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I Don’t Remember That Part

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Word Count: 1,103

Warnings: mild language, drunken shenanigans, less than effective comebacks

A/N: This was written for Rosie & Nicki’s Impossible Prompts Challenge. Congrats to both of you on 500! My prompt was: I came to gank monsters and get drunk, and I just finished ganking monsters. I’ve never written drunk anyone before, so bear with me on this @rosie-winchester and @nickiwinchester97. And thanks to my letter checker/constant encourager @hannahindie and my PA for this project @wheresthekillswitch (she helped me word…I love you…sometimes :P)

“A Shōjō? This should be fun!”

Famous last words.

You see, when I agreed to this plan I thought that I’d seen the Winchesters drunk before. After particularly long hunts, when we all wanted to blow off some steam, both brothers tended to knock back one too many rounds. They didn’t have much of a filter with that much alcohol running through their veins, and many a colorful line would have me snorting into my beer bottle as the night progressed. I’d normally drive them home, random complaints and commentary drifting from the backseat.

But this.


This was a different ballgame altogether.

“Y/N! The banana! Give me the… that… Potassium!”

I blinked heavily, focusing on the object in my hands until it came into a slightly fuzzy focus. Yellow, slightly green on the top, just the way I liked it. But…why the hell am I holding a banana? My stomach growled, and I reached up with my other hand, fumbling as I tried to break the peel.

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Prompt ~ Arkham knight Jason Todd x reader. So reader has history with Jason and was heartbroken from losing him. But when city of fear hit she finds him and when he convinces her to leave for her own safety she ends up coming back meeting him on a rooftop where she says she can’t leave him, never again, she brings her over and holds her from behind where they share the iconic kiss

“Bruce you can’t be fucking serious.” You glared at Bruce who looked beyond pissed.

“You’re going to stay with Alfred, don’t even think you’re going out there.” Bruce stated with his nostrils flared.

“You let Nightwing help, am I not good as Golden Boy?” You spat, slamming your hand on your desk in anger.

“I can’t lose you too.” Bruce said in a softer tone, the whole night had been hectic. Barbara was dead, Tim wasn’t answering, Nightwing was dealing with Penguins caches, Scarecrow was planning to let our fear toxin all over Gotham, people in the city had been evacuated, and you were stuck with Alfred trying to find any background on the Arkham Knight.

“I’m not unstable any more Bruce, it’s been years since his death.” You added, Jason’s death had taken a huge toll on you. You were depressed for months and once you saw the tape of him getting shot you lost it, you ran away from the manor and hunted down the Joker. You tortured the Joker just as he did to Jason, Bruce and Dick had found your hide out and stopped you from killing the douche. You knew deep down what you did was wrong but you didn’t regret a thing. So once you found out Joker died you were beyond ecstatic, Bruce even let you back out on the field. He had punished you for your actions which pissed you off but you had made amends with him, little by little you built up your relationship with Bruce again and even helped him train Tim even though you despised the kid at first.

“I’m not going to do anything bad, I’m just gonna go patrol and see if I find anything suspicious.” You pleaded. Alfred rolled his eyes already knowing how this was going to end.

“Fine, but you will contact me or Alfred if anything seems out of the ordinary and you will not take on any of the militia, understood?” Bruce instructed with a stern tone, you nodded your head anxiously and shut off the cam.

“I suppose you’ll be needing this?” Alfred handed you your mask, “Thank you Alfred.” You quickly slipped it on a small smile making its way on your face.

 Driving through the streets of Gotham was something you always enjoyed, the feeling of the wind blowing your hair back and not having to worry about the speed limits since no one was gonna tell vigilante off. It was a good way to clear your mind but tonight it was none of these, there were no cars and other motorcycles it was lonely. It felt wrong, it made your skin crawl and made you anxious, just waiting for something to happen. Just as you were about to take a right turn you were knocked of your motorcycle by a tank.

“Shit.” You groaned as you rolled clumsily to the ground, your motorcycle crashed into a building, but that’s not what worried you. It was the man standing before you that was speeding up your heart rate.

“Y/N?” The Arkham Knight stepped closer to you, you backed up, “How do you know my name?” You stood up, ignoring the pain your legs.

“Who are you?” You questioned as he cornered you, “Not yet.” He replied, “Bats is gonna be pissed.” You kicked him on his chest making him stumble back, you landed a solid punch on his helmet. In his distracted moment you tried to escape but he grabbed you by your shoulder and pulled you back with so much force you landed on the ground.

“Stop.” He growled as he pinned you down, you thrashed in his hold, “Fuck off.” You spat back trying to kick him off. “Still stubborn I see.” He twirled a strand of your hair, it was an action that was familiar to you and comforting, but right now it was pissing you off.

“You’re still as beautiful as I remember.” He continued, you barred your teeth at him, “Shut up!” You screeched as he began to peal your mask of slowly, revealing your Y/E/C eyes full of fear.

“You son of a bi-” You shut yourself up as he clicked a button on his helmet, it slowly began to reveal his face. That’s when you spotted the scar, the scar that the monster had bestowed on him.

Jason?” You whispered vulnerably, tears began to pour out your eyes, “You’re alive?”

“I missed your eyes.” Jason wiped your tears with his gloved hand, “God I missed you so much.” His eyes bore into yours, his blue eyes looked sadder than you remember but they still looked breathtaking.

“It’s you, oh my god, it’s you.” You sobbed, his grip on your arms loosened, you slipped out his grip and cupped his face.

“He took you away from me, I wanted to kill him. I was so close, but now you’re here. How? I saw you die?” You asked, he pulled you up from the ground but still held you in his arms.

“He thought I died, I was able to escape.” Jason answered his eyes scanning your face desperately.

“Why are you working with Scarecrow?” You’re eyes hardened, “Bruce has to pay.” Jason’s sweet demeanor changed, his tone darker.

“Jason, Bruce mourned over you.”

“No he fucking didn’t! He let the piece of shit live and he even fucking replaced me. Are you seriously taking his side?” He screamed at you his eyes full of rage.

“I’m not defending him, but you were his son. He didn’t replace you dammit, Tim wanted to be Robin. Bruce changed and he wasn’t the same, Tim wanted to help him and he gave Bruce hope. They searched for you and they got the tape, I was depressed for months and they wouldn’t let me look for you. I got so mad with Bruce and when he showed me the tape I told him how much I hated him and I ran away! You can’t do this.” You said, your eyebrows knitting together.

Jason’s eyes watered, “I’m sorry, that monster changed me and I’m not mentally stable. You need to leave the city.” Jason pulled you into his chest.

“Scarecrow is going to release the toxin soon, you need to go.” Jason cupped your face, rubbing circles on your cheeks.

“Jason you can’t do this-”

“Please Y/N, I have to fix this.” You nodded your head slowly, he smiled at you, god you thought you would never see his smile again.

His glanced down at your lips, “Can I?” You nodded your head again, he locked your lips with his. It felt different from all your other kisses with him, it was needy and passionate. His lips were still soft and molded perfectly with yours and it made your knees weak, just as you pulled away you placed a tracker on his back.

