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okay so in the numbani map that has the doomfist payload and stuff, the end goal is a room with 3 banners

2 are previous doomfists w/ their names on the bottom

and the last one is the latest doomfist, only their name is in the Omnic Script


oh my god. she's looking at me. - Chapter 1 - brightly_brightly - Person of Interest (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: High School AU, sloppily written, just some fluff, root is an awkward nerd, shaw is a bad ass, they are a twinge out of character, but i wrote this for the comedy so don’t be a dick about it

Root has a crush.
Shaw has suspicions.
Martine has a series of really, really bad days.

new chapter is up, woot.

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While I loved how Marianne transformed herself into a rebel and warrior in the movie, I also like that we got the hint that she never really fit in to begin with. The clumsiness and the way her boutonnière looked about as good as Dawn's after it had gone through hell. Then she becomes more confident by becoming even stranger to the people around her and I just LOVE it.

Y E S, Gary Rydstrom said that rough, rebel side of her was always a part of her, but she was just sort of torn between letting it out and wanting to adhere to a more conventional social standard. And it isn’t even as if she closes herself off after her transformation–she’s still fiercely devoted to her father and sister, but she no longer places value in things they think are The Most Important. So, like, the story isn’t even that either she or Bog have to open themselves up to love–they don’t. But what they can do is stop thinking of themselves as too weird for anyone to like. Because SOMETIMES you meet the WEIRDEST best person for you after they’ve kidnapped your sister, IT’S GREAT. :D

ALSO THAT’S LIKE THE BEST METAPHOR FOR THE MOVIE, TOO. It’s just going to get weirder the more you try to make it ~conventional~ but it’s beautiful the way it is, hush. 

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How would the rest of the Shirogane family react to one of them bringing their new baby over? c':

[The Voltron Family] It was Hunk who brought home the baby. Their first baby and Shiro was excited and so was Keith. So when the doorbell rang, it was Pidge who opened the door. Hunk, Shay and their baby entered and Lance and Pidge were cooing.

Pidge: Oh my god. He’s so tiny. *touches the baby*
Shay: He is. *smiles*
Lance: *laughs* I can’t believe someone can be tinier than you, Pidge.
Pidge: *rolls eyes* Oh piss off, Lance.
Hunk: *scandalous* GUYS PLEASE! Language! I don’t want my new born son to be a cuss machine just because his aunt and uncle can’t control their mouths.
Lance: Oh look at you! You’re starting to sound like Daddy Shiro!
Hunk: I know. I totally get him now. *chuckles* Speaking of Daddy Shiro, where are they? I texted them we’re coming. *looks around*

Shiro and Keith came down from the second floor and greeted them. Shiro was beaming, his eyes widened in delight upon the sight of the lil baby.

Shiro: *takes the baby* Oh my god. *gasp* Look at him. He’s so… *kisses the baby on the lips* HA! I took his first kiss.
Pidge: *rolls eyes in amusement* Daddy Shiro, PLEASE. I’m pretty sure Hunk and Shay took his first kiss already. 
Lance: *chuckles* Sorry, Dad. Better luck next time.
Hunk: Kissed him the very first time I held him. *glowing with pride*
Shiro: *frowns* Well I’m the first grandpa to kiss him. *pouts*
Shay: Indeed you are, Dad. *smiles*
Shiro: *looks for Keith* *spots him* *approaches Keith* Look at him, love. Look at him. He’s so beautiful. I’m already in love with him.
Keith: *smiles at Shiro* Yeah… *looks at the baby* *touches baby’s cheek*
Hunk: *notices something is wrong with Keith*

When Hunk and his family left, Shiro followed Keith to their bedroom.

