oh my god take this show away from

In Perry? I have! Only once or twice, though. I believe my sister was going for a concert a couple of years ago, so I tagged along and just road rides and junk the entire time. I’m a roller coaster junkie.


Oh, really? I wouldn’t think Pearl would add the “please” since it takes away from the authoritative message of the original sign, but who knows! I was thinking the handwriting looked pretty similar to the handwriting on the tape for Steven back in Lion 3, personally. 


I know what you mean! It makes people feel more…real. It’s also fascinating to look at my google analytics and see where everyone is coming from. It’s incredibly interesting.

Brb, though - going back to listen to that track.

And oh my god how did I miss that? I love it. The BGM in this show is so damn GOOD. I got chills when the music cut out and Rose sort of floated into frame to help Greg up and then the music starts to slow fade back in with the strings now added into the mix. Aivi and Surasshu and wonderful human beans. 


We’ve seen how losing Rose affected both Pearl and Amethyst, now I want an episode on how that affected Garnet. 

Oh yeah, absolutely. Whether Rose made her way into his life or not, he needed to ditch Marty. I mean, I don’t know if I’d throw everything away the way he did, but in the heat of the moment you make rash decisions. 

Oh yeah! I was thinking more in the vein of “the initial breaking down of the barrier between gems and humans” but he literally drove his van into…well, the stomach of the temple. And you know what they say - the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! (?)

To be honest it’d probably win me over, too. Doesn’t negate the fact that it’s cheesy as cheddar.

You come onto my blog, into my asks, and you dare to post this heart wrenching statement? How dare you.


Same. I’m like 5′2. Most of my immediate family is under 5′6 or so - I never had a chance. 

Steven, though? Steven will hit 6 or 7 feet, I’m sure. He just hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet.

Protective (Dad!Yugyeom Fluff)

Request:  Your dad Jin fluff just made me cry omg it was so sweet. I was wondering if you could write a dad fluff but for yugyeom! Thanks lovely.

Summary: Dad!Yugyeom being the protective father when his daughter shows interest in Jinyoung Junior. Featuring chill Dad!Jinyoung.

Genre: Fluff, Dad!Yugyeom, Comedy

Word count: 1K

Note: Enjoy! It’s a bit short, but this was fun to write haha. I’m in the midst of preparing for national exams so I hope this is okay ;-; (also, Jinyoung Junior, I don’t know don’t kill me lmao)

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“Oh my god, Y/N.”


“Is it just me or is Jinyoung Junior hitting on our little girl?”

You peel your eyes away from the stove and take a quick glance into the living room, only to see your precious sixteen year old daughter, Ha-won, shoulder to shoulder with Jinyoung Junior as they played a game on the tablet.

“Yugyeom, they’re literally just playing.”

“I know! B-but look! Right there! He’s holding her hand!”

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Naruto characters look after a small child!

Requested by oneofvizards!

Naruto characters! You suddenly have to take care of a small child! What do you do? 

1. Naruto

Naruto: “Awwww look! I’m gonna call you ‘Mini Naruto’! We can eat ramen together and I’ll show you all these cool places and-”

Kurama: “BRAT! I am NOT taking care of ANOTHER small child! Get away from it!”

Naruto: “What do you mean “Another”? I’m an adult!”


2. Kakashi

Kakashi: “Oh no no, not another one. I’ve done my time of looking after small children.”

Small child: *points to Pakkun* dog!

Kakashi: “……”

Kakashi: “Okay so this Pakkun, this is Shiba, this is Urushi, oh and you’re going to LOVE Guruko, this is Bisuke, don’t pull his tail, this is…”

3. Pein

Pein: “Gods should not need to look after children. However…I am at Konan’s request. Be sure not to disturb me while I work.”

Small child: “god!”

Pein: “Yes, that is me. I am a god. Good observation.”

Small child: “god!”

Pein: “Konan taught you well, it seems. Now if you want something to do hold this box of paperclips for me… no don’t chew on it I…very well you can keep them.”

4. Shikamaru

Shikamaru: “What a drag, stuck looking after a baby. I’m going to have to put up with crying and diapers and…”

Small child: *yawns and falls asleep*

Shikamaru: “……”

Shikamaru: “I like you, you know where it’s at.”

5. Sakura

Sakura: “What’s that? Some kid hit you in the school yard? Do you want me to go beat them up for you?”

Small child: *sniffs and nods*

Naruto: “SAKURA NO”

Sakura: “SAKURA YES.”