“I love you.” Your lips were only centimeters apart, foreheads touching. “I love you too.” He kissed you one more time, you pulled back and grappled your way through the city back to your apartment. Bruce wasn’t going to be happy but you believed in Jason, even if he wasn’t mentally stable you knew he would fix everything.

You hated Metropolis, nothing eventful seemed to happen here and if something did happen another superhero would deal with it, no doubt one of the Kents. You only been here for a few hours and you were already tired of the city, Bruce hadn’t even tried to contact you. Alfred did and you just told him nothing was going on and to not worry. You were starting to regret leaving Gotham but you didn’t want to upset Jason.

“Fuck it.” You grappled back down to the ground from the skyscraper you were on and hopped onto your new motorcycle that Luscious has sent you. You quickly speed to Gotham, you had to get there because if something happened and you didn’t even try to stop it you would hate yourself for it.

Just as you entered Gotham your jaw dropped, people were already flooding back into the city. But that wasn’t what shocked you, the footage on the big screen showed Bruce with his cowl off, it kept replaying and it made your stomach drop.

“Y/N?” You parked your motorcycle, Bruce’s hologram appearing on your cam, “Bruce? What happened, I’m sorry I couldn’t-”

“Jason told me.” Your eyes widened at the mention of Jason’s name, “I don’t blame you, but protocol Nightfall is about to begin.”

“Bruce you can’t be serious, there has to be another way-”

“I have to do this to protect all of you, this won’t be the last time we see each other.” Bruce’s eyes bored into your masked ones, “You promise?” You bit your lip trying to hold your sobs, “I promise.”

“I love you, dad.” You smiled sadly at him, your heart breaking at the thought of how hurt he must feel, “I love you too.” He smiled back at you one last time and shut his cam off.

“Jason…” You mumbled, you needed to find him. You clicked a button on your gauntlet revealing where he was, he wasn’t far he was still in the city. You hopped off your motorcycle and grappled towards the skyscrapers. You ran across buildings heading towards the east side of Gotham.

After a long time you finally got closer to him, from the distance you spotted a shining red helmet. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion at the new look.

“Jason!” You screamed, the figure turned around, you sprinted and jumped on him. He quickly wrapped his arms around your waist to prevent you from falling.

“Is it you?” You asked.

“Of course it’s me if it wasn’t I would have dropped you.” He chuckled as he put you down.

“I told you to stay out of Gotham it’s still dangerous especially after what happened.” He took of his helmet revealing his thick black unruly hair.

“I can’t leave you, not again.” You went near the edge of the skyscraper, looking at the city down below once again full of life.

“I’m sorry, this is all my fault.” Jason’s chest pressed up against your back, his arms wrapped around your waist.

“I don’t care right now, just kiss me.” You turned your head slightly to meet his lips, this was just the start of new hectic chapter of life but right now you didn’t care, right now everything felt right in his arms.

Fine, We'll Split Up ~ Isaac Lahey // Teen Wolf

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Y/N -Your Name
L/N - Last Name
Request from Anon (x2):
24, 26 & 28 with Isaac Lahey
“Don’t tell me you were actually worried about me?”
“Oh, my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again”
“Stop trying to be the hero all the time and just be you.”

Word Count: 2 , 1 0 0
Disclaimer: Dick!Scott and a rushed ending  

Trying not to disturb the prolonged pack meeting I quietly picked myself from the wall and took a few steps further into the room, leaning against the armrest of the sofa with my arms crossed lazily against my abdomen and my tired, sleep deprived gaze falling at my slightly blurry shoes. I sighed through my nose and listened to Scott’s footsteps rapidly pacing up and down the space between the coffee table and the unused fireplace. Him murmuring on about some plan like he’s been doing for the past week.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you listening?” I looked up to the feel of someone’s firm hand cupping my shoulder, my gaze instantly met with an equally as firm facial expression. I nodded weakly, not in the mood to be argumentative or witty. I took this time to fully analyze Scott. His face was a ghostly pale, his lips dull and chapped. His irises held a pale ring of sleepless red that complimented the dark circles forming under his eyes. Not to mention he was skinner; and a lot snappier and easy aggravated nowadays but it seems like I’m the only one who’s noticed the change in Scott. But I can’t blame him, if anything I pity him; if I lost my best friend, my brother, then I’d definitely be doing the same thing he’s doing.

“Pay attention! This is important!” Scott snapped in a harsh tone before going back into the center of the room and resumed his long rant. It’s only been a few weeks since the disappearance of Stiles, and we’re all worried sick but Scott seems to be the one completely affected by Stiles’ disappearance.

“We should all split up” he finalized; I perked my head up and gave him a disapproving glare, “Scott. I know your worried about Stiles but that’s a horrible idea” the rest of the pack (who were scattered around the room) looked at me with wide eyes as if I just signed a contract to get killed on-spot right in front of them. Ever since Stiles’ week long absence, no one has reasoned or challenged Scott with his plans. If they tried then Scott will literally go on a rampage and end up storming out and searching the town for Stiles himself. Leaving for as long as he pleased.

“What did you say?” He hissed, his own eyes a psychotic wide, I stood up straight as he stormed over to me.
“Scott. I get it you need to find Stiles but pretending we’re in Scooby Doo and splitting up in hopes we can find the Nogitsune is a horrible idea! We’d be easier targets, easier to take out if he does show up” I tried to reason with him in the softest manner possible but he took it entirely the wrong way.

His body tensed up, his fists clenched, “I’m, sorry but who’s the Alpha here?” he sassed, getting right up in my face but I stayed stubborn and stood my ground with a straight face, “when I ask you a question I expect you to answer it!” he rose his voice, making me flinch since I wasn’t used to seeing this this side of Scott but I continued to make eye contact.

“You are-“
“Are what?”
“The Alpha” unexpectedly he let out a dry laugh dripping in sarcasm, 

“You know what Y/N. I don’t know why your even relevant right now or why your even here since you haven’t done shit to get Stiles back! You don’t care for him! None of you do, actually” he swerved an accusing finger around at all of us.

“You know what; I don’t need any of you! I’ll find my best friend myself!” he moved away from me and tried to stride towards the door but I clasped his elbow, wrapping my fingers around him and tugged which made him stutter to a stop, his muscled tensing under my touch.

“Scott” I said harsher than I meant it to come out as. He didn’t move at all to look at me so I maneuvered myself so I was in front of him. My hand rising up a little on his bicep for better grip. Despite him avoiding eye contact I still stared directly at him.

“I get that you’re on edge about all this and you’re worried, but don’t you dare say that I don’t care for him. That we don’t care for him! We’ve been sitting here for two straight hours because we fucking care; because we’re his friends and yours”

“I’m not” I looked behind Scott to see Isaac glaring holes in the back of his head, no longer leaning against the wall but standing over the armrest where I was previously leaning. “I just have nothing better to do on a Thursday night” Scott turned his head to growl at Isaac; his eyes flashing a red but I tugged his attention back onto me.

