers who are hating, back the fuck away from me. i ship both and look at me)
• #giveshiroabreak2k17
• shiro bonding with the black lion
• someone give keith a hug
• hunk could be a fuckin chef he is so great a beautiful
• mermaids !!! lance got kissed !!!
• keith has southern roots no one fight me on this
• coran was perfect this season 10/10
• voltron team at the mall
• bye zarkon no one likes you
• keith in ep8 is my aesthetic
• pidge and the outdoors and the roots and all that
• pidge in general actually. i love when she talks mathematically and scientifically
• pidge
• keith and hunk moments • lance is a sharpshooter
• allura learned stuff and did things and proud of the space mom
• the part with lance and keith getting stuck in the elevator = emperors new groove. I loved that scene
• shallura moments
• everyone needs to stop complaining that this season wasn’t mainly focused around lance. we got major keith development so chill tf out. • ¿??
• keith

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You know a story is great when you feel the same as the character does. Also just like when you're watching television and when you scream at the screen saying "oh my god just fucking tell him!!" Your Yuuri is frustrating but I love him with all my heart. I felt how frustrated he was when he kept coming short of beating Viktor, I wanted to cry with him and take away all his pain. I'm sorry if this was too long and I'm just rambling but I really really love your fic! Thanks so much

Yay, I’m so happy you related to Yuuri! I love him with all my heart and I love it when other people love him too (even with how frustrating he can be sometimes!)

Mom saw my two main sims (voix and voir) and was like,

Mom: are those two couples?
Me: yep
Her: well, they look like you and your brother
Me: MOM WHAT ew god no, no no no oh my god. MOM.

Great, now whenever I play them ill feel weird about it. Pretty sure we don’t look like that but jeez, it’s still weird. So awkward.

Losing Jacob

@lunastarlux requested: Oh my god or a number 13. Sorry I got excited when I saw it 

This was so much fun to write! It’s more lighthearted than the other two but hopefully still enjoyable. If you like reading about dad!Newt than you should enjoy this. Also, it’s longer than the other two so that’s good! I have three requests lined up but I’d love some more so feel free to shoot me an ask or a message. Cheers, May.

Warnings: None (i don’t think)   


There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Newt was a great mother to his creatures. They loved him, growing attachments to the unusual human who cared for them. That’s why you weren’t worried about Newt being a father to your baby. In fact, you were thrilled when you found out you were pregnant.

Newt was happy with the announcement too. The two of you had been married for around a year and having a child seemed to be the next step. But under his excitement was fear. He was going to be a father. He was going to have an actual child. A child of his own. He tried to hide his worry from you but you easily saw through his facade.

“You’re going to be a great dad,” you whispered into his ear as the two of you lay cuddled up to each other on your couch.

“Hmm,” he moaned soothingly, playing with a strand of your hair and twirling it in his fingers.

“I’m serious,” You sat up and Newt whined at the lack of closeness between the two of you. “You’ve already had practice with your creatures and you’ve done a wonderful job.”

He nodded his head in agreement but only because he knew giving in would be the only way to bring your head back to his chest. You gave him a stern gaze before laying back down on him. He tried to believe what you said. He really did. But, to him, being the mother to his creatures was completely different than being a father to his actual child. For one thing, the creatures he cared for were independent. They knew how to care for themselves for the most part. Their lives didn’t depend on him to be a good parent. His child’s life would be completely and utterly dependant on the two of you. You were the ones who brought him into the world and you were in charge of protecting him until he could protect himself.

Newt managed to hide his fear from you for the rest of your pregnancy and one day in April, you welcomed your son, Jacob, into the world. Newt immediately fell in love with the little bundle. Everything about Jacob seemed perfect to Newt which didn’t help ease his fear.

Newt avoided being alone with Jacob as much as possible. He loved being around his son but it was much better when someone else was there too. Someone to make sure he didn’t mess anything up. The occasional times it was just father and son, things went by smoothly and without any mishaps though this didn’t calm Newt’s fear at all.

One day when Jacob was almost a year old, you had to go into the city for a meeting and Newt was left alone with your son. Things started off fine as they usually did. Newt read the child stories and watched as he played with his beast figurines, never daring to take his eyes off the precious creature.

Jacob was still too young to say anything comprehensible but Newt loved the little sounds and coos he made as he played. He sat on the floor next to Jacob, gazing in admiration at the little boy who had become the center of his life.

His thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing in the kitchen. You were a muggleborn and had insisted on having a phone in your apartment so you could communicate with your family but it ended up being used a lot between you and Newt. Thinking it was you, he hurried into the kitchen answering the phone. It turned out to be Queenie, asking if they would be home the following week when she came to England for a visit.

