oh my god look at that hair

in the night 

by suspendrs (19k)

Published : 2017-03-28

“Papa?” Louis questions, quietly enough that he won’t wake Bridget again. “Where did she even learn that?”

“Um,” Harry breathes, staring down at Bridget’s sleeping face. He should’ve known that that was why she was asking. “I may have told her some other names for ‘dad’ when she asked me the other day,” he admits.

“Oh my god,” Louis chuckles, looking down at her.

“She’s never called me it before, though, and I didn’t even think she would,” he says, rushed.

“She wants you to be her dad so badly,” Louis whispers, the smile fading from his face. Harry glances down at Bridget, unable to help his smile at her sleeping face.

“Yeah,” he mutters, reaching up to push a piece of Bridget’s hair behind her ear. “So do I, to be honest.”

Or, the self-indulgent reversed pov and slight continuation of come away with me.

( Series )

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the girl i have a major crush on cut her hair. into an undercut all around with her really curly darker red hair on top/to the side. she looks so cute i literally blushed when i saw her and my brain isn't functioning like i can't speak im speechless... im so gay oh my god

aww that’s cute

for everyone who wants to know what bex said about klance in afterbuzz:

  • basically they’re talking about ship discourse and bex suddenly goes
  • “Can we just….. for a quick second talk about klance?” (around 4:43)
  • she then says that she loves the chaos that occurs “when all the klance shippers blow up”
  • in relation to this, the hosts mention jeremy being in one of their previous episodes (and klance shippers’ reactions to it lol) and bex immediately says “OH MY GOD” and looks to the camera like she just knows
  • so my theory so far is that she knows we drag him and tbh i hope she drags him too god bless that boy
  • later on they talk about the emperor’s new groove moment in episode 5 and bex cheers (around 8:30??)
  • and eventually she’s crying-laughing and she legit curls up into a ball and wheezes “yOU BROKE ME” (pictured below)
External image
  • they also mention how keith keeps the towel on his head throughout that entire scene
  • bex says “He knows that his hair just sets Lance off. It just wasn’t the right time.”
  • she also jokes that it sticks to his hair because of all the hair product

and ok i think thats it basically bex is so sweet and great she makes lots of references to tumblr posts and has great insights about discourses like hunk not getting enough moments this season and the pidge bathroom debate AND HOGWARTS HOUSES so yes watch it



afghafuckin’ WOW.

So I commissioned @yliseryn to draw Allura in my wedding dress because personal vanity and LOOK AT THIS PERFECTION. She even threw in an appropriate Shiro reaction shot. xD And Allura’s holding my bouquet and the ribbon color is the same and omg OH MY GOD the lighting and her hair and look how happy she is and it will take me a bit to formulate actual words to describe this RIP my writing ability. #__#

Imagine Peter hitting on you.

“You must be a magician…” Peter smoothed his hair back as he looked at you.

You raised an eyebrow,not knowing what to expect.

“Because every time I look at you everyone else disappears.” He winked at you.

“Oh my god.” You deadpanned.

Peter tried a different approach,

“I’m awkward. Wanna make out?”

I had a late realization about Iwaizumi

OK, I feel like a dummy for noticing this so late, but LOOK AT THIS GIF:



Oh my god this was absolutely adorable ANYWAY but he’s actually lifting Iwa because Iwa is that smol




*runs around tearing out hair*

OTP Promts/Imagines

“You’re that graffiti artist that doesn’t really do graffiti but instead does really meaningful art all through the city but you’re also wanted by the police and I really admire you - and oh my god you’re fucking gorgeous.”

“We went to the same preschool and kindergarten and you hated me because I pulled your hair and threw rocks all the time and then you moved but now you’re back and we’re in highschool and I’m captain of the football team and you’re totally clueless as to who I am and I absolutely will be using this to my advantage.”

“You’re a popular stripper at my favorite club and you just came in to my tattoo shop looking to get a sleeve done, but I don’t think I can do it because I can’t stop shaking.”

“We just became roommates and you’re really hot and I can’t stop mixing up my words and stuttering and I think that you think I have a speech impediment.”

“I have a speech impediment and it gets worse around you and I really just want to say hello but the last time I tried I screamed ‘GOODBYE’ in your face and I’m too embarrassed to try again.”

“I left school and was really sick for a couple years, but just came back and look like a completely different person and people won’t leave me alone about what happened until you start hanging out around me to keep people off of my back about it.”

“You just randomly burst into tears in front of me and now we’re sitting in a corner on a stairwell cuddling and I’m actually really nervous because you fell asleep like an hour ago but I don’t want to wake you up and make you start crying again.”

