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It took about 0.2 seconds of these photos being released for this request to show up in my box (you pervs work fast) and I was all //gasp! I know the perfect request to combine this with and ta da! One super silver fox, coming right up!

Extra points to the first requester for splooshing. 

What about an imagine where rafael starts freaking out over his graying hair and reader assures him that it’s fine. He doesn’t believe her and then she admits his silver fox status is actually super hot and cue smut (side note: how amazing does Raul look in those new pictures, if you’ll allow me to borrow from Pam Poovey, *sploosh*).


Oh my god you should totally do some type of imagine about Rafael and the age gap between him and his gf (if you have time/feel like it)! Love your blog btw!

It had been a long eight months. The phone calls and texts had helped but your hotel had spotty wifi at best and it had been too long since you had last seen his face. Stepping off the plane, you were grateful to be back home, although less grateful for the chill in the air. Your body was going to have to readjust to a New York winter after the blistering heat of Thailand.

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anonymous asked:

I freaking love your LL-Persona AU - tense, dramatic battles and NicoMaki bonding? Heck yes. On a side note, what do you think everyone's personas/dungeons would look like? (Honkers can be the protag/wild card without a dungeon if you'd like.)

Oh my god I forgot I did a Persona AU… Ok for those who don’t know, in Persona, dungeons are created from the suppressed emotions of the person trapped there and visually reflect the person’s inner desires. cutiepanser helped a ton on this. Her ideas were hella on point tbqh

Maki: Her dungeon would look like a rundown hospital. The lighting is dim and walls are corroding. In the background, the group can hear very erratic piano chords mixed with the sound of the hospital telephone ringing, making the atmosphere disconcerting. This dungeon represents the repressed fear that she won’t live up to her parent’s expectations. Maki’s expected to eventually give up her music to inherit the family’s hospital, despite her love for it. 

Rin: Her dungeon would be the inside of a dress shop. The walls are lined with dresses of all shapes and sizes, and the atmosphere is very happy and calm. But Rin’s confused voice surfaces quite frequently as the group progresses, protesting against the idea that what she truly desires is to finally be able to express her femininity.  

Hanayo: Her dungeon would be a giant stadium, but the only accessible parts are the long grey hallways that wind around the area. In the background, Muse can hear the sounds of fans cheering as idols sing, but they can never reach that excitement. It’s a manifestation of the inner fear that Pana will never be able to achieve her dreams because she isn’t good enough.

Honoka: Since Honkers is the wild card protag of this group, she never actually has to face her own dungeon. I would say lucky Honkers, but she really isn’t all too lucky because she has to watch each one of her friends crumble at the sight of the things they have repressed.

Kotori: Her dungeon is an airport. Each level represents a place she wants to travel, most of them being fashion capitals of the world. The machines, planes, and announcements run as though people are there, but it’s devoid of real life, symbolizing the fact that a part of Kotori is willing to leave her friends and family behind to chase her dreams. Kotori represses her desire to travel because she feels like her absence would hurt her friends a great deal. 

Umi: Her dungeon takes the appearance of boat. While inside, it feels as though it’s moving sporadically. It can’t be stopped because the boat is missing its anchor. This symbolizes the impact that Honoka has had on Umi’s life. Without Honoka, she wouldn’t have broken out of her shell, and deep down she’s terrified of losing the anchor that holds her down and gives her the confidence she needs. 

Nico: Her dungeon would be reminiscent of Heaven. It would appear as though it were floating on a mass of clouds, and grand gates stand out in the background. This is a manifestation of her desire to see her deceased father again, and it also symbolizes the “death” of her dreams during her first year of high school, an experience that still haunts her.

Nozomi: Her dungeon is a very tall tower that’s almost completely shrouded in shadow and mist, making it hard to traverse. The inside is full of illusions/mirages of people that appear and then disappear when approached, throwing the group off. It’s a manifestation of the repressed fear that Nozomi will end up alone again. 

Eli: Her dungeon is an exact replica of the stage where she used to perform ballet. The only difference is that it’s lifeless. There’s no music or people in the audience. It represents her repressed failure. Every day Eli hears people praise her for being a perfect role model, but deep down she could never really believe that about herself.