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hey brother, do you still believe in one another?
hey sister, do you still believe in love i wonder?

top to bottom, left to right -  muriel, joshua, michael, uriel, zachariah, lucifer, ephraim, raphael, gabriel, naomi, hael, gadreel, samadriel, inias, annael, castiel, rachel, balthazar, hester 

the only thing you need to know about this drawing was that it was titled kill_me_now.psd, also i like to think heaven has a lot of flowers~  also the print is available on society6! (also working fanmix)

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(1/2) J-Hope saw that #KickJhopeOutofBTS? Oh my god... To make a hashtag about an idol trend worldwide that even the idol himself sees the tag is just horrible. As cheesy as it sounds, Hobi is the hope of the band (hence his stage name). He brings them happiness! He was the one who brought me too BTS, I saw his picture and so u decided to check him out even though He's not my bias. ~✨Happy Anon✨

(2/2) And for the whole condom thing, they get weird stuff from their fans I wasn’t surprised that a fan would get them that. Don’t blame Jin, blame the fans that got him that. And Jungkook, Jungkook and me are the same age (American age) and he is a teenager! He gets acne its a normal thing to get!! Plus he was in America at the time and American food is extremely greasy. People are so stupid. I hope BTS understand that there are still people out there who love them for them! ❤️


He has said tons of times that he is the hope and cheer of the group. He’s my bias– the ULTIMATE bias. So when I see assholes posting “#KickJHopeOutofBTS”…. all I’m thinking is he is seeing this. He is sad. He is not happy. He is upset. He is contemplating the validity of what people are saying. This is not good. Abort mission. Drop everything you’re doing and run to aid the one and only J - Hope.

As head of one of many a J - Hope Protection Squad (JHPS), I went into defense mode. Our hope was under attack and lemme tell you if I had the time I would have replied to every person who added onto the tag and agreed. I was contemplating sending a letter to BTS that same day about it and just apologizing for their rude ass selves. Like damn. Y’all are horrible.

As for the Jin condom thing, I didn’t even notice it. Whoever did must have some crazy super vision to see a small orange little condom looking packet. But then to point it out to everyone else is just… you know there’s something called ‘keeping your trap shut’ that I like to do a lot. A lot of those idiots should try it too– it could be really beneficial.

Acne is normal. Teens get acne. You get acne if you eat a lot of greasy foods, and in America that’s like a staple. There couldn’t have been any way to avoid it. Even so, acne is normal. People get it. My mom and dad get some every now and then if they eat poorly or get very stressed. Speaking of stress- he was working on music, a show, trying to get shit done while filming, etc. 

I really hope BTS knows that there are fans who make protection squads for each member and literally thrive off of their happiness.

- Darby

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01. what was life like before exo skipped along and destroyed it?

I wasn’t broke, I had free time, I probably would have a hipster tumblr blog, and I probably wouldn’t be so picky with men.

02. what was the last thing that made you smile?

VAL’S ( sehuniversity ) TWITTER VOICE TAG OH MY GOD “IM VAL AND OH MY GOD” cutest thing I heard all day i tell u

03. what was the one thing that drew you towards your bias?

His kindness and amazing heart oh my bb

04. what is one worry you have?

/sighs before screeching/ SChOOL

05. try and list your bias list? mwhaha

Yixing, Jongdae, Junmyeon, Xiumin and then the rest of exo is at 5. 

I love them all equally why does a bias list exist for a 12 member boyband this is so disheartening

06. what is one thing you’ve been too scared to say to a close friend? (you can let it all out here ^^)

i’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m a shitty friend and there is no excuse for why we are like this now. I hope you know i’ll try my best to mend our once perfect friendship and Ily.

07. most listened to song from ‘exodus’?

exodus probably 

08. list the people you’ve met on tumblr that you want to meet irl? :D

COLORCULTNET and my darling Sofi the most. Then I wanna meet everyone else

09. favourite hairstyle of sehun’s?

His blond hair omg 

10. you know that I love you to the moon and back right?

omg THIS IS JULIA’S QUESTION EEEEEE julia you’re a fucking cutie I LOVE YOU MORE

my questions:

  1. What was the first song you listened to from EXO?
  2. What was the last girl group song you listened to?
  3. Describe your reaction to the Call Me Baby MV !
  4. What is your favorite hair style of your bias?
  5. What was the last thing that made you smile?
  6. Did you do anything you regretted today?
  7. When was the last time you drank water? You’re going to go drink some now right?
  8. How did you meet your favorite tumblr friend?
  9. Have you ever met any of your tumblr friends irl?
  10. Did you know that I love you and wish we were talking right now?

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Oh my God. 

OK im doing this after all, although I wanted to clean up my surface since 5 months prior to being tagged omg. Dragged the sticky note abit to the left - hope that doesn’t count as cheating? :’D Yes I keep a list of stuff to watch my friend suggests them to me and all I do is write them down FEELING VERY EMBARASSED NOW. The waste bin +sticky note are the only things that’s supposed to be there my life’s so messy and so is the surface OTL. Ah yeah send me msges for weekly promo if you want. 

