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this is the cutest thing! but why does he correct himself? hotseok*tumblr*com/post/157404571278/my-favourite-thing-is-when-kihyun-accidentally

OH MY GOD ALKJSHDF you know i actually haven’t watch his cooking v app from the other day yet but it’s so cute how he calls hoseok.. they correct themselves because its their real name and i think they are only allow to say their stage name on camera.. but maybe he call him hoseok at dorm that’s why he’s used to it but like MX call I.M changkyun all the time on camera its like that :)

Happy Halloween~

ok i felt like i needed to do something better so i made this- I’m to lazy 2 shade it loll

and just so you know; Shadowsona’s suppose to be dressed up as Rhune( @alainaprana‘s jelly) and I’m suppose to be dressed up as Geno( @loverofpiggies‘s skely).

I hope yall have fun trick-or-treating out there~! I sadly can’t participate this year– so all I’ma do is hopefully by my share of Halloween candy tomorrow loll–

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New Moon’s Daughter

I wake as the sun is dreaming of shallows. Holy heart
with your bright black stain.
Oh poor melancholy princess, your stinking humbug rug
(as always, the inevitable cry of Waste!)

In the end, the real question is: who breached the breach
and killed the rabbit?
Well, I only look at the sky. I am a fool
for all of its answers. Even hear me say, Dear God,
and think of things nobody else repeats–
you’ll find I exist as my own island, shuddering towards some home.

And who has time these days for the odd, old world?
I am tired, tired, tired
I am rolled flat and cooked to a crisp. Oh princess
your frivolous mouth, your righteous fit
(nitwit, nitwit)
I thought maybe I loved you
(and then, what came of it?)

I wake as the sun is dreaming of lonely things,
unhappy things. I wake and the sea is there and my body
is crusted as the rocks. Princess, pretend I am crazy!
I am crazy, crazy, crazy!

I wake, convinced that half my mind
has lost itself to slaughter.

I woke up, checked my phone, and found myself torn between two thoughts: “Oh god no” and “Oh fuck I fucking knew it.”

Brexit should have been a warning, that this kind of thing can and will happen, and that the fallout will be substantial and real. Instead, those who pushed for it, throughout the rest of the world – the Farages and Le Pens – are celebrating again. The right’s on the rise, and here’s where it reaches its fucking zenith.

This year can eat a whole sack of dicks.

The growing sense of legitimacy and mainstream acceptance that this gives hatred, racism, xenophobia, queerphobia of all fucking stripes, etc. etc. amen, can eat literally so many dicks.

The sudden rush by the rest of the world’s leaders – publically, in the EU and non-EU Europe, and the UK, and the Philippines, and Egypt so far, and of course in Russia – to kiss Trump’s arse and congratulate him now he’s got as much power as he has? The fact that suddenly this means criticism is off the table, across the board? The way the fucking BBC’s obligatory neutrality and impartiality has suddenly turned to a cold tacit kind of support for Trump, after months in which it came as close as possible to actively disavowing him? That can eat a huge burlap coal-bag of actual dicks.

The fact that all this credit and all this support and all this power has gone to a criminal on multiple counts, against the state and against individuals; a rapist whose victims number in the double digits; a racist and a xenophobe and a full-spectrum-bigot and a liar; and an inept clueless ignorant failure of a born-rich businessman who has never worked a day in his life, and who took up politics as a fucking hobby? To that goes the biggest dick-sack of all.

The world is sliding. I feel cold and helpless, and affected and afraid. And I know less about American politics than I could, and yes, I’m speaking from the sidelines… But to people whose race, religion, gender, sexuality, politics, economic status and more endanger them in what’s now Trump’s USA, I am so sorry, and I wish you strength, and my hopes are with you.


EB: don’t encourage him.

TG: been married for years

EB: oh my god.

TG: got one kid

TG: a lil salamander daughter

EB: leave casey out of this.

TG: shes a real nice kid

TG: does the blep thing a lot though

EB: she does actually! it’s really cute!

TG: pretty damn cute yeah

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I was talking to my little one Georgia (shit-to-kinda-okay) and she mentioned something called thigh riding and hand holding and then told me that her name wasn't Georgia it was DJ 4chainz and that you aren't M, you're satanic rapper. it feels like a dream but I swear it was real


The real Ponyboy Curtis
  • Darry; (comes home from work) hey pony, how was your day?did you do your homework yet? What do you want for dinner?
  • Ponyboy; oh my god! I cant take this anymore its alway ponyboy do this or ponyboy do that! I have feelings too darry! You know what now I have no choice but to run away! (Runs outside)
  • Sodapop; what the fuck.
  • Darry; He will come back he always does. (Thunder storm starts)
  • Ponyboy;(Runs back inside) I didnt come back because of the thunder I came back because I new it was the right thing to do ok?(goes to his room) I will take din din in my room!
  • Darry; See soda he always comes back.

I am reading a brand new book for the first time in months and it is G R E A T. I’ve been reading fan fiction for so long I’ve forgotten how thirst quenching a real book can be. 

I’ve said “oh my god” at least 6 times.

