oh my god sherlock's neck

*Molly’s flat*

Molly: *babysitting Rosie* Okay, now go and put your nightdress on and I’ll come and tell you a goodnight story

Rosie: *giggling; runs to her bag* Okay

Molly: *goes to her bedroom*

Sherlock: *behind her bedroom door* Hello

Molly: *chocked* oh my god! Sherlock!

Sherlock: *smirking; starts kissing her neck; pulling her towards her bed* Yes…?

Molly: *chuckles* what are you doing here?

Sherlock: *smiles; on the bed, lying on elbows over her* Just wanted to stop by, see if there’s anything I could help with

Molly: *pulls him down for a snog* Oh, there certainly is

Sherlock and Molly: *lying on her bed; snogging*

Rosie: *enters; sees Sherlock and Molly* Eew!

Sherlock: *abruptly stops, sits up; smiles* Hello, Rosie

Rosie: *grins* Is auntie Molly your girlfriend, uncle Sherlock?

Sherlock: *smirking; looks at Molly*

Molly: *blushes; nods*

Sherlock: *smiles* Yeah, She is

Rosie: *happy* Yay! Finally!

Sherlock: *frowns* Finally?

Molly: *smiles* Come on. You’re going to sleep *puts Rosie to bed*


Rosie: Daddy?

John: Yes?

Rosie: Did you know that auntie Molly is uncle Sherlock’s girlfriend

John: *chuckles; frowns* what?

Rosie: *grins* I saw them play with each other’s tongues

John: WHAT!?


John: *storming in*

Molly: *sitting on Sherlock’s lap, in his chair; kissing him*

Sherlock: *looking up; to John* everything okay?

John: *angry* did you two, snog, in front of my daughter!

Sherlock: *clears his throat*

Molly: *embarrassed* uhmm, we may have been, err, sort of kissing a bit

John: *mad; wide-eyed*

Rosie: *standing behind John* It was a secret? *smiles; innocently*