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Consider: every planet they stop on on pidges birthday, hunk and lance manage to convince large groups of aliens to sing to her no matter how confused the aliens are

lance: listen, this is a very important ritual for us

hunk: if you don’t help us sing, she won’t be able to help us defend the galaxy anymore

pidge: guys, stop

lance: [whispering] part of the ritual is that she has to act overly modest like this

pidge: oh my god. keith, help me. tell them the truth.


keith: actually if you don’t sing she’ll die

pidge: KEITH

hunk: [trying not to laugh] yeah sorry guys we didn’t want to freak you out too much, but,

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Can you write the Connor x Internet friend! Reader as a fanfic. I would love it if you did.

Message Me || Connor Murphy x Reader (PART 1 OF 5)

requested : yep
prompt: n/a
pairing : connor murphy x reader
warnings : suicide plan mention
additional notes : reader is female, based off of a Connor X Internet friend reader headcanon by @watch-the-whole-world-disappear, they meet on tumblr, connor runs an Edgy™ Aesthetic Blog, WHICH I RUN BTW, NOT THAT THERES ANYTHING ON IT YET BUT YEAH FOLLOW ME AT @connor-fvckng-mvrphy lmao it’s a Connor roleplay blog

Bored. Bored. Bored.

Bored is such a boring word. In this moment, you’ve never heard a word that describes you so much.

You scroll listlessly through your tumblr, liking random images and quotes from this one aesthetic blog that you follow. Your eyes wander, not that you’re finding anything interesting, until you come across an interesting poem.   


I have to get this
off my chest before
I straighten every crooked object
offensive clutter distraction
nervous as fuck
I’ll pull out every hair
or tear my fingers off
If I don’t figure out how to look
in your eyes
without screaming

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I can’t remember anything before you
I can’t imagine anything without you
I want to live the rest of my life with you

But only if you think I’m cool
We should just kill ourselves

‘Interesting,‘ You think, 'Edgy, but very interesting.’

This guy (girl? other?) seems interesting. Relatable. You click on their name, intrigued.

At one click, you fall in love with the account. You follow on first sight.

According to his bio, his name is Connor and he’s seventeen. His posts consist of black-and-white photos of chipped nail-polish, of pale wrists with even paler scars zigzagged across the stick-thin appendage. Quotes by Poe, little poems like the first one you read. 

He’s tortured, you know. But you can’t bring yourself to message him, like the little stalker you are.

Hours of pouring over his account turn into days, days into weeks, until finally you have been an avid fan of his for a month. 

And then it all comes crashing down.

One day, you refresh your page, bored, and there’s a new post from him. Literally must have been posted not even a minute ago. 


this is not going to be a great week
or year or life
or anything inbetween
i thought for a millisecond
that i had found a friend
a kindred spirit
but you fucking tore it up

fuck you, E.H.
your friend too
go ahead and laugh
laugh all you want
but will you be laughing when the school shooter is dead?


You’re worried.

This poem…was not like the others.

This was angry. This was raw. This was…this was real.

You bite your lip. Your eyes flick down to the tags.

#suicide plan #goodbye

Shit. Your eyes widen and you click on your inbox, typing in a message frantically

hi I know you don’t know me but I just saw the tags on your newest poem and im freaking out
please please don’t kill yourself
I’m sorry it’s just your poems are really relatable and help me a lot and i feel like I’ve gotten to know you through them and oh my god you probably think I’m so creepy I’m so sorry

You wait, terrified, for a response.

One minute.

Two minutes.




There is no answer, and you bury your head in your pillow and try not to cry. You can’t help it, your shoulders shake with wracking sobs. You probably failed at saving this guy, you failed so bad. You suck, oh god, you suck.

After another five minutes of sobbing, you hear a loud ding from your phone, and you blearily stare at the screen through unshed tears.

im flattered
I didn’t realise that somebody actually read my poems or my tags or cared or…

You gasp in relief, fingers tap-tap-tapping out a reply. 

OH thank god I thought that you had…
Are you okay??
thats a stupid question omg I'm sorry

im fine
actually…i feel much better.
thanks for, you know.

I’m [y/n] btw


i know
thats creepy oh my god;sorry

it’s fine ig I mean it is in my bio so??? its chill


so this might sound weird but ????
you’re…pretty cool.
i just looked over your account and wanted to know
well you know
want to talk more???

wow im??? Really???

yeah i mean you helped me there,,,like a lot,,,

id love to !!!!

