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Yes hello I have a headcanon: that immortal fake ah crew michael has gained, through years of practice, the ability to grab onto people when he knows he's about to be electrocuted, taking as many as three people with him

Oh my god, I love this. It starts in like the 1880′s when electricity was still relatively new and maybe that’s how he initially figured out he’s immortal. He got way too interested in trying to find out how electricity works, to the point where he’s almost reckless, and one day everything kinda blacks out  and he wakes up a few hours later feeling totally fine, but he ends up scaring the doctor that was just about to pronounce him ‘dead.’ It happens twice more before he catches on that he’s immortal and he ends up experimenting heavily with electricity and testing his limits. This is such a good head canon, I really do love it

And the best part it could go one of two ways. He could use the ability to remove a threat to the crew or it could just be a dick move on his part because somebody fucked up and if he’s going to ‘die’ then so are the three closest crew members.

What are your thoughts? And thank you so much for sending this :)

DEH Sick!Reader HCs (Sincerely Three)


-Oh my god wtf do you do??

-No seriously help this man

-Despite not having a clue what to do he would try his best.

-He’d probably call you and hear your voice get all raspy and hoarse.

-You bet your sorry sick ass he’d be over in an almost an instant.

-Then he’d hug you, not caring if he got sick too.

-He’d put on your favorite show and sit you on the couch so you could rest.

-If you were cold he would give you his hoodie and get out blankets. So many blankets.

-If you were hot he’d get you to change into something you wouldn’t burn up in.

-But if you had something like the stomach flu OHBOY

-He’d like sit next to you when you would spew chunks (yeah yeah yeah ew gross whatever sorry)

-Would probably hold your hair for you then help you clean up.

-Then this conversation would happen

“How are you still with me I look disgusting and I am disgusting.”

“Shut the fuck up, Y/N. You’re fucking gorgeous.”


-He would pepper cute lil kisses all over your neck and shit. Like all the time. Every chance he got, not even just when you’re sick.

-If he could cook for shit he would be making you soup, but he orders some food in instead.

-He wouldn’t really baby you, he’d just treat you like royalty. Same with you when he gets sick after all this goes down.

-You’d probably end up falling asleep on him and he’d be totally chill and just cuddle.

-Please don’t hurt him


-Would hear your voice over the phone and get super worried and ask if he needed to come over.

-You would tell him that you would be fine on your own but he wouldn’t buy it at all.

-He’d come over and apologize talking a mile a minute and seriously



-Then of course, how tf can you say no to that, you let him in and he drags you to bed.

“noooOoOooOOOO Evan I don’t need to be in bed-”

“I love you, yes you do now I’m going to make you soup.”


-He’d probably either bring soup or make you soup. Pure.

-Then he’d come back with some soup, a cold washcloth for your forehead and some cold medicine that he brought.

-This would probably happen

“Evan you don’t have to feed me, I can feed myse-”

“Shhh, you’re sick let me do this.”

-If you got cold, bLanKEtS.

-If you got hot, he’d take all the blankets and get you a cold washcloth or an icepack.

-He’d bring you out to the couch eventually and put on a show or movie or something that you like and just cuddle.

-He’d high key baby you, even the smallest of tasks

Need the Kleenex? “iVe gOt iT!!”

Need the bathroom? “iLL caRRY yoU!!”

Need the remote? “dOnT mOvE aN iNcH I gOT iT!!!!”

-If you had the stomach flu he’d totally be the best person to have around.

-He’d probably bring some remedies for your stomach aches

-After you threw up and shit he’d hug you and clean you up

-Probably would have mints on hand

-He tried to avoid getting sick but it’s inevitable.

-Then you would baby him. Pure.


-First things first, he would probably be over in a millisecond flat.

-He’d bring junk food and video games because he wants you to have fun even if you’re sick.

-Don’t be fucking fooled for a second. If you start coughing or some shit he’ll drop whatever he’s doing and take care of you.

“But what about this game??”

“Shush you’re sick, I don’t give two fucks if I lose.”

-If you’re cold you get The Insanely Cool Jared Kleinman™ brand cuddles. And they’re the best.

-The man is a walking pillow seriously. He’s soft and warm. Squish.

-He’d show you the hottest memes to cheer you up

-If you’re hot then he’ll get you an ice pack.

-But if you have that stomach flu shit oh god

-Jared hates vomit, but tries to help yaknow

-He helps you clean up and go back to video games to keep your mind off the sick

-You probably end up falling asleep on him and drop your controller in his lap.

-You do the same when he gets sick after.

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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!! 


hard times 💗💜💙
gonna make you wonder why you even try ✨

Beautiful Bromance in Dramaland

We love it when our favorite characters in a drama got crazy chemistry that involves endless bickering, awkward moments, a little bit of hatred but brotherly affection inside. When those things happen between good lookin dudes, it’s called bromance and that makes a drama more interesting to watch. So, let’s check out some of the beautiful bromance in dramaland!  

School 2013 - Go Nam Soon & Park Heung Soo 

The rollercoaster bromance, between ramen lover Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo. They were once best friends, turned enemies when Nam Soon broke Heung Soo’s leg by accident and crush his dream as a soccer player. But thanks to Teacher Jang Na Ra, they reconcile and are finally best friends again. 

