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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “15 - Jeff Atkins”


15. “It was the fifth time I’m calling her phone.”

Word count: 1.960

Posted: 14th of May 2017

A/N: An imagine in a Sunday night. It sucks that tomorrow is Monday again, I am not ready for the struggles that I may face this week. I hate school, because people suck!
Anyways, I hope you like this imagine and I would love to receive some feedbacks from you. Thank you so much for reading.

P.S.: I am not taking part 2 requests as I have lots of imagines to write. Sorry!

- G. x

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Warning: some bad words

“I’m going on a beer run soon, babe,” Your boyfriend, Jeff, informed you as he left some sweet and gentle kisses on your neck. “do you want to go with me?”

“Jeff, you aren’t driving!” You stopped him as you knew that he had some drinks during the night. “Ask someone else to buy some beer.”

You were in one of Jessica’s parties and people were having fun, alcohol was the main protagonist of the party and it was Jeff’s task to buy some if they ever ran out of them.

“Babe, I’m fine.” He sat on the empty side of the couch beside you and he grabbed your hand. “I had two beers, two hours ago.”

“Jeff!” You warned him, but he just let out some soft giggles. He knew how protective you were when it came to alcohol and your boyfriend. You hated him when he put his life in risks and you couldn’t help but discuss over it.

“Babe, I am sober and I promise.” He assured you as he pressed a quick kiss on your forehead. “So, are you coming with me?”

“Alright, fine!” You rolled your eyes as Jeff gave you a sweet wide smile. His smile revealed his white and perfect teeth and you honestly loved them so much, his smile was so contagious that it convinced you to smile back at him.

“I love you so much.” Jeff whispered and your world stopped as you felt some butterflies in your stomach. You honestly felt the sincerity in his voice and it still hit you every time, nevertheless you were together for months.

“I love you too, Atkins!” You giggled as you pressed your lips on his cheek, pulling him closer to you.

“I love you more, no lies!” He debated and before you could open your mouth to speak, he pulled you by your chin and he leant in to give you a sweet kiss.

It made you smile and you felt the sparks running through your veins as he deepened the kiss between the two of you. He pulled you closer to him as he played with your hair and you seriously found that adorable and relaxing.

“Atkins, we ran out of beer!” Some alcoholic asshole stated and he interrupted the kiss between the two of you. Jeff groaned in annoyance and you could say that he preferred to stay with you on the couch rather than buying some beer for the crowd.

“Go on, Atkins!” People cheered for Jeff and you saw your boyfriend rolling his eyes as you were both obliged to stop what you were doing.

“Alright, I’m going!” He finally stated and the crowd hollered louder. You both stood up from the couch, him grabbing your hand tightly to lead you the way out.

You went to the parking lot, but Sheri’s white Jeep was blocking your boyfriend’s car, meaning that you needed to ask Sheri to move her car.

“Wait, I am calling Sheri.” You offered and he nodded as he wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his chin on the crook of your neck. You brought your phone out of your pocket and searched for Sheri’s name in your phone book.

You waited for her to answer as the phone rang for several times, until it led you to her voicemail.

“No answer.” You stated and you tried calling her again, your fingers sliding smoothly on the screen of the device. You felt Jeff giving you some kisses on your neck and you felt shivers running down your spine. Your boyfriend was such a flirt, but you loved him just like that.

“Let’s search for her inside then.” Jeff proposed and you just nodded. He grabbed your hand as he led the way back inside Jessica’s house. He brought you with him, because he was afraid that some maniacs might hit on you, mostly when they were all drunk.

You tried calling Sheri as you followed Jeff around the house. You even asked around for her, but people would just slur or laugh because they were dead drunk.

“Did she answer?” Jeff turned his head at you and you just clicked your tongue in response. “Shit.” He swore under his breath.

It was the fifth time I am calling her phone.” You sighed and you tiredly shoved your phone in your pocket as soon as you heard her voicemail once again.

“Sheri!” Your boyfriend shouted for joy as his face brighten. He finally saw Sheri and you silently thanked God for it.

