oh my god it came out so bad!

there are gay nazis and lesbian terfs you can’t expect me to defend someone just because of their sexuality, it’s not enough. Gay people can be, and honestly in general, are just as bad as straights so whenever I see y’all like “oh my god this person came out let’s start loving them and defending them they’re on our side” like it’s definitely not enough to judge someone’s character don’t be so quick.

i think i get extra protective over my canon ships, like romione and hinny because at one point they weren’t canon. And you have no idea what shit we had to go through from other shippers (like H/Hr shippers). It was brutal. And then we watched these precious characters actually falling in love in front of us and it was just magical. All the fighting and the debating and the quotes and the reading between the lines we were throwing around in ship wars… 

And. We. Were. Right.

That’s why I love my canon ships. We were there from the beginning and it just felt so good when it came true.

Draco Malfoy and the Lip Balm Dilemma

Imagine if because of all the times that Draco spits out ‘Potter’ he begins to develop really sore and cracked lips

So he begrudgingly goes to Madame Pomfrey for some sort of magical balm, each and every time refusing to say how he got his lips into such a state

Eventually it becomes so bad, despite his desperate attempts at magic and using tonics and potions- that Draco is made to remain mute for at least 48 hours to give his lips a break

Horrified and extremely embarrassed, Malfoy would have to skulk to each of his classes, his Slytherin scarf pulled up to his nose so that nobody would bother attempting to bribe him into conversation

Imagine that in the last 24 hours Malfoy has been avoiding Harry like the plague, unable to cope with being in close proximity to the boy unless able to talk and throw vicious teasing insults at his stupid scar head

So it just so happens that due to his Malfoy obsession and consequent oblivious nature Harry has been tracking Malfoy’s movements around the castle, sure he must be up to something devious. That’s when, as Malfoy is aggressively shoving aside some first years to get to potions on time, that Harry dives out of an alcove and knocks Draco sideways, both of them toppling over in a bundle of limbs, cloaks and flying books.

Malfoy, unable to even scream his annoyance, is left bitchfacing and glaring as hard as he can at Harry, trying to get across his signature ‘Potter’ snarl without actually speaking

In the tumble Malfoy’s scarf has got pulled down and it was then that Harry sees the pale boy’s flaked and puffy pink lips, atrociously sore to behold

'Uh- that looks-’

Malfoy, glaring at Harry, shoves the messy haired Gryffindor off of him and hastily tugs his scarf back up over his face, cheeks red and obviously furiously annoyed

Harry grabbing at Malfoy’s arm as he desperately tries to run away, both boys devolving into a childish game of flapping hands and shoves before Harry grabs Malfoy even tighter, shaking him a little as he delves into his pocket

Malfoy, sure Potter is about to hex him, swinging out with his foot and kicking Harry about the knees with deliberate aim

'OW! Jesus- stop! Look!’ Harry bringing his hand forward and revealing what looks like a miniature putter-outer, only plastic and a cherry red colour

Malfoy frowning and raising his eyebrows in confused agitation

'It’s uh- lip balm. It’s a muggle thing, for sore lips. My aunt and uncle gave it to me for Christmas but I think you’d find it more useful’

Draco, wary of such an unusual offering from the boy he so avidly hates, holds Harry’s bright sincere gaze as he reaches out and takes the balm, wondering what kind of family gave such a lacklustre present to their nephew

Malfoy nodding in awkward acceptance of Potter’s kindness until Harry smiles slightly and backs off

'Now you can stop moping about the castle’ Potter beams with a sudden devilish smirk

'See you soon, Malfoy. Can’t wait for the new insults’

Draco, spluttering and wheezing with his inability to form a witty retort, watches Harry go with a furious blush about his ears and neck

Draco stunned into place, rage churning in his stomach, after a second or two glancing around to make sure he’s alone before curiously popping the cap off the lip balm and smearing it across his sore lips, wondering if maybe Potter has used this before him and not quite sure why that thought makes him feel particularly jelly like

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Samxjess and ashleyxchris! :D


A: I love it
B: It’s really cute

I’m literally blaming you and @jessicathesnowballqueen
For making me love this ship so damn much, like oh my god, I’m falling in this shipping hole and I can’t get out. But still wondering where the hell it came from and why I ship it so bad!


