oh my god these are abominations and i love them

reketrebn  asked:

heyyy! I know you love fantasy (I'm slowly going through your wonderful fics!) so I wanted to ask you if you know the Nightrunners series? Also The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black (all of her books rock!!)? And Shadowhunters Chronicles (please FORGET the horrible abominations that are the show and the movie!!!)??? Bcs all of these are amazing and I have a feeling you'd like them too and write some sort of AU derived from them too :DD

First off, thank you telling me my fics are wonderful :D It gave me a nice warm feeling.

Secondly, oh my god, yaaasssss I love it when people recommend new things for me to read and devour and develop AUs about. I actually have not read any of those book series, but rest assured they are certainly going on my “must read soon” list!

*blows kisses your way*