After a quick confirmation, Newt hung up the phone and rushed back to where he had left Jacob. But Jacob wasn’t there. He felt panic rising in his chest and flooding his body as he frantically scanned the room for any sign of his son. He tore apart the room, looking behind furniture and calling Jacob’s name repeatedly. But Jacob simply wasn’t there. He searched the whole flat but there was still no sign of the child. The only place he didn’t bother checking was his case. It was locked up and Jacob was too young to know how to get it open.

“I’m home!” Newt heard you call from the front door and he froze at the thought of having to explain the situation. “Hey darling.” You pressed a kiss to his cheek before looking around the room. “Where’s Jacob?”

“Um…I lost our baby.” Newt blurted out and then the rest of the story followed quickly. He explained about the phone call and coming back to find Jacob gone. “I’ve searched the whole house. He’s not anywhere.”

“It’s going to be okay.” You placed a gentle hand on Newt’s arm. “We can’t panic. We know he can’t have left the house because all the doors and windows are locked. He’s got to be here somewhere.”

The two of you split up, each taking a portion of the house to search. Newt ran his hands through his hair in shame, heart pounding rapidly in his chest. You tried not to let your worry show. You knew Newt was tearing himself up over the situation and you knew your panic would make him feel worse.

You turned into the bedroom you shared with Newt and searched the room, looking under the bed and in the closet. That was when you noticed Newt’s case sitting next to your bed, the top slightly open. You felt hope soar through you as you opened the case all the way and descended into the room below.

“Jacob!” you called. You heard a faint giggling that sounded familiar. You knew immediately it was Jacob. You took off in that direction and breathed a sigh of relief when you saw him. He was sitting on the ground next to the bowtruckles’ home. They had gathered around the young boy and he laughed as they crawled around on him.

“Jacob,” you sighed breathlessly, scooping up the cause of your panic. “Thank god.” You pressed him tight to your body, kissing the top of his head. “Newt! I’ve found him! I’m in the case!”

You could hear stomping and frantic breathing and Newt came running towards you. His face broke into an expression of relief when he was your son securely held in your arms. He shakily moved to the two of you, engulfing you both in a hug.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered shamefully. “I failed as a father.”

“Don’t say that,” you said sharply. “You haven’t failed anything. You’re not the first father in the world to lose track of his son.”

Newt smiled gratefully at you. What had he done to deserve such a forgiving and loving wife? He was constantly amazed that you had even agreed to marry him. You saw the look of love on his face and pressed a tender, lingering kiss to his lips. He responded, softly moving his mouth against yours. The moment was ruined when Jacob began to squirm in your arms. You both turned your attention to him to see him pointing at the bowtruckles. “Twuckles!” he giggled.

“Very good!” Newt smiled encouragingly. “Those are bowtruckles.”

“Like father like son.” You rolled your eyes and Newt shot you a grin. “You should take him down here more often!”

“Only if his mother joins us,” he responded cheekily and you smiled despite yourself.

“Someone’s got to keep you two in line.”


smart and smooth way to avoid giving speech by choi seunghyun

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if your prompts are still open, how about a winteriron proposal fic with ~misunderstandings~? smut would be great if you're feeling it, but pretty much just where ever this idea takes you would be the best. thank you!!

And also for @cr3v who gave me some headcannon about Bucky calling Tony “Anthony” when he was being serious, so, this is also for them.

Happily Never After

“You know, Anthony,” Bucky said, putting on his most sincere expression, “we’ve been together for like a little over a year now, and –” 

“If you lead with that, he’s going to think you’re breaking up with him,” Steve pointed out. 

That was true. Tony was prone to jumping to all the wrong conclusions almost constantly; especially where it concerned their relationship. 

“Argh!” Bucky ran both hands through his hair, tugging when he got to the base of his skull. “I don’t even know how to do this.” 

“It’s Tony,” Steve said. “You can’t build anticipation, you know that. He’ll either not be listening, or he’ll spin his wheels trying to figure out what’s wrong. Just keep it simple. Preferably after he’s had a cup of coffee.” 

Bucky snatched up the little velvet-covered ring box. The ring was simple, a thick, adamantium band, set with a flat-cut ruby. Easy enough, a combination of their signature colors (adamantium for Bucky, hot rod red for Tony) even if it was expensive, and custom-designed. It would look nice on Tony’s finger, Bucky thought, with no edges, so Tony could wear it even when he was working. 