It features:
1. Sci-fantasy that is entirely unexpected at every turn.
2. A BLACK GIRL who is not a sidekick and instead is every bit as well rounded, important, developed and vulnerable and romanticized as Hermione.
3. A GAY KID (the MC) who spends pretty much none of the book hating himself for being gay and only 20% of the book being upset about gay related things (brought on by other people). Its mostly him dealing with terrifying sci-fi, which is refreshing as fuck.  (literally the way this is handled when he meets the other kids is “i dont date girls” “oh you wouldnt date me because im fat right?” “no, i dont date any girls” “oh. ok.”
4. A POLISH CHILD. It is so rare and refreshing to have mixed age characters in YA books and it feels so realistic. I think the MC and the black girl are like 17-18 and the kid (who is also a fully realized and respected person) is about 13 years old. Also, its crazy refreshing to have Eastern European characters that aren’t tropes.

I’m almost done with the book (maybe 30 pages left) and its taken be abut 3-ish hours to read and I STILL have no idea how its going to end,

I highly recommend picking it up if you’re interested in diverse, imaginative Sci-fi. 

I can’t believe some people are still salty over yoi being so popular to the point of claiming it’s “overrated” or “it’s only popular because it’s gay” and “yoi fans are just people fetishizing m/m relationships” lmaoooo tell that to the real figure skaters watching and loving the show I dare you

some of my favourite things dan says to phil

  • i am proud to call you my friend
  • you’re next to me in my life
  • we’re real friends!
  • phil lester
  • what th-phil
  • you spork
  • any other harmless silly insult
  • stop bullying me
  • “i hate you” or any variant of, said in a voice which implies the opposite
  • that’s not true!

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alphabet prompts tag 🔤💭🌟

rules: copy/paste and replace my answers with yours and tag people :^)

a - age: 22
b - biggest fear: death of self or a loved one
c - current time: 2:48 pm
d - drink you last had: tea
e - every day starts with: waking up? laying in bed for half an hour on my phone?
f - favorite song: i have too many
g - ghosts, are they real: i don’t think so but idk
h - hometown: if the definition of hometown is where one is born, then its Nashville, TN. But if its where one grew up, then I have too many hometowns lol
i - in love with: oh god…too many things…but if you want to talk characters then keith kogane, azumane asahi, and literally every single being in gintama
j - jealous of: people that have free time
k - killed someone: no
l - last time you cried: don’t remember, probably last week
m - middle name: zainab
n - number of siblings: 2
o - one wish: to not be anxious. Just wanna know what that feels like
p - person you last called/texted: @gintoukis <3
q - questions you’re always asked: where are you from? (people don’t really ask this a lot, but it’s a really difficult question to answer for me and i’d rather not answer it lol)
r - reasons to smile: pizza and ice cream still exist
s - song last sang: mp100′s theme “99″ lol
t - time you woke up: 7:00 am
u - underwear color: black
v - vacation destination: i’ve always wanted to go to italy
w - worst habit: i sleep with my nose and mouth covered aND I KNOW THAT’S REALLY BAD FOR ME but i legit can’t get comfortable if my nostrils aren’t covered and it usually results with my mouth being covered too..
x - x-rays you’ve had: chest, right leg, and teeth
y - your favorite food: pizza is my go to
z - zodiac sign: aries

tagging: @gintoukis @akutagawah @gunderson @genoza and anyone else who wants to do this! (i always forget people jldhfi)

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IM SHOOK i wasnt expecting pictures damn i need to sit down (feel free to just add lots more to this ask bc HOLY FUCK) but also like I KNOW WHAT U MEAN bc the real ppl shipping thing is like,, Eh and i try not to either (i used to have 1d ships and just like... u can get sucked into a certain mindset where literally everything is a romantic gesture you know) but its nice that they dont seem to mind bc even if its purely platonic and professional its still hashtag goals tbh

yeah like noel and julian dont mind and always had like… provocative behavior lolol its just like very apparent when theyre messing around as buddies and when theyre a bit more… flirty

im gonna put more pictures but also this is a quote from noel about julian that makes me die every time: “he made me. out of scraps” (literally rip noel u killt me)

  • always laughing because of some dorky ass thing he said
  • a lot of couple selfies
  • him asking you a million questions a day
  • how are you, what do you want for supper, do you think aliens are real?
  • having him siNg to you oh my god
  • ‘i wrote this new song listen to it!’ and then it would just be a song about what he loves about you please
  • building forts in the dorm and spending the night in there with him
  • you not being able to sleep because he steals all the blankets
  • him apologizing in the morning profusely
  • making you breakfast to make up for it
  • you telling him its ok because he does it every time
  • him still feeling bad 
  • LOTS of kisses before either of you leave
  • him whining ‘just one more’
  • one more would end up being three more
  • three more would end up being twelve more
  • when he’s at work he’d sneak in some dorky ass pictures of him during a break and send them to you
  • him taking pictures of the other members looking funny and sending them to you
  • being friends with hyungwon because him and minhyuk are close
  • minhyuk pretending to be jealous of it
  • only to get praise and kisses from you
  • he actually wouldnt be really jealous at all almost ever
  • hes very confident as your boyfriend
  • but not confident in himself
  • would feed off your compliments a lot of the time
  • would need to know you approve of something he’s done, a dance or a song
  • when he’s upset you’d have to sit him down and remind him that he’s doing his best 
  • he’d be cuddled up with you and would whisper ‘tell me im the most handsome member’ and then you’d know he was feeling better
  • you’d tell him
  • he’d agree 
  • he’d love you more than anything in the entire world
  • he’d be the cutest boyfriend ever please love him