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headcanon: Yura is definitely a night owl and Otabek probably too, but Beka is ready to fall asleep much faster than Yura. Sometimes Yura is still doing something but Beka already sleeps.
When Yura finally comes to bed, every time (i mean e v e r y) sleepy Otabek (who is already watching dreams) whispers “Come here” – and hugs his little russian kitten QQ oh my god. so, this is my f a v o r i t e hc of my top-20 headcanons. thank you for your attention & also sorry for my english! good night!

happy nyational cat day :3c

I can’t get over “I’ve already started working on Abby”, just oh my god. I get what’s partially awesome about it (shut up it’s awesome) is the shift from selfless!Murphy to jk-ulterior-motives Murphy. But it also kinda kills me that he can’t process how much Abby Griffin genuinely likes and believes in him without framing it like that. He is still, pretty much apart from Emori, all about transactional relationships – he saved Bellamy so they’re cool now; he saved Clarke so she ‘owes’ him. The lasting wrench in his relationship with Raven is that he can’t do anything to even his score with her.

He did Abby a favor, so he takes any kindness from her as a *response* to that, not like she would care what happened to him otherwise. He’s ‘working on’ making people like & value him. (Which is something he’s done before, periodically, since season one.) I guess I just find that sad more than suspicious.

The New Neighbor - Joe Sugg



Okay, so you can do this Y/n. Just knock on the door, introduce yourself and give them the plate of sweets. Not that hard. Okay here we go.

I made my hand into a fist and knocked on the door a couple times. “Caspar I swear to god- Your not Caspar.” A much taller male said. “Oh-oh no I’m Y/n. I came to um introduce myself since I just moved in right next door and wanted to give you these sweets.” I explained putting on a smile. “Oh sorry about that then, I’m Joe short for Joseph.” He smiled holding his hand out.

I grabbed his hand in my smaller one and shook it. “It’s nice to see a new friendly face around here.” He smiled. “Thanks I guess.” I chuckled. He smiled at me and nodded. “Well I should be going.” I smiled starting to back up. “Alright see ya.” He responded, I then took the chance to finally turn around but then stopped in my tracks. I looked down at the plate a sweets.

“Shit, wait!” I said turning around heading back for the door. Joe reopened the door and gave me a questioning look. “I forgot to give you this to you.” I smiled holding out the plate. He gave me a smile and took the tray out of my hands. “You wanna come in for a cup of tea?” He asked. “Are you sure? I don’t want to ruin what you were just doing.” I said sweetly.

“It’s no problem, I was just finishing recording Resident Evil 7.” He explained. “Your a gamer?” I asked. “Yeah, also a vlogger and just a normal youtuber.” He explained yet again. “Well I guess than.” I said answering his question. Joe quickly sent me a smile and moved out of the way to let me enter. I slowly walked in and saw the resemblance to mine.

“Welcome to the Sugg-Lee residence.” He said after closing the door. “Suggley?” I asked confused. “No no Sugg and Lee.” He laughed. “Oh.” I said dumbfounded. “You can have a seat on the couch well I get your tea.” He explained. I nodded in response and headed to the couch. “So you originally from London?” Joe asked.

“Oh no, I’m from Wells.” I explained. “That’s cool. What made you want to come to London?” He asked. I stiffened in my spot and placed my hand on the scar that laid on my neck. “No reason. Just a change of scenery.” I explained not wanting to tell the actually truth since I just met him. He looked down at me and handed me the cup of tea nodding.

“Thank your.”  I said with a smile. “No problem.” He smiled back taking a seat next to me. “So, Y/n how old are you?” Joe asked. “Twenty one next week so twenty.” I explained. “Are you single?” He then asked. I chuckled a bit. “Very.” I responded earning a chuckle out of him. “Would it be to much to ask you on a date?” He then asked. I looked over at him for a bit.

“No it’s not too much. So why the hell not.” I responded. He looked at me in disbelieve. “Wait really?” He asked. I nodded well sipping on my tea. “I have nothing better to do since I finished unpacking today.” I explained. “Wow, okay. Would you like to go later tonight or are you busy?” He asked. “That’s fine.” I responded. “So how about around eight then? I’ll take you out to dinner and a walk in the park after?” He asked.

I looked over him and smiled. “That sounds perfect.” I responded finishing up my tea. “Well I think I have overstayed my welcome so I’ll get out of your nest and head back to my place.” I smiled placing the mug on the coffee table in front of me. “Well I’ll be over at eight.” He smiled. I gave him back a smile and headed for the door. Right before I was going to open it I turned to look at him. “The one on the left.” I responded. He nodded at me and I left with that.


I stood in front of my long length mirror and smile. I wore a beautiful classy but also casual black dress with a pair of low cut converse. I had my hair up in a messy bun and had little makeup on, for I wanted my e/c eyes to pop out more. I heard a knock on my door and I turned to my bed and grabbed my purse that matched my outfit, and my phone. I walked out of my room and headed upstairs and to the door to which I opened.

Joe showed up in front of me and had a smile on his face. Instead of wearing his white shirt and jean shorts he was now wearing a classy outfit. He wore a black blazer with a white dress shirt under and a black tie with matching back pants. It would look like he was going to work at an office.

