oh my god these two have taken over my life

5 OTPs

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Ok my 5 top OTP:

1. Karamel (duh)

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WHERE DO EVEN BEGIN WITH THESE TWO!? They have taken over my life 100000000000% I can’t do anything, sleep or eat without them popping in my mind. I mean just the way they look at each other. And their kissings scenes are SOOO sweet. I haven’t had such intense feelings for a ship ever since Ezria and Delena. CW better not ruin this OTP because I swear I will set everything on fire and they are known for messing shit up.

2. Marrish (oh my Marrish heart)

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Ugh forever heartbroken. Just look at them! I mean I started that god-forsaken show (teen wolf) just for them. They had so much potential. Their scenes would melt my heart, they would support each other and Parrish was the only one who made Lydia not feel like crap. And don’t get me started on the scene where Lydia sits outside Parrish’s cell and holds his hand (Jeff confirmed she was confessing her feelings for him). But then all hell (srydia) broke loose, because apparently one goddamn Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski had to be with a girl he’s been infatuated with for 10 years and had a ‘plan’ to get her while she was bluntly ignoring him/dating other people, and he was in love with one certain coyote lady. But let’s FUCK all logic, all character development and all other relationships for fanservice. Ok Imma stop now before I go full salty bitch mode and you bitches get scared. Sorry to the few good Stydia shippers but even you’ve admitted that your fandom is one toxic mess (harassing writers/cast/other shippers, you were basically the s*perc*rpers of TW, sorry not sorry, just fucking apologize and don’t make excuses because the ratings did plummet to the motherfucking ground because of you!) Even you said the story of Stydia could have been handled better, (and I know I’m a Delena shipper who admits my fandom are a bunch of fucking assholes who did the same thing to TVD and that’s why I left). But alas I’m still holding onto hope for a Marrish reunion and turn of things back to reality, because hope dies last. 🤞🤞🤞

3. Ezria (😍😍😍)

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THESE TWO BEAUTIFUL BITCHES MAKE ME WANT TO CRY!!! OK confession time, I started the show because I had this huge ass crush on one of my teachers when I was like 15 (don’t judge me) and I was searching for shows/books/movies to get hooked on and cry. Who knew I would fall deep down the hole called ‘who the fuck is A?’. Anyways I just love them, they’re so sweet, supportive, passionate like I could go on and on but do I even have to? Just look at them kiss in the rain. I swear if freeform destroys them after the whole ‘Nicole is alive and Ezra kissed her’ fuckery I will lose my shit!

4. Bonkai (my twisted babies)

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Much like Marrish they broke my fucking heart because there was so much potential. YOU CANNOT convince me that Plec wasn’t planning some sort of romance between these two and then went ‘screw it’ becuase she wanted Chris on Containment. She knew how much the fandom loved Kai and his undeniable connection to Bonnie but NOOOO let’s throw all that potential out the damn window, the amazing backstories we could have had about their covens connection to one another, the amazing witchy woo they could have had. Bonnie could have actually been in a relationship with someone who ‘get’s her’. But no happy ending for Bon-Bon, even now that she’s with Enzo (I don’t feel strongly for that relationship since Plec blew holes into the Bonkai ship and not Enzo soo…no hard feelings Bonenzo shippers, unless you go after my baby Kai) I think Plec will kill Bon-Bon to have her with Enzo. I’m convinced she hates Bonnie. She wants her dead and her excuse will be well she’s better off. She deprived her of all that sexual tension (like come on Chris and Kat were spot on with their chemistry), good sex etc etc. Yes I know Kai tried to kill her but so did she. You know what they say, it’s not true love unless they try to kill one another lol. Forever bitter and forever going on a rant. FUCK THIS SHIT!

5. Malec (my babes)

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These two cinnamon rolls, *pounds fist on desk* kill me softly. As a TMI fan I loved their relationship in the books and I’m sooooo glad they added to the intensity of their relationship. I mean they’re a healthy, interacial gay couple, could i ask for more? I will admit I’ve stopped watching Shadowhunters because well…they’re completely ignoring the main plot line of the book series and it pisses me off. Malec was the only thing staying true to the books for the most part and they were the only reason I stayed for so long. I’ll still ship them off fandom though. They’re pretty much my rock because they’re my only ship with no holes in it…yet. I’m watching you Freeform!

+BONUS. Just because I feel extra rn. This isn’t so much about why I ship them because I’ve been indifferent to them since Kai came along. This is why I started to ship them.

+Delena (my first OTP)

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These two bastards ruined my life precisely 5 years ago. I was so in love with them. But then they started getting really annoying, idk if it was the writing or the fact that Nina and Ian broke up irl and just couldn’t stand each other anymore. I definitely know it was because Kai came along and I was like yeah who cares about Delena anymore. I also know it was because we, as Delena shippers, were such fucking entitled assholes, and I want to formally apologize to the Stelena and TVD fandom now that I’m officially done with the show. Much like stydiots, i can’t believe I’m saying that, we were asking too much too quickly and it left a sour taste in my mouth because it no longer seemed like The Vampire Diaries but like The Delena Diaries. Do I regret shipping them? No. Do I wish it was handled better like in S3 and S4 absolutely. I don’t really care for them know I just wanted to include them because they were my first OTP and they’ll always hold a special place in my heart even if, as my baby Kai said, they became so damn annoying after a while. Sorry not sorry.

This was longer than I expected but who cares. My other ships include Klaroline, Sooric, Haleb, Emaya, Spuffy, Allisaac, Jatie, Scira, Stalia, Destiel. I will not talk about them because if you don’t recognize them they’re pretty much dead, broken up etc and they dragged my heart at the bottom of the ocean with their ships. You can see I have a soft spot for doomed love stories and I don’t want to go on a rant about them too. I’m holding tight onto Captain Swan and Philkas because fml.

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