oh my god im gonna cry

watching @tcmbraider play tomb raider is truly an experience guys

  • are you stupid
  • don’t you dare laugh at me      (   -laughing intensifies-    )
  • i swear to god lara i swear to god
  • we’re gonna get this key, and then youre gonna get your stupid ass….
  • i’m stupid lyri
  • lyri we’re gonna get this boat. where’s my boat. oh. i already drove it out.
  • -spends like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to exit the boat-
  • can i shoot that -shoots it and nothing happens- awwwww
  • ok lyri… we got the door. so now we gotta get the boat.
  • -running into things while driving the boat- OH OH OH MY GOD. AELIN’S DRIVING.
  • fucking hell what the fuck
  • i don’t know what im doing you know
  • i hate you so much lara. just get in your stupid boat. i dont wanna talk to you anymore.
  • lets do this. or lets not.
  • -runs into a person-   oH MY GO D FUCKING HELL GO AWAY
  • i’m livin lyri. i’m livIN.
  • these controls man these coNTROLS. i just lost five years on my life.
  • im gonna park my boat. fuckin watch me.
  • oh my god i parked my boat. and she drove it away. i hate you so much lara.
  • i kiLLED A MAN

the rest is under the cut because there are too many lmao

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im crying,,, im literally shedding tears right now,,, this is the cutest thing i have evver laid my eyes on it’s just a tiny baby bug type pokemon and it has the little baby eyes and,, oh my god it’s so cute,,, and its name is literally cutiefly jesuS CHRIst CUTIEFLY that is literally the cutes t name for a pokemon that i have ever seen imcrying so much it’s so cute im gonna drown in my tears and die and it’s all because a pokemon this cute exists good bye wor ld

the signs lost in the woods
  • cancer: guys we're doomed we are all going to die *starts to cry and runs to scorpio for comfort*
  • taurus: I NEED FOOD
  • virgo: taurus is right we need to find a water source and a place to stay for tonight libra please can u start a fire
  • aries: ill go find food this is so fun its an adventure!
  • *runs off*
  • libra: i dont want to get up can you do it
  • scorpio: you are all idiots
  • gemini: scorpio you read my mind im gonna go. good luck you guys!! *walks off*
  • aquarius: *follows gemini*
  • capricorn: who are we going to eat first
  • taurus: FOOOD
  • virgo: its okay taurus aries should be back soon
  • pisces: well idk virgo its getting kind of dark what if aries doesnt come back oh my god what if they got abducted by aliens
  • leo: pisces would u stfu
  • pisces: *starts to cry and runs to scorpio for comfort*
  • sagittarius: guys everyone is so pessimistic look on the bright side we have each other
  • leo: bye bitches im gonna go find myself a frappuccino *sassy walk off*