“Yeah?” Sheri looked at your boyfriend with a wide smile, obviously, she was having a great time with her circle of friends.

“You’re blocking me in, I’ve got to go for provisions.” Jeff honestly stated as he still held your hand tightly, protecting you from the alcohol-scented people around you.

“Oh shit!” Sheri swore as the loud music boomed behind her. “Okay, I’ll be right out. I have to get home anyways.”

“No, it’s alright. I don’t want to make you leave.” Jeff kindly and sweetly said, being the sweetest angel that he was.

“No, no, no!” Sheri exclaimed as she shook her head, her black curly hair following her head’s movements. “I’m staying at my dad’s, which comes with a curfew. I’ll get my keys and be right out.”

“Thank you, ma'am!” Jeff smiled and Sheri just raised her shoulders.

You’ve always liked Sheri, she was fun to be with and she was always cheerful. She would worry whenever you showed some cold treatments to your boyfriend and you could say that she was the first one who supported your relationship with Jeff.

“Take care!” Sheri shouted to you and Jeff as she started her car’s engine. Hannah was sitting on her passenger’s seat and you gained some weak hand waves from her.

“You too!” You shouted back and gave Hannah some energetic hand waves.

You then watch Sheri pull her car out of the parking and you followed the white Jeep as it made its way to Hannah’s house.

“Let’s go?” Jeff asked you and you just nodded. You followed him in his car and you carefully put your seatbelt on.

“Babe, you aren’t drunk and you are sure that you can do this, right?” You assured yourself with a question and he just laughed at you. “I’m serious, Atkins!”

“Yes, Babe! I am sure that I can do this and I am not drunk, promise.” He answered, starting the engine. “I can even write an essay if you like or do a home run for you.”

“Idiot!” You both laughed as he started to drive towards the store. You admitted that he was still sober and he drove normally and carefully. He wouldn’t want to cause any accidents, mostly when you were with him. He didn’t want to hurt you, not even once.

You both listened to some music and you went to the store to buy some pints of beer for the whole crowd. The party has just started and the night was still young, so you both decided to buy more than the expected.

“That was the last one!” You stated as you handed him the last box of beer from your push cart.

“Great!” He exclaimed as he carefully closed the door. You put the push cart back on its place and Jeff started to drive again once you got back in his car.

Music was blasting in your car and you were both singing and dancing as you followed the beat of the loud song. You honestly enjoyed this party more than the one in Jessica’s house. It was perfect, because you had the only person that you really needed to be with that night.

“All you have to do is stay a minute, just take your time,” You sang as Jeff hummed the beat of it. He was smiling as he was driving, eyes concentrated on the road. “the clock is ticking, so stay.”

“I will always stay, babe!” Jeff assured you, stealing some little glances to admire your face. You giggled at him as the sweetness of your boyfriend kept on flattering you.

“Always?” You asked him with a soft toned voice and he nodded slowly, still with a wide smile on his face.

“Always!” He assured you and he looked at you for a while. He reached for your hand and caressed it gently.

You were having a sweet moment together, but it was interrupted as a bright light blinded your eyes and you noticed that there was a car going through the street with its full speed, obviously exceeding the speed limit.

“Jeff, stop!” You shouted as loud as you could to get your boyfriend’s attention and he harshly pressed the car’s break with his foot, the car screeching its wheels in a high-pitched tone. You almost bumped your head on the car’s airbags, but you luckily didn’t get hurt. You heard some beer bottles break from the back seat, but it was one of the last things that you were worried of.

“Oh my God, are you okay?” Jeff worriedly asked to you, his eyes was masked with fear and terror. You could say that he was really worried for you.

“I am, Babe.” You quickly wrapped your arms around him as tears started to stream down your face. You were terrified and your heart kept on throbbing quickly. “Are you?”

“I am.” Jeff hugged you back tightly and he caressed your hair. “I’m sorry, babe. I am really sorry.” He whispered as he dealt with his nervous heart too.