“Scott, don’t think I don’t know how this is affecting you, I can clearly see what it’s doing to you and that’s what I’m worried about, you desperately need to find Stiles so you’re making irrational plans that can get us hurt” His eyes softened into the deep brown they used to be but hardened as quickly as they softened. Pushing past me, thudding into my shoulder he tried to get away from me.

“Hey, all mighty Alpha” Isaac growled, rushing over to Scott with a frustrated expression, “you know what. Fine, we’ll split up; we’ll join in on your little treasure hunt for Stilinski but if you dare treat Y/N like that again, a fox spirit won’t be your biggest concern” my eyes widened at his threat, a smile trying to scratch its way to the surface but I kept a straight face.

What was all that about?

.   .   .

I walked with Isaac through the dark, long hallways of the school that seemed longer and creepier at night, I turned my head to see Isaac with his hands scrunched in his pockets on the opposite side of the lockers. A bored expression resting on his plump lips and in his beautiful eyes.

“We’re not going to find him here, this spirit is one thousand years old, he has better stuff to do then stalk around a high school at night” I breathed a laugh at another one of Isaacs comments.

“How’s your shoulder?” he asked out of the blue. It still stung a little from how hard Scott rammed into me but it’s not broken so I’m fine.

“I’m not in the emergency wing at the hospital and I can hold this flashlight alright, so I’m fine” I reassured but he didn’t look to convinced. 

“Thank you, by the way” he looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “I didn’t get to say it earlier but thanks for sticking up for me” he nodded and rolled his tongue against his gums.

“I don’t like the way Scott talks too you” he growled slightly, his face turning stone at the memory of earlier.  
“It’s not his fault, he’s stressed” Isaac rolled his eyes. I opened a classroom door and shone a light in, no one there; just some dust, books and the smell of boredom a waste of a teenagers time.

“Y/N, that’s not an excuse. He’s just a dick”
“The dicks best friend is missing and he thinks it’s all on him” With each little statement Isaac came closer until I could feel his soothing breath dance on the back of my neck.

“But he takes it out all on you, no one else. You’re so nice and forgiving to him and he takes that for granted. Everyone does actually; they just sit there quietly thanking the Lord that he chose you to shit on instead of them! Have you noticed that because I have and I’m sick of it!”

“I’ve known him the longest and I can take it, I rather it be me instead of anyone else” I shrugged, sure, Scott’s words were harsh and uncalled for but I can handle a few words.

“And I’d rather see you being treated the way you deserve to be by the big bad Alpha” he mumbled making me chuckle, my heart tingling at what he said even though I don’t think he was supposed to say it out loud. I twirled around to face him, his lips barely an inch from mine.

“Why are you so concerned?” He went quiet, looking back and forth between my lips and my eyes; a warm feeling cascading through my body. I faked gasped, “don’t tell me you were actually worried about me” even through the darkness I could make out the red tint that dusted his cheeks.

I smiled, wondering whether it was a good idea to lean in or if it would ruin the moment we have going on here. Suddenly there was a loud grunt that echoed through the halls. Protectively Isaac wrapped his arms around my waist and completely wolfed out. Gently sandwiching me in-between the lockers and his warm body. There was another grunt, a louder one that sounded a lot closer then the first one and instantly Isaac charged towards the noise. Turning the corner and leaving me there, a sudden panic surged though me and moments later I ran after Isaac. What if he gets hurt? Void Stiles has put him in the hospital once and I don’t want it to happen again.

“Isaac” I called after him, my erratic heartbeat drowning out the sounds of my thudding shoes. What if he’s hurt?

Swerving through the halls completely lost I finally saw him standing completely frozen; I human form instead of his wolfie one except for the claws that prominently showed in his silhouette. He stood staring at a large, hollow metal ventilation pipe that I could easily fit in. Looks like that was the thing that made all the noise.
“Isaac fucking Lahey” I called making him turn around, without thinking I threw myself at him, clinging around his body securely so he wouldn’t leave. Instead of shaking me off he wrapped his arms around me protectively and rested his cheek on my shoulder.

“Why the hell did you did you do that!?” I said once he rose his head from my embrace but we both still clung onto each other.  
“What do you mean?” I scanned his face for any scratched or injuries even though he had the capability to heal.

“What if that was void? He almost killed you the last time you two had an encounter and I don’t want that to happen again!” contrasting with my worried look, he gave me a grin.
“Don’t tell me you were actually worried about me?” He glared at him.

“Oh, my God, that’s not funny Lahey!  I thought you were actually going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again!” before he could even respond I smashed my plump lips against his, he didn’t even take time to think about what the hell was going on before he took part in out kiss. He clutched onto me tighter as he deepened the kiss, making me enjoy every moment of it.

Heat flashed through me as time somehow felt as if it stopped, but we broke apart from the moment as slow clapping was heard at the other end of the hallway.

I looked away from Isaac to see the silhouette of the missing boy. A screwdriver in his hand and a smug look plastered in his sickly pale and ill face.
“What a cute couple” he squinted his eyes at us, Isaac was about to charge at the hollow shell of my friend but I held him back, good thing I did as well because in a blink of an eye he was gone.

“Why didn’t you let me get him?”
“You wouldn’t have got there in time. And plus, you really need to stop trying to be the hero all the time and just be you” I said sincerely. He needed to stop putting himself endanger.

“How am I supposed to be me if I don’t know who I am?” I broken look filled his eyes, I knew about his past, we all did and Stiles didn’t have any sympathy for him, which is why there was so much tension and hostility between the two.

“For a start you can be my boyfriend. Then we’ll figure the rest out” I smiled up to him, without words he gripped me tighter and pressed his lips against mine again.

Shameful encounter ( Jace Lightwood/Wayland Imagine Drabble)

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Jace Lightwood/Wayland x Reader




Jace and the reader walk in on some Malec action and the reader can’t cope

Warnings: -

Words: 703


Have yourself some Jace because seeing Dom working out in a Captain American shirt did things to my body

Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language lol.  *collection of stories (x

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gif by  @ twxobadgirl

“Ohmygod-ohmygod”, you squeaked as you leaped over the staircase before you took off in a run, throwing your bedroom door shut behind you.
Your face was burning and you felt the need to wash out your brain with bleach. And your eyes. Definitely the eyes ,too.
You heard him, long before the belly-deep laughter reached your door.
“YOU COULD HAVE WARNED ME!”, you hissed while tearing the door open and glaring at Jace.
“Wha- I didn’t know!”
He lifted his arms in surrender but the mischief glittering in his eyes betrayed your boyfriend’s words.
“No of course, that’s why you acted all ‘women first-like’ when you normally want me to wait like 5 seconds before I follow you over thresholds. YOU KNEW.”
His two colored eyes twinkled bright in amusement as he shrugged and pushed past you.
“What did you expect? It’s their anniversary. Besides, you totally could hear it.”, he alluded to the kissing and moan sounds.
You covered your ears before a slight grin tucked at the corners of your lips.

