oh my god the cinematography

so i watched this chinese drama called Nirvana in Fire and it fUCKED ME UP

here’s a thing i’m working on! i’ll eventually color it, but i quite like the lineart :D


oh my gOD..  . . luke and lorelai are the best works of cinematography ive ever fuCKing seen….… like they go from grumpy man always looking grumpy around bouncy bubble female who brightens his day and he keeps a note that she wrote for him foR 8 YEARS. .. . hE KEPT THAT NOTE FOR 8 YEARS.. .  and sLOWLY REALIZED THAT HE LIKED HER, and sTARTED to make lil hints and gestures and did things for her that he didnt wanna do because he knew that type of shit would maKE HER HAPPY AND ICM RYING.. .  my parents… ..  and they go through a breakup and she leaves him a messy voicemal and he sprints off anyway to go sEE HER evEN THO he initaited a reasonable bREAKUP IM CRYING GODOBYE.. .