oh my god teams

A new take on what Lance can ‘contribute’ to the team!

Alteans have magic.

No one said humans didn’t have magic as well, or that they aren’t compatible with Altean spells.

Consider: Lance finding a way to learn magic. Maybe as everyone is too busy looking for Shiro, or when they found Shiro and everyone is busy with the Blade of Marmora and Lotor and only calling on Lance when he’s needed on a mission, Lance uses his much too free time to explore the castle. Maybe he decides to learn the Altean language to feel a little more useful. Maybe he gets an idea once the program offers him a word for a magic spell to spell out (hah!). Maybe he asks the AI if there’s a program for learning magic. Maybe the AI even has aids for those Alteans who have not yet accessed their magic core, like a magical battery artefact that runs out after a few spells but can be recharged. Maybe he starts learning some spells with those aids, carries a few artefacts around and does small spells on missions to help others. He may or may not be keeping it secret, depending on how Coran and Allura react when he casually asks about the consequences of humans using Altean magic. Maybe after some time he stops needing the aids, possibly drawing on Blue’s quintessence or his own instead, which increases as he keeps ‘flexing’ and ‘training’ it by using magic.

Just… adaptable humans. Humans who can use Altean magic too, because there a boatload of myths about humans using magic and there might just be truth in that. Humans who may be more adept at magic than other humans. Lance being the most magically suited of the team.

Lance, the long-range sharpshooter/magical support.

Lance with Altean magic.



me normally: its cool, characters with no explicit mention of their gender or sexuality can be headcanoned any way you want, just don’t be mean to other people about their headcanons and everyone can play this awesome game and relate to these characters :)

me after seeing this shit: actually you know what fuck you Blanche is totally agender now, Candela is a trans woman and her and Blanche are FUCKING MARRIED and Sporky my son is a bisexual trans boy FUCKING  F I G H T  M E

Don’t mess with the bae.


Had some free time in the office today to doodle this! Cleaned this up a bit, posted the hella rough one on twitter. 

[ beat you up and beat you down ! ]

– one day they’ll say the throne was made for me.

[ a guzma fanmix with a rock-influenced sound ]


( content warnings: cursing and mentions of violence throughout, alcohol mentions in track 8 )

{1. come on, come on - jet | {2. little cream soda - the white stripes | {3. uncontainable - set it off | {4. breaking the model - new medicine | {5. throne - bring me the horizon | {6. underdog - you me at six | {7. the young & the hopeless - good charlotte | {8. forever stuck in our youth - set it off | {9. i need the world - down with webster | {10. breathe, desperately - from indian lakes

percy weasley and oliver wood were in the same year and house at hogwarts, i don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realise this but

  • oh god they would be so annoying to live with
  • both total perfectionists but about different things
  • percy getting annoyed at oliver for revising his quidditch strategy when they had a test tomorrow
  • percy acting smug because he’s head boy, oliver firmly believing that being quidditch captain is much more important
  • oliver happily aiding the twins in their pranks to get his own back at percy for not appreciating how important it is that he wins the cup
  • their dorm mates getting totally fed up of the two of them stressing tirelessly
  • ‘oh my god we have an exam in three weeks i need to revise’ ‘oh my god i have a quidditch match soon and the team is not practicing hard enough’ 

honestly, im surprised that none of the other gryffindor boys smothered them in their sleep


I’ve never needed anything more today than this video