“Do you think he’ll say yes?” Bucky couldn’t help the words that spilled out. Nerves, he guessed. 

“I don’t know,” Steve said, raw and honest as he always was, but completely not helpful. “It’s Tony. If I could predict anything he’d do, I’d have fewer headaches.” 

Bucky snorted. That much was true. Unpredictable was Tony’s middle name. “He loves me,” Bucky said. 

“We all know that,” Steve said, rolling his eye. “And it’s not a matter of love, I don’t think. He’s just… got issues. Marriage may be one of those things. I mean, you two have been together for almost longer than anyone else he’s ever dated. Don’t… don’t take it to mean he doesn’t love you, if marriage isn’t something he’s up for.” 

“So, you think I shouldn’t –” 

Steve sighed. “I think you should,” he said, “because you want to.” 

Keep reading

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u should totally give us a list of these mentioned post trk pynch au's :))))))))

Of course, anything to promote my fave fics. Most (if not all) of these are very well known in the fandom already but oh wells they’re incredibly well written and the characterisations are just amazing. 

The completed au’s:

  • The breach of all thy laws: 
    • a prison au (i know, who would’ve thought?) but it’s super great and also kinda broke my heart a little bit at the end  
  • Reunions trilogy
    • the summary is kinda in the name i suppose. ronan and adam went to high school together and then end up crossing each other’s path in the future 

Uncompleted, but not abandoned:

  • To feel your heartlines: 
    • this masterpiece is an au based on four weddings and a funeral you don’t have to have seen the movie to read the fic but oh my god it’s one of the greatest fics i’ve ever read it’s so well written 
  • Finding that love song:
    • the famous band au that if you haven’t heard about yet i assume you either don’t read fanfic or just live under a rock. honestly it’s legendary  
  • What stays and what fades away:
    • this new gem that has popped up out of nowhere and taken over everyone’s life. adam and ronan broke up after high school and haven’t seen each other for five years until blue and gansey get engaged and lets just say an old flame rekindles (it’s gonna fuck you up in the best way fyi)
  • The obstacle of you:
    • camp counselors au!!!! it’s written by the same author of to feel your heartlines, hasn’t been updated for a while but i’m sure it will be in the future and it starts off great anyway so defo worth a read 

These are canon complaint and post-trk fics but still so great:

  • The forest grows back: 
    • this one is completed and deals with all the characters aftermath at the end of trk, explores a lot of issues with the book and just all round really great 
  • He closed his eyes and let the storm soak him:
    • much more pynch centered and again deals with all the aftermath of trk and how their relationship develops and grows after their first kiss. it’s wonderful, so cute and sweet and also really emotional
  • Inside Out:
    • another great pynch centered fic that deals with aftermath and explores the development of their relationship. it’s wonderful, super emotional and heartfelt 

Unfortunately the list isn’t that long but i know for a fact there are plenty of other greats fics out there and maybe i’ll make a longer list for them someday. But these are all the Must Read’s for now. Enjoyyyy !!!! 

10 things I need from Yuri!!! On Ice (Seasons 2-100)

- Yuuri and Viktor skating as competitors (!!!!!!!!)

- They continue to do their parental duty and embarrass Yurio at every opportunity, of which there are infinitely more now that they’re all rinkmates.

- Yuuri and Yurio’s grandpa get along really well. Like, they share recipes and talk about how great Yurio is and it creeps him the hell out.

- Similarly, Yuuri becomes friends with the other Russian skaters, who have no problem giving him blackmail material on Viktor. *cough* Mila *cough*

- Viktor’s still technically Yuuri’s coach, but Yakov quietly starts coaching Yuuri too, filling in the gaps while teaching Viktor to be a better coach.

- When they’re in the same events, they’re still fluffy and adorable most of the time, but get SUPER competitive as soon as they’re actually on the ice. It’s such a crowd pleaser that they start getting invited to the same events almost all the time.

- They trade spots on the podium whenever they skate against each other. (Chris jokes that that’s how they decide who gets to top later.)

- They make a tradition of pair skating at exhibitions. At the next GPF, they skate together to “Yuri on Ice.”

- Yuuri wins the GPF by a very narrow margin, and Viktor gets so excited that he proposes again - while they’re standing on the podium. Phichit is Yuuri’s best man, and Chris is Viktor’s.

- Eventually they both retire from competition and become a coaching team.

hearthasexpired  asked:

I was behind a guy this afternoon with their license plate saying 'nguying'. It took me a second, and then I was just filled with the delight of a great pun. I immediately thought of you. Is this how you feel?

Okay on the one hand I do know EXACTLY the delight you mean, so yes, that is how I feel when I read/make a great pun.