A: I love it
B: It’s really cute

I’m gonna be honest I celebrated so bad when they kissed XD Ship it to hell and back!!

Okay so the idea of a series of movies each focusing on the past of a different member of the team just came into my head and I am kinda in pain now because can you imagine how bad ass and emotional that would be?!

Imagine finding out how Eliot got caught up with Damien Moreau, learning to have a passion for food, his relationship with his father

We could see Hardison hacking into the pentagon, wearing his little bow tie and knocking on peoples doors, we could meet his nana

Parker going from foster home to foster home, her little brothers death, being a get away driver and jacking cars, and being trained by archy

Sophie becoming an art thief, meeting Nate, meeting Tara

Nates movie would be filled with his father and the mob and we could see so much more of Maggie and Sterling

And through all this awesomeness and emotional trauma we could know that they all end up as a team in the end

and then after all these movies have been done we could get our season 6!!!!


I’m so excited about the fact that Magnus and Max are probably gonna meet this season, it’s one of the things I wanted to see in the show so badly, BUT

I just realized


He was in Idris when the wedding was on, so Alec never came out to him!

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Oh dear god I don't know who else to talk to and you're my favorite account. I live with my boyfriend's family because I got kicked out for bad grades. His family never knew we were together. Well today, him and I were at the laundromat and things got.. a little carried away. We went to the back and then.. We heard a car pull up and doors slam. I was terrified, so I walked out like nothing happened. His mother just came down and told me "We're having a talk tomorrow." OH MY GOD

oh my god did they see you………?


You forgive, you forget but you never LET IT GO! August 21 at the Staples Center.

Hey Taylor! One of the first days after the Bad Blood Remix came out, I was listening to it with my little sister, Brenna. She LOVES the movie Frozen, so when she heard the ‘LET IT GO’ in Kendrick’s rap she freaked out! Then it came time to think of our tour outfits. We were tossing around ideas while listening to 1989 and then the remix came on shuffle and all three of us did the “LET IT GO” but singing it like Elsa does in Frozen. We all just kind of looked at each other and said “OH MY GOD THAT’S PERFECT.”

We can’t wait to see you August 21 at the Staples Center with our Bad Blood Remix inspired outfits! (We will also be there the 26th).

Our seats are section 107, rows 12/13, seat 11 (yes… we are sitting one in front of the other haha!).

We love you so much and have had a blast together seeing you at both the Speak Now tour and the RED tour… and now the 1989 tour! (SAVE US A HUG!)


Caitlin and Sher ( #CanMamasBeSwiftiesToo )

When I came out to my dad
  • Me: dad I need to tell you something
  • Dad: are you okay? What's wrong?
  • Me: I....er
  • Dad: oh God. Are you pregnant?!
  • Me: what? No! I'm...bisexual
  • Dad: oh right, God I was worried it was something really bad
  • Me: so you're okay?
  • Dad: course I am darling, I love you *hugs me*. And I'm not the only person in the house who likes women now *high fives me and walks away*<p>
Michael: “But Y/N! He Looks So Cute!”


A/N: THIS ONE IS SO CUTE OH MY GOD BLESS YOU. Nah, but seriously, I think this is my favorite request. Please like and reblog - it would help me out a lot and I would appreciate it so much. Also, please send requests - I love writing things that you guys would actually want to read. Thank you!


“FUCK!” Michael yelled as he came around the hallway, stepping on a bunch of legos.
“Michael! The child?????”
Your son wasn’t really paying attention to his daddy but you still didn’t want him catching on to bad habits.
“Oops.” Michael said covering his mouth, giggling.

Michael made many slip ups throughout the day. To be honest, he just had a bad habit of swearing, and it wasn’t something that was going to break easily. You hadn’t been worried too much about it before, but your son was reaching the age where he was starting to pick up on new words. Your son was very smart as well, he could speak in broken sentences, so of course you were more alert now.

