oh my god my art is terrible

I have decided that I shall henceforth ignore all the bad stuff associated with Joseph, he was sweet, I love him, and so does Philip

I guess I was inspired by @a-million-chromatic-dreams “Smaller Than He Seems AU” because I drew a mini portal Ford in my sketchbook and then decided to color it! :D 

I have no idea what’s going on haha whoops

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Here's a gentle reminder that you're incredible and so,so inspiring, and your art never ceases to amaze me. Have a peaceful day! :)

Oh, Anon… I was having the roughest few days art-wise. After reading your wonderful message a few hours ago, I felt so inspired to get back to work (on a Fenris and Hawke piece I’d left sitting, no less). Thank you so much. I hope you have a nice day too ♥

Bokuto headcanon

He has a beautiful handwriting, because when he was a kid, it was terrible, so his mom made him use that caligraphy training notebooks and now his handwriting is almost perfect, but his “f” is totally shitty sometimes.
When he first met Kuroo, he was trying to study for math in the grass of a training camp, when he finally got some free time. When Kuroo looked at the notebook he WENT NUTS BECAUSE WOW MAN THIS IS BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD- HEY KENMA COME SEE THIS IS A FUCKING PIECE OF ART OH MY GOD HI MY NAME IS KUROO AND YOU’RE AND ARTIST

P.s: he was actually talking about the little turtle in the top of the page that Boo drawed for distraction

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Hello Squiggly! I really like your art and it's very nice to look at all the wonderful art you've drawn!! I have one question though, what is a good age to start building a following, like you've said in a post in the past? Just asking for a friend. :>


My knee-jerk reaction is to say “START NOW.”  But a better answer is to say: age doesn’t matter so much as maturity does.

That’s a super hard thing to judge, of course.  When I was twelve, man, I thought I was as mature as my parents.  I felt the same up through ‘til I was, like, eighteen.  The reality is that I was a teenager.  I wanted to be taken seriously, I wanted to see myself as mature, and of course as a result I was a terrible judge of my own maturity level.

I started posting my art online when I was, like… oh, god.  Looking back, the first drawing I posted online was back in June 2012:


That puts me at age 17 when I started trying to build an online presence.  It wasn’t for another good three years until I started being actually successful at it.  A lot of that, I gotta chalk up to the fact that I was very immature at the time – certainly, my art was nowhere near what I can do now, but even if my art had been at a higher level back then, I’d have been far too immature to behave properly online in the face of any significant audience for my art.  Like, trust me – most of my personal posts from that time are long gone, but I was EMBARRASSING.

I think the best answer I can give you is: start when you think you’re legitimately ready, and when you do, always do your best to be prudent about your online behavior.  Nobody’s perfect; I act like an idiot pretty frequently on here.  But especially on a website like Tumblr, where the community can be so incredibly nitpicky and judgemental, you gotta be aware of who your audience is going to be, and of the behavior that’s cropped up within it in the past.  There are battles to be picked and fought, and battles to be ignored, and battles to be shut down the instant the first tantrum is thrown.

Kind of a roundabout answer, I guess.  Sorry about that.  Basically: start when you’re ready.