You talked almost every day. When you got down to it…he was a sweetheart. He was kind. He got you.

do you think, like…
well ever get to meet each other??
imean you’re a really great friend now and???
id like to meet you.

i wish
but we live like eight hours away from each other…

ill drive to you!

calm down, connor…lmao
we don’t want you burning out on the way

:( I don’t even know what you look like…

i don’t know what you look like either! XD

shit well
if I send you a picture of me
will you do the same?

sure ig

me.jpg my sister took the photo so,,,


id prefer handsome but I’ll take it
your turn, missy.

hnnghhh okay


holy shit



no no no I am definitely not wtf you need your eyes checked?

no way you’re fucking adorable
i think /I’m/ in love you cute lil motherfucker

we should swap phone numbers

and skype??

fuck yeah

oKay !!! im [skype/name] and my number is [number]

my Skype is the same as my tumblr and my phone number is XXXX XXXXXX

saved and I just texted you too :)

'hi Connor!!!!’ with a bunch of happy emojis?
dude you’re just,,,
thats really fucking cute

wh y???? do you keep calling me cute I’m???

because, as it turns out, i have a really cute best friend

best friend??
awww connor!!!

yeah yeah
you’re literally all I have, [y/n]

you’re my best friend too!!
i really wish i could meet you…

me too…hold on a sec

connor??? you okay???

my sister just walked in and was being a dick, being nosy about who I’m talking to and not believing that it was a friend. She thinks I’m talking to my dealer.
i fucking hate her sometimes

do you?

but she thinks I do. It’s easier to let her.

*internet hug*

Fuck…that’s cute.

 As time went on, you found yourself more and more drawn to Connor. His photos could always make you smile, and nothing brightened up a shitty day more than clicking on his Skype name and watching him answer a video call, smiling dopily at the camera.

And also as time went on…you slowly began to realise why.

You were in love with him. 

Fuck, you were in love with a guy eight hours away. A guy that you had never met in real life. What do you do?

…You continue pining for him over a distance, of course.

You watch yourself in the screen, waiting for Connor to pick up the Skype call. Soon enough, he does, and his grinning face fills the screen.

“Hey, [y/n].” He greets sleepily - it’s like, midnight over there - and rests his chin on his hands.

“Heya.” You wave at the camera, grinning sheepishly and a little shyly. The thrill of actually seeing him rather than just a message still gets you.

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day, huh?”

“Yep! Any special girl that you had in mind?” You ask, a hopeful smile plastered on your face.

“No, well…actually…” He furrows his brow, and your heart drops.

“Is she pretty?” You ask, concealing your jealousy. You could be there for him.

“She’s cute. Like, really fucking cute.” Connor says, watching you carefully.

Truth be told, Connor felt the same way. He was absolutely crazy about you, but he didn’t want to ruin this adorably heartwarming friendship you had.

To wake up and have no more *internet hug* messages or cute little reminders…it’d ruin his life. You were absolutely the only thing keeping him going.

You talked for ages, until it was about 2:30 on his end. Before long, he was getting tired. 

“I should go soon.” He says drowsily. 

“Mmmm.” You don’t want him to go. “Night, Con.”

“G'night.” He yawns. “Love you.”

You freeze. He freezes and hurriedly leaves the video chat.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Connor slams his head on his desk, pissed off. “I fucked up. I fucked up.” He mumbles.

A small chime comes from his computer and he bites his lip, glancing reluctantly at the screen.

i love you too!!!!

Come Find Me IV

Oh my God, you guys! I actually made it to 500 followers! Ahhhh! In celebration, I got out the next chapter of Come Find Me, I hope you like all. Also @otpislife2002 you asked me to tag you, so there you go. Anyway, things get a bit better this chapter, but it’s not over yet. Again, you all are amazing, I almost cried when I saw the follower count

Morality was making pancakes.

That was the first thing Roman noticed as he walked into the kitchen, still rubbing the last remnants of sleep from his eyes.

“Good morning,” he said cheerfully, peering over Morality’s shoulder. “Is there some special occasion I was unaware of?”

“Good morning, Roman,” Morality replied. “And no, I just felt like making pancakes.”

“Well I certainly appreciate it” Roman told him, clapping a hand on the other side’s shoulder. “Pancakes are a wonderful way to begin the morning. Ah, do you need any help?”

“No!” Morality almost shouted before composing himself. “I mean, that’s very kind of you to offer, son, but I think I’m doing just fine.”

Roman was a little offended. He could help make pancakes. Yes, he may have melted a bowl once making microwave popcorn, but that was ages ago. He had improved since then, probably.

“Oh, well actually there is one thing you could do.” Morality then spoke up, turning to look at him.

“Anything,” Roman declared, looking at the fatherly side expectantly.

“Do you think you could go and get the others? I just thought it would be nice to have family breakfast this morning,” Morality explained.

Roman blinked. “Certainly,” he said, “Although it may be difficult to get Anxiety up. You know he’s not much of a morning person.”

“Yeah, I know,” Morality admitted, “But I just still feel a little guilty he wasn’t with us last night. And besides, pancakes just might tempt him out. After all, who doesn’t love pancakes?”

“You make an excellent point” Roman replied, ignoring the twinge of guilt that went through him when Morality mentioned the movie night. “I will go and fetch the two of them and return anon.”