You were standing in the kitchen cooking dinner when little baby Clifford accidentally dropped a bunch of his toy trucks on the floor, followed by, “Shit!”
Your jaw dropped. Michael on the other hand, was laughing his ass off.
“Aw, c’mon Y/N, that was cute.”
“No, it wasn’t.” You argued (even though you actually thought it kinda was).

A few more minutes had passed and baby Clifford repeated himself, Michael once again laughing. You got on to Michael - telling him that his laughter was only encouraging the baby.

After several times of your son swearing, Michael finally gave him a stern look, “Okay now little dude, that’s not a nice word and you can’t say that or else Mommy will be really sad. You don’t want to make Mommy sad, right?” Little baby Clifford shook his head and crawled up onto Michael’s lap, “No, Daddy. I’m sorry.”

Michael looked over at you, mouthing “Aww!” before kissing little Clifford on the head. You couldn’t help but smile as well.

oh my god so yesterday we left the gate open in our backyard or it had blown open or something and cloud wandered out and we didn’t notice until she was halfway down the street aND I PANICKED SO HARD AND JUST RAN OUT THE DOOR AND WAS RUNNING DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD IN MY SPIDER-MAN PYJAMAS WITH NO SOCKS/SHOES ON YELLING HER NAME SO SHE WOULD COME BACK TO ME 

omg I went to the Ekka (an exhibition festival thing here in Brisbane that lasts like 10 days every year full of rides and festival things) in year like 7 when it was cool to have your wallet on a chain clipped to your pants and anyway I went on the zipper ride and it was a b-a-d bad time like my wallet came out of my pocket and my change was flying everywhere and my wallet was repetitively hitting my face bc it was on a chain and my friends shoes fell off and everything was flying everywhere and I was so scared and sweating so I couldn’t hold on and there were like no seat belts and just oh my god it was fun tho it was fun tho but honestly rip

I read recently that losing a lover is like withdrawing from cocaine
You’re going to find it hard to sleep and walk around through days hazed by depression
But I want to remind you of how good it feels to kick a habit
once the drug is finally out of your system

We were on the fire escape with the lights of our small city shining boldly
and everything seemed so much more glamorous from the heights we stood at
Talking on of love and how we’d leave this town together one day
And I’ll admit that I felt unrivaled happiness; I think you felt the same

But the next day came so soon after we’d left the night
and brought the other end of the spectrum with it
Headaches and vomiting and oh-my-god-what-have-i-done

What the studies left out is this: Bad lovers are a lot like cocaine

We’ll kick ourselves for not foreseeing the crash, but how could we have?
Already drunk and thinking this time it would be too pure to hurt
So we plunge and we give of our time and our bodies for what feels like reciprocity
What is reciprocity for a while, but is it true that nothing gold can stay?
No matter, baby. Cocaine is a flash in the pan. Glitter that you’re left cleaning up for months
You’ll find it everywhere

People will try to polish the whole thing with saccharin saying, “Beginnings come from ends.”
But I say we celebrate the end for what it is because why not glorify an ending
of something that poisoned your system?
We should throw a party for the end and dance in honor of freeing yourself from addiction
No longer do you depend on something that can’t even survive without its host
And that warrants all the celebrating in the world

You see, we were not made to bend our backs for men who can’t manage
to hold our gaze long enough to earn our trust
or for those who find us at 2 AM when they want to be held
but won’t come home early to hold us when we are hurting
We were made to straighten our spines and learn how to love ourselves
after the shock of lovers who wouldn’t do the same

Here’s to starting over, darling
Here’s to dancing on the grave of the end

-On Endings | Kalyn RoseAnne

I had a student once

That knocked herself on the head so bad that she had a giant purple egg on her forehead.  Size of a golf ball.  I always tried, when my students got hurt, to make them stop.

She, however, made everyone hide this from me.

I did not notice until she was out on the field performing.  She came off the field, promptly got sick, and went to the hospital.

When asked when she hit her head, the others said, “Oh, about two hours ago.”

God damn it.

(I had another one that had her teeth go through the bottom of her lip.  And another that broke her nose.  And another that broke fingers.  They all kept going and were scared to tell me for fear I’d make them sit out and take care of themselves.  And another that performed the whole season on broken toes.  I mean.

Colorguard folk are crazy.)