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Is that…Mondatta saying good things about Genji? :O

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BTS FIC REC (Hobi focused)

This is mainly for @puzzlepeace, enjoy c:

(I add fics every week or so, come back to check the new ones~)

(update! added fics in every category)

Canon verse (idols) :

Take My Hand (We’re Off To Never-Neverland) by lulublue1234 [yoonseok, they keep taking naps together, so soft] ♥

just a little, oh, a little bit by alexisfairos [OT7, Hobi-centric, unfinished, lots of platonic massages] ♥

Hivemind by popliar(littlerhymes) [OT7 dynamic, yoonseok, they’re all connected by a brain implant, kinda like a soulmate bond?, it’s amazing]

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“hope is the thing with feathers”

or: sara finds herself lost, her spiritual guide is but a poetic robin, and the unknown is in autumnal tranquility.

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The boy I love has the most beautiful ocean blue eyes. They're just captivating and I feel like I'm drowning every time I look at them. His dark hair is such a contrast to his light eyes but it makes him look perfect. His name reads like my favorite poem. He's a kind and fragile soul, being forced to act tough. He loves art and he loves music, but he doesn't love me back.

This is so poetic oh my god.
And I feel you my dude
You’re not alone. Let me hug you


AUTHOR: ilxe


SUMMARY: A very well-written year in the life of Dan and Phil. Canon–Dan and Phil making videos, messing around in the apartment, thinking about their relationship. Oh my fucking god, it’s so good. It’s one of those poetic fics with a lot of narration and figurative language about love. But the dialogue is also spot on, so it’s definitely bearable. I was gripping my heart at some points.

FAV QUOTE: Dan laughs. “Insufferable,” he repeats. Which means I love you. Phil knows this now.

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sami will you list like 5 books that are just plain good? one of my new years resolutions is to educate myself more in like any topic i just want to be more educated and you always seem to have good book suggestions so will you help me out?? xoxoxo love you so much!

ooh i go through them in my video in depth! but okay!

1. Confessions of a Sociopath – written in the perspective of a sociopath under a pen name and just wow it’s super creepy and super interesting.

2. You are Not So Smart – psychology; self-priming and confabulation. How our minds manipulate us, and why we let it happen.

3. Basic Economics – I’ve never really known much about the economy, but this book lays it out in such a comprehensible way. It doesn’t use jargon or confusing words; very easy to understand. 

4.  Handwriting Analysis: Putting It To Work For You – it’s a hands-on book where you actually end up analyzing your own writing. It basically discusses the features of graphology; how characteristics of our handwriting reflect on our personality. It’s super interesting because more and more criminologists are depending on this science when identifying serial killers!

5.  The History of Love – It’s NOT a romance; it’s a book about a book called the History of Love. And oh my god it’s written beautifully. It’s so poetic. Honestly, probably some of the best writing I’ve ever read. 

xoxoxxo much love!