You had wanted to let Alec know that his presence was required in some downworlder business, not thinking of today’s date.
Today marked the 1 year anniversary of Alec’s and Magnus’ relationship. They were sappy as that.
And of course you hadn’t identified the noises coming through the closed door as SEX NOISES.
You had walked in on them mid-action and now you needed someone to erase your memories because you had seen way too much.
WAY too much.

“You think they’re mortified?”
You stepped towards your bed and slumped down on your bed.
“Nah, I don’t think they have noticed you starring, scanning the scene for 5 minutes before you dashed backwards and almost tumbled down the stairs.”
Jace’s body silently shook with laughter as he slumped down next to you , watching you groaning in humiliation.
“I was waiting for Magnus to suggest a threesome to be honest, the way his ey-ouch!”
A pillow hit his face.
“I want to die!”, you moaned spinning onto your stomach and burying your face into the mattress.
“I’ve seen things , Jace…Things I didn’t wanna see. Oh my god, Alec is going to kill me.”
You felt the bed dip slightly before a strong arm curled around your waist and stomach, pressing you backwards against a solid chest.
“Well you DID keep him from cumming after all I think his anger is justified.”
“Jace!”, you cried out boxing him against his arm.
“Oh my god stop saying these things I’m dying here.”
His breath caressed your ear before you felt his smiling mouth pressed against your neck.
“I’m joking, Y/N. Besides, it’s just sex. Nothing to worry about. He’ll get over it.”
“I won’t.”
You couldn’t help but smile as you heard his soft laughter.
“You’re so innocent, it’s ridiculously cute.”
You rolled your eyes at his hint of your inexperience, shifting around in his embrace and facing him.
“That’s just in the practical sense, you know. I know what sex is. I know what it looks like. Doesn’t mean I want to see my cousin getting it on with his boyfriend.”
Jace surged forwards capturing your lips with his, kissing you until you had to shift away breathlessly.
“We could change that.”, he breathed out.
“We could.”
“We could?”
“I suppose…yeah.”

Jace stared at you, not daring to move.
“You said you wanted to wait.”
“That was 6 months ago.”
At the excited face he pulled off you couldn’t help but to laugh.
“For how long have you been waiting for me to say it?”
The tips of his ears turned red and the sheepish expression met his voice as he said “Since you’ve been secretly sneaking into my room to spend the night with me, giving me the most painful boner in the morning.”
You turned squeamish at that.
“It’s alright I told you I didn’t mind waiting.”
You smiled softly, nodding. That was true.
“Well…”,you coughed a little. “I don’t wanna wait anymore.”
He tucked some strand of hair behind your year.
“Then we don’t.”
“But not today.”
“Not today.”, he agreed before rapid footsteps were heard approaching your door.

my-son-is-dating-a-werewolf  asked:

Hi so I never prompted you but I'm constantly arguing with my father this days and now I'm in my bed crying and I love your writing so I wanted to ask you if you could write the fluffiest Sterek fic ever known to man ? Thank you !

Hey, hon, I hope you sort it out soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this fluffy sterek ficlet *hugs*

Title: My Little Merboy

Originally posted by sterling8music2

“Derek!” he heard Laura’s irritated call from under his window, for the third time in five minutes. “Move your lazy butt and come with me.” She was all set for their daily run in the preserve.

Derek ignored her.

It was hardly the start to a Sunday morning he wanted and the rom-com novel on his lap seemed more tempting than their routine sweaty run. Especially when Laura would race him to the town’s border, beating him easily every single day and celebrating her victory like a five year old. She’d gone a bit overboard the day before and Derek was in no mood to accompany her again. Ever.

He stuffed a big piece of his favorite waffle and sliced strawberry into his mouth, struggling to turn a page with his sweet, sticky fingers.

“Hey De-rekk.”

“Leave me alone!” Derek barked.

He heard Laura’s exasperated huff. “Oh c’mon! We’ll go to the ice-cream parlor after the run. My treat.”

“I’m not interested.”

“You can borrow my novel.”

“Already reading it.”

“Wanna ride my Camaro?”


“O-Kay.” She took a long pause, maybe scanning for a solid plan of persuasion. “Um, I was thinking about dropping by the lake first.”

“The what?” Derek froze.

“The lake,” she said, voice smug, sounding pleased about finally managing to catch Derek’s attention. “… to stalk some merfolk with my baby bro. God! My boyfriend’s gonna kill me.”

Derek was already jumping out the window, before Laura could pretend turning her back to leave. The rom-com novel long forgotten on the desk with a half finished bowl of waffles.

“Let’s go,” Derek declared, clapping his hands once, ready for their mission. “Let’s see Stiles,” he added in between his excited breaths, a wide grin plastered all over his face.

“You’re pathetic,” Laura chuckled, ruffling his perfectly gelled hair. “Don’t come crying later if your lil’ merboy don’t look at you, okay?”

Derek batted her hand away, adjusting his hair by looking at his reflection in Laura’s shiny sunglasses.

“Do y’know the mermaid’s kiss myth, Der?” Laura asked as they started with an easy jog. Derek didn’t answer. He knew his sister would tell him any way. “They sing, luring their love to the water and drown them after their first kiss.”

Right! He wasn’t going to let her spoil his mood already. He hummed in delight.


Derek let out a heavy sigh as he watched the golden-red tail swiftly slash through the water, sparkling in the morning sunlight which did things to Derek’s heart. He settled down on the soft grass near the lakeside, enjoying the soothing view in front of his eyes.

Stiles looked dazzling as he propelled his lean body elegantly through the clean water. From where he was Derek didn’t miss the way Stiles’ arm muscles twitched against his broad shoulders, his face beaming with an excited smile as he joked around with his friends.

It’d been a month since the Hales had to relocate to the Beacon Hills due to the growing hunter activities in their hometown.

Derek had whined for a week, missing his old school friends and complaining about the count and the size of mosquitoes in the new neighborhood until one evening his eyes had caught a glimpse of Stiles’ breathtaking figure in the lake against the vibrant backdrop of the setting sun.

Instantly, he’d fallen hard for the beautiful merboy, head over heels.

Over time Derek had realized the merfolk were a seclusive bunch. They hardly interacted with other species and pretty much owned the lake nearest his house.

But Derek was hopeful. He’d tried his best to attract Stiles’ attention.

Under the pretense of his daily run, he’d followed Stiles’ usual swim in a futile attempt to catch one casual glance from him. He’d tried some macho somersaults over the giant rocks near the lake, almost cracking his head twice. He’d chanted his Alpha, Beta, Omega mantra in his loud, croaky voice, completely ruining the rhythmic singing from a cluster of merkids.

In return, he’d received thoroughly scrutinizing gazes from the redheaded mergirl, Lydia, and life threatening jaw gritting from her boyfriend, Jackson, who swam close to Stiles like he was his own personal bodyguard.