With those words, he strode out of the kitchen. He headed towards Logic’s door first. While the scholarly side wasn’t an overly cheerful morning person like Morality, he was certainly going to be easier to rouse than Anxiety.

And indeed, it only took a few knocks on the door before it opened, revealing Logic dressed in a onsie, hair a little more messy than normal.

“Yes?” Logic asked, adjusting his slightly crooked glasses.

“Morality has made pancakes, and hopes that we will all join him for breakfast” Roman explained. “He sent me to fetch you, and I will be going on to drag Anxiety out of his lair momentarily.”

“Oh, that sounds satisfactory.” Logic said, “I will be down momentarily, I just need to dress first. And good luck with Anxiety.”

Roman grimaced a little, “Thanks.”

With that he made his way down to the end of the hall where the darker side slept. He rapped hard on the door, and listened for a response. There was none. He tried knocking harder, but still nothing.

“Anxiety,” he called out, frustration filling his voice. “I know you’re in there. Morality made pancakes, and he wants us all to come down and eat them.”

Still nothing.

He tried again. “If you don’t come out, I will find a way in,” he threatened. 

He really would. He’d learned to pick locks a while back. A surprising number of actors managed to get themselves locked in closets, bathrooms, storages sheds, etc. and breaking down the door wasn’t always feasible.

He listened for a moment longer, but he couldn’t even hear any sounds of shuffling that might indicate Anxiety moving towards the door. Rolling his eyes, he knelt beside the door, pulling a few bobby pins from his jacket pocket.

It took a good few minutes of fiddling, and some muffled cursing that Dad would have frowned at him for, but soon the lock clicked open. Roman stood up, dusted himself off, and opened the door.

It was dark. That was the first thing he noticed as he stepped inside. All the lights were off, and the curtains had been pulled shut. Determined to get the other up, he felt around for the light switch, flicking it on when he had found it.

The light filling the room allowed Prince to see the rather large lump lying in the center of the bed. He strode towards it, and began shaking Anxiety.

“You really do have to get up,” he informed him. “If you don’t, Morality will be pouting for the rest of the day, and I, for one, refuse to suffer through that.”

The shaking didn’t seem to be working that well, so Prince felt around for the edges of the blankets and pealed them back. Anxiety groaned as the light hit him, flinching back into the pillow.

“Prince, what?” he croaked, his eyes barely open, only mere slits

Roman frowned down at him, the other side looked horrible. Anxiety was normally pale, but right now he looked practically translucent, and the dark, dark bags under his eyes only made him look worse.

“Morality made pancakes,” he said cautiously. ‘He wants you to come down and eat them.”

“Pancakes,” Anxiety mumbled, “I, yeah, sure. I’ll- I’ll be down in a bit, just give me a minute.”

Roman’s eyes narrowed. Normally him coming in with such request would have resulted in some groaning, a few eye rolls, perhaps a few snarky comments, but Anxiety just sounded exhausted.

“Are you alright?“ he asked, although he was fairly certain he knew the answer to that already.

“Yeah, ‘mm fine” Anxiety said as he pushed himself up, one hand going to his head. “Like I said just give me a minute, you can head down without me.”

Roman just shot him an incredulous look. Like he would believe that. “I’ll just stay here, thanks, and walk down with you,” he replied. “I have to make sure you don’t fall back to sleep.

Anxiety stared up at him, still looking rather out of it. “God, fine,” he said, “whatever.”

He then swung his legs to the side of the bed, and slid to his feet. Or rather, attempted to. As soon as he pushed off the bed, he swayed dangerously, his knees giving out.

Roman caught him before he could hit the floor, now thoroughly alarmed. “What’s going on?” he demanded. “What’s wrong with you? Should I get Morality.”

“No, don’t, please, don’t get Morality,” Anxeity replied, still limp in Roman’s grasp. “He’ll just freak out and worry. I’m fine, just a little dizzy, that’s all.”

“Just a little dizzy, huh?” Roman said flatly. “I take it that’s why you can’t even stand. I’m not an idiot, Anxiety. I can tell something’s wrong”

“Please talk a little quieter,” Anxiety begged, his eyes squeezed shut. “You’re killing me. And I’ll be fine once I eat. So, please don’t tell Morality.”

Roman pursed his lips. He didn’t like this. “If,” he began, “and that’s a big if, if I go and get you food without alerting Morality, will you agree to explain exactly what happened to put you in this state?”

“Why would you even care to know?” Anxiety muttered.

“Anxiety.” Roman’s tone was serious and full of warning.

After a pause, Anxiety spoke up again. “Yeah, I’ll tell you,” he said sounding exhausted and defeated.

“Then we have an accord,” Roman said. With that, he scooped one arm up under Anxiety’s legs and set him down on the bed. He stepped back to study the other side. The more he looked at him, the worse Anxiety appeared. He was obviously in pain, with the way he flinched every time his head moved, and Roman could see tremors going through him.

