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Oh my god Suzie, so I was watching The Mummy from 1932 and holy crap, Boris Karloff's face is perfect for Strickler. He's got the same profile practically and he pretty much looks like him ahhhhhh. Also, Karloff makes me go weak in the knees in that movie.

Oh my god, you know what this means…

Stricklake Mummy AU. 

Me: walks by a dog on the street

Me: okay keep your cool, you dont want to look weird, just breath and  keep on low profile, hes probably just a good boy that doesn’t want to be bothered or assaulted by a stranger person like I am, I wonder what the dog thinks.. i hope my hair is in shape right now.. that would be embarassi-OH GOD WE MADE AN EYE CONTACT AND ITS SEEMS TO BE PANTING HAPPILY, WHAT DO I DO 

Dating Taehyung (V) would include

- your parents kinda looking at you a little funky when you brought him home to meet them, your dad kinda like….is he aight tho

- over dramatic Taehyung whenever he ate yours or your mothers cooking, “oh my god, oh my god, get my phone, call namjoon” “what Taehyung why u okay???” “This pasta is….its….so….good.” “…..”

- him changing his name in ya goddamn phone every day, and your wallpaper, but it’s just him, you look at your Instagram profile, it’s him too, and your Facebook? It’s him again. Don’t give your phone to this boy.

- Taehyung dressing you up, like you’d be tired from a long day at work and he comes in trying to make you feel better by dolling you up and making you drinks and it kind of works

- Taehyung putting more alcohol than he should because he doesn’t know how to properly mix drinks so he just throws it together and then you’re drunk trying to sing Christmas songs in English and he’s calling namjoon like “fucking help I don’t know what I did” while you try to put in your the grinch who stole Christmas box set

- Taehyung rubbing your head and combing his fingers through your hair while you softly fell asleep in his lap, 45 minutes into the grinch and chill

- Jimin coming everywhere with you, like you’re all pumped to go out to eat with Taehyung but then Jimin is there with his mom sunglasses and backpack more hyped than you are

- Taehyung trying to constantly get you to film some videos on the v app with him, but you’re too shy so he kind of just pouts at you until you agree and instantly regret it because how the frick do you handle this alien on live TV without flicking him

- him picking you up in early morning hours when your bangs are still in your curler to watch the sunrise with you in this abandoned field, while he unknowingly takes pictures of a still half asleep you drinking the coffee had bought you, giggling when you miss the straw like 3 times

- the rest of bts kinda wondering how you fit with him so well? He’s by himself on the personality spectrum but like with you his personality just fits in so well with you that it kind of amazes them

- Taehyung the type to not finish what he started, like y'all will be kissing it up on the couch and shit will get heavy and you’re about to reach for his shirt but then he’s like omg! I have practice! Gtgtgtgtg

- he also the type to send you sweaty pics of him in the practice room mirror with dumbass captions like, ‘workin hard or hardly workin ;)“

- honestly, you the type to pounce on him the second he walks back in the door though, then his slightly oblivious ass connects two and two and makes you forget your name for about an hour

- this boy…. His love would be, I don’t even know how to explain it, neither would you, or him. It’s just special, like y'all fit so good together and you can’t make sense of it but being with him would feel so fucking great that you wouldn’t even question it, y'all would just love each other.

Big Bang reactions to seeing you in a wedding dress

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[I want to marry all of them tbh…]

He couldn’t see your dress before the wedding, so when he saw you walking down the aisle, he couldn’t stop staring at you and your beautiful dress. He thought it was just the right dress and was very glad that you bought that one. He was glad you spent money on that dress and he took many pictures of you and posted them on Instagram.
“Oh my god you look so great. You’ll probably be my profile picture on Instagram from now on.”

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You were at the store looking at the dresses and you were suppose to meet GD at the Starbucks, but here you were looking at the dress you couldn’t keep your eyes off. The employee saw you looking at it and you ended up trying it on and calling him to come see it. He liked the dress a lot, but he wanted you to have your dream dress for your wedding. He told you the options and if you wanted to buy this one he would totally buy it for you.
“But you can still tell me to design your dress… Or we can get someone else to design the dress… You want this one? Okay, I’ll buy it for you.”

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He was very sensitive when you were deciding where you’ll buy your wedding dress. He wanted you to not just like it, but love it. You both agreed someone will design it for you and you told each other’s ideas. When the dress was finish and you were getting ready to do the photo shoot in the dress, he knocked on the changing room asking if it’s okay. When you stepped out he literally stopped breathing for a moment and then got really excited about it.
“…Oh….My…God…. YouaresobeautifulIcannoteven…*talks too quicks*”

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When you told him you finally want to buy the wedding dress he said he’ll come with you and he ended up going with you to 5 different stores and calling 3 designers. He had to wait a lot, but finally after 4 hours of searching for THE dress you found the one. When he saw it he started cringing because it was so cute and hot at the same time. He liked it and told you if someone’s gonna see you in it they might fall for you like he did.
“If Seungri tells you something unaproppriate just slap him or something." 

