oh my god jim

oh my god i just thought of jim and spock disagreeing on something and jims like “alright we’ll rock paper scissor for it” and spock is like “i do not know what that means” and jims like “OH MY GOD ILL TEACH YOU” and he shows him the gestures and everything but he doesnt indicate there will be hand touching when you actually do it and he……. doesnt know about spocks sensitive hands at this point….. and so when spock does a rock and jim does paper he gleefully covers spocks hand with his own and is like “WOOHOO i won” and spocks literally standing there frozen in place, blushing bright green, and he just murmurs “indeed you have…”

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omg city on the edge of forever was perfect, it's the soft historical au we all need, i can literally imagine this being posted on fan fiction website and read by me in the middle of the night but it's not, it's canon, "at his side, like you have always been and always will be" i can't believe this,,,,

listen this episode is so soft and profound – man, it really gets me. i love edith keeler and her hope for humanity – and her awful death. and the parallels – “at his side, as if you’ve always been there and always will” and “i have been and always shall be yours” – honestly, star trek is a very special thing. i actually wrote a song about this episode – that’s how inspiring it was.

I happen to have the novelisation, and it breaks my heart even more.

I’m Here

Characters: Jim Kirk x Reader

Summary: @yourtropegirl asked for smut with the blue survival jacket, and i was happy to oblige.  Set during Beyond, Jim gets back from his fight with Krall to find you, his girlfriend (also a crew member on the enterprise), safe and sound. sexy times ensue after you decide to peel the jacket off of him ;)

A/N: wow this one got a tad angsty…it was just supposed to be smut. but you get angsty smuff.  also, this perfectly lined up with Jim’s birthday in the movie, so yay! birthday angsmuff! (why do i have to make everything an emotional crisis?)

Warnings: nsfw, smut, unprotected sex, a smaaaaall captain kink. maybe.

Words: 2290

tags: @daybreak96 @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @jimtkirkisabitch @outside-the-government

(also i just realized the zipper is a little starfleet logo HOW CUTE)

You didn’t remember how long you’d been here, pacing in the lobby of the hotel that Starfleet had put you and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise in. You were still in your dirty and torn uniform, still covered in a thin layer of dirt, still incredibly sore and in need of a bath.  But you couldn’t relax until you knew if Jim was okay.  After the Franklin had crashed on Yorktown, you and the rest of the crew had been rushed out of the wreckage and put through a debriefing before being transported straight to this hotel.  You hadn’t even had a chance to see Jim before he was gone, chasing after Krall.  

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