Shiro: Keith, are you okay?
Keith: *turns around* What? Yeah. Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?
Shiro: I… *looks down* I don’t know. You don’t seem too happy seeing our son’s baby a while ago.
Keith: *eyes widens* What? I was. I mean, he’s our grandson.
Shiro: Not as happy as I thought you would be though. What’s going on in your mind? Do you wanna talk about it? *pulls Keith so they can sit on their bed*
Keith: *runs his hand through his hair* It’s just that. *looks at Shiro* You look so happy with the baby.
Shiro: I am. 
Keith: *smiles sadly* I know. *whispers* I want one.
Shiro: *almost chokes* W-What? Is this an invitation to—
Keith: *chuckles* What? NO! Not that. I’m just… *plays with his fingers* I wonder what it’s like to have a newborn baby… *blushes* with you.
Shiro: *blushes* Oh my god. Keith, don’t do this to me. *buries his head in his hands* Don’t. PLEASE.
Keith: I’m sorry. I know it’s dumb. We’re—
Shiro: But I know how that can be arranged. *looks up and smiles*

It turned out Hunk and Shay had been planning to let Keith and Shiro take care of their baby already when they were busy. Pidge even joked around if she could reproduce for her daddies, she would give them a child but it was immediately shut down by Shiro who panicked at Pidge’s suggestion. It all ended in laughter. The baby stayed with them twice a week and Keith was so damn happy that Shiro has never seen Keith this excited about babysitting.

Shiro: *hears the baby crying at 2am* *taps Keith* Baby, your turn.
Keith: *wakes up* *grumbles* *mumbles in Japanese*
Shiro: *chuckles* You wanted a newborn and you got it. Now go get the lil turtle. He’s probably hungry.

Keith came back carrying the baby, cooing and whispering things.

Keith: There there. Daddy’s here now. Let’s just go to sleep with Daddy Shiro, yeah? Stop crying now, baby. *lays down and places the baby between him and Shiro*
Shiro: *smiles* I swear Hunk’s going to be so pissed his son will call us “daddy” and not him.
Keith: *sleepily* I already called dibs, Takashi. I don’t want to be called grandpa. Sucks for my baby Hunk. He’ll get over it. *chuckles softly*


“You didn’t do too bad of a job, Sammy. She’s hilarious, honestly.”

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Family au when the kids are older Pidge is declared "absolute favorite" by Keith simply because she's the only one shorter than him.

But IMAGINE KEITH BEING ONE OF THOSE PARENTS THAT ARE REALLY FIRED UP AT THEIR KIDS SPORTS GAMES. Poor Shiro having to monitor him and Lance from being overly critical of referee calls. (2)

OMG Keith would be that kind of parent! You see, they really weren’t expecting their kids to be into sports. Maybe Lance, yes. But Hunk and Pidge? They seemed more fit for science and literature clubs. BUT. They were all part of their high school teams. [The Voltron Family] (there are newly added fics in that post!! Go read them!)

Hunk = Football
Lance = Baseball
Pidge = Soccer

And honestly, Shiro and Keith sometimes cannot keep up with their games but they all try their best to be in each and every game of their kids. There are times wherein the schedule for the day is like baseball for Lance in the morning and soccer for Pidge in the afternoon and then football for Hunk in the evening. It was intense but damn are they so good at what they do.

Keith: RUN LANCE RUNNNN!!!!! *standing up while cheering*
Shiro: Keith, sit down. You’re—
Keith: Shiro, I don’t care if I’m causing a scene. MY SON IS OUT THERE DOING HIS BEST AND I’M NOT GONNA BE ONE OF THOSE PASSIVE PARENTS WHO DON’T—*looks back at the field and sees Lance doing a homerun* OH MY GOD! *whistles* THAT’S MY BOY!!!!! WAY TO GO LANCE!!!!! 
Lance: *sees his Daddy Keith* *fist in the air* *smiles so wide despite all the sweat on his face* *dances like an idiot on the field* 
Keith: *points at Lance while looking at Shiro* *frowns* Okay, he NEEDS to stop doing that. THAT is just embarrassing. 
Shiro: *laughs* You’re so proud of him.
Keith: Of course, I am. *smiles* He was so lanky and now look at him, running like a fricking cheetah like no big deal. *looks at his watch* Will we make it to Pidge’s game in an hour? *looks at Shiro*
Shiro: *checks his phone* Yeah, I can drive us there in 15 minutes.
Keith: Okay, now let’s go and congratulate our son. He showers the longest. I’ll call Pidge and Hunk to let them know about the result of Lance’s game.

