oh my god snow

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If you like: When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity!

Ooh, thank you - I love these things! Okay, okay, 5 things that make me happy… have to narrow it down best I can. Here goes:

1. Snow. And I’m not talking that light dusting that DC seems to get every winter. I’m talking real, true business, my-car-is-buried-in-snow-so-high-I-can’t-see-the-top-of-it snow; that “Oh my god, I can’t get out the front door” snow; that “forget everything and just let me lie here in pajamas all week and occasionally go outside just to start a snowball fight” snow.

2. Coffee. Yes, the boost of caffeine that comes from drinking coffee, but also the taste and smell of the coffee itself.

3. Sushi. OM NOM NOM

4. My six-month old nephew. He is such a delight and a treasure and even though I’ll probably never settle down and have kids of my own, I love him to bits and pieces and he sometimes makes me wish I could put my ovaries to good use.

5. Books and libraries. I’ve tried e-readers and I can’t stand them. There is just something so satisfying about the feel of a book in my hand, and I love to read, so if I had the time, I’d spend hours and hours in the library.

(I tried to narrow it down, I really did. It’s not in my nature to be succinct.)

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How would the 104th squad and the vets react to snow?

Mikasa: So romantic
Reiner: Snow ball fight!
Bertholdt: :/
Annie: Worried about the animals
Jean: Oh my god leave me alone seasonal depression just hit me
Marco: It’s so beautiful!
Sasha: *___*
Connie: It’s cold and I don’t like it
Historia: Puts three tiny snowballs on top of each other “Levi”
Armin: Is amazed and loves it
Ymir: Whatever, I prefer sitting at the fireplace and NOT having my hands freeze off
Levi: IS2G if you come in with your dirty shoes I will skin you
Hanji: makes 20 snow angles
Erwin: Watches the kids play and likes the atmosphere of snowy landscapes
Nanaba: Likes it for one day and is annoyed after that
Mike: Accidentally kills everyone with a huge ass snowball
Moblit: Why is any of this happening

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"Oh my God is that what I think it is?"

Penny screamed. I pushed Baz off me (and did my best to fix my hair). I could feel blood rise to my face. He was smirking. The git. 


Penny dropped her bag, books flying everywhere, and rushed across the flat to the couch, yanking my wrist hard enough to dislocate my shoulder. 

“Basilton, you romantic sap, you really didn’t spare any expense on the ring, did you?” she said, turning my hand over in hers. 

thank you so much and im so very sorry this took so long

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I get a little bit Genghis Khan
I don’t want you to get it on
With nobody else but me
With nobody else but me

What would I do without music in my life? My last (my brother’s, actually) video discovery is Genghis Khan by Miike Snow. Oh my god, those characters, the chorus’ happy tune, the ending… Well, just watch it, believe me, you’ll love it.