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I actually wish you would write a whole rambling post about gay!kara because I just... don't... see it... I totally see the gay!Lena thing I think even if McGrath isn't trying to play it that way that's definitely how it comes across, but with Kara, try as I might I just don't see her being anything but straight. I just get a real hetero vibe from her. But please! convince me! As much as I don't need non-canon ships I sure do need ships in general!

yeah thats like, what i meant by for me it being more of a “kara SHOULD be gay” thing instead of a “kara IS gay” thing. she’s pretty tragically hetero in the show, but i do love the idea of kara being gay because of how it would play out with uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good writers lmao

cause when you think about it, for a really really long time (and especially in school) kara would be hyper aware of herself compared to other humans her age. so you know, she gets a crush on a girl when she’s 14 or whenever, and then looks around and realizes that that’s not normal. its wrong on earth. maybe she brings it up to alex who is going through her own crushes and she shuts kara down as a reflex. tells her girls like boys. kara gets the idea that she has to suppress that part of her too to blend in with the crowd. 

after a while its one of those things that’s just a habit to push away. in season one cat asks kara something about where was she during an earthquake two years ago. kara had the ability to be supergirl but she remained kara danvers even when people needed help because she’d settled for that reality. so in college when kara starts to realize its okay to be gay, she doesn’t really let herself explore that

but then you know, she comes out as supergirl when she does. and clearly it changes something for her in a really huge way because all those powers she kept hidden start to slip out more and more. she’s being herself for the first time in forever and we’ve seen her get a little reckless with it (using heat vision at catco for example)

and then AND THEN ok so she tells winn about it right?? and what does he say! he says “oh my god you’re a lesbian”! and kara swears her brain short circuits cause nobody’s EVER called her gay, she’s never given anyone enough reason to. she plays the role of a straight girl as well as she plays the role of a normal human girl. she like barrels through it and just says “im not gay” so she can get to her point but like, its on her mind a little bit for a while. 

and then its on her mind A LOT when lucy lane rolls into town……..

do y’all see what i mean

Glee Rewatch: Pilot 1x1

So after all my whinging about not being able to watch on Sundays, my kids had friends over yesterday so that didn’t work either. Now I’m up on Mother’s Day watching the pilot episode while everything else is still asleep and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. WOO HOO!

So I’m basically going to live blog my watch, in one post so I don’t drive people away, with comment. It won’t be terribly interesting comment, because I’m not a meta person. I love to read it, but I’m not a writer of it. So just random observations as I write. Or get distracted. Whatever happens. I hope to get funnier as we go on.

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Hi I love your stories there just awesome I was wondering if you can make one where Conor just found a girl off YouTube that covers his songs and he becomes a mentor for her but ends up falling in love with her during the process. Please and thanks

“Oh my god, are you watching Y/N again?”

Conor just waved his brother away as he turned his attention back to the YouTube video playing on his laptop.

“Seriously? Just dm her on Twitter already. This is frustrating, just watching you!”

Conor was about to simply dismiss Jack again when he paused. It actually wasn’t a bad idea. He could ask to collaborate or offer to help you out with recording. Turning to Jack, he nodded, before actually sending him away. If Conor was going to message you, he needed space to do so - messaging a beautiful, talented and down to earth girl wasn’t as easy as saying hey.

“Actually, it is.”

“Seriously, Jack?”

“Okay,” Jack smirked, hands up in mock defence. “Leaving now.”

Conor again realised that Jack had a point. So he began to compose a message to send to your Twitter and it simply began with a ‘hey’.

Really though, Conor shouldn’t have worried. He could have sent a string of rude words and you still would have been excited. Conor Maynard had been the one to inspire you to start uploading your covers in the first place. He was undoubtedly talented and for him to offer to help you record a couple of songs and collab, well, it made you giddy.

Before you knew it, you were on your way round to Conor’s apartment. You had your guitar cased slung on your back and your ukulele in hand. Usually, you were one to simply film your covers and songs live for YouTube, so it was exciting times.

“Hey!” a guy holding a camera opened the door. “Oh, sorry, Y/N right? Just let me turn my vlogging camera off, I thought you were Josh.”

You just smiled and shrugged, “You can keep it in your vlog if you want.”

“I’m Jack, Conor’s just coming down.”

“Hey Y/N!” Conor said from down the hallway.

“Hi,” you called out as you followed Jack into the flat.

