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swashbucklery  asked:

Sara Lance has not done laundry in 6 years she just keeps accidentally making all of her hot friends do it for her.

okay when she joins the league, she’s like so do you guys like… wash your clothes in a river??? and nyssa is like what? no we have fucking brand new washer/dryers how tf are we supposed to get this much blood out otherwise and sara is like cool cool cool i don’t know how to do laundry in a washer/dryer either and nyssa is just in stunned silence for five minutes 

so when sara’s with the league, nyssa does all her laundry and nyssa does very strictly folded, starchy laundry, like folds so sharp you could kill a man (nyssa oh my god is that what you do with your folded laundry??) and eventually she also starts putting sara’s clothes away for her because uhhhh sara has never been organized once in her life and she’s not gonna start now

when she goes back to star city, she knows laurel loves her still because someone comes to her apartment and does her laundry; eventually she catches laurel in the act of picking up her clothes off the floor and laurel just sighs and goes well you never learned and you need clean clothes and sara, teary-eyed, is like i love you so much laurel and laurel is like oh you 

after sara dies laurel leaves a bunch of her laundry lying around on the floor because she can’t bear to lose that part of sara. so right before sara goes off with the legends laurel presents her with a freshly laundered stack of clothes for her trip, because she doesn’t need to hold on to them anymore. there’s like 1 shirt sara lost in her bunk so she never wore it, and she just found it recently and it’s the last thing laurel ever washed for her and she keeps it on her bed so she can hold it when she sleeps

is there laundry on the waverider? i feel like knowing rip there has to be, and if rip wasn’t doing her laundry then ray was bc he was also doing len + mick’s laundry. okay so everyone’s laundry. ray does all the laundry. but now that there’s a time bureau sara makes rip do it whenever she visits just so he knows he’ll never be rid of her. she holds up her shirts and goes “YOU CALL THIS A FOLD??? DO IT AGAIN” and throws it in his face and rip is like please. ive folded it so many times. my hands are shaking. i can only taste laundry detergent. and sara just laughs

“I’ll be 100% honest with you right now, people who aren’t like… In love with space kinda sketch me out, you know? Like, okay, maybe that’s a bit overboard. But there are people who straight up don’t like space. That makes no sense to me. The ocean I get because we know there are creatures there. And, like, yes there are like obviously aliens but we don’t have concrete evidence, unless that’s at Area 51. Which we do, definitely. But to not like space at all? Like I get that everyone has their interests and stuff, and I respect that. But I really can’t fathom not being excited at all over space. Like do some people not think supernovas are the shit? Because that one I’m gonna have to say that they’re wrong. Supernovas are the shit.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do a scenario with the dvr3 boys where during a trial their fem!s/o is accused of being the blackened (but is innocent)? Hope this is an okay ask! I completely understand if you don't want to do it.

Oh my god 

I love this prompt so much? 

Bless you anon

Thank you for the ask! <3 

- Mod Kaede 

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anonymous asked:

Welcome to the world of overwatch imagines! If you don't mind me asking for a request, would you do Lucio and Genji reacting to their S/O making cute noises when they stretch?

Thank you very much!! I hope I don’t disappoint!


  • Heart-eyes, dopey grin
  • This boy could literally not be more in love with you
  • Will probably immediately hug you, wrapping you in his arms
  • Can’t keep his hands off you and must show you how much you are loved
  • Could watch you do literally nothing for hours and would still say it was the most fun he had
  • When you stretch when the two of you are lying in bed together he has to dodge your limbs
  • But laughs it off anyway, even as your face goes red
  • Has probably recorded you stretching just because he thinks it’s so adorable
  • At one point had it as his text ring tone
  • Until Hana asked if his text ringtone was a frog chirping
  • He loved that but it made you blush really hard and ask him to please change it
  • “Aww, babe, if you want me to I will, but just know I think it’s adorable.”
  • Bought you a frog plushie to cuddle when he’s not there