“I-It’s okay, I was just afraid.” Jeff wiped your tears once you broke the hug between the two of you.

You thought of the possible things that might’ve happened to you and Jeff and a tight knot was formed in your stomach. You thanked yourself that you joined Jeff and you somehow managed to stop him in time.

“They must put a stop sign here.” Jeff demanded as he tried to calm himself, his breathing was almost normal and your fear has almost vanished. He was shaking, though. The thought of that he almost hurt you crashed him. What if things went worse? He knew that he couldn’t forgive himself, if ever.

“They really must, this is dangerous!” You agreed as you cleared your vision by wiping your tears better. Your heart was still beating abnormally and you assumed that it was for the happening. “Wait, is that Hannah?”

“Yeah.” Jeff answered as he tried to focus his eyes on the silhouette that stood in front of the gasoline station. “Wasn’t she with Sheri?” Jeff corrugated his forehead as he curiously asked you the obvious.

Jeff slowly drove towards her and stopped just right in front of her. “Hannah?”

You softly called her and she quickly turned her head in your direction. “Didn’t Sheri offer herself to bring you home?”

Hannah just nodded, eyes concentrated to something else. Her body was shaking as she absentmindedly talked to you. “Sheri.”

“What happened, Hannah?” Jeff peeked to the opened window to see Hannah’s red and teary face.

“Stop sign.” Hannah emotionlessly pointed the knocked stop sign at the edge of the road and you quickly shot a shocked glance to Jeff.

“Damn it, Sheri.” You cursed under your breath as you realized that you almost died because of her.

Your body became paralyzed, so as Jeff’s body. Everything just hit your senses and you realized how destiny could be an asshole sometimes. Many things might’ve happened during that moment. Many things.

You still couldn’t believe that you were safe and you kept murmuring some messages of gratefulness as you calmed yourself down, holding Jeff’s hands tightly.

You could’ve died, but you didn’t. Luckily.

Still - Peter Parker

Still -  ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: When (Y/N) thinks Peter is cheating on her, she’s crushed. She eventually breaks up with him because he’s keeping secrets—but the only one who seems to be hurt is (Y/N) herself. (there’s also a dude named Jackson who’s not part of the spiderman franchise but is important to the story)

a/n: it’s been a while. also this is pretty shit. EDIT: omg thank u guys for all the likes holy shit i’m screeching and it’s 1 am

“Hey babe!” Peter greets as he walks over to (Y/N), a smile on his face.

“Hello Peter.” (Y/N) says emotionlessly.

“What’s wrong?” Peter pouts and leans to kiss her, only for (Y/N) to pull away.

“Where were you last night?” She says to him, looking him right in his eyes.

“I was at my apartment, like I told you. I was just catching up on some work I had to do.” Peter said back, smiling at her.

“Well—you want to know what’s funny?—I went over to your apartment and guess what? May said you weren’t home, and hadn’t been for a while. She thought you were out with me! Or at least, that’s what you told her!” (Y/N) was basically shouting at this point.

“I-I’m sorry, it’s just th-”

“It’s just what! Don’t come up with a damn excuse! Tell me what’s going on right now or this thing we have going on here is over! You’re probably fucking cheating on me, aren’t you. I knew it. Those empty promises, skipping dates, rescheduling and rescheduling over and over again! I’m sick of it! What is happening to you, Peter? To us.” (Y/N) was beyond angry. Peter hadn’t attended any of the dates they planned for the past month. He would say sorry, and she would crack, accepting every apology he could come up with—but not this time.

“I-it’s just, well, uh you see, I’ve been….” Peter couldn’t tell her. As much as it hurt him to see (Y/N) standing in front of him with glassy tears in her eyes, he didn’t tell her the truth. She couldn’t know the truth, she would be put in too much danger.

“Well?” (Y/N) demanded.

“I’m sorry,” Peter said looking down.

“I’m sorry, too.”

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It’s not hard to guess who inspired this, hm?