He smiled as he showed you to where Conor was waiting, ready with glasses of water and what looked like some crisps.

“Not even joking, those crisps are my go to snack!” you exclaimed with a grin.

Conor laughed and led you up to his bedroom, where he, very specifically mentioned, his recording equipment was all set up. You sat down on the edge of his bed as you both began to simply chat in attempt to get to know each other a bit better. You were just how Conor imagined. He thought that your videos were a true testament to your character, because now more than ever, he thought you were beautiful, talented and very down to earth. Similarly, Conor was funnier and more charismatic than you could see from his videos. You loved it, spending time with him really made you happy and it had barely been more than an hour.

Eventually, you finished recording one of your recently written originals with Conor’s help. It came out exactly how you wanted and you were so thankful that Conor had helped you out. You were both packing up now, it being close to 7 in the evening. He had suggested that you both work together over the next couple of days, giving you more time to get everything done. Conor would never admit how flushed and happy he was when you agreed (you wanted to spend time with him!).

“Hey, Conor?” you asked as you shut the clasp on your guitar case.


“Do you have any plans for dinner?”

Conor looked up from where he was winding up the cord to his amp. He quickly shook his head.

“Do you want to go grab something to eat then?”

Conor just continued to stare at you for a second, making you start to reconsider your question.

“Uh, um, we don’t have to…”

“No!” he exclaimed before running a hand through his hair. “I mean, yes, let’s go get something to eat.”

He gave you a somewhat uncharacteristic shy smile. You grinned.

“I could really do dinner right now,” you started the conversation up again as he lead you down to the front door. “Maybe that restaurant a couple blocks away?”

Conor could not stop smiling. He was glad he was in front of you so you couldn’t see how smiley he was. He was on his way to dinner with the most beautiful, talented and down to earth girl.

Lol sorry about how long the wait was. I was just scrolling through my inbox when I found this request. A lot of the time I find requests hard to write because I don’t have any ideas for them but after some time, that changes. Xx


Tale As Old As Time.

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Pairing: Dean x reader

Titled: ‘Tale As Old As Time’ 

Word Count: 2,170

Summary: Dean and You have to act as a couple for a case, and Sam and Bobby are hoping that you will finally be honest with your feelings with each other and you will have to read the found out the ending. 

A/N: ‘Tale As Old As Time’ from Beauty and the Beast has been stuck in my head and I am really excited for the Beauty and the Beast movie in March so here you go!  This is also my entry for @atc74​ and @mamaredd123​ writing challenge! I hope you guys like this.

Warnings: Dean Winchester feels, FLUFF, did I mention feels?  

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“Do you think we can ever get them together?” Sam said leaning his head into Bobby’s ear so that you and Dean wouldn’t hear. “You can only hope.” Bobby sighed, staring at the two of you as you were talking about the latest case. “Dean, Y/N Sam and I here have come up with a solution to our problem.” Bobby interjected himself to the conversation, and grabbing your attention. 

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Tweaked the requests a little and put them together cos I thought they’d complement each other so, yeah! Hope you guys will enjoy reading it nevertheless :-)

“Why are you even so nervous?” Cha Cha asked with a laugh as he saw you checking on your face with the front camera of your phone in the lift.

“Of course I am! We just touched down half an hour ago and you’re dragging me to meet your friends without even giving me a chance to change and look more presentable,” You argued. “Your very handsome friends at that, mind you. God their gonna judge me so bad.”

You just took an eleven hour flight with your best friend – of course you weren’t dressed to impress. You had simply threw on a pair of sweat pants and baseball jacket over your crop top, nothing too fancy since comfort was way up on your priorities whenever it came to long and boring flights that you absolutely hated more than anything else.

He nodded with a smirk, “True, you might actually be surprised to see that there are men who look better than Jay if you gave them a chance.”

Jay. Right, Jay.