6. Kakuzu

Kakuzu: “This has got to be the single most humiliating thing I have ever done. Ever.”

Woman: “Oh! What a cute baby!”

Kakuzu: “……”

Kakuzu: “Wait!! Come back!! Would you like to PAY to HOLD HIM??”

7. Temari

Temari: “Listen kid, you’re going to grow up in a male dominated society. Which sucks. So you gotta make sure you show them that women can be strong too.”

Temari: “Here. This is a photo of my brother. This is the type of person you have to show that we can be-”

Small child: *starts biting the photo*

Temari: “…..now you’re getting it.”

8. A

A: “I’m sorry, Darui, was the child in my arms distracting you from your JOB?”

Darui: “Well I mean with all due respect you can’t really work with-”

Small child: *starts crying*


Darui: “Yes sir, sorry sir, I’m sure it had nothing to do with you flipping your desk over.”

9. Suigetsu

Suigetsu: “Hey Karin look, I made this kid look like a mini Sasuke!”

Karin: “Don’t be such an idiot Suigetsu!”

Suigetsu: “No seriously! Watch what I taught him!”

Small child: “Amatasu!”


10: Jiraiya

Jiraiya: “A kid. I’m stuck with a kid. AGAIN.”

Small child: *sneezes*

Woman: “Aw honey, bless you!”

Jiraiya: “……”


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: galavant is the best thing that has happened to me and I will legit cry if I don't get a third season I mean I honestly didn't expect a second season and yet here we are I'm surprised too that being said you can't give me the world and then take it away nope nope nope this cannot be it's this perfect little gem of a show and I need more I need a flashback of gal and isabella's wedding reception and oh my god MADALENA IS ON SOME MALEFICENT SHIT GODDESS YASSS but no gareth baby no your heart was broken :( go find madalena and save her from herself and omg galavant is your name gary honestly gary wow no I need this stupid silly show to save my soul and king richard is the CUTEST THING EVER??? HE DIDN'T GET MAD AT GARETH FOR ANYTHING HE JUST MISSED HIM PRECIOUS BABY and roberta and him are together and she didn't go to spinster island with a cat yes thank you but is she the queen now I need to know more about her who are you roberta and tad cooper TAD FUCKING COOPER IS A DRAGON WE HAVE A DRAGON like okay it literally was a bearded dragon but it breathes fucking fire now I'm so happy and I will not be if the last lines of the show are "I have a dragon" no no no you have a dragon but nOW WHAT TELL ME MORE ugh is it my fault they aired it during grease live and people didn't see it why did you want to watch grease live grease recorded was terrible because grease was a terrible movie no do not cancel this lovely show that is PURE JOY of originality because it was pitted up against another musical because galavant is better I promise don't do this to me ABC gala-can't okay please give it one more season please I know they hinted that it could continue but I really need it to continue you don't understand I need that jester singing and recapping the show hella voice jesus I need to know whether sid is gay or not and his bromance with gareth I need more of that and CHEF AND GWYNNE WHAT HAPPENED TO CHEF AND GWYNNE AND THEIR FUCKED UP CUTE AS HELL ROMANCE I NEED TO KNOW I need more tongue in cheek lyrics oh my god the songs if they get renewed again it need that sass I need more game of thrones references crazy ex girlfriend can't be the only primetime musical don't give up on galavant plz help send help I will not be okay if this is over alan menken what have you done you couldn't own me with disney alone you just made me love you even more didn't you I just I need this show please take my money give me more galavant god bless galavant galavant galAVANT GALLLLLAAAAAVANNNNTTT

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why is it that everytime a friend of mine gets into something i like i feel weird about it?? Like they can love an actor or a show that i love but i always feel. not happy abt it i guess??? im always thinking "i love this thing more than u do. dont take this away from me" If that makes any sense?? idk ive always felt like this and it makes me feel gross because i want to be happy they like the same things i do but its hard for me yknow??

oh my god that happens to me literally all the time !!! It’s so conflicting because like I wanna share the shows and books with my friends and stuff but at the same time I’m like “keep your grubby paws off this stuff it’s mine and I love it more than anyone else in the entire world it’s mine I called dibs” and I feel bad about it but also,,, it is mine and I love it more than anyone else in the world. Anyway! I’m sorry you’re feeling like that, I know it’s no fun, I’m sending you good vibes

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Yeah! I was so angry when I saw that post after last episode aired where the person was like, "Maybe Magnus is panromantic asexual and he just made up all the people he slept with!!" Why do they want to take representation away from bi people(especially bi Asians) and desexualize the most desirable character? I just...his hesitation made sense. He said his fears. And he's an abuse victiom He doesn't need to want sex all the time to be a sexual person, honestly. Hesitation doesn't make you ace.