  • When he’s wearing his faceplate it’s hard to tell how he feels
  • But when it’s off he gives you the gentlest look and a soft smile
  • If you close your eyes and slump down after stretching he’ll softly ask if you’re sleepy
  • After you nod he’ll carry you to bed and cuddle with you until you fall asleep
  • When you stretch you make this high pitched squeak sort of noise
  • Not loudly, just a soft high sound
  • He thinks it’s adorable
  • Reminded him of a cat the first time you did it
  • He always liked cats
  • You didn’t even realize you had made a strange noise
  • That was just how you had always stretched
  • You blushed when he told you he’d never heard anyone do that before and that it was cute
  • Plot twist: he’s started doing it too
  • Didn’t even notice at first
  • Stretched one day in front of McCree and he was like “??????” 
  • Thinks it’s funny tbh
  • Probably does it on purpose now
  • Still thinks you’re cuter when you do it, though
OOC: So a coworker thinks I’m a lesbian.

Me: Yeah so (name) thinks I’m a lesbian.

Female coworker: That is true.

Me: My hair has something to do with it.

Her: Well, maybe

Me: No seriously, he was talking about female basketball players and hairstyles and I told him hair has nothing to do with sexuality. He gestured at me and I was like, I’m straight bro. Then he didn’t believe me so I said, ‘would you like me to go into detail about how much I would like to lick chocolate off Frank Grillo because I can make that last an hour. I’ll make your ears burn.’

Male coworker: *chokes on own spit and starts laughing

Her: Oh god why. WHY. I didn’t need to hear that.

Me: Because I knew it’d make him shut up, drop it and walk away. Mission accomplished.

Her: I still didn’t need to know that.

Male coworker; She loves some italian stallions what’s wrong with that??

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Let's play a game! Tag 3 of ur favourite mutuals and explain why. Then send this to 3 other ppl anonymously!

Okay I finally have the chance to do this after being in class all day. First of all.. I’m slightly disappointed that I can only tag 3 people, so I’m going to bend the rules a little and tag 4.

@2hoshi Oh my god. Mira! Is! So! Important! To! Me! I would give the whole world to her. When I first saw her follow me, im like “Wow look at her url… so aesthetique, there’s even a 2 in front of it” and I don’t even remember how all “this” started, but One of us started tagging each other and then we both fell into this love hole. Honestly, just seeing her reblog something from me or even seeing her online makes me really happy! Mira thinks my puns are lame, but we both know they’re pretty amazing. And even though she threatened to block me like 100 times, she couldn’t do it because she loooives me ❤️ I rEFUSE to stop tagging her in love posts and kwoff laterold pics. Anyways, yallll I adore Mira.. She has such a cute personality and so witty too ahaha I ship moshi and minra 10/10 would stan. I hope she’s doing well and please protect her i love her with all my heart 💕💕 (also hi mira if you’re reading this we should talk more!!! ily)

@changeupmv Okay FIRST Rimsha’s selfies had me on the floor sobbing!!! She’s so cute and her eye makeup is ashskslssks! Rimsha is also so so sweet! Even though we recently became mutuals, I’m so thankful to have someone to share my svt inner fandom with… especially since I end up waking her every Sunday with my “ASFGHHJJHJJ”s and “!!!!!!!!!!”s because a new svt mv gets released. I still feel terrible about that but at the same time I also don’t hahaha. She sends me fat cats and seungkwan memes and that already improves my mood x100. 💖

@badtrait I had to tag Arman or else he’ll get triggered AHAAHA. But really though, Arman was one of the first people who talked to me. I knew him since my blog was a fetus. I love how we just have useless chats sometimes aka that string cheese chat and I can just complain about random stuff to him. I can also send him unlimited pics of my cat and he wouldn’t even mind agsjsksk. A lot of my old tumblr friends spontaneously deactivated, but Arman is still here and I’m so thankful! Also i would like to thank him for sending me useless anons. Plus he has big hair, so if that doesn’t make him a cool oppa, then idk what will tbh. Lol arman is lame sometimes, but I’m so glad I consider him a friend. uwu!