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  • A/N: Read part one here (http://5soscenarios.tumblr.com/post/83415190137/5sos-preferences-76-au-hes-the-bad-boy-and-youre)
  • Luke: You hurriedly made your way outside after school, hoping that Luke would have forgotten about his statement. Unfortunately, your thoughts were proven wrong when you heard his voice: “(Y/N). Ready to go?”. “Uh, sure”, you said, looking down. “Good, I’ll drive us there”, he said, walking to the parking lot, you following behind him. The both of you sure attracted quite a lot of attention: ‘the bad boy leaving with the goody two shoes? No, that can’t be right.’ “Uh… So, are your parents home?”, you asked, looking up at him from the passenger seat. “Oh, no”, he chuckled, “We’ll be alone in the house for some good time”. You felt a goose bump creep across your spine. He definitely wasn’t planning on only starting the project. Hell, he wasn’t planning on starting the project at all. “You know what? I just remembered I have dentist today”, you trailed off, “Maybe we could meet up another day?”. “Why are you so fucking tense?!”, he asked, not taking his eyes off the road, “We’re going to my fucking house and that’s it. What?! Do you think I’m going to fucking rape you?! Well, let me give you the news, (Y/N): I’m not. Not every fucking boy gets turned on by your sweet, innocent self; by your fucking hot body. Not every fucking boy wishes they could fucking rip your blouse apart in the middle of the class, okay, (Y/N)?”, there was a moment of silence. “But you know what?”, he pulled over at an empty road. “I’m like every other fucking boy”, and with that, he unbuckled his seat belt and moved over to you. Harshly cupping your cheeks, he pressed his lips against yours. You were quick to reply to the kiss, biting his bottom lip and running your tongue through his piercing. “It’s nice to know the feeling is mutual”, he smirked, pulling away and sitting back on the driver’s seat. “Now ca we go?”, he asked. You simply nodded.
  • Ashton: When Ashton promised that he’d have you wanting him to fuck you – he wasn’t lying. He stopped talking with you through the whole week, and you started to miss him tormenting you. Wanting you. You caught yourself staring at him during your classes together, and he caught you too. “Be at Mark’s party”, he whispered in your ear during your lunch break. So there was Saturday. And there you were, at Mark’s house party. As you walked through the crowd, searching for Ashton, you stole quite a lot of glances – especially from the guys there. No one believed you would be there, especially not in a dress that short. “Ready to beg yet?”, you heard a voice whisper in your ear. Ashton put your hair on the side of your neck and ran his nose painfully slowly through it. “Not quite feeling the need to beg yet”, you turned around to face him. “Yeah? Then who are you wearing that dress for?”, he put a hand around your waist and pulled you closer to him. “For myself”, you replied. “So (Y/N) (Y/L/N), the good girl is coming to a popular guy house party and wearing a short dress for her own pleasure?”, he asked faking disbelief. “Yes!”, you said, your voice a little high pitched. “So if I do this”, his hand went sliding from your waist to your bum, and he squeezed it, “You won’t feel anything?”. “Nope. Not a thing at all”, you said, trying to avoid the fact that his hand was still on your bum and the feeling it was giving you. “Then I guess I won’t waste my time on this anymore”, he slapped your bum lightly and turned around, leaving you alone and lost at that party.
  • Michael: There you were at detention. Never in your whole life had you been sentenced to something like that. You sighed as you watched Michael step into the room and take the seat right next to yours. “Hi, princess”, he said, “Are you still upset I got us in detention?”. If it wasn’t for his sarcastic tone, those first words would have sounded extremely caring. But he didn’t stop there: “Believe me, by the end of this you’ll be wanting to come to detention with me every fucking day”. “Okay, so you can’t leave here ‘till four”, the teacher said walking into the room. You started to draw random things on your notebook while casually glancing at the clock, hoping time would slip by faster. Suddenly, a piece of paper was thrown onto your desk. ‘I can think of a distraction to make this a lot funnier, princess’, was written in a messy handwriting. You looked at Michael and rolled your eyes. ‘Fuck off’, was all he got from you. After some more minutes, you received another paper. ‘I know you’re hating this’. ‘Please stop, Michael’. ‘When I get started you won’t be begging me to stop’, you could literally hear him chuckling. That was ‘cause he was chuckling right next to you – probably ‘cause of your shocked face. You decided not to reply, focusing on your notebook. “I have to make some copies of these texts. I’ll be right back”, your teacher said. The moment he left the room, Michael was all over you. “God, I thought he’d never leave”, he whispered in your ear, hands on your tights. “Michael, get off me!”, you pushed him away. “Don’t act like you don’t want it, (Y/N)”, he smirked biting his lip. “I don’t want it!”, you exclaimed. “Oh yeah, princess?”, his smirk grew wider, “Mind if I check that?”. “How on Earth are you going to check th-Michael!”, his hands went up your tights and right to your panties. He ran a finger through the fabric. “Tsk, tsk. Looks like you’ve been lying, princess. These lips”, he pecked your mouth, “Might say no. But these”, he pressed his forefinger against your clit and you controlled all your emotions, “Are screaming yes”. The footsteps of your teacher were what shook both of you out of your conversation, Michael quickly sitting back down.
  • Calum: For some reason, you want to Calum’s band concert. Maybe it was because you feared that if you didn’t, he’d make your life more of a hell than it already was. Maybe it was because you wanted more of that kiss you shared in the hallway. But either way, you were there – intently watching his every move. And it seemed like he was watching you too. During the whole show, Calum did not take his eyes away from yours. Every once in a while biting his lips. “So you came”, he said after the show. “Yeah”, you shrugged, looking down. “So, do you wanna smoke a little?”, he offered smirking. “W-What?”, you asked, backing up a little bit with wide eyes. “Somke. Weed.”, he said as if it was obvious. “I’d rather not”, you mumbled. “Why not?”, he asked, stepping closer to you. “’Cause they’re illegal”, you said. “Oh, ‘cmon, (Y/N)”, he laughed. “I-I think I should get going”, you said, beginning to turn around. “No, wait”, he pulled you, “You don’t have to smoke, just come with me and I’ll smoke”. So now you stood in a improvised dressing room, Calum smoking and you sitting by his side, wondering what you were doing there. “C’mere”, he turned you so you were facing him. He brought your lips together and, the moment you opened your mouth, he let out all the smoke he was holding in inside it. “Calum!”, you yelled, coughing. “It wasn’t that bad, see?”, he asked. “Yes it was!”, you exclaimed. “C’mon, just give it a try”, he offered you the cigarette. “Fine”, you huffed, taking it from his hand. “Why did you stop?”, he asked, watching you intently. “Uh, I don’t really know what to do”, you blushed. He laughed: “Put it in your mouth, you’ve probably already seen it in movies. Okay, now take a strong drag”, you did as he told you, “Good, now take the cigarette off your mouth and open it – but don’t blow the smoke, wait a little bit”, you waited for a while ‘till he told you could blow it. “That was good for a beginner”, he smirked, “Wanna try again?”. “Sure”, you said. Drag after drag, you and Calum ended up pretty high. “You see? I’ve already began to take your innocence away”, he smirked. You were still recovering from a joke he had said before, catching your breath before replying: “Yeah, yeah. Don’t get used to it”. “Oh, c’mon. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about that kiss”. You shrugged. “Well, I’ll give you something to think of then”, he leaned in and roughly pressed his lips against yours, wrapping his hands around your waist and cupping your bum. One of your hands moved to his hair, messing with it. The other went to his shirt, pulling him closer to you. “Hopefully that won’t leave your mind”, he smirked pulling away.