“I’ll be back soon with food.” he said quietly. Well hopefully soon, it might take some time to make excuses to Morality. His best bet was convincing the other side that Anxiety had point blank refused to leave the bed, but that Roman would drop off his pancakes.

“Try to stay awake,” he added as an afterthought as he moved towards the door. He only got a vague grunt as a response.

Shutting the door behind him, Prince strode into the hallway, his thoughts dark. He wasn’t sure what had put Anxiety in such a wretched condition, but he doubted it was good. His complete reluctance to tell the others was also concerning.

Roman sighed. Speculating would get him nowhere. He’d find out soon enough.

Back in the room, Anxiety stared up at the ceiling. Well, one of them had come for him, kind of. From the sounds of it, it didn’t seem like anyone had noticed him missing, and that the only reason he’d been found at all was because Morality had been trying to be inclusive again.

He put a hand over his face, trying to ease the throbbing pain in his head a little. He couldn’t believe he had almost passed out in Prince’s arms. That was mortifying. And now he had to explain the situation. He had to think of some kind of excuse, but his head felt too fuzzy to think.

Maybe Prince would be satisfied with the simple excuse of getting absorbed in a show and forgetting to eat. It wasn’t like he really cared that much anyway. None of them did. This week had proven that.

Despite Prince’s last words, Anxiety felt himself slipping back into sleep. He couldn’t fight it, he was just far too tired, of everything.

Part I Part II Part III Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII

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i just saw the family guy thing and my eyes,,,, oh god my eyes

How fucking DARE you..,,,.. look at you,,.,,., hiding behind that anoymonouys icon,,,,..,., I bet you wouldn’t talk that much shit to his FACE,….,.,,,. say it..,,,.,., say what you just said to his face you fuckingg COWARD.,.,…,,,, 

okay guys y'all know I’m the biggest tony stark stan so no hate but uh

can stans stop pretending they’re superior by going thru the anti tag? it’s an anti tag for a reason. they’re not deliberately tagging for discourse anymore, they’re actually keeping in their own goddamn lane

unless they come at you, ignore them. listen, we can’t all like the same peeps. let them be bitter and just enjoy the positivity tags, it’s what they are there for

Real Smiles

Originally posted by darain39

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Lydia, Scott, Kira, Malia, Liam, Stiles, Jennifer(mentioned)

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff. That’s it

Word count: 475

Summary: The pack make a discovery about their sour wolf

A/N: This is based on a request i got from an anon-Can you do a Derek imagine where you are Derek’s girlfriend and the pack finds your instagram and it has pictures of you two on it doing cute things and Derek is smiling and they confront him and they find them sleeping together? (Actually sleeping) Thanks!

Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53 @december-sunrise @beaconhills17@winchesterreid@helvonasche@fly-f0rever @kaitlynnlovegood


It was lunch. 

The pack sat around the table, talking about normal human things for once, now that the threat of Kate was over with. 

Scott was staring at Kira, while Liam was talking to Malia and Stiles, Lydia joining in on the conversation from time to time, distracted by her phone.

“Oh my god, guys”, she said, not looking up from her phone, too fascinated by what she was seeing.

“What? What is it?” Scott asked, thinking maybe there had been some sort of new attack.

“You know Miss Y/l/n?”

“The new teacher? Yea. What about her?” Stiles replied, curious as to why she was bringing the woman up.

“Well, look at this”.  

She showed her phone to the entire pack, all the members trying to get a look at the picture.

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Hello, hello! I saw that apparently requests are open and I just really love your writing so I thought I'd send you one. So I think I remember seeing this from a prompt list, but I would really love to see your take on it! It is as follows(if my memory is correct): "You're such an ass" "Well, you know what they say, you are what you eat." Have fun with this, love you <3

im sorry this took so long I swear I saw the first ask too I just had like no time!


Peter froze. He knew that voice. More importantly, he hated that voice. He stayed frozen for a second, waiting for more noise. Surprisingly, he heard nothing.

Then, two seconds later, Deadpool crashed to the ground three feet away from him. Peter shrieked and webbed him to the ground on instinct. 

Deadpool, despite being webbed to a filthy, slightly-smelling-like-piss sidewalk with what appeared to be at least four broken bones, giggled. “I scared you!” he sang, sounding way too pleased with himself.

Peter huffed in annoyance and started to walk away. Dealing with Deadpool wasn’t really how he wanted to end his so-far decent patrol. 

“Hey! Spidey, where you goin’? Wait up! Spidey!”

Peter ignored him and kept walking. Deadpool had at least twenty knives on him; he’d be fine. Not to mention he can’t die. Peter aimed for a building nearby and prepared to start swinging away.

Just as he jumped, Deadpool suddenly grabbed onto his legs and effectively sent them both crashing back down.

