oh my god so annoying

Let’s be real.

Alex was probably all. 

“She keeps showing up at my crime scenes”

“Oh my God mom she SUCKS at pool”

“Me and Maggie infiltrated an underground alien fight club”

“Today she called and asked me if I want to see a dead body, who does that?”

“She has a really nice smile, its so annoying” 

Eliza is just thinking “Oh my God my daughter is so gay”


Jon was not afraid of death, but he did not want to die like that, trussed and bound and beheaded like a common brigand. If he must perish, let it be with a sword in his hand, fighting his father’s killers.

now tell me this,
and you tell me true.
would you still love me,
if I hadn’t bloodied my hands,
crawled my way out of hell for you?

I loved you first; I'll love you still, so what’s one more bitter pill? (h.m.)

inspired by Not Easily Conquered by whatarefears and drop-deaddream

Can people stop shaming others who are having doubts/don’t believe anymore please? Like I understand that you may be trying to boost confidence but you could phrase your concern by saying ‘I know that some of you are having doubts, and that is ok and understandable, but please remember that [insert proof/pep talk here]’ instead of being like ‘oh my god can people stop doubting it’s so annoying’

In February, my annoying coworker told me “If you think they’re going to keep you at this job you’re dreaming!”. 

Today, my manager told me, in front of my annoying coworker “This place wouldn’t work without you, of course we’re renewing you and our boss told me he’s not letting you go”.

anonymous asked:

the titles are shown at TVShowTime i think they're real. and wasn't 2x12 the episode with the sweet malec scene? if so i can't wait the title sounds amazing but i'm still scared to get my hopes up but can you imagine alec saying that to magnus?? i'm

Thanks for letting us know, Anon. Looks like they are indeed legit then.

And yup, 2x12 is the ep with the reportedly scene where “Alec is so sweet with Magnus”. If that scene makes the cut, that is. Sorry for the salt, but I am still suspicious after the disaster that is 2x07 when it comes to things like these. So I am really trying to not get my hopes up. Which is already hard enough. Sigh.

damn you, i’m approaching an Organisation of my own.  I NEVER CARED BEFORE.

ooze is well on the way, then sludge, then we dump a thrift store on baldy, and then we melt down critters until there are no awakened ones left.

mindlessly chucking shit into the pot every ~40min because you brainlessly click around the site anyway and you might as well do SOMETHING right
it’s effective.

the lack of blue goo is slightly distressing
also oh god oh god oh GOD i just noticed i hAVE NO BLUE SLUDGE