Derek never stopped visiting the lake and Stiles never stopped not noticing him.

He knew one day things would change. But after all he was just a boy, who was pathetically gone on a gorgeous merboy. If things were going to change someday then that day better be today.

Derek sprang to stand upright before having any second thoughts.

“And where do you think you’re heading to, brother?” Laura poked him with a prompt question.


Derek dived straight into the lake.

What the fuck!” someone yelled.

The water was colder than Derek had anticipated, making him lose his control after the unexpectedly bone-chilling impact. He shuddered and quickly moved to keep his body floating in the water, eyes scanning for the familiar scale-covered pale figure.

“This is a private property.”

It was Stiles, looking more charming if that was even possible. From this close, Derek could see the smattering of tiny moles across his face and long neck and his bare chest, his glassy amber eyes focused right on Derek’s. God!

Hello, do you understand English?” Stiles waved his webbed fingers in front of Derek. Derek’s eyes followed their motion. “… or should I say it in Spanish?”

Derek’s tongue refused to move.

Stiles twitched his tail and splashed water at Derek’s face, bringing him back to reality.

“Sorry sorry,” Derek stuttered, lips stupidly curving in a not-so-apologetic happy grin. “I didn’t know. I’m new in the town.”

Ha! Don’t lie,” Stiles scoffed. “I’ve seen you watching me for a month.”

“You… saw?” Derek breathed, feeling his heart fluttered like a bird.



“Jesus! What?

“Will you two just kiss already?” the redhead interrupted their water spitting contest.

“Nah,” douchebag Jackson glided up behind Derek. “I think the wolf boy needs to learn his lesson first, if he’s so desperate to get involved with us merfolk.”

And before Derek could remember to move his attention from Stiles’ face, he was already getting pulled under the water.

Fuck! Derek struggled, flapping his hands through the water, desperately trying to reach the surface again, almost forgetting to hold his breath. He might be the mighty bad wolf on land, but in the water, Jackson was the king.

Derek could hear muffled chaos above, he hoped it was Laura, finally deciding to come to her brother’s rescue. He kicked his leg, trying to get rid of Jackson’s grip around his ankle, the air rapidly draining from his lungs.

His sixteenth birthday next week seemed like a fading possibility.

Fortunately, he saw a red tail slapping hard against Jackson’s face. Ow! That must have hurt. And then Derek was getting tugged above the water by his shirt collar.

“Are you alright?” through the streams of dripping water Derek watched Stiles’ concerned face. Really concerned face.

Derek coughed, desperately gasping for air.

“You okay, Derek? ” came Stiles’ frantic voice. He moved closer, tightening his grip on Derek’s shirt, almost ripping it.

“You know my name?” Derek managed to croak through his shuddering breath. But before Stiles could open his mouth to answer, Jackson surfaced too.

“What the hell, Stiles?” he complained, rubbing his hurt cheek. “I was just having fun with your precious wolf.”

“It - was - not - funny!” Stiles hissed at Jackson, jerking his head to face him. He floated to move between them, pointing his clawed finger at the other merboy’s chest. “Touch him again, Jackson, and I swear… you’re done.”

Derek blinked at Stiles, feeling utterly dumbfounded.

Stiles face was flushed an angry red. He was pissed. He dragged Derek away without uttering another word, his one arm wrapped around Derek’s torso, supporting him in a firm embrace. The other efficiently cut through the water. If Derek was perfectly able to swim by himself, well, Stiles didn’t have to know just yet.

“Will you come tomorrow?” Stiles face had a soft hopeful look as he patiently waited for Derek to settle on the bank. His eyes roamed over Derek, still checking for any signs of injury.

Derek quickly nodded his head, slowly grasping the sequence of events which had led to this.


Derek spent the entire evening of his sixteenth birthday with Stiles.

Stiles gifted him an entrancing seashell, colored the same blue as the ocean and bigger than Derek’s head. Derek simply loved it.

They talked the whole time. To be precise, Stiles talked, leaning his upper body over a rock, hands cupping his cheeks, lost into Derek’s hazel green eyes while Derek devotedly listened to the nonstop chatter, savoring the taste of Stiles’ sweet, salty scent.

“You’re gonna spoil them if you don’t stop giving them this fancy food.” Derek ignored Stiles’ little protest as he continued feeding the fishes, thoroughly enjoying the fond looks Stiles was shooting him.

Stiles let out an exasperated sound, feeling jealous of the fishes for getting Derek’s undivided attention. He lurched up, grabbing Derek’s hand. He tugged the wolf down, making him fall hard on his ass. Derek’s legs now dangled in the water as Stiles quickly shifted to fit in between them. He leaned, curling his fingers at the back of Derek’s neck and with his warm lips, Stiles kissed away any complaints Derek might have had about his aching ass.

The mermaid’s kiss myth was, after all, just a myth.

It was Derek’s best birthday ever.


Excerpt: It started slow, with Phil kissing his lips softly as if he’s getting know his mouth slowly, until his tongue swiped in a gentle manner against his lips that Dan eagerly parted. Their tongues met a little unceremoniously, with teeth clashing and spit mixing.

Summary: Dan wore a certain shirt that led to one thing to another.

Genre: sin

Warning: blowjobs and shitty, rushed writing

Words: 1, 558 disgusting sins

A/N: this was written for smutty Saturdays for npn but im too late bc i procrastinated lolzor also I based this on a post but I lost the link lolzor (ty to my virtual wife asianellenpage for beta’ing ily even if we divorce a lot)

When he felt the afternoon sunlight burning through his eyelids, Dan woke up, a little disoriented.

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theblackandviolet  asked:

Hi ! I have a Alex/Astra prompt :) It's Kara coming to see Alex, because it's her day of but she finds her with Astra... And that's how she learns about the real relationship of her aunt and her sister ^^

(Thanks so much for the prompt!) 

A Pocketful of Reasons Why

Alex hummed softly as warm hands touched her knees, and she eased back against her sheets, pulling Astra towards her.  Morning kisses turned urgent quickly, as was often the case with the two of them, and Alex chuckled as Astra started pulling down the boy shorts Alex had slept in. 

“Good morning,” she said huskily. 

Astra smirked and pressed Alex firmly down, then shifted so she was straddling her.  Alex gripped onto Astra’s hips, not afraid to squeeze too hard.  This time, when Astra leaned down to kiss her, Alex bucked upwards, ready to meet her.  Hands slid against skin, and Astra moaned softly, making sure Alex was pinned beneath her.  It was kind of frustrating, except that it really wasn’t. 

What was frustrating was that Astra was taking her sweet time, no matter how many cues Alex gave for her to hurry the fuck up.  In the few months they’d been hooking up, it was clear that any submission wouldn’t be freely given; it was a constant push-pull between them. Alex kind of liked it.  It was a nice change from what she was used to, and as much as she liked being in control, the feeling of Astra’s kisses on her thighs was working her up more than she cared to admit.  Her breaths quickened as Astra pulled her boy shorts off and dropped them on the floor.  Astra situated herself between Alex’s legs, and then…

Someone knocked on the door. 