The Move: Part I - Charlie

Max hasn’t talked to me since the day I told her I was moving out. Scarlet was… well, Scarlet. She was obviously irritated but hugged me with tear filled eyes anyways. Max, though, just sat there, skulking in the booth of the diner I’d asked them to meet me at to break the news. Her arms were folded in typical Max style. She’s never been one to hide how she’s feeling. She’s not very vocal about it, but there’s no need for words with the volumes that her body speaks. The huffing and furrowed brow – arms crossed deep into her armpits and a sulky slouch that makes her look like a defiant teenager. I tried speaking to Max directly when Scarlet let me out of her embrace but she didn’t even look at me. She stood up, threw a few dollars on the table to pay for the coffee that she’d barely drank and then just stormed out of the Diner. My jaw clenched. She’s supposed to be the older sister so the immaturity level could’ve been a little less pre-pubescent.  I looked over to Scarlet who just shrugged.

“She’ll get over it, Char. Don’t worry.” I was worried. Max doesn’t just get over things ever. It took almost a year of groveling to get her to forgive me for tossing one of her Barbie dolls out of our bedroom window during one of our petty childhood fights. The best part was she had tossed Doctor Hoo(my first and favorite stuffed animal) out first. I never retaliated against any of her torment ever again. On the plus side, she also never touched Doctor Hoo again.

This fight was going to be big. I knew it was. In her eyes I was choosing a boy over her. It wasn’t that, though. I just couldn’t take living with her anymore, we live completely different lifestyles. Her partying was starting to interfere with my studying. Quiet time had become nearly non-existent. Then the space beneath the studio that Tate rented for his art went up for sale. He asked me to move in with him and I’d said yes before even thinking about it. Really, though, after taking the time to think about it I should’ve said no. Not only would my parents be vehemently against it, but I was abandoning my two roommates who couldn’t afford rent without me. On top of all of this I’d only been with Tate for two months… and we hadn’t exactly had the talk that explained why I could never stay over his place or why I avoided alone time and why I had never invited him into the privacy of my bedroom.