[scenario] [request] friend date

50: writer’s preference requested by @7teenjunhui

(i hope this was fluffy enough!!! i wanted to write a more cuddly junhui but this scenario was callin me) 

Title: friend date

Member: Junhui

Genre: Fluff 

Word Count: 1261

“A blind date? Baobei, you already have me.” You can picture the adorable pout on Junhui’s face, and you wish you could reach through the phone to kiss his worry away, but all you can do is sigh.

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Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is friends with Damian and the reader just fan girls/boys over Robin in front of Damian. Like they talk about his hoodie cape and his mask and his cool ninja moves, and Damian just smirks because his crush is gushing over him. I hope this makes sense! Thank you so much!

AN: I tried my best to make this gender-neutral

It was the end of the day and you were on your phone.  You were waiting for your friend Damian to walk out of his class.  Too busy on your phone, you didn’t him coming up behind you.  He scoffed and said “You are wasting away brain cells every second you use that.”  You jumped up in surprise and turned towards him.  Pulling him into a hug you exclaimed “Oh my gosh Damian I have the best news to tell you.  You’ll love it.”

He took your hand and walked you towards the car.  He scoffed “I doubt I will share the same reaction towards it.”  Damian knew he was lying.  The boy was practically in love with you and he would love anything you share with him.  

On the way to the mansion you had been rambling, and Damian had not payed any attention to your words, only to your face.  You had been saying “Ok so last night I was mugg-” Damian sat up, cut you off and yelled “You were what?  How could this be great news?!”  You laughed at him dismissing his comment and continued “No that’s not the best part.  I was mugged until Robin came in and stopped him.  See that’s the cool part.”

You waited for his reaction.  All he did was smirk and lean back into his seat.  He opened his mouth saying “This Robin sounds tolerable.”  You continued your babbling “Ok but you should’ve seen him.  He took out the guy with these ninja moves.  And his mask.  Oh my god don’t get me started out on how cool his cape is.”

Damian just sat in his seat smirking because he had just found out that his crush had basically been crushing on his vigilante persona; though he was jealous that it wasn’t exactly him.  Well, jealous was an understatement.  He hadn’t noticed that you stopped talking until put your head on his shoulder and said “Well he’s not as cute as you though.”

AN: This is really short yikes


One of the most memorable Running Man moments for me so far: a surprise cameo by Cha Tae Hyun and his daughter! I was cackling when he came out in that mask. Oh my god. 

Also, I’m 100% praying to the variety gods that they do actually make some kind of crossover. That would be epic. They could make it a double-length episode, and air one part on KBS, and the other on SBS. 



Oh my god it’s YOU! But with a mask and with glasses. The edgy Britishlord has landed on anime world now? :D


ohguys its me but attractive

A soft Pliroy scenario :

In these settings, Yuri and JJ are dating since a moment, but they didn’t officialise their relationship. Only JJ’s family is aware of it (mostly because they welcome Yuri at their home when he’s in Montreal for a competition and he wants to spend some time with JJ, and also because JJ just couldn’t shut up about it).

It’s the off season now, and it’s been two months since the last competition that gave Yuri and JJ an excuse to see each other. Yuri is not bearing the separation well. He misses JJ a lot, and start doing little things that reminds him of the older man, like wearing more red, or buying a little rubber wristband with the canadian flag on it. 

Eventually, Lilia notices that. And it’s when she sees him starting to tear up in front of a plate of pancakes (inspired by this fic that you should read) that she understands what’s happening. She decides to talk about it to Yakov.

“Yuri is dating Jean-Jacques Leroy”

Yakov spit his drink out and refuses to believe it. 

“There’s no way they’re dating, we would have known. And he can’t bear him.”

“You want to bet on it”

They do.

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Taehyung: If I Stay AU

Not going to lie. I could not think of a title for this so I figured I would go with the simple title. YES! I did base this story off of the movie “If I Stay” there are certain similarities but for the most part I made it completely different. I hope you enjoy it anyways.