“I’m a popular writer and you’re one of my fans and I know I made a promise to myself never to daye a fan but I really want to break that promise so I can kiss you and hold your hand because you’re really cute.”

“We go to the same bar and to break the ice every Saturday I come up with a new cheesy pick up line just so I can hear you laugh and we usually hang out for the rest of the night talking about stupid stuff.”

“I may or may not have accidentally let my dog play in a huge mud puddle and now he’s jumping all over you and you’re absolutely drenched in mud and look like you want to break me in half.”

“My cat loves you. The only thing is my cat hates everyone, including me, and I need to take said cat to the vet but I can’t get her to go in the travel kennel and I only have twenty minutes and the vet is fifteen minutes away.”

“I’m homeless and am sitting on the bench outside of a department store freezing because it just freshly snowed and now the employees are telling me to leave and you were there and offered to take me home to get cleaned up and warm and now I can’t stop crying because you’re too kind.”

“I may or may not be drunk out of my mind and I may or may not be an incredibly honest drunk and confessed my undying love to you while sobbing into your t-shirt.”

“You’re that barista that I hate but now that I started coming in more frequently I’m starting to realize you aren’t that bad but I keep being a dick because I’m too prideful to own up to my own stupid judgements.”

“You’re a foreigner and every time you start speaking in your first language I can’t help but blush because it sound really hot even though you could be talking about taking a shit.”

“We’re playing Never Have I Ever and I’m the only one who hasn’t been kissed out of the group and afterwards you came up to me and asked if I’d like to change that.”

“I broke my leg and was really high on pain medication and started crying because you weren’t there and now the video my mother took went viral and I don’t think I can look you in the eye ever again.”

“You’re the only person who knows how to manage my panic attacks and how to calm me down and I couldn’t appreciate that more.”

“We were a thing in highschool and I actually really miss you but you have a partner that’s a total dick and I’m pretty sure you want out but I can never get up the nerve to talk to you.”

“You just dumped your partner and now your sleeping on my couch - and oh my god is that my dildo!?”

“We’re roommates and you just found my extensive lingerie collection an I can’t tell if you’re freaked out or turned on.”


This actually fucking happened today

I was shopping with some family friends and there was me, my mom, two other kids, and their parents. I was wearing casual clothes. Jeans, a shirt and my hair was tied up in a messy bun. I was bored, hands in my pockets and shit. Only, i was wearing  A RAINBOW SHIRT BC IM BI IN HIDING AND ONE KID SAID “why are you wearig a shirt like that haha you’re not gay” and I just looked at him dead straight in the eyes and asked “how would you know?” and his dad is a pastor and he gave me a startled look. i screamed internally. IT GOT WORSE. A CUTE GIRLS WALKED BY AND WAS WEARING A LGBT SHIRT AND SHE WAS CUTE SO I MADE A BIG SHOW BY WINKING AT HER AND SHE GOT SO FLUSTERED IT WAS CUTE AS FUCK AND SUDDENLY I REMEMBERED. I WHIRLED AROUND TO LOOK AT THE OTHERS AND THEY ALL LOOKED MORTIFIED WHILE MY MOM WAS LIKE “GOD DAMMINT DIMITRA”

How much does my little brother love Agent Kallus?

A whole fucking lot, it would surprisingly seem. Here are a couple of his comments from the finale relating to our favorite character.

Him: “He looks really cute with his hair like that.” 

Me: *silence*


Me: “Oh, no, you’re not the only one.”

“Awww, baby no! It’s not your fault! Thrawn’s just an ass!”

“I wish it were possible to give fictional characters a hug because he looks so scared and I just- hnnnngh!”


And, my personal favorite:

“That smirk just added about fifteen years to my life.”

Somebody Else Pt 4

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 5

Genre: Smut, Angst, college AU

Pairing: Jungkook x reader x Taehyung

Summary: You had met Jungkook on a summer day at the age of 10,  at 12 you became best friends,  at 14 you had your first kiss,  at 15 you fell in love and at 16 you made love. You’ve never really knew what heartbreak was until at the age of 18 he broke your heart.

Inspired by Somebody else by the 1975.

A/N: Sorry if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

I wasn’t gonna post this today but here it is :)

You didn’t hear his almost inaudible whisper as he stroked your hair, hugging you closer to him “What am I going to do with you? You make me crazy”. You looked up to him, his strands of blonde hair matted in sweat pushed back. “That was amazing” you whispered.