“Shit,” Alex grumbled, sitting up with lightning fast reflexes.  Astra pulled back twice as quickly, turning around.  

“It’s Kara.”  Astra stood up, running a hand through her majestic hair.  Alex groaned again and used her elbows to lean up, taking a few moments to appreciate Astra’s lean, naked form.  Her back muscles were incredible.  Astra turned to her, an eyebrow raised.  "Aren’t you going to let her in?“ 

“Yeah,” Alex said.  "Do you–I mean, I guess you should probably go, right?“

"Yes, I suppose I should,” Astra replied, her voice cold and polite.  In the blink of an eye, she grabbed her black jumpsuit and slipped it on, looking annoyed.  

So Alex definitely wasn’t getting laid this morning.  Great.

“I’m sorry,” Alex mumbled. “I just don’t know how to tell her–" 

"I know,” Astra interrupted.  "But someday, Alex Danvers, you’re going to have to figure out what it is you want.“ 

"I–what does that even mean?  I know what I want, I’m not a child,” Alex snapped. 

Kara knocked again.  Alex sighed,  then pulled on her boy shorts and grabbed an over-sized shirt from her dresser.  The silence created a chasm between them; Alex didn’t know what else to say.  Astra’s eyes flashed before she spoke:

“I have no issue with being your sexual outlet, Alex.  It is something I rather like, and it benefits us both.  But I don’t want to be your secret.”     

Alex flushed, her gaze flicking to the door.  She felt a whoosh of air, and then Astra was gone.  

When she opened the front door, Kara was standing there with a box of donuts in her hand.  "You really need to learn to reply to my texts,“ she blurted, pushing past Alex with a huge grimace.  "Or put a sock on your door, or something,” she emphasized, throwing the box of donuts on the table and waving her arms. “Because if I ever have to hear the words ‘sexual outlet’ coming out of my aunt’s mouth again, I’m probably going to puke." 

"Oh my god.” Alex stomped over to her coffee maker, taking out her frustrations on the ground coffee tin.  "I’m going to kill her.“

(Hank looked between the two Danvers sisters, raising an eyebrow.  "Let me make sure I heard you correctly.  You both want me to wipe your memories?" 

"Yes,” Alex said firmly.  "Just of what happened last Saturday.  I don’t want to go into it, but–I guess you’ll see it when you scan our brains, right?  In which case, I’m really sorry for what you’re about to experience.“ 

Hank scratched his chin.  "That sounds ominous." 

"I told you he wouldn’t go for it,” Kara grumbled, nudging Alex’s shoulder.)

Husband Material -- Jin

Originally posted by syuub

So far you’ve had quite a productive day.

You did some cleaning, put a load of laundry in the washer, and now you’re making a sandwich for lunch while you’re waiting for that to finish.  Mustard, turkey, pepper jack cheese, and some lettuce to top it off.  As you’re laying down the lettuce you notice a strange black spot on your counter.  It’s about the size of a dime and you start wondering what it is – maybe you spilled some barbeque sauce? – when the spot moves.

You freeze in place with the other slice of bread in your hand, eyes wide and trembling.  The spot starts crawling towards you holy shit it’s a spider oh my god so you abandon your almost completed sandwich and let out a blood curdling scream while climbing on top of the island in the middle of your kitchen.

You want to run away like a dog with its tail between its legs, but you also don’t want to lose sight of the monster.  If you escape to another part of your apartment, that wretched spider will exploit the opportunity and crawl behind the fridge to lay eggs or detonate a nuclear bomb.

Both are equally scary thoughts.

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This Means War. Part three.

Other MMFD Fanfics by me- HERE

This Means War. 

Set the summer after their first year of college is over. 
The gang get into a pranking war.


• Part One • Part Two • 


This Means War. Part Three.


This was hilarious.

Funnier than walking in on my Mum covered head to toe in green slime. Maybe.

Once she had rung Mrs Peters, Mum had jumped in the shower and I kid you not. Just as she had gotten dressed Chop was ringing the door bell with his Dad.

Mr Peters had gone a gotten his son from his flat, I wish I could of seen that. Oh man.

Finn, you need to come round” I didn’t bother whispering into the phone as Mum made Chop strip down to his boxers. She wasn’t taking any chances that he had something else up his sleeve. Literally.

“Keep your eyes to yourself Raemundo

“Is something wrong?” Finn rushed out before adding “Wait, was that Chop?”

“Get here now Finn, you need to see this”

I didn’t wait for a reply and just hung up the phone to call Archie. I was going to call everyone.

They had to see this.

Every single one of them.

It was important.

“Is that really necessary?” He growled “Didn’t even get you, did it?”

“Such a twat” I stuck my tongue out at him and continued to call the gang.

“No time for standing around Arnold” Mum threw a pair of bright yellow rubber gloves at him “I don’t want to see one spot of that green stuff in this house again”

Sighing he just sat on the floor with crossed legs and began to clean up the blobs.

In his underpants.

Did I mention that they had The Muppets on them? Kermit the frog and everything. Fucking Hilarious.

Looking at my bedside table,at the things that cluttered it while he was moaning under his breath by the door.

“Oh my god” I whispered. I hope that he didn’t hear that.

This was probably not a good idea. He was going to throw his slime at me. Worth it.

I slowly bent down and opened the cupboard door, not taking my eyes off of Chop as I did.

Once my hand fell on what I had they been searching for I could not help but smile. Yes.

Before I could stop myself I loaded a new film into the polaroid camera and snapped a picture of Chop bent over, scrapping at the carpet, with his The Muppet underpants on and those yellow gloves. This is fucking epic.

“What the fuck” he jumped up once he realised that a flash had gone off “What was that?” he demanded pointing at me with his marigolds.

He looked like a right twat.

I hope everyone hurries up so that they can witness this in real life. This picture is not going to do it justice.

Just as I thought that, the doorbell rang downstairs.

“Who’s that?” Chop went a little pale.

“Hopefully everyone” I told him laughing. But really. I bloody hope it was everyone.

“This ain’t fair” he moaned and kicked the washing up bowl Mum had provided him with.

“Why have you stopped!” Mum screamed from the baby’s room “ARNOLD!" 

"This isn’t over!” he glared at me.

“You just did this” I waved at the greenness “I think you will find it is not over”

“What does that mean?” he wasn’t looking at me, and was now back to the job my Mum had given him.

“It means that you should be…afraid” I laughed.

“I only did this cause you ruined the cake I had bought for you guys” He bought that cake, for us?

“That was not my fault” I huffed “How many times do I have to tell you Finn and Archie where playing football and it hit me, which made me fall over!”

“Your just saying that”

“Am I fuck”

“Why did you run off then?”

“Cause Finn told me to get away, that this had happened before”

At this a evil smile, which would of terrified any small child who saw it graced his face “Oh yeah” he nodded “That was fun”

“Well, its over Chop, No more pranks for me!”