“Beautiful.” He responded after looking me from up to down. I blushed at his words. “You look handsome as well.” I responded. He smiled at me and held his arm out for me to take it. I wrapped mine around his and I turned off my lights and walked out of the place. We headed towards a black car and he opened the back door for me. I said a thank you and he closed the door behind me and ran to the other back door side and sat beside me.

“This is my friend Conor. He will be our driver for tonight.” Joe introduce. Conor turned around and held his hand out for me. “Conor.” He reintroduced. “Y/n.” I responded.

The rest of the night was perfect. We ate dinner just like he said and took a walk in the park under the moonlight sky of London. And by time we have gotten to my place His blazer was around my shoulders and we were saying goodbye.

“I had a wonderful time tonight Joe. Thank you.” I smiled. He returned it, “It’s no problem. I had fun as well, maybe we should do this again.” He suggested. “I would love to.” I answered. He smiled and leaned down and gave me a kiss on my cheek and started to walk away. “Wait Joe, your blazer.’” I said starting to take it off. “I’ll pick it up at some other point. “Don’t worry about it Y/n.” He smiled. “Thank you.” I smiled once again. He returned it once again and turned to enter his place.

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Hello. This is the first time i ever give comment or posting anything, since i've known you as the scanlator for nekota yonezoh sensei manga 2 years ago. I just want to say thank you so much, can't express enough in words. I love you so much and please do take care of your health 😁😆❤❤ Wow it feels like i'm confessing my love for a senpai. Kyaaa!!! 😆😆😆


Thank you so much for your sweet message it really means a lot!!!!!! <3


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Your Hearth and Blitz are too cute???? How do u do it????????

Aaaaa?? Aaaa!! Thank you oh my god!! Thats so sweet man, idk how i do it,,,,,,, i honestly didnt really like my Blitz that much bc it was so different than a lot of drawings but???? When i first read the mc series i just pictured him as an olderish darker leo valdez with a beard i guess


Star Wars worlds : Dathomir 
Dathomir was a remote, neutral planet in the Quelli sector and the home of the Nightsisters. The planet, lit red by its central star, had numerous continents that were overrun with vegetation, forests, and swamplands. The Nightsisters, also known as the Dathomir witches, made their home in the swamps, and wielded magicks fueled by Dathomir’s own power. Dathomir was also home to the Nightbrothers, Zabraks who were ruled by the Nightsisters. During the Clone Wars, Dathomir would come under attack multiple times due to the machinations of Mother Talzin and her rival Darth Sidious, leading to the destruction of most of the inhabitants and settlements on the planet by the Confederacy of Independent Systems after conquering it. Asajj Ventress, a Nightsister trained by Count Dooku, returned to Mother Talzin after her master betrayed her, drawing Dathomir to Dooku’s attention and concluding in a battle where all the Nightsisters but Ventress and Mother Talzin were killed.


“Tell him you’re excited to have his last name and then marry his brother.”

Oh my god I had so much fun doing this silly comic! I really hope everyone can take this prompt as a joke as I really mean no harm in doing this! 💖 Some McHanzo for Valentine’s Day 💖💖💖 have a fun week, y’all! Check out more of my silly doodles here :D


Tumblr please don’t kill the quality too much.

Okay, jumped on the bandwagon of @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, which is so gorgeous I couldn’t help but draw the precious kings in a mural style. Looks a little asymmetrical (especially Yuuri OH GODS WHY), but that’s cuz I can’t do digital lineart to save my life (I definitely prefer digital colouring tho) so I just did it over my ink sketch from the paper version. Still, I’ve definitely come a long way with my digital arts, so I’m really happy with how this turned out. :3

Anyways, hope y’all like it, especially the creator of the AU LOL.

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good




a close second to my favorite panel of this chapter

Izuku. Izuku you don’t have a pen or paper my child you’re doing this entirely out of habit and that’s the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen oh my god this is so cute c ri es

little things to love about hansol
  • literally the biggest meme ever
  • also has a big heart 
  • loves his little sister to bits ;; 
  • always wants to be the best role model for his little sister /cRYING
  • very poetic 
  • writes a lot of the hip hop unit’s lyrics 
  • his lyrics always tell an amazing story 
  • he is the peacekeeper of the group
  • his smile!!! so bright!!! so big!!!
  • both of his parents are artist 
  • himself.. not so much LOL 
  • but it’s okay he does his best 
  • does a lot of exaggerated movements 
  • has a lot of dynamic expressions and reactions 
  • little leonardo dicaprio
  • made a little snowman in front of the pledis building oMFG SO FRICKIN CUTE
  • was in “kids explore life” 
  • same birthday as dk
  • always imitating seungkwan and his adlibs
  • “mOM I WON THIS!!!!” 
  • “ur not supposed to say “oh my god”” -Vernon to his sister
  • had one great concept of “do not put up a front”
  • OMG HIS LAUGH!!!!!
  • he loves to sing 
  • if he wasn’t in the hip hop unit, he said he would be in the vocal unit
  • *dabs*
  • *running man* 
  • *hotline bling dance* 
  • *hit them folks*
  • knows all the trends, such a trendy boy
  • it’s all about self love with this boy 
  • always vibing 
  • always lit in the mixtapes 
  • pls love this hard-working, inspiring, respectful individual.