I was raised under the extremely strict Jacoban teachings of my parents.  Only two of their five children still practice the dated religion. My parents didn’t shove it down our throats or anything but they wore the disapproval in the depths of their disappointed eyes. They deemed Max as a lost cause by the time she was twelve. Max hated church and all of the rules that came along with it. She’d always had the tendency of breaking any rule that was imposed on her. Casey stopped believing during high school. His love for science and logic left little room in his brain for The Watcher. I was the last to stop attending church with my parents. It was after I moved out on my own. They invited me to drive up to DowntownnElizabethton twice a week and accompany them with Brian and Cullen to breakfast and Service on Sunday and dinner and Service on Wednesday – the way we had been doing for as long as I can remember. It was a forty minute drive though, and I had college to think about. I opted to start attending a local Peteran Church when I had time. Their teachings were so opposite of what I’d been raised to believe. It aligned more with my conscience. I never felt like the Watcher was an angry and punishing god. I was happy to find a place that believed things similar to my own beliefs. I stopped taking religion so seriously, though. I didn’t fear that The Watcher was watching at all times, angry about all of my mistakes, waiting eagerly to punish me if I didn’t spend hours praying for forgiveness. 

I guess I still consider myself religious, but it no longer consumes my life. My parents still call on Saturday night, pleading with me to make the drive the next day. I can hear the defeat in their voice, see the disappointment in their eyes. I know they blame Max because it all started when we moved out on our own. I think it really started getting to them when Scarlet started showing up at the cathedral with Nick and his family on Sundays. My excuses were no longer valid in their eyes because my roommate was there and she was doing just as well in school as I was. I felt so bad that I eventually ended  up going with Scarlet one Sunday, but it just felt like a big uncomfortable charade. I told my parents it would be the last time I’d be attending service with them – except of course, on Holidays. Max even still attended Christmas service with us. It’s become a running joke with my brothers during the holidays that Max is going to catch fire when she steps foot on church grounds. They keep their distance, fingers up in a barricade of crosses as she makes her way through the door.

Religion, for me, has become a guideline for living morally. Not everything taught at either Peteran or Jacoban services fully and completely align with my beliefs. My morals align with my conscious. I follow my own judgment strictly.  Something that I feel very strongly about is my virginity. I’m nineteen and I haven’t had sex yet. Meanwhile Max has made it her mission to sleep with at least one man for every year she’s been alive. She’s halfway there. I don’t judge her, if she doesn’t feel guilty about it or think it’s wrong then who am I to look down on her? She returns the courtesy to me, never pressuring me or making fun of me for choosing to wait for marriage. I mean, growing up I was adamant about waiting for marriage, now I just feel like I need to follow my heart. I think I’m mature enough and intelligent enough to know when the time is right and properly assess whether or not I’ll regret sleeping with the man I choose to give my virginity to. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like I’m quite ready to give my virginity to Tate. I know he’s not a virgin. I’ve heard the stories from friends about Sinclaire. There’s actually a group of girls in town that refer to her as Slutty Sinclaire – which is absolutely horrible. I don’t like Sinclaire, but I would never condone picking on someone. Plus, they who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Anyways, the point I was trying to make was that I haven’t told Tate that I’m a virgin. He hasn’t pressured me or even hinted towards sex in the two months that we’ve been dating so the topic never came up. Now I’m sitting here thinking and just how on earth do I move in with a man and share a bed with him and deny him sex? I mean, he must be expecting it, right? Maybe I haven’t felt pressured because I’ve avoided those kinds of situations. I can’t stop staring at my cell phone. I need to call and tell him. This doesn’t feel like an over the phone kind of conversation, though. And it’s 11pm already and I’m currently back living with my parents while Tate dots the i’s and crosses the t’s on the purchase agreement. Oh, that’s right, I forgot to mention what Max pulled. I mean, I can’t really blame her, but she wasn’t only punishing me, Scarlet had to move out, too. 