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Characters: Taehyung/V + Reader





The rhythmic high pitched machine echoed in your ear and throughout the room.

You pried your eyes open and your were met with pure white, the color slowly leaking into the room as you stared down at the bed.

This must have been some kind of weird dream, why were you staring down at your own body? Your eyes slowly scanned your face, the only part of your body that wasn’t covered by the blanket. It was littered with bruises and scratches. A bruise right next to your eyes, reaching up into your hairline. A huge scratch reaching from your chin and halfway down your neck; it wasn’t as if it was one scratch either, it was more like your face had been dragged along something.

The hospital room’s door creaked open and two nurses decked out in purple scrubs came into the room. One immediately went to work on the machines that surrounded you while the second flipped through the clipboard at your feet.

“The poor girl, it seems she pulled through the worst at least.” the worst? What had happened to you?

“The driver from the second car didn’t make it. They said the swelling was too bad and the couldn’t stabilize him in time.”

“It was a really bad car accident. I’m amazed she even survived.” car accident? Your eyes shot back to your body and the memories came flooding back to you.

“Hey turn it up for me would ya?” your friend giggled as you reached out and turned up the radio, one of your favorite songs blasting over the speaker. A smile stretched across your face as you watched your friend bob her head to the beat, her fingers lightly drumming on the steering wheel.

“Where are you taking me? I won’t have to call the cops for a kidnapping will I?” your friend shot a look at you, having been friends for so long you knew that look like you could read her mind. “Alright alright alright I won’t ask again.” a smirk graced her face as she turned back to the road, the look of triumph making her seem like one of those cocky girls you hated.

“I told you it was a surprise to get your mind off things. We’ll be there in no time just enjoy the ride.” you shook your head and turned to look out your window, watching the droplets of rain travel invisible paths along your window.

You tried hard not to think of him but the thought of the fight you had been through had been plaguing you for a couple of days now. Whatever it was your friend had in mind for today you just hoped you would be able to clear your head for a few precious hours.

For some unknown reason your eyes traveled back to the front of the car, watching as you made your way down the road. The music was too loud for you to register the screech, but the flash of headlights and the jerk of your own car flooded you with fear.

You gasped as the flash of memory faded away, your legs giving out on you as you fell to the ground next to your hospital bed. Tears stung your eyes, images of your friend panicking behind the wheel making your heart race at the thought. Where was she? She had to be ok. You looked up as the nurses started to make their way out of the room. You opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out so you forced yourself up off the floor and slid out of the room as the door shut behind them.

You didn’t know where to start looking and your feet just carried you to a desk, a couple of nurses flitting around behind it with papers and flies. Your eyes frantically searched the top of the desk for any sign of your friend’s name. All the papers eventually started to meld together and blur as the tears began to fill your eyes.

You groaned inwardly, your inability to make any sounds only frustrating you more. There had to be something here on her. You took off away from the desk, your eyes scanning any room you could see in. You had tried to open a door but it was like some force had prevented you from touching it.

You froze as a team of doctors rushed down the hall, pressing up to the side when you registered the sound of a bed being rolled behind them. Your eyes followed the team as they passed you and your eyes landed on the face of your friend immediately.

Your feet acted almost as if on instinct and followed after them. Was she ok? Was she going to live? Why wasn’t anyone saying anything about it? They pushed open a set of blue doors and took a left, pushing your friend into a room that looked all metal, sharp tools and rags littering a cart next to the table they were now placing your friend on. They must not have done surgery for her yet? What had taken them so long?

You heard a voice then, a deep hum drifting down the hallway to reach your ears. The voice was muffled but you could tell it was speaking to you. Where was it coming from? Moving once again you slid out of the surgical room as a few nurses rushed in, you made your way back where you had come from and stopped at your hospital room.

“Please come back to me. You can’t leave me like this.” your door was propped open so you easily walked in, your eyes falling on a boy sitting hunched over in a chair next to your bed. His head laid on the bed, muffling his voice as his body shook. The ends of a bandana poking through his soft brown hair at the base of his neck.

