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okay so i’m editing an amv and i had to capture this wonderfully angsty moment cause it hurt me A LOT and i wanted to share :’)

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vocal coach! dk

anon asked: Vocal lessons with DK please? Advance thank you!

a/n: here it is! i hope you like it!!!! also thank you for being my first request ♡
I was thinking of making a part 2 to this scenario bc another idea of vocal coach dk popped into my head while writing this. I would’ve added it, but I realized that this post would be way too long;;; but a part 2 is on the way! & i promise it’ll be more romantic than this ahah
also! reader is in his/her last year of highschool & seokmin has just graduated high school and is in college (just to clarify the timeline :) )

pairing: dk x reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none

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  • seokmin is such a sweetheart & his personality will always be shown through his lessons
  • he won’t ever be impatient
  • your voice cracked during that melisma? it’s okay!
  • you can’t reach that high G? vocal coach seokmin will be happy to help you reach it
  • your staccato doesn’t sound like a staccato? it’s fine!
  • vocal coach lee seokmin is just a very patient man who wants to provide the best service and learning environment for his students
  • the type to be very proud of his students during their performances
  • very supportive
  • he looks like the proud father sitting besides your ACTUAL father 
  • always stands up to applaud (& he applauds VERY loudly too)
  • bc he’s just so proud that his student was able to accomplish the song that they’ve been working together on for the past few weeks
  • but there’s one thing he doesn’t really like….
  • when his students come in late to practice,, even 2 minutes late, lee seokmin would have a small frown on his face
  • he believes in true performers
  • he believes that you should never be late to anything
  • if your practice time is 10am , you will be there before 10am, not precisely at 10am
  • bc he believes that if you come at 10am, you’re late
  • this is just one of his lessons, he wants to build up your habits if you really do want to pursue singing as a career, especially musical theatre, or just performance in general
  • it just shows that he cares deeply for his students & for their future
  • so you’ve been looking for a good vocal coach lately bc you started getting really interested in singing
  • it was your last year in high school… why not end your last year with a musical (yall i’m emo for high school musical) 
  • bam (bam)
  • you got the lead in your high school’s musical & you needed help with your solo song bc there was this one high note that you just couldn’t reach
  • so of course, you wanted a vocal coach to help you reach that high note
  • your mother found seokmin through one of her friends bc their child had him as a vocal coach for awhile & she said that he was a great one
  • you said yes & signed up for his class : )
  • on the first day of practice, you showed up a few minutes late due to heavy traffic from a small car accident in the area
  • & when you walked into the studio, you see lee seokmin sitting there with a slight frown on his face
  • our first meeting and you’re late
  • you looked towards the clock and thought “???? but it’s only 4:04?”
  • he seemed to know what you were thinking and said “I’d rather you be 1 minute early than to be 4 minutes late. it’s just something that I want all my students to develop; the habit of being early
  • you nodded, of course, very embarrassed that this was your first impression on your vocal coach
  • but his cold demeanor quickly vanishes when he claps his hands together with a huge smile on his face
  • alright! let’s get started! I’m lee seokmin, your vocal coach; it’s nice to meet you y/n!”
  • … well this is a huge 180 in personality
  • but you come to learn that he’s always like this… the bubbly, very friendly lee seokmin
  • & something in your mind says that you don’t want to see that frown anymore,,, you wanted to see him smile all the time
  • bc,,,, he has a really nice smile :)
  • you can’t help but wonder how old he was bc he seemed so young to be a vocal coach???
  • he couldn’t be older than a college student…. no… he’s younger than you expected
  • i was just wondering and this might be a bit rude of me to ask,,, but,,,, how old are you?”
  • he blinks and smiles “I graduated high school last year and I’m in my first year of college right now!” 
  • this boy was only a year older than you….  .
  • .,,,, ho ly .….  . . this boy is talented… . ..
  • but anyway !
  • your first lesson goes by quickly & you’re surprised by how fast time seemed to fly