On the other hand I have literally spent like twelve hours trying to figure out “nguying” as a pun and I am tormented by how I can’t work it out. I need an explanation. I need one.

Oh my god Nguyen is pronounced “win” I am the whitest boy ever, I apologize.

And she actually did write a song about her feeling.

I can’t, this episode is too pure already.


Cutest Tsundere girls in anime: 2016 edition.

This is good though, she’s admitting that they’re all lost and confused and they need to work together.

Her heart is opening to them.


Something tells me Pearl gave these two an inocuous task so they wouldn’t interfere with the drill.

Preference #16 Stuff he says in bed

Stuff they say during sex:
Bellamy Blake:
“Oh fuck baby. You feel so good.”
“You’re so damn tight princess.”
“So beautiful. So hot. You’re so amazing.”
“Who do you want to fuck you into this bed?!”
John Murphy:
“You take me so beautifully princess.”
“Don’t. Don’t stop princess. Oh shit.”
“You’re so fucking tight. It feels so damn great. Oh my god.”
“You taste fucking great baby.”
Jasper Jordan:
“H-holy shit. That’s so hot. Oh god.”
“I-oh I can’t. I’m not gonna last much longer baby-Fuck.”
“Ah shit. Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum. Cum for me princess.”
“Oh my god I’m so fucking close.”
Monty Green: (he is not vanilla my friends just sayin)
“God you feel so fucking good. I don’t ever remember you being this tight.”
“God babe don’t tease me.”
“You’re so needy. What happens if I tease my poor princess?”
“So damn beautiful when you’re under me.”
“Let me treat you like the princess you are.”
“You’re so beautiful. So. So beautiful when you’re under me baby.”
“You’re a goddess. Cum for me my goddess.
"Are you sure you’re ready?! I don’t want to hurt you my princess.”
“Cum for me my gona.”
“You gonna cum for me or do I need to keep teasing you?”
“Fuck you feel like heaven. Oh. Oh gona. So close.”
“You look so beautiful when you’re bouncing on top of me.”

I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.
—  Robin Williams

I just want to spend all of my time talking about how much I love each and every sign omg :’)

Like have you ever met an Aries?? I know this one boy and he talks like the world is this one great big opportunity, like anything could go so right or so wrong or so ANYTHING. Or I have this lil Aries friend and she’s honestly got this atmosphere that makes people adore her, she’s amazingly independent but she’s so funny and perfect, she’s gorgeous and I just !!!

And Taurus oh god they’re just???? so adorable??? When you’re around them you just feel like you’re At Peace with the world, they always want to just make the best of what they’ve got, and they get so excited about tiny things like chocolate and baths and interior design I don’t know how to deal… And they tend to have these random awesome talents?? You know? Ah they’re great

So there’s my best friend and she’s a Gemini and she just… knows how it is. And she's just got so much curiosity for the world, she wants to love so many different people and learn everything and go to parties and pass her exams and do EVERYTHING no-one will stop her she’s so smart and witty and just the friend you want so bad… honestly Geminis = A++

Then sometimes I’m like hating myself so much but I’ll read this post which is really Cancer positive and I’ll be like !!! we are so Strong and Moral and good people and when I talk to other Cancers online they’re full of so much love and emotion, they are filled with all the beauty of the world and I aspire to be like them, they care so much about other people it’s honestly so admirable

BUT BUT BUT I know I know everyone loves Leos but so?? why would we not love Leos??? Leos are amazing. And everyone says they’re arrogant or uncaring or whatever but they’re ??? so generous and kind and love others and they’re so beautiful and just exude confidence and want to be everything and I’m like yes you can I will always be their cheerleader

Don’t let me get started on Virgos ok. I have a lot of Virgo friends and I love the way they think about the world and the way their voice goes fast when they’re excited and when they stress I’m like ??? my friend you deserve more than this, you shold love yourself and they’re always so smart but they never see it they’re so insecure i honestly adore them help me please

Sooo okay I do have this one Libra guy friend and he is just!!! He FLIRTS with everything but like jokingly and he dresses so well and he has the most amazing joke faces and ! he’s dating the gemini and together they have such beauty, libras are so perfect in relationships, honestly doesn’t everyone want to be a libra, libras are the joy of this world, I can’t even

Scorpios, oh Jesus, they like exude this magnetism from within, you want to know them and be part of their life, and when you find out how much they care and who they really are your heart hurts because you want so bad to just love them and cherish them and care for them forever. they have this passion and this glory, how can you live without a Scorpio in your life??