“Deadpool! Get off!” Peter yelled, kicking him away and getting up. “What the fuck was that for?”

“You were leaving!” Deadpool shouted back, pouting.

“So you decided to tackle me mid-swing?” 

Deadpool shrugged. “It worked, didn’t it?”

Peter sighed. “What do you want, Deadpool?”

“To hang with my favorite superhero! Kick some bad-guy ass, badass style!” Deadpool said, fake-punching the air.

“Well, my patrol is just about over, so try again never.”

Deadpool pouted again. “Pretty please? Just one bad guy?”



“Still no.”

Deadpool groaned. “Why not?”

“Because you’re an asshole.” Peter said flatly.

You are what you eat.” Deadpool said, somehow winking through his mask.

Peter, despite hating Deadpool, had to bite back a laugh. “See, this is why we don’t hang out.”

“Oh come on, that one was good.”

“No, it was not.” Peter lied, crossing his arms.

“Liar.” Deadpool accused, pointing a finger at him.

Peter scrunched up his nose. He was discovering that he didn’t like when Deadpool was actually right about something. He sighed. Unfortunately, Deadpool had won this one with his stupid joke. “If I let you tag along for ONE bad guy, will you leave me alone?”

“Oh my god, yes! LET’S GO KICK SOME ASS!”

Let’s get this over with, then. Go find a bad guy.”

To his surprise, Deadpool instantly whipped out a police scanner from some unknown pocket and tuned it in, listening. After a moment of police babbling, he stuffed it back away, grabbed Peter’s hand, and took off. “This way.”

“No hand holding!” Peter shouted, yanking his hand back but continuing to follow. Two seconds in and he already regretted this.

“Come on, Spidey, this is gonna be great!” 

Peter rolled his eyes. Something told him that ‘great’ was probably not the term Peter would use. He could hear the sounds of a scuffle ahead; at least this would be over soon.

“I’ll even buy food after!” Deadpool called out over his shoulder.

So maybe this wouldn’t be over that soon. But then again, free food, so maybe this won’t turn out so bad after all.

“Ready to kick some ass?” Deadpool asked, suddenly holding two large machine guns.

Peter widened his eyes. This was not going to go well at all.

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aLittleShy: Hi! :> I just wanted to tell you that your story is amazing and so well written and just super fun to read! Seriously you are so talented!!

As a little thank you for the blessing that is Skyline I decided to draw you something! (It’s based on that one ask to which you replied that you also envisioned yourself as ~reader all the time) I hope you like it!!! >.<

oh. my. god. you think i’m talented???? LOOK AT WHAT YOU JUST DREW!!!!! this is so amazing im actually gonna cry omg i sent this to all my friends like “GUYS!!!! LOOK!!!!!” i love you so much thank you <3

Stay with Me?

Oh my God, this fic definitely was a joy to write. I was actually inspired by @asoeiki ‘s drawing and I wanted to write a little short (well, what was intended to be short) fic. I thought some sweet Iggy would be something nice. Tagging @ladychocoberry @lazarustrashpit @atarostarling @tales-of-a-fallen-star thank you guys for being awesome friends and I know I tell you that every time, but I just want to show my appreciation every time I post. Anyway, let’s get into the sweetness! 


Word Count: 1,171 words

Originally posted by shakkuris

I just got back from the market to the shared motel room with the boys.  You guys finally had enough gil to pay for a night at an inn, but we only could share one room. It’s better than camping at least. I went to go get more ingredients for dinner that night, though it was usually Ignis’s thing to do that. Well, considering we both work together when it comes to cooking, so it didn’t bother me that I had to do it, I just enjoy Ignis’s company. I will admit, I’ve always had a crush on Ignis ever since bring his apprentice. Noctis and Prompto went off to check out the town while Gladio went to check out the town’s female population.

I walked into the shared room and placed the ingredients on the table. “Guess I’m the first one back,” I said. As I was putting everything away, I looked over into the bedroom and I saw a very rare sight indeed. Well, I can see why it was just me going to the market by myself. Ignis fell asleep in one of the beds. I walked over, taking in the sight. He must’ve been so tired he never even took off his glasses. “Poor thing,” I whispered quietly.

I gently reached over to remove his spectacles and placed them carefully on the nightstand beside the bed. Apparently, I wasn’t gentle enough because he started stirring immediately after I removed them. As I was trying to quickly come up with an apology for disturbing him, he just rolled to his side and didn’t even move. “That was a close one.” I was getting ready to leave the room, then I felt a gloved hand reach out for mine. “Where are you going?”

