oh my god nova

This is wild. To think in the next few weeks I’m gonna have this tracklist memorized through and through. This is the last time we’re going to look at those titles and try to guess what they’re about. The lyrics, the melodies… This is such an exciting time for the fandom and it only lasts so long. Savor it.

anonymous asked:

How would the squad react when they find out Nova and Connor are dating? (*singing noncanon*) (Bonus Question If You'd Like: Covy reacting to how the squad reacted.)

Nova; hey everyone *holding Connor’s hand*

*everyone else: hi.

Jack: so what is Sol doing again?

Sol; dancing! *skipping in a circle*

Jack:…umm it looks like you’re skipping. 

Sol; am not! dance! *jazz hands

*nova and Connor walk over, still holding hands* ugh, he’s doing that for attention. He always randomly dances when he thinks he’s not the center of attention

Jack: seriously? i used to just put fireworks in my dad’s coffee. 

Connor; why?

Jack:…really four eyes. it’s…why are you two holding hands?

Nova; Oh, well…

Jack: Is it cold?

Nova; no

Jack: are you trying to make sure four eyes doesn’t run off?

Nova; umm, no

Jack: are you trying to dry your hands but are too lazy to find a towel or use your hoodies and thus just using four eyes to dry them?

Nova; no!

Jack: oh my god you’re dating!

Nova; Umm…well…

Jack: YES! *throws confetti* YES FINALLY I WIN THE BET, ALL THE MONEY! *falls to his knees, crying* ALL THE MONEY!

Missy: you’re dating? congrats! *hugs both of them.

Roman: that’s awesome guys. 

Sol;…..well duh! I know that *Holding in squeals* 

Viktor:….*throws rice at Nova and Connor*

Nova; hey, Viktor!

Viktor: isn’t that what you do when people announce they date?

Jack: that’s marriage buddy

Viktor:…i’m not seeing the difference. 

sashajinn  asked:

So for it to be nova's birthday and little Mariposa is a toddler does that mean slut phase is about to go on soon?

Oh yeah, before my old laptop died Louis was already beginning slut stage and now with this new single dad plan we need to get the ball rolling. Nova won’t be a toddler forever, and we need Louis to have a toddler around the time Nova ages up into a child.

( oh my god I’m not ready Louis is a BABY)

mmmmm hey sooo like,, i know ive been silent for a, uh, a while,,, ,, , ,

i still like mysmes but it’s been forever since I played and im like waiting to feel like playing it again ;;;

in the meantime tho ive been playing other otome games, mostly Voltage’s Lovestruck games so i’ll probably start posting about that stuff here

the blog name will be the same, but there’ll just be more other otome content!

Another episode of the same cartoon again but it’s one of my favorite episodes-

((episode: “the fugitive” ))

Nova: oh god,,they are gonna steel food again! XD


Nova: AAAAND,,Dee-dee eats all the food! XD

Nova: wait, why is there a eyeball thereeeEeee-OH GOD, OH,,ITWASOGGY-XD

Nova: good job. You killed him.

Nova: oh wait, he was alive all this time- XDDD

vineyardelf  asked:

For the trope FMK: Anomaly, Caliber, and Nova

Slow burn: Caliber

Oh my god, I’m so gay for my giant muscly gunner, but we’re both ridiculously shy and neither of us would be able to ask the other out for ages.

Fake date: Nova

Poor Nova is so sweet, and we’d end up fake dating at some point - it would be nice, we could just go to dinner somewhere quiet, or get coffee together and go stargazing.

Enemies: Anomaly

Anomaly is a doll, but we have very different ideas of fun, and I’m pretty sure he and I would rub each other the wrong way pretty fast.