Boys Over Flower - The F4

The exclusive bromance. The legendary F4. They are childhood best friends who share the same sophisticated wealthy lifestyle. Everyone has their struggle and sadness, but in the end they prove their friendship. Besides, they still support their buddy, Gu Jun Pyo, who curls his hair and wears that fur to school. That’s love. 

The Heirs - Kim Tan & Choi Young Do 

The hormonal bromance. They were childhood best friends, they fought due to hormones and family issues during puberty. Later they survived puberty, fell in love with the same ordinary poor girl. Though their old conflict was resurfacing again, they could find peace and reconciliation in the end. Bless them. Love is their moment. 

Jealousy Incarnate - Lee Hwa Shin & Ko Jung Won

The full of jealousy bromance, between a famous anchorman and his super rich buddy. They get jealous of each other because they fell in love with the same lady. Even though all the love triangle troubles are caused by Hwa Shin, later Ko Jung Won became a bigger person who chose friendship over love. Their drunk moment is the sweetest btw. 

Fantastic - Ryu Hae Sung & Doctor Hong Joon Gi

The in sickness and health bromance. A sad yet beautiful bromance between Hallyu star Ryu Hae Sung and a cancer patient/doctor Hong Joon Gi. They were love rivals who turn into best friends. Though their friendship was short due to sickness, the bond is strong. They bicker over stupid things, shop together, have deep talks, and eat ramen secretly during hospital stay. 

Oh My Venus - Coachnim and his boys 

The healthy bromance. Coach Kim Young Ho took in two little brother-buddies, MMA athlete Joon Sung and little manager Ji Woong. They stay together, overcome troubles together, train together, get healthy together and do the cute dance together. 

Cheer Up! - Kim Yeol & Ha Joon 

The surviving bromance. Ha Joon is a tortured soul who experienced a suicidal attempt, while Kim Yeol is so afraid that Ha Joon might disappear someday. Ha Joon knows about Kim Yeol’s fear so he’s trying his hardest to survive for his best friend. And as always, they happened to fall in love with the same girl. 

Descendants of The Sun - Captain Yoo Shi Jin & Sergeant Seo Dae Young

The military bromance. They always got each other’s back in the battlefield. They bicker sometimes as they are best friends, but Sergeant Seo always respects his big boss who has higher rank than him. In the end, nothing makes a bromance stronger than flying bullets and fanboying a girl group together. 

Bad Guys - Detective Oh and prisoner boys. 

The badass bromance, between a detective, a gangster, a contract killer and a genius psychopath. Though in the beginning they didn’t trust each other well but their special bond becomes stronger through every case. Together they fight crimes and support each other with their special skills. 

Another Oh Hae Young - Park Do Kyung & Jin Sang

The natural bromance, between two long time buddies who turn into brothers in law. Jin Sang might have given Do Kyung wrong advice at times but he always be there when Do Kyung is down and Do Kyung always saves Jin Sang from his troubles which makes their friendship so natural and beautiful. 

A Gentleman’s Dignity - Kim Do Jin and boys. 

The ahjussi bromance. 40s are the new 20s for Kim Do Jin, Im Tae San, Lee Jung Rok and Choi Yoon. They are successful mature men with boys at heart when they hang out together. Through ups and downs they manage to protect their friendship, survive their love life and maintain their dignity. 

The Three Musketeers - Crown prince and his warriors

The historical bromance, back in Joseon era when a crown prince wants to fight crimes in his country secretly. He gathered a group of warriors who loyally follow him to set justice and peace in the country. 

Hwarang - Dog Bird & Mak Moon

The till death do us apart bromance. Mak Moon and Dog Bird/Moo Myung grew up together as orphans, Moo Myung is a fearless fighter and adventurer while Mak Moon is cowardy and weak. They always stay together and protect each other. Even though their friendship ends up in sadness but it’s really amazing to see them sacrificing themselves for each other till the end.

Goblin: The Lonely & Great God - Goblin & Grim Reaper

The immortal bromance. Goblin accidentally saved a missing soul who was supposed to be taken by the Grim Reaper. One is hot, one is cold. They share a mysterious conflicted fate yet fate brought them to live together as housemates. Since they have been living for hundred years, they are both anti-social but they find each other’s company quite comfortable.

percy weasley and oliver wood were in the same year and house at hogwarts, i don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realise this but

  • oh god they would be so annoying to live with
  • both total perfectionists but about different things
  • percy getting annoyed at oliver for revising his quidditch strategy when they had a test tomorrow
  • percy acting smug because he’s head boy, oliver firmly believing that being quidditch captain is much more important
  • oliver happily aiding the twins in their pranks to get his own back at percy for not appreciating how important it is that he wins the cup
  • their dorm mates getting totally fed up of the two of them stressing tirelessly
  • ‘oh my god we have an exam in three weeks i need to revise’ ‘oh my god i have a quidditch match soon and the team is not practicing hard enough’ 

honestly, im surprised that none of the other gryffindor boys smothered them in their sleep

Disaster movie Fitzsimmons! People seemed to like the visual idea of Fitz on a motorbike from one of the later chapters of my Deep Impact AU fic, so I decided to draw it. This was an interesting and unique challenge for me, and definitely something I couldn’t have done a year ago, without the resources I have available to me now. Hope you guys like it!

The Universe We Hold Inside