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He was the one who started the talk about the dress and he told you about 10 designers and showed you a lot of dresses and asked you if you liked any of them. You decided you’ll call the designer and meet up without Seungri. After a few months when the dress was ready you tried it on at home and called Seungri to come see it. It was so unexpected, he only stood there surprised how beautiful you looked.
"I don’t know if I saw anyone so beautiful before. Nope, I haven’t.”

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“Hahaha I’ll show what CUCKS those leftists are by searching my extensive collection of cuckold porn and poopcuck fetish website profiles to find a guy who vaguely looks like the guy who might have punched Richard Spencer, those degenerate cucks! …Oh god I have to type one-handed now…”

Liar Liar~ Chapter 5

Genre: Mafia AU

Pairing: Reader/Jungkook.

Others Characters in Chapter:  Taehyung, Jimin, Namjoon, Minah, Yoongi

Length:  4542 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be

Part: 5/?

“ By the way doll, the name’s Jimin”. Jimin..I prefer orange. I saw him look behind me, at Namjoon who was towering behind me. Jimin gave him a subtle nod. He’s gonna do something, oh my god. Suddenly, the danger felt real. I started struggling again.

Then, darkness took over.

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Okay… So I was in health class and we were talking about stress. Our teacher (He’s pretty chill and cool) asked us if we watched youtube videos to relax. He then pointed to me and said something like “Yeah I know you, miss youtube channel” and then a bunch of people turned to look at me 

W  H A T 


And then I realised I left a link to my channel on schoology profile… I did it about a year ago because my friends wanted to see if and I guess I forgot to take it down. 

How much does he know???? I got into health during the second semester (January) so I’m sure he’s seen the “SHHH” map part. But oh god… if he saw the dentist map part…

I literally wrote in the description of that video that I love Robbie so much.

Not to mention this was the cut-off:

HE MIGHT HAVE SEEN THAT… FOR GODS SAKE. I SHOULD’VE ASKED HIM AFTER SCHOOL “so umm how much do you know, like what videos did you see?”

So ummm yeah

My teacher, and potentially many others now know that I love Robbie. 


I done messed up

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you keep saying that your time as fulbright was so bad, but why did you even stay in that role for so long? surely there must have been an easier, less risky, and faster way to get the psyche profile back? staying in one place as the same person for such a long amount of time just seems like it'd increase the chances of being detected significantly, and look, that's precisely what happened. so tell me, what was the point of your plan? it seems just pretty damn stupid to me.


I don’t say it was bad. I just say the person he was was annoying. And, I hardly chose to stay in this role for so long.

As for the psyche profile, what exactly should I have done? I thought I - or rather the detective - would be able to gain Blackquill’s trust much faster and that he would tell me where he kept that damned piece of paper - I thought it would be over soon enough. Only that then, it obviously wasn’t.
Are you complaining because I didn’t go and torture Blackquill so he’d tell me where he kept it? Because the thought did cross my mind.
But that would have been stupid. Both the public and the chief prosecutor personally kept a close eye on him after he was allowed to prosecute again. I thought it would be pretty damn stupid to risk something like that, especially while posing as detective in charge of him. I always prefer settling matters in a way that gathers as little attention as possible.
There was no way I could have known everything would go so wrong.

As an additional side note, being the detective then allowed me a convenient way to try and get rid of that piece of rock.
And don’t you dare telling me that this, too, didn’t work out. I’ve noticed.”

A History Of Hair - The Chen Edition~!

There’s been the “I’m gunning for 1st place in the Cockatoo lookalike contest” hair

The “I’m one lip peircing away from a myspace profile pic” hair

The “could poke your eye out” spikes

The “my mom flattened down my hair before church” hair

The “you could eat soup out of this bowl” hair

The hipster art student hair

The “I’m so glad I’m not Sehun rn” hair

The “I escaped the great bleaching of wolf era” hair

The “sharper than my cheekbones” hair

The “oh god what atrocity is he hiding” 

The “accio Zhang Liyin” hair

The “I don’t need a helmet, my hair is the helmet” hair

The “I bet you’re not looking at my hair” hair

The cute boy next door hair

The hairspray/humidity otp hair

The “probably barks when the doorbell rings” hair

The “I finally got the smell of perm chemicals off my clothes” hair

The “please look how strong my eyebrow game is” hair

  • white american: *posts #prayforparis on their twitter*
  • white american: *changes their facebook profile pic to the french flag colors*
  • white american: oh my god... i am SUCH a good person. everybody look at me. i'm so great. i'm such a humanitarian.
  • white american: what's beirut?
How the signs respond to being stabbed

Aries: I’m so sorry for getting blood all over your knife, I’ll clean it up right away!

Taurus: Wow, I wouldn’t of stabbed you if I knew you’d stab me back.


Cancer: Excuse me, rude much?! Like, oh my god, I can’t even right now. I just CAN’T.

Leo: ((Immediately kicks the stabber in the groin, because that is a Leo’s response to everything))

Virgo: Hey you wanna go and have a drink with me after this is all over?


Scorpio: All this getting stabbed is making me hungry.

Sagittarius: You cleaned your knife before stabbing me right?

Capricorn: What is this? A stabbing contest? YOU’RE ON BRO!

Aquarius: That’s a cool knife. Can I have it when you’re done stabbing me?

Pisces: I don’t get it. Do it again but slower this time so I understand.