“I know right? I was made for this” he cockily grinned. “Oh my god you are such a tease” you hit his chest and he grabs your hands as he places his finger against your lips. ”But I know you love it”. He says before he sucks your bottom lip into his mouth.

A week went by and all you could think about was Taehyung, his kisses, his very touch, his beautiful laughter, his silly way of being… he was the calm after the storm. But you couldn’t stop Jungkook’s name from crossing your mind at least once a day. Since the fight he had sent you dozens of texts, he even called you. But you had ignored each one of them. You had decided with Taehyung that you would keep your “relationship” secret for a while until you were ready to tell Jungkook. You really didn’t know what to tell Jungkook; “I like one of your best friends and I want to try to have a relationship with him?” You knew that wouldn’t work, you knew that the moment you would see Jungkook, the name Taehyung would disappear from your head. You knew that the moment you tried to leave Jungkook he would follow you and absorb you again, so strong was your attachment to him, so strong the name of Jeon Jungkook was buried in your heart.

A nocked sounded at your front door and you hurried to get out of the couch to open it,

You looked through the peephole of the door to meet a young man with blond hair, you smiled to yourself before opening the door with a smile on your face. “What are you doing here?” You asked.

Taehyung stood in front of the now open door with his characteristic grin. “I just wanted to see you” he replied; entering to your house with a long step to shorten the distance of your bodies. He cupped your cheeks in both of his hands and gently pressed his pink lips against yours. A feeling of calmness running through you right away; It was always like that with Taehyung, he managed to generate that effect in people; Tranquility.

You closed the door by pushing him against it, melting in the kiss deeper. If you were thinking about Jungkook just moments ago; that name was now in the depths of your head.

Taehyung was the first to separate his lips for air. “someone is anxious?” He chuckled softly. “Yah! You appeared out of nowhere in my apartment” you said blushing. "Speaking of which, what are you doing here seriously?”

“You didn’t want to see me?” He asked frowning, pretending to be hurt. “Firstly I really wanted to see you and … secondly there’s a party at Jackson’s tomorrow, you should go …” he said as he walked towards the sofa to sit on.

“Uh oh Jungkook will surely be there Tae, I’m not ready yet” Saying the name of your ex aloud still was hard and more with the man who was in front of you at the moment.

“Listen… I know Jungkook will be there, but this is an opportunity to show him that you are more than an object with which he can play and then throw away.” He stopped and then continued. “I’m not telling you to tell Jungkook about … our relationship” The last word came out in a sigh, the way he said it made you feel bad, you knew that Tae wanted to be with you officially, wanted to show everyone how happy he could make you, but it was not yet the time when Jungkook still fluttered in your mind. “Just go, take Minah with you, have some fun,” He finished smiling, giving you security.

“You’re right, I could have some fun after all…” you agreed with Taehyung that leaving your house wouldn’t do you so bad, you could always leave the party if you felt uncomfortable. “If you want to leave just send me a text and we’ll leave together, what do you think?” He said in a seductive voice, intending to continue what had happened a few minutes ago between you two.

That ended up convincing you; you had Minah and Tae if something went wrong. Maybe you wouldn’t even see Jungkook with the number of people who used to attend the parties of Jackson.

The reality was that Taehyung was everything you wanted to have after Jungkook broke up with you, someone who was there for you, who would listen to you, who would talk to you, distract you from the horrible thoughts that inhabited your mind. Since the black-haired young man left you, the only thing you could think of was that you weren’t good enough, beautiful enough or intelligent enough and that’s why he left you. You couldn’t help thinking that there was something wrong with you, that you had done something mistakenly, you still didn’t understand very well how fate had made you cross with a person as wonderful as Kim Taehyung, and how he had accepted you with his arms open even knowing how broken you were. There was more of Kim Taehyung than you knew.

Tae’s deep voice brought you back to the real world. “What are you thinking?” He asked and you looked at him in surprise. The question shocked you a little, pushing the thought to the back of your mind, hiding them, with your best smile you answered; “I was just thinking about what to wear tomorrow,” you lied.

“Ah, I do not care what you wear as long as you take it off for me.” He grinned and winked at you as you rolled your eyes at the comment but you couldn’t help but smile.

“Are you thinking about impure things already? What a slutty woman.”

“YAH! What are you saying!? You’re the one who was talking about taking off my clothes!” You replied by throwing yourself to him and hitting him on the chest with both hands.

Suddenly he grabbed you gently but strongly enough for you to not be able to move and turned you around, locking you on the couch with his legs “Or … you can take off your clothes now, I wouldn’t mind,” he said before kissing you roughly.

Here we go again.

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