So Shiro drives Keith and Lance to Pidge’s game in a different stadium.

Shiro: *sees Pidge walking out with her team* PIDGE!!!!! OVER HERE!
Pidge: *looks at the bleachers and sees her family* *waves* *shouts* CONGRATULATIONS, LANCE!!! *thumbs up* Knew you could do it!
Lance: *grins* Obviously, DUH! Now go kick some butt!
Keith: Honestly, where does she even get that cackle from?
~The game starts and the crowd was going wild~
All three: *standing up* *watching intensely*
Keith: *chants to himself* You can do it, baby. You can do it.
Pidge: *kicks the ball and scores a goal*
Keith: *jumps* OH MY GOD!!! THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!!! *looks around the bleachers* THAT’S MY DAUGHTER WHO JUST SCORED A GOAL!!!! *looks at Shiro and Lance* DID YOU SEE THAT? DID YOU SEE WHAT THAT LIL GIRL JUST DID????!!!
Shiro: We did, Keith. We did. 
Pidge: *gets called by the referee*
Lance: *groans* WHAAAAAT WHAT NOW?? THAT WAS DEF A GOAL! THAT WAS NOT A FOUL!! *rolls up his sleeves* I’M GONNA—
Shiro: *stops Lance* No, you are not going down there. Stay.
Keith: Well I’m going to give them a piece of my mind.

Pidge’s team wins and now they’re all driving down to watch Hunk’s game in yet another stadium.

Pidge: Whose got kids who are fricking BORN WINNERS??!!! *looks at Shiro and Keith* YOU DOOOOOOOOOOO~ *finger guns* *winks*
Lance: *laughs* Hunk better not cry when he loses. Losers are not accepted in this family of awesome.

Hunk DID cry. But he cried because he scored the final touchdown and he was a sobbing mess. Lance cried. Pidge cried. Keith cried. Heck, Shiro cried.

Keith: Oh my god. I knew you could do it, Hunk. But oh my god. *hugs* My lil baby just—
Hunk: *laughs while sniffing* I can’t believe I did that, too!
Pidge: *glomps Hunk at the back* Now we’re all winners! How great is that? You know what this means, Daddy Shiro? *eyes him*
Shiro: We’re all happy and proud of you three?? *smiles innocently*
Pidge: Nooo!!!! You and Daddy Keith are going to treat us to that pizza parlor and we get to have one each!!!
Keith: *gasps* Pidge, can you even finish 4 slices? What more 8 slices?
Lance: *places arm around Keith* Please, Daddy Keith. Do not under estimate your children and their capacity to consume food after winning their games.
Pidge: I’m way too hungry I could probably even eat Hunk’s share!
Hunk: HEY!!! NO STEALING OF PIZZAS, PIDGE. We’ve talked about this!

In the end, Hunk still shared his pizza with Pidge. ;)

Keith: This is so tiring but I’m way too happy to even think about it.
Shiro: Three games in one day.
Keith: They should’ve just joined normal clubs! Wasn’t there an art club in that school? But nooooooo. They just have to join the sporty ones.
Shiro: *laughs* They’re having fun and you seem to be enjoying it.
Keith: *laughs* I am. I guess you could say I’m glad they didn’t join the going-home club like I did back in high school.