“I’m so sorry. Please, you need to come back to me so I can apologize.” he lifted his head up and you looked at the boy’s face for the first time. His cheeks soaked with his tears and his brown eyes red from the crying. The high cheekbones and the sharp jaw yanking yet another memory out of you.

“Why can’t you just accept the fact that I’m busy and leave it at that!”

“You hadn’t texted me for an entire week! There is no way that you were so busy you couldn’t send a quick text to me to say hi!” your voice was raised now and your body flared with heat from the anger rising up in you. How could he be so inconsiderate? It was like he didn’t even care about you anymore and you couldn’t take it anymore. All the pent up worry spilled out of you and you took it all out on him.

“We just had a comeback! You can’t honestly know how fucking tiring it is! I finish an entire day of dancing and singing and filming and once I get back to the dorm I pass out. That’s how my entire week has been!”

“That’s a fucked up excuse and you know it! I am well aware of the hours you sit there doing nothing to get your hair and makeup done! Just tell me honestly why you refuse to text me back!” your hands clenched into fists as he strode towards you, his face red and his eyes reflecting your face back at you.

“Stay out of my fucking business if you won’t believe me. It was a waste of my time coming here.” your heart ached at his words, his voice dropping in volume and even pitch as he spoke, his breath fanning over your face and making you back up.

You backed away from him slowly, your words stuck in your throat and your hands shaking at your sides now. Why was he being this way? Your fights had never been this bad before and you had no idea what was pushing you to further argue with him.

“Then leave.” Without a second thought he spun on his heel and made his way out of your apartment.

The door slamming brought you back to reality, your vision going white and eventually fading back to the scene with him crying beside you.


The desire to fling yourself on him was stronger than anything you had felt before. You wanted him to hold you and comfort you. You wanted to hear his voice by your ear as he assured you everything was ok.

There was no lying to yourself, you missed him. You had forgiven him the moment he had left your apartment and yet you remained stubborn and refused to be the first to call him.

You had to fight. Every part of you was screaming to wake up now, to wake up and to wipe his tears away. The sight of him crying like this was breaking your heart; there was no way you were going to leave him without letting him know that everything was ok. So you were going to fight like hell.

You screwed your eyes shut, welcoming the darkness as you urged this whole dream like state to end. You just wanted to wake up, just wanted your friend to make it, and most of all you just wanted to hold his hand and tell him it was ok. There was no way you were going to let this be your end and you needed to be awake for when your friend woke up.

The pain started as a dull ache at first until eventually the pain was throbbing in your head and making you wince. The pain slowly spread through your entire body and a low hiss sounded throughout the room as you sucked in a breath. Your eyes shot open and you gasped for air which was being pumped through a mask covering your nose and mouth.

“Oh my God.” your eyes shot over to taehyung who was staring at you with wide eyes now, his hand tight on yours and his voice clearer now than it had been before. The familiar deep rumble of his voice shot through you as if it was liquid fire, traveling through your body which had felt like a cold shell and bringing the life back into you.


“No no no. Don’t talk. I’ll get the doctor. Stay still.” he moved to get up but you squeezed his hand in your and made him pause in his movements.

“Taehyung it’s ok. You don’t have to apologize.” his body plopped back down in the chair as he stared at you shocked, his eyes searching yours as he fought to process what you had said.

“You heard me?”

“Of course I heard you, and I’m sorry I put you through that. I was an idiot being so mad at you like that. I knew you were busy I just felt so hurt and lonely.” your eyes watered up again, the familiar sting of tears fighting to make their way out. Taehyung leaned over and gently brushed his thumb along your cheek, his body leaning over yours and his soft lips gently pressing on your forehead.

“You don’t have to apologize either. I must have put you through hell.” the feel of his warm hand against your face made you sigh, your eyes sliding closed at the feeling of his soft lips. You leaned your head into his hand as he spoke out again. “I love you. I love you so much, thank you for not leaving me.”

“I’ll never leave you Tae.”