MADE UP ALL THE PEOPLE HE SLEPT WITH oh my god…….. like that is so fucked up he a bi asian man is canonically the most desirable character on the show and been with countless people (or.. 17,000 but that confuses me so much cause i don’t think the math makes sense? but its not important) and someone suggesting that maybe he just made them up is,,, bad

Has anyone ever noticed that, in AUJ when the dwarves are all showing up at Bag End, Bilbo does not even make a shadow of an attempt to impress any of them until Thorin shows up??? Like before Thorin gets there he’s just “oh my god who are you stop touching my stuff get out of my house heLP” but then Thorin shows up and he’s all like “well I do have some skill at conkers if you must know”

I just



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I we're done with Raylicity THANK GOD but I just wanted to ask this because I feel like the idea of Felicity having a love interest outside of Oliver was an interesting idea but the execution fell flat because it was Ray Palmer The Atom. Do you think this triangle would've been better had he just been a normal, nice guy who is a lot like Felicity in intelligence and wit but not trying to be propped up for a spin off? Oh and also not take her away from Digg and Oliver, the two she works best?

I will join you in a “Thank God” that Raylicity is done.

That said, back before the premiere of Season 3, when I was fresh-faced and youthful in my enjoyment of the show, I was really looking forward to Felicity’s new love interest. Most of my knowledge of the DC universe came from what I could glean from Batman movies, so I had no idea who Ray Palmer was. Brandon Routh seemed charming enough in the trailers, and I was on board. I wanted Felicity to get a taste of a nice, safe, normal life with a guy without a mission or a crusade or a crippling case of PTSD. It would make an ultimate realization that she would rather have a dangerous, unpredictable, crazy life with Oliver much more poignant.

With Ray Palmer, it felt as though Felicity was replacing the man that she couldn’t have with a less intense version of him rather than deciding that she wanted to expand her horizons and dip her toe back into the dating pool. Between her literal clinginess and the painfully obvious parallels between Oliver and Ray, I was embarrassed for everybody involved. Ray was unwittingly part of a triangle, Felicity was trying to shove a square peg into a round hole, and Oliver was miserable at watching a man who was a healthier version of who he should have been sweep Felicity off of her feet.

Contrast this with a hypothetical relationship with a nobody who turned up and just happened to mesh well with Felicity. The show could have explored Felicity beginning to understand Oliver’s past difficulties with lying to his loved ones as she is forced to tell tales to her new guy to explain away her absences. The show could have portrayed Felicity coming to a natural realization about her priorities as she tries to juggle a day job, a night job, and a boyfriend. The show could preserved Felicity her dignity and shown that Oliver and Oliver-esque figures are not the only fish that she would consider in the sea. The show could have skipped over the slight skeeviness of Felicity engaging in a relationship with her boss. There was too much overlap in the Venn diagram of Felicity’s life, and she was lost in the clutter of her own purported arc.

A John N. Ormal could have been so great for Felicity’s character, and it could have been genuinely entertaining to see Oliver impotently threatened by a regular guy so different from himself but against whom he couldn’t really raise any objections. It’s why it was fun to see Oliver fruitlessly railing against Barry in Season 2 for distracting Felicity and why it was a total bummer to see him watching Ray with Felicity. Barry was a fun new figure carving a niche for himself in Felicity’s affections; Ray was a replacement. Barry jaunted off to another city to be struck by lightning and launched into a spinoff almost entirely separate from Arrow; Ray hung around for an entire season. Barry was seasoning to an already tasty dish; Ray was an entirely new ingredient that overwhelmed the meal. 

Besides, I would have liked to see Felicity get some attention for reasons other than possessing skills valuable to any hunky guys with dreams of effective vigilantism. She’s young and pretty and engaging all on her own without needing to be mined for assistance. I can just imagine her John N. Ormal taking initiative and asking her out without an agenda…which just convinces the boys of Team Arrow that he’s a secret operative with a nefarious plot. Seriously, it could have been fun before it became melodramatic, and I think that the conflict between an average life with a welcoming John N. Ormal and a crazy life with a temperamental Oliver would have been genuinely compelling.