taking care of jisung

-alright so basically ur young but not as young as jisung 
-ur like kinda the same age as the hyung line i guess ???
-so yeah taeyong asked u to take care of jisung while him and the others had to do something else it was probs smth like 01 liners+ only lol
-btw this isn’t like taking place in sm maybe they’re somewhere abroad nd only had limited staff help okay
-but jisung is always so quiet with u while the other members all love you and honestly get so excited whenever u visit
-and u honestly begin to think that he doesn’t like u
-which makes u sad bc u rly want him to like u ahh !! :((((
-so u were a bit reluctant to agree nd u explained why
-but for some reason taeyong just started laughing n u were like “okay ???”
-but yeah in the end u finally agreed
-so taeyong told u everything before he and the rest left
-he told u exactly where everything was
-he told u what food u should give him in case he got hungry
-and guess what u did??
-ignore everything he said lmAO
-like u literally didn’t even pay attention
-u were nervous as heck nd tae realised that
-so he was like “hey don’t worry abt it okay it’s gonna be fine”
-the minis all crowded around u giving u a big hug each and they left
-so it was just u and jisung
-and jisung was so quiet
-like he didn’t even utter a single word since u first got here
-so ur trying to make a conversation
-u start off like “hey jisung how r u doing?”
-nd he’s just like “umm okay” with a blank facial expression
-which u could barely see bc he didN’T EVEN LOOK AT U
-that’s literally it
-he doesn’t say anything else
-nd at that point ur mentally like “what do i do omg”
-u were actually vv sad that he didn’t like u
-bc he’s the maknae and the others always say how sweet he acts sometimes
-and ur actually kinda jealous of them
-so u thought like “okay i’m going to try and take care of him well nd hopefully he’ll forget abt his hatred towards me”
-so u got warm soft fuzzy blankets
-made popcorn (forget the healthy food tae said to give him amirite)
-nd u put on a cute funny kids movie u hoped jisung would like
-it was actually quite funny bc u were laughing too
-and then oh wow what a miracle u heard jisung laughing
-so u looked at him and he looked so cute and precious oH MY GOD !!!
-but then u remembered how he never smiled for u and u suddenly got rly emo
-u like scooted closer to him on the sofa and pulled him on ur lap
-he actually kinda stiffened tbh but u didn’t realise
-so u asked the question that always distracted u whenever u saw jisung
-”jisungie why do u hate me?” u asked softly
-u absentmindedly stroked his soft hair
-it was rly soft wow u never touched it before
-jisung mumbled smth along the lines of “i’m sorry i don’t hate u”
-and u turned him to face u and u saw his glassy eyes
-and u were like “omg baby don’t cry it’s okay it’s okay”
-while amost crying urself bc hE DOESN’T HATE U !!!! and seeing him almost cry makes u sad
-nd u kissed his head multiple times to comfort him
-then u sat him back down on the couch again and got up
-u asked if he was hungry and he nodded cutely so u called for a pizza
-and when it arrived and stuff u both dug in honestly
-u two were sO hungry
-and then suddenly jisung was like “can i feed u this slice of pizza”
-and u practically dIED bc oH MY GOD what a precious lil baby angel !!!!!
-at that moment u swore to protect him from any and all harm
-so u let him and opened ur mouth for the pizza
-when it reached ur mouth and u were about to bite it taeyong and the others arrived home
-and where u two were sat was literally in front of the door 
-like u two were on the couch right facing the tv n the tv was right next to the door therefore u were kinda facing the door too
-and they walked in on jisung feeding u pizza lol
-the hyung line kept teasing u and saying stuff like “ur the one who’s supposed to feed and take care of him not the other way round!!111!111!”
-and the minis crowded around jisung and gave him playful shoulder punches and a bunch of “ooooh’s” teasingly
-which u were kinda confused about
-then taeyong pulled u aside grinning nd was like “so he finally told u why he always acted so quiet around u?”
-u were confused and u were like “no ????? elaborate”
-taeyong leaned in closer to ur ear and whispered “bc he has a crush on u”