My heart sank once I heard that voice. “Ignis, I’m sorry. I was just going to let you sleep. I didn’t want you to break your glasses either, so I put them up for you.” I thought I was in so much trouble for disturbing him, but all I could see was a small sleepy smile on his face. “I appreciate you for being so considerate, though I must apologize for me being absent. Camping really takes a toll on one’s sleeping arrangements.” I couldn’t help but smile back at him. “Well, I was able to get everything for dinner tonight.” “Where are the others?” He asked. “I think Noct and Prompto were checking out the town, while Gladio was checking out the women of the town.” A small chuckle could be heard from him. “Well, let’s hope that they don’t get into too much trouble.” “I’ll let you catch up on your sleep, Ignis. You need it.” As I was ready to leave the room to make dinner, he reached out to me again. “Don’t leave just yet”.

Apparently, my heart wanted to sink another 10 feet into my chest again. “Is there anything I can do for you, Ignis?” He smiled at me and the following words that came out of his mouth just sent butterflies through my stomach. “Lay beside me for a while, Y/N.” How can I deny that? Mentally pinching myself to make sure this was not a dream, I nervously got in the bed with him. I got in the bed beside him l pressed my back against the soft mattress. “This really does beat camping. I can see why you fell asleep so quickly.” He smiled and said, “While I was able to rest, I must admit I did feel rather lonely without your presence, Y/N.” I couldn’t help but smile at him. “Lonely without me? You’re treating me as if I’m that special to you, Ignis.” “Well, it’s true, Y/N. I’ve always had feelings for you ever since the day you’ve become my apprentice at the Citadel. I always tried to keep things professional with you, but this journey has made me realize that I cannot hide my feelings anymore. I hope you feel the same way.”

A tear pricked the corner of my eyes at that sentiment. “Of course, I feel the same way, Ignis. I was always afraid you just thought of me as just your apprentice and nothing more. Now, I’m not afraid anymore. I want to see where this journey takes us.” He reached his arm out to me and held me to his chest and he placed a small kiss on my forehead. “Well, I say we take in this moment as much as we can before the others come back.” “Agreed.” I nuzzled into his chest and listened to the sound of his heartbeat and allow the warmth of his body lull me to sleep. It was definitely a dream come true for me. When we woke up, we saw the others just hover over us. “So, you guys finally came clean to each other?” Gladio smirked. Ignis and I just looked at each other, finally processing what was going on. “Yeah, took you guys long enough,” Noctis said. “I’m just happy I got pictures. It’s a rare sight to catch Ignis asleep, but this picture is a lot better.” Prompto chirpped.

“Wait a minute. You guys knew?” I asked. “Duh, it was all over your faces about how you felt,” Prompto said. “Well, it seems like everyone thinks positively about our relationship, Y/N. Guess the blessings are already given.” I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me. “We wouldn’t have you guys with anyone else. You two are perfect for each other.” Noctis chimed in. Ignis chuckled at that statement, “Well then, let’s get dinner prepared, darling.” Darling? Did I just hear that right? Once his feet were on the floor, he held his hand out to me to assist me up. Once I was up, he placed a gentle kiss on my cheek. “AWWWW!!!” the collectively chimed in. We finally had dinner prepared and we just mainly sat around and talked about the journey ahead. Once we finished eating, we all went to our beds. I laid in bed cuddles to Ignis’s chest and just took in his embrace. “So, we’re officially an item now, aren’t we, Ignis?” “It would seem so, Y/N. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier a man.” I snuggled deeper into his chest. “But there is just one thing I want to do before we go back to sleep.”

Puzzled, I looked up at him. Before I could say anything, he placed his hand under my chin and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. His lips tasted sweet and they were so warm. I felt a million fireworks in just one little kiss. As we pulled away from our kiss, he stared into my eyes and said “Better than what you were expecting, darling?” “You have no idea.” I chuckled. He pulled me back into his chest and we proceeded to get more comfortable. “Sweet dreams, y/n”. We then fell asleep holding each other. This was better than any dream I could ever have.

Just for Cefmua56...
  • Real Persephone: *glaring at Jason Bryce* I'm sorry, he did WHAT?!
  • Patton: I know, he's an asshole.
  • Logan: Wow, we really look alike, Hades.
  • Real Hades: Yeah, that's why you really should stand back. It's about to get messy.
  • Persephone: *rolls up her sleeves and pulls flower from her hair* Babe, hold my flower.
  • Hades: *sighs and holds her flower*
  • Jason Bryce: *screaming in agony*
  • Logan: Oh...oh wow...
  • Bonus--
  • Patton: Persephone, either put him through a table or tag me in!
  • Virgil: ME NEXT!!!!
  • Hades: ....How did you all get DOWN HERE?!
  • Jason Bryce: *still screaming*
These Burdens I Carry- Part 5

Part One Here
Part Two Here
Part Three
Part Four Here

Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader
Warnings: trials!Sam, angst, swearing, canon divergence (I didn’t really follow the plot of the actual season!) gore!!!!!
Summary: While everyone else notices how much the trials are killing Sam, the reader can’t sit on her hands anymore and decides to do something about it.
A/N: So as usual I’ve taken creative freedom and tweaked the plot/rules a little! For example I just rlly didn’t want to write in a whole new character as a Reaper so we’re just gonna go with the stereotypical blinding white light:) Also, thanks @lucifersspn for the inspo<3333 
Tag list:  @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010@mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff@iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat@spntrista@d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage@evyiione@winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke@therewillbeblood@megansescape@taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester@notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@love@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes @spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad@keepcalmandcarryondean gabriels-trix

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You didn’t remember much of what happened next. 