Now I used to be best friends with a Sagittarius and when our friendship ended I HAVE NEVER BEEN AS SAD. Because how could you be okay with losing such a beautiful person from your life?? they are just like, at one with the world, like they are full of love and philosophy and understanding and okay but, they are also really really chill??? so awesome

Caaapricorns if you know me you will know how much I love this sign. They’re so Hardcore™ I Have No Soul and then you get to know them and  you’re like oh my poor baby and you want to hug them so bad, because they hide so much and they go through so much and they are so strong. they are amazing and will go far, I 100% support this sign whatever happens

Right okay man I am going to need some time to prepare because who’s coming next???? AQUARIUS!!!! YAAAS omg I know everyone says it but they’re so goofy and awesome, they make you realize that yes this world is worth living in with people like this in it. they have such vision and hope and wisdom and you’re just like be my friend or I might die

Or Piiiiscessss I have a Pisces friend who is the gentlest soul, she loves to crochet and she is so kind to her siblings and looks after everyone and gets all uncomfortable when someone tells a sexual joke, but right in the CUTEST WAY. I don’t know man she’s great. Pisces are great. tbh I would give anything for this girl to be happy, she deserves so much

I just love?? People?? Sorrryyy oh my god

The Signs As Undertale Quotes
  • Aries: You took more candy. How disgusting..
  • Taurus: geeettttttt dunked on!!!
  • Gemini: I can't go to hell. I'm all out of vacation days.
  • Leo: (The dog absorbs the artifact.) (The artifact is gone.)
  • Virgo: after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage... its a family tradition...
  • Scorpio: I don't need friends!!! ... I'VE GOT KNIVES!!! /throws a knife/ I'm... out of knives.
  • Sagittarius: There's a Mettaton-shaped hole in my Mettaton-shaped heart.
  • Pisces: cute pic of me right now *It's a trashcan covered in sparkly pink filters*
Emotions in Russian

Oh, my God! - О, Боже мой!
What a good chance! - Какая удача!
I don’t know what to say! - У меня нет слов!
Oh, damn! - Черт возьми!

Alas! - Увы!
Really? - Действительно?
What a pity! - Как жаль!
I can’t believe it! Невероятно!

I hope so. - Надеюсь, что это так.
I feel ill (sad, disgusted). - Мне плохо (грустно, противно).
I feel good. - Мне хорошо.
Vice versa! (Just the opposite!) - Наоборот!

Not a bit! (Nothing of the kind!) Ничего подобного!
That’s nice (sound, all right, fine) (with me). - Все в порядке (хорошо).
No way! - Ни в коем случае!
With (great) pleasure. - С (огромным) удовольствием.

It is none of your business! - Это Вас не касается (Это не Ваше дело)
That’s too much! - Это чересчур!
Wonderful! - Замечательно!
That’s wonderful (superb, marvellous)! - Это прекрасно (великолепно, чудесно)!

My feelings are hurt. - Мои чувства задеты.
My hope is betrayed. - Мои надежды разбиты.
Absolutely! - Безусловно!

Exactly so! - Именно так!
Who knows! - Кто знает!

in a similar vein to the “fake it ‘til you make it” in my last reblog, here’s a good tip we all got during our first week of folk high school a few years ago:

when someone compliments you, tell them “thank you, I know”

“wow, your hair looks really nice today!”
“thank you, I know!”

“I love that art you made, it’s beautiful”
“thank you, I know”

“oh my god why have I never heard you sing before, your voice is great!”
“thank you, I know!”

it’s gonna feel weird and fake and shitty in the beginning but honestly it’s changed my life and made me feel so much better about myself. I stopped receiving every compliment with “eh I don’t know” and “nah it’s not actually that good” and started telling people “thank you, yes I’m really pleased!” or “thanks, I know! :D”, and I faked it for long enough for it to become real.

it’s not gonna work overnight, it took years for me and sometimes it still feels fake, but it’s helped so much!

Good Movies That Don't Have Any/Obvious Romantic Subplot

• Rogue One
• Moana
• Pacific Rim
• Jurassic Park 1,2, and 3
• Lilo and Stitch
• The Great Mouse Detective
• the An American Tale movies
• The Land Before Time franchise
• the early Harry Potter movies
• Ghostbusters (the new one)
• Homeward Bound (WARNING: nobody dies but oh my god you will cry)
• Up
• Room 1408 (psychological horror)
• Alien (I have a phobia of parasites so I haven’t seen it personally but it passes the Bechdel Test)
• Toy Story
• Zethura (Jumanji but space essentially)

Feel free to add! I tried to include a variety of genres