Max found a house and spent her entire trust fund on it. She only had two days after I broke the news about moving before the house she found went up for auction. She told us about it the day before the auction, then came home the next day and told us she was broke and wouldn’t be spending any more money on rent. She’d already contacted or landlord and sold him some sob story in typical Max fashion. He actually believed her and let us out of our lease. She told us this like she’d accomplished something awesome. Technically she told Scarlet in my presence - she didn’t so much as look at me throughout the duration of her story. Scarlet was actually pissed. I’ve never seen Scarlet pissed off before, but she… well, turned Scarlet. See what I did there? Sometimes I think I’m funnier than I am. I also have a nasty habit of finding tangents that leave the point of my stories in the dust. *clears throat* So, Scarlet told Nick about all this and he swoops in like a knight in shining armor and invites her to stay – rent free- in his parents vacation home down by the beaches of Edwards County Wetlands.  So, I guess she didn’t suffer much from Max’s childishness. I however, am stuck here in my childhood bedroom while Max enjoys the perks of a short sale. 

The house she bought is in Downtown Elizabethton. I actually saw her moving in. It’s literally right down the road from Mom and Dad’s and honestly it’s just way too much house for one person. Mom and Dad are furious with the irresponsible spending of her trust. If she gets in a tight spot now she’s going to have to borrow from me or my brothers. My parents are by no means wealthy. They set up those trusts for us out of the inheritance that my mother got when our grandfather passed away. Mom was his only child and he left her everything… and everything was a lot. My parents expected the trusts to pay for college. Max dropped out after her first semester. She said it just wasn’t for her and is now ambitiously pursuing a career in freelance photography. She’s self-taught and is honestly really good.

Ugh, there’s those tangents again. I’m really just avoiding the issue at hand here. I need to stop avoiding this. I need to call Tate. I start scrolling through my recent calls and tap his name before my brain can talk me out of it. He answers on the first ring and I smile at his voice.

“Hey you. What are you doing up? You’re usually dead to the world after ten.” There’s a lot of muffled noise in the background and I can tell he’s at a party with Cider. I push down the jealousy and paranoia that has started plaguing me on a regular basis since the day this covetable boy walked into my life.

“Yea. I’m having some trouble sleeping. I need to talk to you about something.”

“I can be there in a half an hour.” I smile at his eagerness, his want to be here to fix anything and the way he already knows by my tone of voice that this is a face to face conversation.

“It’s a forty minute drive, Tate.”

“Not if I take Cider’s Porsche.” He laughs into the phone and my chest warms. It immediately turns cold when I entertain the idea that he might not want to live with me – or worse, be with me – after we have this talk. I sigh.

“Okay. See you soon?”

“Count on it, beautiful. And hey, stop pouting. I can hear the pout in your voice.” I laugh as I catch my reflection in the mirror across from my bed. I was indeed pouting.

“Drive safe.” I say with half seriousness and half sarcasm. He responds with a chuckle. Tate doesn’t make promises that he doesn’t intend to keep.  

“Oh, and Tate?”

“Yes Charlie?”

“Don’t knock. Text me when you’re here.” I don’t have to explain to him that my parents will freak out if there’s a boy in my room this late at night.

“No problem. I’m already on my way though so I need to hang up now. I’m hitting the freeway in a few seconds.”

“Alright.” I want to tell him I love him, but we haven’t made that exchange yet. There’s a silence and I wonder if he’s thinking the same thing or if he’s already hung up.

“See you in a bit.” His tone was unsure and I could tell he wasn’t sure if I was still there.

“See ya.” I hung up, a heavy feeling in my chest. The comfort and sureness of forever was gone when the call disconnected. I sighed and flopped down onto my bed. I forced myself to stop staring at my phone, waiting for his text.

Twenty minutes later my phone vibrated.

The banner across the front read “But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks?” I smile at the Shakespeare reference and know he means to tell me he’s out front. I force my nerves to the back of my mind as I make my way quietly to the front door. At least as quietly as I can with the weight I’m balancing in my chest. I take a deep breath as my hand wraps around the doorknob…

Can I Borrow Some Scissors?

Summary: Dan needs some scissors, but not for the reason you might think. (Taken from a prompt from otpprompts!)

Word Count: 1.6K

Rating: K+ (suitable for more mature children, 9 years and older, with minor action violence without serious injury. Stories rated as K+ may contain mild coarse language and should not contain any adult themes.)

Warnings: fluff, slight profanity, possibility of a cringe attack at dan’s awkwardness

Authors’ Notes are at the end!

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