The only thing you could really make out was this blinding light, and thinking that it was such a cliché. You were dying for Chuck’s sake, you wanted something spectacular. Something unexpected, something so shocking that it would kill you not being able to tell the boys about it. To tell Sam about it. 

But no, there was just that bright, heavenly light that seemed to go on forever. 

In all honesty, you weren’t sure if the light would ever end until you woke up in a four poster bed- with a sleeping Sam at your side.

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Imagine Living Like A King Someday

prompt: Phil is a boarding school student, and he has pretty much everything. His dad owns the school, he’s pretty popular, has the best room, gets all the best treatment – he’s the King. Dan is a cleaner/phil’s personal maid there, and he isn’t as lucky. Some students are assholes to Dan, including Phil at first.


I’ve made one of my new year’s resolutions to put this thing back onto some kind of updating schedule. I don’t know what it’s going to be yet or whether I’m going to stick to it, but I’ll give it a shot :)

Update: im so sorry I wrote that note on the 3rd of January it’s now the 24th and im a mess but ill still try my best hAha

warnings: smoking, mentions of violence


“Just like the old days, this is,” Freddie grins, gazing up at the sky. Clouds part every now and then, giving way to idle twinkles of light against the blackness. “Us lot, out here, hiding from the cameras. It’s almost as if this year hasn’t happened, isn’t it?”

Phil gulps, the taste of tobacco souring in his mouth a little. The idea of smoking to relieve his stress suddenly doesn’t seem so smart anymore.

“Except we’re missing someone, aren’t we?” Violet chimes in, feigning sickly innocence. “Where’s your best friend, Phil? Too bad he couldn’t join us.”

“He’s not my best friend,” Phil mutters bitterly.

“Must be a real bummer being cooped up inside on your own when everyone else is free, mustn’t it?” Freddie comments.

“Good,” Phil bites back. “The further he is away from me, the better.”

“Someone’s touchy,” Violet comments. “I never remembered you being so scathing, Phil.”

“I do,” Freddie comments. “You were probably thrilled when his tag got extended.”

“Yeah; it’s such a travesty my father actually gave him the punishment he deserved,” Phil puts his hand on his heart in mock-sorrow and fuck, why can’t he just keep his mouth shut?

“You’re saying it’s justified to give him a three month tag extension for something out of his control?” Freddie raises his eyebrows, huffing out a surprised breath. “Wow. I guess being a self-righteous wanker really does run in the family.”

“Look, if you’re here to lecture me on my gene pool, I want nothing to do with it,” Phil rolls his eyes.

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Since Halloween is coming up, I though it'll be cool to Headcanon on how the elves would react to a ghost haunting them. Or, like their reaction to going to a haunted house.

Ahaha…ha..ha.. I went to one last weekend, held my friends hand the whole time because I was scared… I don’t like people getting in my face and yelling. 

Honestly Glorfindel, Tauriel, and Meludir would absolutely love it whilst Lindir, Elrond, Celeborn, Me holding onto Glorfindel for dear life, and Arwen creep behind them.

The twins are having a fucking ball, they’re probably the ones who volunteered to hide behind the curtains and scare people. They’re probably on top of the metal boxes, banging on the top. 

honestly Elrond and Celeborn are just annoyed

Galadriel and Aegnor knows who’s going to choose her to scare and she ends up scaring them lmao

Lindir probably fucking gets lost, poor guy. It’s too dark and there is too much commotion. Celebrian finds him and gently soothes him, shouting at anyone who tries to bother them.

I think the Sons of Feanor, barring Maedhros and Maglor, would try and fucking fight anyone who tries them. They’re not down for people in terrifying costumes jumping out and yelling at them. Plus it’s dark, the sounds are irritating, and people are screaming. Most of them, if not all, have some form of war induced PTSD. FUDCK CHAINSAWS NOPE. SWORDS ARE DRAWN A FOURTH KINSLAYING IS HAPPENING N O P E. AND I’M WITH THEM, FIGHTING WITH A STICK I FOUND ON THE GROUND



The children of Fingolfin and Arafinwe are having a blast.. well, some of them. Ardhel and Fingon are rushing through all the haunted houses as a pair, having a great time, meeting up with the Son of Feanor. Turgon doesn’t go through any of them, instead he eats hotdogs and reads a book whilst his immature cousins and siblings are being stupid. Argon is probably with him, eating hamburgers with too much Ketchup because he just discovered it and it’s his favorite thing, so is Dr. Pepper.