“What do you mean nope?” Is he serious.

“If I am pranked I will prank”


“You should watch out though”

“Why?” I huffed and threw a balled up piece of paper that was on my bed at him.

“Cause if it was, like you say, and it wa’ Archie and Finn who started all of this” Oh God “Then they are next”

This is never going to end is it?

On my grave stone it will read ’Died due to a pranking war


Once every one, except Finn had left, and the house was now back in order and slime free I had to come up with something to do back at Chop.

Something which would not result in me scrubbing his carpet and walls in my underwear.

When he left Mum told him he was banned for life from stepping foot in this house. It wouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks, we all knew that, but it was pretty funny to see the look on his face.

“I did warn yah” Finn sighed as his fingers ran through the ends of my hair “Can’t believe he did that”

“It was kind of good though”

“If it weren’t in your house” He nodded in agreement.


“This picture is incredible” he laughed.

It had now taken pride of place next to my photo of the gang, from the night I first met them.

It was that which gave me the idea to take the photo of him in the first place.

It was too much of a good opportunity not too.

Especially when Finn had left the camera at mine last week, with the new film he had got.

“I’ll have to get all of the gang copies somehow” It really was epic.

“You could photocopy em or go down to that photo shop down the high street and get them to do it, might be expensive though”

Oh my god.

That is what I could do!

“Finn” I kissed him on the lips “You’re a genius!” A sexy mother fucking genius. Yes.

“What?” He laughed but not before kissing me a little longer. Damn him.

“Mum” I shouted across the hall. Not answering Finn.


“Come here”

“For fuck sake Rae” she moaned before walking into my room with a pile of clean clothes in her arms “What?”

“How opposed are you to me getting Chop back for today?”

She thought for a moment.

The silence was worrying me.

Please don’t say no.

Please don’t ban me from pranking him, because I will break it and you will go mental. Just say yes.

“As long as no harm comes to me, Jazz or the house and I don’t get a phone call to pick you up from the police station I am fine with it, why?” Police station?

“Cause I have had an idea, Well Finn” I nudged my shoulder with his “Gave me a idea”

“What?” He said.

“But?” Mum spoke with both of her hands on her hips.

“But I might need your help”


“He is going to kill you” Chloe laughed. And yet your helping me? Piss of Chloe.

“He deserves it for what he did”

“Pretty funny though”

“I’m just glad it didn’t happen to me”

“Oh my god, imagine!” she shivered “All of that slime in your long hair!” It would of taken six bottle of shampoo to get it out. Lucky me Mum has short hair really. Well shorter than mine.

“I would of killed him then, and be doing something much, much worse than sticking photocopies of the polaroid I took of him all over the high street”

It would of been better, the picture would of been a better quality if I could of got proper copies done but I had no money of my own.

So I had to deal with the copies Mum had been sneakily making at work over the last two days for me.

She was more up for this than any of us I think.

All of the gang, except Izzy was in on it.

She would have blabbed in about two seconds, and not just because he was her boyfriend. Just because her mouth and brain don’t work together sometimes.

We had to make sure Chop didn’t find out before we had stuck them all, everywhere.

I was kind of happy that I wasn’t doing this on my own, because It meant that it wasn’t just me he was going to be getting back. Hopefully.

There was no doubt in my mind that he would be pranking all of us for this. I would if it was me.

He had already told me was going to be pranking Finn and Archie. Nothing had happened yet. Yet. 

“And the Pub, and gym” I added.

“Don’t forget the park” Chloe snickered. That had been her idea.

Chop and his under pants were on pretty much every lamp post and bench in the entire park.

“Think Finn has even gone and put some in the news agents by Chops place” Amazing.

“Oh my god” Chloe pulled my arm, making me drop the few copies I had left in my hand onto the floor to look around the corner.

“What you laughing at?” Chop and Izzy! Oh god.

He was shouting at a bunch of lads who were pointing and laughing at him. Holy shit.

Izzy, who was stood looking a little scared besides him spotted me and Chloe and quickly ran over. Chop didn’t even notice.

He didn’t notice because he had grabbed one of the lads by the collar with one hand and in the other one of the other lads ,who had been laughing had given him one of the photocopies.

Oh my god.

“Whats going on” Izzy asked.

I could not take my eyes off of her boyfriend though.

One second his face dropped as he realised why people were laughing at him and then the next, he looked mad. Really fucking mad. He really is going to kill me! Bollocks.

“Oh my god” Izzy had obviously seen mine and Chlo’s work of art on the brick wall.

Chops head turned, looking for his girlfriend.

When he didn’t see her where she had last been he quickly scanned the crowd.

Quicker than I would have liked it to of happened, his eyes fell on the three of us. Oh fucking hell.

“You” He was too far away to actually hear, but you cold not miss what he was saying.

“Rae” Chloe grabbed my hand while Izzy was worridly looking back and forth.

Once he had let go of the lads collar he only had to take one step towards us before we ran away. All in different directions.

Why is Izzy running away? She had nothing to do with this.

“THIS MEANS WAR!!!!!!!!!” He screamed as I ran down the alley way between Oxfam and Woolworths.

Holy shit.

What have I done?


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Prompt for your meme: smoaking billionaires high school au + "porn"

Smoaking Billionaires High School AU / with a side of these posts

“Felicity,” Oliver hissed.

Felicity looked up from checking over Tommy’s Jane Eyre essay draft with her red pen caught between her teeth, a quizzical line between her brows as Oliver sidled up to her seat on the edge of the fountain in the quad. The frown moved from between her brows to her lips around the barrel of the pen as she took note of his hunched shoulders, ducked chin, and the hunted darting of his eyes as he obsessively monitored the positions of the three other students scattered across the square with their lunches.

She pulled her pen free and tilted her head at him as he shuffled his feet inches from hers. “Oliver, what’s up? And why do you look like if you had a tail it’d be tucked between your legs?”

To her surprise, he blushed, jostling his left arm to bring her attention to the slim laptop tucked in the crook of his elbow. “I’m, um. Having a computer problem? And I really, really need your help.”

Felicity narrowed her eyes. “Okay, sure. Gimme.” She tucked the pages of Tommy’s essay under her butt and held out her hands palm up, making grabby motions.

Suspiciously, Oliver started to hand it over, then pulled it back to his chest, craning his neck to look around the quad again. “Where’s Tommy?”

Felicity’s hands dipped a few inches, her lips pursing. “He went to get me a soda. Oliver, what is the deal with you? You’re acting all… weird.”

Lips tucking between his teeth, he reached up his free hand to rub the back of his neck—a sure sign of guilt. But of what? “I got a virus or something, and I need you to get rid of it. Like. Now.”

Her head tilted hard to the side, mouth pulling at one corner as she held her hands out to him again. “Well I can’t help if you don’t hand it over.”

Sighing, Oliver reluctantly set the laptop on her palms. “Just. Be, like, discrete.”

Felicity stared at him and thought about pointing out that they were in public, but shook her head instead. “What did you even do to this poor baby?”