  • time flies by when you’re having fun hehe
  • he’s just so helpful
  • and you see how patient he is with you
  • once you tried hitting that high note in your solo & you fell a little flat of the note
  • you of course are bummed bc you couldn’t hit that high note & you were embarrassed that you messed up in front of seokmin
  • but he just smiles and says “that’s improvement!!!!! it’s good that you’re improving! you might not have hit that note, but I’m sure after practice and time, you’ll definitely hit it!!!!
  • and this just reassures you that you can do it
  • but his encouragement didn’t make your face any less red
  • it’s now not because of embarrassment, it’s bc now your heart’s beating at least 80 mph
  • and did I mention that you felt butterflies in your stomach?
  • it didn’t really help when he smiled
  • & you noticed throughout the days of your practices, that his eyes form a crescent shape when he smiles
  • ,,, and it’s just so darn cute,,,,,,,
  • fast forward to the day that changed everything. …  ..
  • ok being a little dramatic here
  • but it was the week of the musical & you stILL COULDN’T HIT THE NOTE
  • your mood wasn’t the best that week bc of the nerves and just plain worry that you still couldn’t hit that one note in your solo
  • and you’ve been practicing so much and you’re just so bummed that you couldn’t do it…
  • but seokmin was always still his cheery self, motivating you and encouraging you that you CAN DO IT.
  • and that you will be able to hit the note before the musical
  • and,,,, you eventually did
  • you were singing through the song and during the part leading up to the high note, you were thinking “oh my god, am i actually going to hit it?” bc you were going up the scale easily instead of struggling like the other times
  • ofc, seokmin hears your improvement and his ears perk up and his eyes are focused on you
  • and when you hit it,,,, seokmin was smiling so much
  • you were smiling so much too but you had to finish the song in its entirety
  • & when you finished, you couldn’t help but scream in joy and seokmin joined in the little celebration
  • your heart was beating so fast and you couldn’t help but thank seokmin for everything he did for you and how he never got mad or impatient and how he was such a great vocal coach
  • and you couldn’t help it but you ran over to where he was and hugged him
  • he was surprised at first but he quickly returned the hug with equal enthusiasm
  • you snapped out of your celebration mood and realized what you just did and quickly pulled away muttering a small sorry
  • (seokmin’s lowkey bummed)
  • & the atmosphere gets awkward really quickly but seokmin diffuses it with his smile
  • i knew you can do it! i told you!!!”!
  • you’re just so happy,,, and it wasn’t a one time thing either,,,
  • you sang your solo again and guess what.
  • you hit the note again! 
  • and again and again and you’re just so happy
  • and seokmin is also very happy and very proud that you hit it every time
  • fast forward to the day of your musical
  • you killed your solo performance and when the audience applauded, you looked towards the front row and there he was with that huge smile
  • and you can see how proud he is
  • he met you back stage to congratulate you on your performance (bc not gonna lie, it was a fantastic performance)
  • it was a bittersweet moment tbh because since your musical’s over, you two won’t be able to see each other regularly anymore bc the whole reason of you getting a vocal coach was for the musical
  • and you & him were getting really close and y’all don’t want to say goodbye
  • so,,, my drama teacher told me that since i did so well, I’m up for a part in the next musical next semester….” 
  • he looks at you expectantly, wishing that you would say the words that he wanted you to say …
  • and you did 
  • I was just wondering if… you’d still like to be my vocal coach… you know, to help me!” 
  • & oh my god, you didn’t think he could smile any bigger than he was smiling at that moment 
  • of course he says yes and that he’s happy to help you again 
  • and you’re happy that one) you get to improve in your singing and two) you get to see him more often :) 
  • and you don’t know this, but.. he’s also happy that you two will be meeting again
Lumos~ Chapter 12

a/n: last chapter :(( i got so emotional writing this you have no idea :o thankyou so much for the feedback and nice messages, i’m really grateful <333 i had so much fun writing Lumos and i hope you liked it! thank you thank you thank you 

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It wasn’t until the next afternoon that Phil got to talk to Dan again; the other boy had slept through the majority of the day, leaving Phil to attend classes as usual.

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