Fucking Aegnor and Andreth are going on the hayride constantly to look at the stars, away from the city lights, eating caramel apples.

Finrod is no where to be found, probably mingling with the humans. Angrod finds him talking to some guy in the middle of one of the haunted houses. The guys trying to do his job but Finrod is asking him all sorts of questions about his where he’s from. He doesn’t understand the costumes. Angrod gently explains to his older brother, again, that they’re not actual creatures, just humans dressing up. He then asks if he can do and actually turns him and Angrod into the some terrifying creatures, using the magic of delusion. 

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David: "How about we go on trip to Europe? I heard that Sweden has some absolutely OUTSTANDING camping spots!" Gwen: "David, if we are going on a romantic trip to Europe, the last thing I want to do is camp out in some frozen shithole."

Okay but this is actually what would fucking happen. And he’d talk Gwen into camping, and she’d hate it, and she’d eventually mutiny and drag him to a goddamn hotel and they’d watch TV in a language they don’t understand and make up the plots and it would be adorable and oh my god now I’m crying this is so good why did you do this to me

These Burdens I Carry- Part 4

Part One Here
Part Two Here
Part Three

Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader
Warnings: trials!Sam, angst, swearing, canon divergence (I didn’t really follow the plot of the actual season!) gore!!!!!
Summary: While everyone else notices how much the trials are killing Sam, the reader can’t sit on her hands anymore and decides to do something about it.
A/N: So this is my little love letter to my followers before I leave for camp for two weeks!! Oh my god two weeks without talking to you guys what am I gonna do:( I love you all so much<3 
Ps: Yes I’m aware I’m evil leaving this on such an angsty cliffhanger, if you guys want to write your own endings feel free! Make sure to tag me in them I’d love to read them all when I get back!!!!<333 
Tag list:  @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010@mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff@iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat@spntrista@d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage@evyiione@winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke@therewillbeblood@megansescape@taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester@notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@love@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes @spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad@keepcalmandcarryondean gabriels-trix

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Your phone didn’t stop buzzing for the entire hour you sat in your car and waited for the Hellhound to appear. If you knew Sam, and you did, when you opened your phone you would be showered with texts and voicemails that would take years to filter through. 

At first he’d be worried, so worried, and it’d show through the tone of his voice and the mannerisms of his messages. But then, you guessed about a half hour in, he’d get restless. 

Pleading would turn to begging and before you knew it Dean’s voice would probably be in those voicemails as well. He wouldn’t break down like his brother had though, instead he’d get angry. 

You knew that the minute you opened your phone, the minute you listened to those voicemails and read those texts, you’d want to turn back. You’d be faced with Dean’s wrath and Sam’s pity- two things that would definitely make you cave. 

So instead of checking your phone, you tuned out the buzzing and threw it in the back seat. But you could still hear the vibrations that translated to Sam’s heartbreak in your head, and after a while you opted for the less gentler approach. 

You blasted music. 

Setting a timer for the remaining 21 minutes, you shut the doors of your Jeep and turned the volume up until even the sound of your own heartbeat was drowned out. 

The wild, off-kilter beat of Metallica, Bad Company, and so many more- all of which painstakingly reminded you of the Winchesters- muted almost everything else in the car. But you didn’t dance or sing along like you usually would, no, instead you just sat there twirling your knife between your fingers. 

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Oh my ducking god can we have ass discourse next because I used to date a guy (it was an emotionally very abusive relationship so I dealt with a lot of things because I thought it was the best I could do) who just..... couldn’t fucking wash his crack. His boxers were always stained, and when I’d blow him I could actually smell it. And it wasn’t even one of those “if anything touches your asshole you’re gay” type things it was literally just he couldn’t figure it the fuck out.

congrats this is the WORST thing i’ve ever seen why are men so fucking disgusting

In the Heights at the Virginia Rep!!

Alright, I promised I would, so here we go! I got to see ITH at the Virginia Rep and in short, IT WAS AMAAAAZIIIIIIING!!!! I wrote down a BUNCH of little gems from the show that this version did so get ready, this is gonna be a long one!

But first, a picture of the stage for your viewing pleasure. 

And now, without further ado! Let us begin!

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this is something i wrote after That Raw where seth threw his apology in dean’s face. it made me feel a certain way, mostly shock (”oh my god, he said sorry, he actually has that word in his vocabulary”) and anger (”how DARE you think shouting at him is a viable apology, dick”). threw in some ambreigns, too, bc clearly it’s the only outlet i have to process this shit, lmao. so here, have some blatant hurt/comfort w ambreigns. ending’s kinda wonky, but eh, oh well. 

tagging: @roman-reigning bc you made me remember it existed. 

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