She transferred her attention to the laptop as he sat down next to her, leaning forward and propping elbows on his spread knees and covering his mouth with his laced fingers. She lifted the lid—and the problem became immediately apparent as a breathy moan issued from the speakers.

Eyes wide—and forever painted with the footage on the screen—Felicity slammed the laptop shut, and whipped her head around to glare at Oliver, flushing bright red.

He wasn’t faring much better as he scrubbed his hand furiously over his hair.

Oliver,” Felicity hissed, fingers spread across the laptop’s lid. “That is not a virus.”

“I know,” he groaned, face buried in one wide palm.

She slapped his shoulder. Hard. “That is porn.”

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welcome baaack!! (hope u aren’t sick of me yet…)

Yes. He does get annoyed easily. Happy now?

He huffed and narrowly avoided a head-on collision with a mother carrying a baby. What was with people and the inability to walk like a normal person?

It was just a Friday afternoon – all he wanted to do was get home, lay down, and take a well-deserved nap. Truly, there was nothing more mundane then a day at work followed up by such.

Of course – fate, the cruel bastard, had other plan for him.

It came in the form of a girl, crashing into him without warning. Gray blinked in surprise. He hadn’t even seen her coming.

“I am so sorry – it was an accident, I swear.” She apologized nervously, peeling herself off of him and brushing off his shoulders like she had spread dust onto him from the fall.

“S’ok.” He muttered, honestly not caring at all anymore. The girl had been fairly pretty, and ordinarily he would’ve found himself interested, but all he could feel at the moment was mild indifference and annoyance. Lack of sleep could do that.

The girl walked away hastily and he felt something swish past him. Probably just her purse or something. Out of slight curiosity, he turned back to watch her leave.

She had no purse.

His hand fell lightly to his back pocket, just to double check, and he felt nothing.

“Dammit,” he growled loudly. His wallet was gone.

The girl’s blue hair disappear into the crowd.

He had to catch her.

Suddenly motivated, he raced after her, rudely shoving past pedestrians and cutting off cars. She was fast alright, she was obviously a veteran when it came to this. Gray had never had anything stolen in his entire life, and he wasn’t looking to break his streak.

She turned the corner sharply, and he followed her diligently. He would not let some blue haired little burglar end his spending days. Plus he had a coupon for Dairy Queen in there. He’d be damned all the way to hell if he let that coupon slip through his fingertips.

She stopped in front of a car and said something to a girl in the passenger seat. The girl high-fived the little thief and the then split off to the left, probably to scout out another victim.

Gray should’ve minded. He really should’ve.

But he had a better idea.

Gray stalked up to the car, making sure to keep a fairly low profile, or the girl still in the car might recognize the look of murderous intent etched upon his face

Without any second-thought (however welcome they might’ve been) he sidled up to the car, opened up the door, and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Whoa – who the fuck are you?” The girl in the passenger seat asked, pausing from her nail filing and looking up at him like he was a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of her fip-off sandals.

“Beat it, sunshine.” He growled, gripping the steering wheel tightly and grabbing the keys off of the floor.

Offended by his remark about her blonde hair, she folded her arms in refusal.

“Fine – I guess we’re going for a ride.” Gray murmured, putting the car in reverse and flying out of the parking spot dangerously.

“What the hell are you doing? Where’s Juvia!?” The girl shrieked, grabbing at his arms and attempting to pry them off of the wheel. His grip was relentless.

“Is she the one who stole my wallet?” He asked conversationally, putting the car into drive and cruising down the street he saw the their go down.

“I…oh my god…” The girl garbled, slapping a hand over her mouth in horror. “You…you’re not gonna kill me, are you? Please, I’m only seventeen, I’m underage! If you kidnap me-“

“Relax,” He commanded, scanning the streets for his wallet’s new owner. “Where’s your friend?”

“R-right over there…” the girl stammered. Poor kid, she was probably just a runaway brat who made one too many bad decisions. Oh well, that certainly wasn’t his problem.

“Hey,” he called out to the blue-haired offender. “Recognize this?”

Her gaze swiveled to the car, confused, and then her mouth made an ‘o’ shape and her eyes widened.

“What are you doing!?” She cried, storming directly into the road where he had created a major road block. Cars attempted to pass him and succeeded, leaving the blue-haired girl to face the front of the car.

“Juvia, get out of the way! This guy’s insane!” She blonde girl cried hysterically.

“You steal my shit, I steal your car.” Gray answered simply. He was far too sick of their Dennis the Menace bullshit anyhow.

“You -  I’m sorry, ok? Take your stupid wallet!” The perpetrator, Juvia, threw his wallet onto the windshield of the car, not really helping any of them out.

“Thank you!” Gray shouted back angrily, hopping out of the car and grabbing his wallet.

“You…where are you going?” Juvia asked, horrified that he seemed to just be walking away from the whole ordeal. A car honked behind them.

“Home. I need a nap.” He answered before turning abck on his way.

“You…you aren’t gonna turn us in?” She asked, and Gray once again noticed that baby doe look in her eyes – they were just some dumb kids.

“No. I got better things to do.” He said gruffly. Her shocked expression motivated him to throw in a legitimate reason as well. “Also I did technically steal your car. Let’s just call it a deal and be done with it?”

She nodded hollowly, like she still couldn’t quite process the whole situation.

“Ok…” she responded, and Gray walked home like nothing had happened.


After he took his nap, out of pure boredom, he checked his wallet.

All of his cash was missing.

“Fuck,” he whispered, leafing through the pockets. His credit card and IDs were all there, maybe they had gone easy on him.

“Please don’t be gone, please don’t be gone-“ his fingers hitched the final poket – where his Dairy Queen coupon should be located.

It was empty.

“Fuck!” He wailed, throwing his useless wallet to the ground.

He’d catch those girls. He’d catch them before they even knew he was tracking them – and he’d extract sweet, sugary revenge, for his innocent stolen coupon.

It was on – it was so on.

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You have such a delightful imagination. You always spin something colorful out of the prompts you choose, even if the prompt itself seems totally uninteresting to me. I will always read what you write. :3 Now, I need more wrong dorm AU in my life. A continuation please?

Thank you :) I try very hard to give you guys stuff that is fun to read. I’m glad you are enjoying them. (Part One)

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OKAY. SO. CHAPTER 7 OF TOKYO GHOUL was enough to make me jump down the train railway full of the feelings inside of it 

this is my soul speaking/typing/idek anymore. 




firstly this scene






that bitch nishio escaped THANK GOD SHIT HE’S STILL OKAY. 












but you know maybe thats just what i wanna believe. 


but my main belief now is that Sasaki Haise is Kaneki Ken. Just brainwashed. i saw this theory from somewhere and yknow, im gonna believe it. that Kaneki is sealed deep down inside haise and the CCG are gonna use him to their own expense and kill him when he gets out of hand and so that would explain why they’re gonna treat him like he’s human. except when he goes out of hand when using his kagune.