oh my god is that a black feather i see

An Angel on Your Shoulder.

Summary: You are on a hunt for Hellhounds with the Winchester’s after they took you in. Wearing the Hellhound glasses, you see something you weren’t expecting…

Warnings: None. Pure fluffy goodness! :)

Pairing: Cas x reader.

A.N: Okay this one is a little short but I’m kind of proud at how cute it is haha. Hope you enjoy reading it and if you have any requests, feel free to make them.

“Damn Hellhounds.” I say for about the fifth time this morning. 

“Come on (Y/N), we’ll soon be finished then you can have a well deserved shower.” replied Sam bumping you with his elbow.

Grumbling, I made my way out of the now parked Impala Cas following close behind. As Dean opened the trunk, I took the time to look at Cas- blue eyes focused on what Dean was doing probably trying to understand why he pulled some fake glasses out.

“Okay (Y/N/N) here is your pair.” Dean said handing you one of the glasses, “Sammy here you go. Cas you don’t need them and now just for me.” he reeled off putting his glasses on looking like the hottest nerd you had ever and would ever see.

Glancing at Cas you saw a look of jealousy on his face but you couldn’t be sure as it had vanished just as quickly as it had appeared

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anonymous asked:

Not a prompt, unless you want it to be, but imagine 13yo Stiles helping at the Hale bakery and one Xmas he kisses 19yo Derek on the lips and says he's going to that every year until he's 18 to prove he's serious but once he's 18 Derek has to be the one to kiss him. And he does. But the year he's 18 he's gone off to college and Derek hasn't seen him since then and wants to kiss him properly at last but doesn't known if Stiles will still want him. This came to me in a dream and I just :D

“What was that for?” Derek laughs, puts a little distance between himself and the awkwardly adorable thirteen year old that’s just hurriedly smacked a kiss to his cheek. 

Stiles’ fingers crinkle around the bag full of donuts he’s holding, shrugs shyly, “You were sad. When my dad was sad, before, my mom would— you know— I don’t like seeing you sad is all.”

Derek feels a smile creep across his face, suddenly feels like he’s Stiles’ age, too. 

“Look at you, bein’ thoughtful and stuff.”

Stiles rolls his eyes, scrunches up his nose at Derek, “You’re still a butt face, but you’re being nice sending my dad and his team all these donuts, so,” he shrugs again and his face goes bright red. “You’re nice, too.”

“You’re delivering them,” Derek reminds him, “That makes you nice.”

"Hmmm,” Stiles’ expression goes devilish, “Maybe you should kiss me, then.”

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Okay but Kingsman Guardian Angel AU. ( @theanisplanet what we were talking about)

Merlin and Harry have been guardian angels since time out of mind. They were glorious and fearsome and their charges lived long lives. They are both battled scared, Harry having lost an eye during the Trojan War, Merlin’s wings burned black in the 5th Century. All other angels are in awe and in fear of them.

But no matter how good they are, humans have that annoying free will, and they can’t interfere in self sacrifice so Harry screams as his charge Lee dies to save his team. He is devastated and watches the news be delivered to Lee’s family. He nods to the angels watching over Michelle and the little boy, both solid workers, those who are assigned to people who never would see war. But Harry has a good sense of people, and just tiny glimpses of the future and he begs Merlin to take over care of the wee boy.

“Harry, I cannae just take over another angel’s job.” Merlin said. 

“Yes you can, when the future of a charge changes an angel can be substituted to reflect who the person will now become.”

“We dinnae know if this will change him that much.” Merlin protested.

“Tell me, tell me you didn’t see the pain and blood and war that is now on him, in his future.” Harry said.

Merlin sighed and nodded - he didn’t see what Harry did in terms of the future, but he had see the change on the boy’s aura.

And Harry is so thankful that Merlin took over Eggsy as the boy grew up. Merlin was run ragged keeping Eggsy safe, tripping Dean so his punch became an open handed slap, that the man who came to smith street with an eye to kill, had a busted taillight and was caught by the cops. He couldn’t stop it entirely because Eggsy chose a lot to save his mum, but Merlin did everything he could and wept in gratitude as Eggsy joined the marines, that was more what Merlin could protect him from. Merlin collapsed against Harry though when the boy quit.

He tried so hard to keep Eggsy safe, for Harry, for himself, because he had to admit that he was fonder of Eggsy than any charge he had had before. He was fonder than an angel should be for a charge, period.

And one night he and Harry watched as Eggsy stepped in front of a knife to protect his friend. They couldn’t stop it, and Harry began to weep, he couldn’t see this again. Merlin couldn’t bear to watch such a bright and beautiful soul diminish not yet. He kissed Harry, who had always been at his side.

“Look after us old friend.” And Merlin grabbed his sword, cut his wings and jumped. 

Lucifer made this look easier was all he thought as he fell to earth. He landed just outside the alley where Eggsy was bleeding out. And oh god breathing hurt.

A couple came up to him. “Sir, are you okay?”

“No, a mugging. My boyfriend is just in there, stabbed please call for help.” Merlin begged. He crawled into the alley to Eggsy and put pressure on the wound. “Lad, stay with me.”

Eggsy blinked at the man. “Who are you?”


“Stupid name.” Eggsy squinted. “I know you. You here to take me?”

“Nae lad. I am here to save you.”

When the ambulance arrived they wondered at all the black feathers floating in the air, but loaded the two men up and took them to the hospital.

Merlin couldn’t see or hear Harry, but knew he friend was there. He prayed and magically there was no traffic in London and Eggsy was close, but he was saved.

Merlin never left Eggsy’s side from then on and Harry never left either of them.