@01-bby Jasmine is my tag buddy!!! We’ve been mutuals for quite a while, but I never got the guts to actually talk to such a cool person until recently hahaha. I would like to thank her always tagging me in cat pics because my life span increases each year per picture. Not only that but the beautiful gifs of jeonghan and Joshua really made me 💖💖💖!!!! And oMG JASMINE is so pretty, she has this “natural beauty” look and avshsjsbss im envious!!

I wanna talk @wolf359radio, specifically their incredible juxtaposition of comedy with deeper themes, and their brilliant gamble about slow-building character investment. Because this is a podcast I feared I wouldn’t like, but that became my motivation to become a patron of something for the first time, well before I was finished with season 1. So I wanna dissect precisely what they’re doing so right on a crafting level. Mild spoilers up through the end of EP 11 below the cut.

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astreetsussserenade  asked:

Wait did I miss the part where you triumphantly updated us on your new cat and its name? Don't leave us hanging!

oh my GOd i don’t know how i forgot! before i tell you though, honorable mentions. although i ended up picking a name by spending an hour with my mom yelling different names at this cat, these were my favorite suggestions from you guys:

  • the dude
  • general mattis
  • wonder woman
  • noodles
  • major horton
  • two different people suggested the name bill.
  • steph curry

i did not, in the end, go with any of these, but god. bravo, you guys.

anyway, meet webster, my new baby <3

fluffyblue-artnwriting  asked:

I was just going about my day, thinking about klance - as you do - when Kodaline's "Pray" started playing on my mp3 and uh i a m nOT ok ay. Keiths self destructive tendencies + Lance's readiness to sacrifice himself + "im counting the days since you went away" + "what i would give to see you again" (+ this entire son p much tbh) = I'm a Mess

Hnnnnnnnnnn you’re just gonna come into my inbox and drop these feels on me… But oh God YES I just listened to it and it hurts me in my soul. Just the whole “I’ll pray for you / Do you pray for me?” dynamic… both of these boys are such a pining mess and they’re going to get themselves killed before they realize the other one feels the same way

(also psssssst I wrote a thing in response to S4 and it’s not Klance - though it wanted to be SO BADLY - but I think you might still enjoy it)

smutblog2electricboogaloo  asked:

Also I just gotta say how much I enjoy every thread I do with you, like even if writing and sex and rick and morty is the furthest thing from my mind a new thread reblog from you and I'm like hoo boy this is the only thing I can focus on A+++ you make it fun every time

((Oh my God thank you, I’m a huge fan of your writing your fics and RP (and art!!!), your Rick feels so real to me its incredible. I have dearly loved all of our threads they are so much fun with so much angst!))

anonymous asked:

hey fam ur the shit. your ooc presence on the dash is hilarious!!! and you're so friendly and approachable. plus, your will is so developed! you've obviously put so much work & love into him, and it really shows in your writing. all ur headcanons are so well thought out, & they really add a lot to will's character. he feels so much more multidimensional than he was in the tv show, tbh. you've made him your own in an amazing way.

oh  my  god  stop  this  is  just  so  asfjlsdhglh  sweet  !!!! !!! !!      this  honestly  made  my  whole week   .      i  haven’t  loved  a  character  like  i’ve  loved  will  in  so  long    .        thank  u  for  this  angel    .       honestly   .         i’m  glad  you  love  him  as  much  as  i  do  :’ ) ))  )


S3 doodles becaUse I loVed It sO MUCH. What lord did we pray to and who did we sacrifice to get such good content. Now waiting game until October 🙏❤️


🎶anything you do is alright, yes it’s alright🎶

when the show is called how to get away with murder and i am still shook every time there is a murder