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Please tell me they kiss in that anime you just reblogged

OH MY GOD I………. UH…. (im tagging this as a spoiler in case it disappoints but) theres no romantic link between them..!! its actually an anime based around the love triangle where the black-haired guy gets a crush on a girl who sort of likes the brown-haired guy but then Things Change and Development Happens because they all start hanging out. thats one of the main focus points but the other one is the friendship between kaoru and sentaro which is really really vital to the plot (and also ties in with the theme of playing jazz which runs throughout the show and lmao THE ANIMATION WHEN THEY PLAY IN THEIR BAND…. IS JUST… *KISS FINGERS, HAND WAVE*). imo i found the friendship part more interesting than the romance part partly because im not big on romance and partly because kaoru is such a realistically flawed character that he makes a lot of mistakes in both his relationship with ritsuko, the girl and sentaro, the guy but i found the friendship interactions to be.. more…. heartwarming.. like i feel tht if you wanted youd definitely be able to interpret their friendship as romantic involvement but it sort of takes away from it too bc it was so nice seeing such a close, well-rounded friendship being portrayed btwn two men (and i dont mean this in an “UMM THEYRE NOT GAY ITS A BROMANCE” way either its just. both are equally plausible which is what makes it so great) either way he grows so much by the end of the series bc of their genuine affection twd him!!! AGH!!!!! i sped thru it in 2-3 days. its a good watch. i typed up such a wall of text im sorry

also look

(thats not ritsuko talking in the second screenshot either)

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Would you rather, give up your boyfriend, or give up all your friends

Oh… Well this is difficult to say without coming off as mean. And i don’t want to upset any of my friends because a lot of them have tumblr accounts but Im not going to lie. Each of my friends mean so much to me individually:

ciaranbvb99 : My God, where do I even start… You’re my brother. Amazing,  intelligent, sensible… You know how to make me laugh when I’m sad. How would I get through physics without you? :D And I need someone to do the mysterioso dance with.

smallgiraffelover : My precious, beautiful friend. You’ve saved me many times. I don’t know where I’d be without your constant support and word class hugs :)

izzyabra : I can’t put into words how awesome you are. And you know how much you mean to me :) You’re always so happy, and know exactly how to make me laugh. 

caffeinated-jesus : Ahh my holy jesus child. Art buddy. Whale? Whale. I could write an essay on all of the good times we’ve had, so thank you :)

mattgburrows : Oh mate, you and your inappropriate sexual humour could keep me amused for years. Thanks for being awesome. 

drowning-in-the-starlight : My gorgeous tinkerbell :) You mean so much to me, and I don’t deserve your kindness and support but I love you for it too

killing-people-i-like : OH FOR TUNA! Tilz, my disney princess. Music buddy :) You’re so fucking awesome its not actually fair okay. And we need to watch paper towns together when its out, okay?

But despite all this: My boyfriend is my best friend. He knows how to make me happy, laugh, smile and be myself in a way that no one else can. Also, he knows me better than anyone else. And honestly, I wouldn’t be here without him. 

So the answer is, Id rather not give up either of them, but for the sake of a “proper answer” I’d give up all my friends. I’m sorry that this is such a long answer but I needed to tell you all that I love you xx

My 10 Favorite Characters List

I was tagged by jeankswife to list my top 10 fav characters (from anything and everything i guess) and oh my god is it hard to limit that number down to ten!!!! like this just reflects my current favorites more than my general favs
but i tried so here we gO (in no particular order)

1.  Pearl (Steven Universe)
2. Garnet (Steven Universe)
3. Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)
4. Trevor Philips (GTA V)
5. Zim (Invader Zim)
6. Raven (Teen Titans)
7. Eridan Ampora (Homestuck)
8. Zero (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
9. Scout (TF2)
10. Batgirl (Batman comics)

… wow that was rly hard, so of course i’m going to tag some other people too
caramelcottontailbeastlyboop, willwheatthin :)

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a hilarious show! You can find my face at tagged/me and can I please have a male ship! Thanks :)

ill check it out!

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hb the pacific

omg!!! thank you!!!

the first character i fell in love with: bill hoosier my little angel

the character who is my baby: jay de'leau (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

the character who i do not understand: tbh theyre all my sons i understand them all :D

the character i think the show ruined: ???? idk

the most attractive male and female character: tie between ack ack and hoosier!!!!! and lena 600%


the character that is most like me: SNAF bc we both have curly hair and the ability to make everybody uncomfortable with our social awkwardness

the character i think the writers love: john basilone

the character i just want to be happy: hoosier and burgie ;u;

my four favourite characters: hoosier, burgie, snafu, jay de'leau !!!!

my four least favourite characters: john basilone, thats literally it. im just not a fan of his character at all im sorry